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1990978-1-85431-040-8John Spencer · Rhona FlinThe Evidence of Children: The Law and the Psychology
1991978-1-85431-145-0Stephen W. Mayson · Derek French · Christopher L. RyanCompany Law
  ''978-1-85431-149-8Martin Wasik · Richard D. TaylorGuide to the Criminal Justice Act, 1991 (Blackstone's Guide)
1994978-1-85431-169-6Barry TitmanLegal Writing (Legal Practice Handbooks)
1992978-1-85431-200-6Peter MurphyBlackstone's Criminal Practice 1992
2002978-1-85431-218-1John SpencerThe Evidence Of Children: The Law and the Psychology (Blackstone Press)
  ''978-1-85431-259-4Keith EvansGolden Rules Of Advocacy
1993978-1-85431-266-2Judith-Anne MacKenzie · Mary PhillipsA Practical Approach to Land Law
2002978-1-85431-315-7Derek FrenchHow To Cite Legal Authorities (Blackstone Press)
1994978-1-85431-326-3Jill M. Black · Jane Bridge · Tina BondA Practical Approach to Family Law
  ''978-1-85431-336-2Katherine WilliamsTextbook on Criminology
  ''978-1-85431-342-3Paul ToddSWOT Equity and Trusts
1998978-1-85431-343-0Professor Peter Clark · Graham StephensonLaw of Torts (Swot)
1995978-1-85431-437-6Helen J. BondBusiness Law
1996978-1-85431-451-2Harry McVea · Peter CumperLearning Exam Skills
1995978-1-85431-458-1Keith EvansAdvocacy In Court: A Beginner's Guide
1995978-1-85431-462-8Simon GarnerA Practical Approach to Landlord and Tenant
  ''978-1-85431-480-2Nigel FosterSWOT EC Law
1996978-1-85431-500-7Paul ToddSWOT - Equity and Trusts
  ''978-1-85431-501-4Stephen Wheatley LLB LLMSWOT: International Law
  ''978-1-85431-502-1Right Hon Sir Thomas Bingham · Richard Young · David S WallAccess to Criminal Justice: Legal Aid Lawyers and Defence of Liberty
1997978-1-85431-503-8J. SharlandA Practical Approach to Local Government Law
2002978-1-85431-507-6Susan EdwardsSex And Gender In The Legal Process
1996978-1-85431-515-1Michael J. AllenWeb Journal of Current Legal Issues Yearbook 1995
1986978-1-85431-516-8Tim KayeBlackstone's Book Of Moots
1997978-1-85431-597-7Robert MowbrayMaximising The Profitability Of Law Firms
  ''978-1-85431-642-4Andrew BorkowskiTextbook on Roman Law
1997978-1-85431-655-4Michael J. AllenTextbook on Criminal Law (Textbook S.)
  ''978-1-85431-662-2Nigel FosterBlackstone's EC Legislation (Blackstone's Statute Books)
  ''978-1-85431-663-9Richard KidnerBlackstone's Statutes on Employment Law (Blackstone's Statute Books)
1999978-1-85431-687-5Clive WalkerMiscarriages of Justice: A Review of "Justice in Error"
1997978-1-85431-690-5Michael J. AllenThe Web Journal of Current Legal Issues Yearbook 1996
  ''978-1-85431-700-1Stephen MaysonMaking Sense of Law Firms: Strategy, Structure and Ownership
1993978-1-85431-731-5Anthony Heaton-ArmstrongAnalysing Witness Testimony: Psychological, Investigative and Evidential Perspectives: A Guide for Legal Practitioners and Other Professionals (Blackstone Press)
1999978-1-85431-735-3Mike NashPolice, Probation and Protecting the Public
1998978-1-85431-741-4M. E. RodgersLLB Learning Text: Family Law (Blackstones LLB Learning Texts)
  ''978-1-85431-755-1Michael J. Allen · et alWeb Journal of Current Legal Issues Yearbook 1997
1998978-1-85431-758-2Stephen W. Mayson · Derek French · Christopher L. RyanMayson, French and Ryan on Company Law
  ''978-1-85431-761-2Simon GarnerA Practical Approach to Landlord and Tenant
1999978-1-85431-766-7Christine BellLearning Legal Skills
1998978-1-85431-779-7Richard D. TaylorSWOT: Law of Contract
  ''978-1-85431-780-3Christopher Ryan LLMSWOT: Criminal Law (Swot S.)
  ''978-1-85431-789-6Michelle Robson · Tim ClarkeCivil Litigation 1998-99 (Legal Practice Course Case Study)
  ''978-1-85431-790-2Philip Plowden · Hugh BrayneCriminal Litigation 1998-99 (Legal Practice Course Case Study)
1998978-1-85431-806-0Denise Artis · John HoughtonLand Law (Swot S.)
1999978-1-85431-810-7David Oughton · John LowryLaw of Torts (Law Questions & Answers)
  ''978-1-85431-820-6P. CumperLLB Cases and Materials: Constitutional & Administrative Law (Blackstones LLB Cases & Materials)
1998978-1-85431-822-0Sylvia Hargreaves · Elspeth DeardsLLB Cases and Materials: EC Law (Blackstones LLB Cases & Materials)
  ''978-1-85431-823-7J. Hodgson · J. LewthwaiteLLB Cases and Materials: Law of Torts (Blackstones LLB Cases & Materials)
  ''978-1-85431-835-0Keith EvansLanguage Of Advocacy
  ''978-1-85431-839-8Glenn Hutton · David, Governor General of Canada Johnston · Fraser SampsonEvidence and Procedure 1998/99 (Blackstone's Police Manuals)
1998978-1-85431-842-8Michael DaviesTextbook on Medical Law
  ''978-1-85431-845-9Patricia Hirst · Michael HirstTextbook on A-Level Law (Textbook S.)
  ''978-1-85431-861-9Gabriel Glockler · etc. · Lie Junius · Gioia Scappucci · Simon Usherwood · Julian VassalloGuide to EU Policies
1993978-1-85431-872-5Michael HyamAdvocacy Skills
1999978-1-85431-881-7A.D. Hughes BCLCasebook on Carriage of Goods by Sea
  ''978-1-85431-883-1Commercial Bar AssociationCommercial Bar Association Directory 1999 (Commercial Bar Dictionary)
  ''978-1-85431-884-8Stephen W. Mayson · Derek French · Christopher L. RyanMayson, French and Ryan on Company Law
2000978-1-85431-886-2Christopher J. EmminsEmmins on Criminal Procedure
2000978-1-85431-887-9Simon Ball · Stuart Bell · Donald McGillivrayEnvironmental Law: The Law and Policy Relating to the Protection of the Environment
1999978-1-85431-889-3James A. Holland · J. WebbLearning Legal Rules, 4th Ed.
  ''978-1-85431-896-1Hilaire McCoubrey · Nigel WhiteTextbook on Jurisprudence
  ''978-1-85431-900-5Inns of Court School of LawEmployment Law in Practice 1999 (Inns of Court Bar Manuals)
  ''978-1-85431-914-2Glenn Hutton · David, Governor General of Canada JohnstonEvidence and Procedure 2000 (Blackstone's Police Manuals)
  ''978-1-85431-921-0Neil Corre · David WolchoverBail in Criminal Proceedings
1999978-1-85431-926-5Francis RoseBlackstone's Statutes on Contract, Tort and Restitution 1999-2000 (Blackstone's Statute Books)
  ''978-1-85431-930-2Meryl ThomasBlackstone's Statutes on Property Law 1999/2000 (Blackstone's Statute Books)
  ''978-1-85431-937-1Dr. Ademuni-OdekeLaw of International Trade
2002978-1-85431-940-1Kenneth MullanPharmacy Law And Practice
2000978-1-85431-946-3Neil McKittrick · Pauline M. Callow JP LLMBlackstone's Handbook for Magistrates
1999978-1-85431-969-2Phillip H. Kenny · Russell HewitsonConveyancing 1999-2000 (Legal Practice Course Guide)
  ''978-1-85431-974-6Andrew Tweeddale · Karen TweeddaleA Practical Approach to Arbitration Law
  ''978-1-85431-976-0Andrew Goodman · Barbara MensahThe Prison Guide
2000978-1-85431-995-1Nigel FosterBlackstone's EC Legislation Handbook: First Supplement