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1995978-1-86049-002-6Simone de BeauvoirAll Men Are Mortal (Virago Modern Classics)
2002978-1-86049-013-2Hannah CraftsThe Bondwoman's Narrative (VMC)
2004978-1-86049-024-8Nora EphronHeartburn (Virago Modern Classics)
1995978-1-86049-031-6Nina BawdenIn My Own Time: Almost an Autobiography (Virago Modern Classics)
1997978-1-86049-036-1Gail Anderson-DargatzThe Cure for Death by Lightning
1995978-1-86049-041-5Angela CarterShadow Dance (Virago Modern Classics)
1996978-1-86049-044-6Maxine ClairRattlebone
  ''978-1-86049-054-5Amanda CrossAn Imperfect Spy (Virago crime)
1997978-1-86049-056-9Dorothy WestThe Wedding (VMC)
  ''978-1-86049-066-8Dorothy WestThe Richer, The Poorer (VMC)
1996978-1-86049-074-3Gladys MitchellThe Rising Of The Moon (Virago Modern Classics)
1997978-1-86049-080-4Jenny HartleyMillions Like Us: British Women's Fiction of the Second World War
1996978-1-86049-083-5Elinor GlynThree Weeks (Virago Modern Classics)
  ''978-1-86049-084-2Grace NicholsSunris
  ''978-1-86049-093-4E.M. HullThe Sheik (Virago Modern Classics)
1997978-1-86049-094-1Angela CarterSeveral Perceptions (Virago Modern Classics)
1996978-1-86049-095-8Kaye GibbonsSights Unseen (VMC)
2008978-1-86049-101-6Alice MillerThe Drama of Being a Child: The Search for the True Self
1996978-1-86049-102-3Dodie SmithI Capture The Castle (VMC)
1996978-1-86049-103-0Ethel M. DellThe Way Of An Eagle (VMC)
1995978-1-86049-110-8Elizabeth von ArnimAll The Dogs Of My Life: A Virago Modern Classic (VMC)
1996978-1-86049-114-6Michele HansonWhat Treasure Did Next
  ''978-1-86049-115-3Kaye GibbonsA Virtuous Woman (VMC)
1995978-1-86049-130-6Michele RobertsFlesh And Blood
1996978-1-86049-132-0Edith WhartonTwilight Sleep (Virago Modern Classics)
1995978-1-86049-140-5Maya AngelouWouldn't Take Nothing For My Journey Now
1996978-1-86049-143-6Diran AdebayoSome Kind Of Black (VMC)
1995978-1-86049-150-4Alice MillerPictures Of Childhood
1996978-1-86049-153-5Deborah KellawayThe Virago Book Of Women Gardeners
1997978-1-86049-156-6Lorna LandvikPatty Jane's House Of Curl
  ''978-1-86049-163-4Janette Turner HospitalOyster
1999978-1-86049-164-1Winifred HoltbyRemember, Remember!: The Selected Stories of Winifred Holtby (Virago Modern Classics)
1995978-1-86049-181-8Shirley HazzardThe Transit Of Venus (Virago Modern Classics)
  ''978-1-86049-191-7Maya AngelouThe Complete Collected Poems of Maya Angelou
1997978-1-86049-199-3Irene IvisonFiona's Story: A Tragedy of Our Times
1996978-1-86049-200-6Deborah TannenTalking From 9-5: Women and Men at Work: Language, Sex and Power
1995978-1-86049-201-3Jenny HartleyHearts Undefeated: Women's Writing of the Second World War
1996978-1-86049-212-9Mary MorrisThe Virago Book Of Women Travellers
  ''978-1-86049-230-3Emma HealeyLesbian Sex Wars
1996978-1-86049-254-9Victoria Glendinning · Matthew GlendinningSons And Mothers
1999978-1-86049-256-3Sara MaitlandBrittle Joys
2001978-1-86049-259-4Margaret AtwoodAlias Grace
1998978-1-86049-267-9Carol BirchLittle Sister
1997978-1-86049-269-3Carolyn HeilbrunEducation Of A Woman: Gloria Steinem
  ''978-1-86049-277-8Lisa St. Aubin De TeranThe Hacienda: My Venezuelan Years
  ''978-1-86049-282-2Marilyn FrenchThe Women's Room (Virago Modern Classics)
  ''978-1-86049-291-4Kate MosseBecoming A Mother
  ''978-1-86049-292-1Hermoine LeeWilla Cather: A Life Saved Up (Virago classic non-fiction)
1998978-1-86049-311-9Gillian LinscottDance On Blood (Nell Bray Mystery)
1998978-1-86049-312-6Gillian LinscottDance On Blood (Nell Bray Mystery)
1997978-1-86049-313-3Sara ParetskyWomen On The Case
  ''978-1-86049-316-4Claire BloomLeaving A Doll's House
1998978-1-86049-317-1Ali SmithLike
1997978-1-86049-338-6Kaye GibbonsSights Unseen (VMC)
  ''978-1-86049-347-8Alice MillerBreaking Down The Wall Of Silence: To Join the Waiting Child
  ''978-1-86049-348-5   ''Banished Knowledge: Facing Childhood Injuries
  ''978-1-86049-360-7Andrea DworkinLife and Death
1998978-1-86049-368-3Merlyn NuttallIt Could Have Been You
1998978-1-86049-387-4Gail Anderson-DargatzThe Cure For Death By Lightning
1997978-1-86049-395-9Naomi MitchinsonBull Calves the
  ''978-1-86049-403-1Marilyn FrenchThe Bleeding Heart (VMC)
1998978-1-86049-416-1Annette KobakIsabelle: The Life of Isabelle Eberhardt (Virago classic non-fiction)
  ''978-1-86049-417-8Lisa St. Aubin de TeranThe Virago Book of Wanderlust and Dreams
  ''978-1-86049-430-7Nina BawdenCircles Of Deceit (VMC)
  ''978-1-86049-434-5Carol BirchLittle Sister
1998978-1-86049-435-2Wendy MulfordThe Virago Book Of Love Poetry
  ''978-1-86049-436-9Carol AnshawSeven Moves
  ''978-1-86049-447-5Marilyn FrenchA Season In Hell: A Memoir
  ''978-1-86049-454-3Shirley HazzardThe Bay Of Noon (Virago Modern Classics)
  ''978-1-86049-456-7Michele RobertsImpossible Saints
1998978-1-86049-458-1Jennifer BelleGoing Down (Virago V S.)
  ''978-1-86049-459-8Lisa St. Aubin De TeranThe Hacienda: My Venezuelan Years
  ''978-1-86049-465-9Helen EisenbachLesbianism Made Easy
  ''978-1-86049-467-3Richard Greene · Edith SitwellSelected Letters Of Edith Sitwell
  ''978-1-86049-469-7Sandra SteingraberLiving Downstream: An ecologist looks at cancer & the environment: Ecologist Looks at Cancer and the Environment
1998978-1-86049-472-7Deborah TannenThe Argument Culture: MOVING FROM DEBATE TO DIALOGUE: Changing the Way We Argue and Debate
  ''978-1-86049-479-6Lucy EllmannSweet Desserts (A Virago V)
  ''978-1-86049-480-2Christa WolfMedea
  ''978-1-86049-488-8Patricia PearsonWhen She Was Bad: Violent Women and the Myth of Innocence
1999978-1-86049-490-1Kate BinghamMummy's Legs (A Virago V)
1998978-1-86049-492-5Kathleen JonesA Passionate Sisterhood: The SisterWives & Daughters of the Lake Poets: Wives, Sisters and Daughters of the Lakeland Poets (Virago classic non-fiction)
  ''978-1-86049-495-6Kate ThompsonDown Among The Gods
1998978-1-86049-505-2Margaret AtwoodEating Fire: Selected Poetry 1965-1995: Selected Poetry, 1965-95
  ''978-1-86049-508-3Gaby HauptmannIn Search of An Impotent Man
1999978-1-86049-509-0Simeon VilenskyTill My Tale Is Told: Women's Memoirs of the Gulag (Indiana-Michigan series in Russian & East European studies)
2001978-1-86049-513-7Elaine DundyLife Itself!: An Autobiography
1999978-1-86049-521-2Grace PaleyThe Collected Stories of Grace Paley (Virago Modern Classics)
2012978-1-86049-524-3Sarah WatersTipping The Velvet (Virago Modern Classics)
1999978-1-86049-526-7Nina BawdenAfternoon Of A Good Woman (VMC)
  ''978-1-86049-528-1Gail. AndersonA RECIPE FOR BEES.
  ''978-1-86049-530-4Carol BirchLittle Sister
  ''978-1-86049-532-8Lisa St. Aubin De TeranSouthpaw: Short Stories
1999978-1-86049-534-2Lisa St. Aubin De TeranVirago Book Of Wanderlust And Dreams
  ''978-1-86049-537-3Marion ShawThe Clear Stream: a life of Winifred Holtby
  ''978-1-86049-542-7Ann MarloweHow To Stop Time: The Memoir of a Heroin Addict: Heroin from A-Z
  ''978-1-86049-543-4Deborah TannenThe Argument Culture: MOVING FROM DEBATE TO DIALOGUE
  ''978-1-86049-545-8Diana SouhamiTrials Of Radclyffe Hall
1999978-1-86049-550-2Marilyn FrenchA Season In Hell: A Memoir
2000978-1-86049-553-3Lucia GravesA Woman Unknown: Voices from a Spanish Life
1999978-1-86049-554-0Gaby HauptmannIn Search Of An Impotent Man
2001978-1-86049-557-1Joan SchenkarTruly Wilde: The Story of Dolly Wilde, Oscar's Unusual Niece
2002978-1-86049-558-8Elaine DundyLife Itself!: An Autobiography
1999978-1-86049-559-5Joyce MarlowThe Virago Book of Women and the Great War
1998978-1-86049-560-1Caitlin ThomasDouble Drink Story: My Life with Dylan Thomas
1999978-1-86049-561-8Maya AngelouEven The Stars Look Lonesome
  ''978-1-86049-562-5A.M. KollontaiLove of Worker Bees & A Great Love
1998978-1-86049-572-4Eudora WeltyThe Collected Stories Of Eudora Welty: (VMC)
  ''978-1-86049-584-7Ali SmithFree Love And Other Stories
  ''978-1-86049-599-1Kathleen DayusOmnibus
  ''978-1-86049-605-9Kaye GibbonsEllen Foster (Virago Modern Classics)
1999978-1-86049-606-6Waris Dirie · Cathleen MillerDesert Flower: The Extraordinary Journey of a Desert Nomad
1998978-1-86049-627-1Sara ParetskyBurn Marks (V.I. Warshawski)
978-1-86049-636-3Natasha WalterNew Feminism
1999978-1-86049-638-7Pam HoustonWaltzing The Cat
1999978-1-86049-639-4Natasha WalterThe New Feminism
2000978-1-86049-643-1Nancy Venable RaineAfter Silence: Rape and my Journey Back
1999978-1-86049-644-8Nancy Venable RaineAfter Silence: Rape and my Journey Back
2000978-1-86049-648-6Daphne PhelpsA House in Sicily
1999978-1-86049-654-7Susie OrbachTowards Emotional Literacy
2000978-1-86049-667-7Polly SamsonLying In Bed
1999978-1-86049-668-4   ''Lying In Bed
  ''978-1-86049-680-6Daphne PhelpsA House in Sicily
2000978-1-86049-684-4Natalie AngierWoman: An Intimate Geography
1999978-1-86049-685-1Natalie AngierWoman: An Intimate Geography
  ''978-1-86049-686-8Clare CurzonGuilty Knowledge
2000978-1-86049-688-2Carol BirchLife In The Palace
1999978-1-86049-691-2Sarah WatersAffinity (Virago V S.)
2000978-1-86049-692-9   ''Affinity
1999978-1-86049-693-6Joyce OatesBroke Heart Blues (Virago Modern Classics)
2000978-1-86049-695-0Nell StroudJosser: The Secret Life of a Circus Girl
1999978-1-86049-696-7Grace PaleyJust As I Thought
2000978-1-86049-698-1Gail Anderson-DargatzA Recipe For Bees
1999978-1-86049-709-4Lisa AltherKinflicks (Virago Modern Classics)
  ''978-1-86049-725-4Caitlin ThomasDouble Drink Story: My Life with Dylan Thomas
2000978-1-86049-726-1Carol BirchCome Back, Paddy Riley
1999978-1-86049-727-8   ''Come Back, Paddy Riley
2000978-1-86049-728-5Alice EcholsScars of Sweet Paradise: The Life and Times of Janis Joplin
2001978-1-86049-729-2Alice EcholsScars Of Sweet Paradise: The Life and Times of Janis Joplin
1999978-1-86049-749-0Waris Dirie · Cathleen MillerDesert Flower: The Extraordinary Life of a Desert Nomad
2000978-1-86049-754-4Marilee StrongA Bright Red Scream: Self-mutilation and the language of pain (A Virago V)
2002978-1-86049-756-8Jennifer BelleHigh Maintenance
2005978-1-86049-757-5Lisa St. Aubin De TeranOtto
2001978-1-86049-758-2Waris DirieDesert Flower
2000978-1-86049-762-9Jessica MitfordThe American Way Of Death Revisited
  ''978-1-86049-764-3Michele RobertsFair Exchange
1999978-1-86049-769-8Vera BrittainThe Dark Tide (VMC)
2000978-1-86049-770-4Joyce OatesBroke Heart Blues (Virago Modern Classics)
2000978-1-86049-777-3Lisa AltherOriginal Sins (VMC)
2001978-1-86049-779-7Kate BinghamSlipstream
2000978-1-86049-782-7Vera BrittainHonourable Estate: A Novel of Transition (VMC)
  ''978-1-86049-784-1Rosamond LehmannDusty Answer (VMC)
  ''978-1-86049-789-6Pam HoustonWaltzing The Cat
  ''978-1-86049-792-6Susanna KaysenGirl, Interrupted
1999978-1-86049-794-0Raynes MinnsBombers and Mash: The Domestic Front 1939-45
2000978-1-86049-795-7Jane DunnAntonia White: A Life
  ''978-1-86049-796-4Pam HoustonA Rough Guide To The Heart
2002978-1-86049-801-5Sharukh HusainThe Virago Book of Erotic Myths and Legends
2000978-1-86049-804-6Janet FitchWhite Oleander
2006978-1-86049-807-7Dolly McphersonVoices In Exile
2000978-1-86049-808-4Kathleen DayusThe Ghosts Of Yesteryear
2019978-1-86049-809-1Voices in Exile
2000978-1-86049-810-7Marion ShawThe Clear Stream: The Life of Winifred Holtby
2001978-1-86049-811-4Rosie ThomasBorder Crossing: On the Road from Peking to Paris
2000978-1-86049-812-1Nora Okja KellerComfort Woman
2000978-1-86049-813-8Amanda CoeA whore in the kitchen
2001978-1-86049-815-2Alice MillerPaths of Life: Seven Scenarios
2000978-1-86049-818-3Natasha WalterOn the Move: Feminism for the Next Generation
  ''978-1-86049-819-0Carol ClewlowA Woman's Guide To Adultery (VMC)
2002978-1-86049-821-3Ann MarloweHow To Stop Time: The Memoir of a Heroin Addict
2001978-1-86049-822-0Susie OrbachTowards Emotional Literacy
2000978-1-86049-824-4Gillian SlovoRed Dust
  ''978-1-86049-825-1Michele HansonAge Of Dissent
2001978-1-86049-826-8Lisa St. Aubin De TeranElements Of Italy
2000978-1-86049-829-9Polly SamsonOut Of The Picture
  ''978-1-86049-830-5Barbara EwingA Dangerous Vine
  ''978-1-86049-832-9Elizabeth JolleyThe Newspaper Of Claremont Street (VMC)
2001978-1-86049-834-3Molly KeaneGood Behaviour (Virago Modern Classics)
2001978-1-86049-835-0Molly KeaneTime After Time (VMC)
2006978-1-86049-837-4Lisa St. Aubin De TeranOtto
2003978-1-86049-841-1Gail Anderson-DargatzA Rhinestone Button
2000978-1-86049-845-9Gillian LinscottThe Perfect Daughter (Nell Bray Mystery)
2001978-1-86049-849-7Pam HoustonA Rough Guide To The Heart
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2001978-1-86049-851-0Jane DunnVirginia Woolf And Vanessa Bell: A Very Close Conspiracy
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2002978-1-86049-853-4Waris DirieDesert Dawn
  ''978-1-86049-855-8Deborah TannenI Only Say This Because I Love You: How Families Communicate - or Not! - at All Ages
2000978-1-86049-856-5Valerie BoydWrapped In Rainbows: A Biography of Zora Neale Hurston
2001978-1-86049-861-9Mary CantwellManhattan, When I Was Young (VMC)
  ''978-1-86049-864-0Polly SamsonOut Of The Picture
  ''978-1-86049-865-7M.R. LovricCarnevale
2002978-1-86049-866-4M.R. LovricCarnevale
2001978-1-86049-872-5Mark Bostridge · Paul BerryVera Brittain: A Life
2001978-1-86049-873-2Shirley HazzardGreene On Capri
  ''978-1-86049-874-9Nora Okja KellerComfort Woman
  ''978-1-86049-877-0Joan WyndhamLove Lessons: A Wartime Diary (Virago Modern Classics)
2004978-1-86049-878-7Gail Anderson-DargatzA Rhinestone Button
2009978-1-86049-880-0Margaret AtwoodThe Blind Assassin
2002978-1-86049-882-4Sarah WatersFingersmith
2003978-1-86049-883-1Sarah WatersFingersmith
  ''978-1-86049-887-9Jacqueline SusannValley Of The Dolls (VMC)
  ''978-1-86049-890-9Shirley HazzardThe Great Fire
2001978-1-86049-896-1Joyce MarlowVotes For Women: The Virago Book of Suffragettes
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  ''978-1-86049-900-5Heleen van RoyenThe Happy Housewife
2001978-1-86049-901-2Michele RobertsThe Looking Glass
  ''978-1-86049-903-6Louise BrownSex Slaves: The Trafficking of women in Asia
2009978-1-86049-905-0Jill FoulstonThe Joy Of Eating: The Virago Book of Food
2006978-1-86049-906-7Jill FoulstonThe Joy Of Eating: The Virago Book of Food
2001978-1-86049-914-2Jenny DiskiOnly Human: A Divine Comedy: A Comedy
2002978-1-86049-915-9Gillian SlovoRed Dust: TV Tie-in
  ''978-1-86049-918-0Elizabeth WurtzelMore, Now, Again
  ''978-1-86049-921-0Michelle LovricThe Virago Book Of Christmas (Christmas Fiction)
2005978-1-86049-922-7Michelle LovricThe Virago Book Of Christmas
2002978-1-86049-924-1Lisa St. Aubin De TeranElements Of Italy
2001978-1-86049-926-5Eve EnslerThe Vagina Monologues
2002978-1-86049-929-6Grace MetaliousPeyton Place
2003978-1-86049-931-9Lisa St. Aubin De TeranMemory Maps
2002978-1-86049-934-0Lily BuranaStrip City: A stripper's farewell journey across America
  ''978-1-86049-935-7Michele RobertsPlaying Sardines
2002978-1-86049-936-4Maya AngelouA Song Flung Up to Heaven
  ''978-1-86049-937-1Lori LansensRush Home Road
  ''978-1-86049-940-1Carol AnshawLucky In The Corner
2003978-1-86049-942-5Jenny DiskiNothing Natural
2004978-1-86049-944-9Candace AllenValaida
2001978-1-86049-947-0Beverly DonofrioRiding In Cars With Boys: Confessions of a Bad Girl Who Makes Good
2002978-1-86049-950-0R.M. DashwoodProvincial Daughter (Virago Modern Classics)
  ''978-1-86049-953-1Alice ThompsonPharos
  ''978-1-86049-954-8Emma DonoghueThe Woman Who Gave Birth To Rabbits
2003978-1-86049-955-5Maya AngelouA Song Flung Up to Heaven
2002978-1-86049-956-2LatifaMy Forbidden Face
2002978-1-86049-958-6Connie May FowlerSugar Cage
  ''978-1-86049-961-6LatifaMy Forbidden Face
  ''978-1-86049-962-3Waris DirieDesert Dawn
2011978-1-86049-967-8Richard GreeneEdith Sitwell: Avant garde poet, English genius
2005978-1-86049-969-2Rosie BoycottPlace Like This
2009978-1-86049-970-8Janet FitchPaint It Black
2006978-1-86049-971-5   ''Paint It Black
2003978-1-86049-972-2Carol BirchTurn Again Home
  ''978-1-86049-974-6Lindy WoodheadWar Paint: Helena Rubinstein and Elizabeth Arden- Their Lives, their Times, their Rivalry
  ''978-1-86049-976-0Lori LansensRush Home Road
2000978-1-86049-977-7Jane LapotaireTime Out Of Mind
2004978-1-86049-978-4Carol BirchTurn Again Home
2004978-1-86049-980-7Emma DonoghueLife Mask
2003978-1-86049-981-4Deborah TannenI Only Say This Because I Love You: How Families Communicate - or Not! - at All Ages
2004978-1-86049-982-1Michele RobertsThe Mistressclass
2003978-1-86049-983-8Talitha StevensonAn Empty Room
2005978-1-86049-984-5Talitha StevensonAn Empty Room
2006978-1-86049-985-2   ''Exposure
2005978-1-86049-986-9   ''Exposure
2003978-1-86049-989-0Elizabeth WurtzelMore, Now, Again
2010978-1-86049-992-0Polly SamsonPerfect Lives
2011978-1-86049-993-7   ''Perfect Lives
2004978-1-86049-995-1Jenny DiskiStranger On A Train: Daydreaming and Smoking Around America
2006978-1-86049-998-2Michele RobertsReader I Married Him
2003978-1-86049-999-9Claire RaynerHow Did I Get Here From There?