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1988978-1-85340-022-3Terence BlackerMs Wiz Spells Trouble
1989978-1-85340-036-0David SaundersEncyclopaedia of the Worlds of Doctor Who: E-K
  ''978-1-85340-044-5Terence BlackerIn Stitches with Ms.Wiz
  ''978-1-85340-051-3   ''You're Nicked, Ms.Wiz
1990978-1-85340-061-2   ''In Control, Ms. Wiz?
  ''978-1-85340-073-5   ''Ms Wiz Goes Live
  ''978-1-85340-081-0David SaundersEncyclopaedia of the Worlds of Doctor Who: L-R
1990978-1-85340-092-6Terence BlackerMs Wiz Banned! (Ms Wiz)
1991978-1-85340-116-9   ''Homebird
1992978-1-85340-163-3Malorie BlackmanBetsey Biggalow the Detective (Caribbean Stories)
  ''978-1-85340-172-5Malorie BlackmanBetsey Biggalow is Here! (Caribbean Stories)
  ''978-1-85340-177-0Terence BlackerPower-crazy Ms.Wiz
1992978-1-85340-181-7Terence BlackerTime Flies for Ms.Wiz
1993978-1-85340-194-7Jenny WoolfRedundancy: Coping and Bouncing Back
  ''978-1-85340-199-2Malorie BlackmanHurricane Betsey (Caribbean Stories)
  ''978-1-85340-226-5Diana RaabGetting Pregnant and Staying Pregnant: Overcoming Infertility and Managing Your High Risk Pregnancy
1994978-1-85340-237-1Malorie BlackmanMagic Betsey (Caribbean Stories)
1993978-1-85340-250-0Terence BlackerMs Wiz Loves Dracula
1995978-1-85340-300-2Steve Barlow · Steve SkidmoreAt the Court of King Arthur (Adventures of BW-Bookworm)
  ''978-1-85340-310-1Margie Agnew · Steve Barlow · Lee Pascal · Steve SkidmoreGet Better Grades: Cool Study Skills for Red Hot Results
1996978-1-85340-328-6Steve Barlow · etc. · Iain Carter · Steve SkidmoreAction Replays
1997978-1-85340-411-5Rosie RushtonOlivia (The girls)
1998978-1-85340-429-0Terrance DicksThe Borley Rectory Incident (Unexplained)
  ''978-1-85340-474-0Terrance DicksThe Transylvanian Incident (Unexplained)
1998978-1-85340-501-3Sally ChambersBarty's Scarf (Barty) (Barty)
1999978-1-85340-503-7Terrance DicksThe Easter Island Incident (Unexplained)
  ''978-1-85340-504-4Susan HellardBaby Tiger
  ''978-1-85340-514-3Louise RennisonAngus, Thongs and Full-frontal Snogging: Confessions of Georgia Nicolson (Confessions of Georgia Nicolsn)
  ''978-1-85340-518-1Jonathan MeresYo! Diary!
1998978-1-85340-526-6Tim KahnBringing Up Boys (How to Help Your Child) (How to Help Your Child) (How to Help Your Child S.)
1999978-1-85340-541-9Susan HellardBaby Lemur
2000978-1-85340-544-0Rosie Rushton · Nina SchindlerP.S. He's Mine!: A Novel in E-Mail
1999978-1-85340-594-5Sally ChambersToffee in Trouble
  ''978-1-85340-599-0Terrance DicksThe Pyramid Incident (Unexplained)
2000978-1-85340-606-5   ''The Chinese Ghost Incident (Unexplained)
2000978-1-85340-617-1Sally ChambersToffee Takes a Nap
2001978-1-85340-620-1James PopeSemi-perfect
2002978-1-85340-622-5Rachel PankRosie's Holiday
2001978-1-85340-624-9Cathy HopkinsMates, Dates and Cosmic Kisses
2012978-1-85340-630-0Adele Faber · Elaine MazlishSiblings Without Rivalry: How to Help Your Children Live Together So You Can Live Too (How to Help Your Child)
2001978-1-85340-633-1Cathy HopkinsMates, Dates and Inflatable Bras
2002978-1-85340-634-8Tricia Kreitman · Neil Simpson · Rosemary JonesEverything You Ever Wanted to Ask About Willies and Other Boys' Bits
  ''978-1-85340-639-3Tricia Kreitman · Neil Simpson · Rosemary JonesEverything You Ever Wanted to Ask About... Willies and Other Boys' Bits
1999978-1-85340-640-9Jane AndrewsZoe at Fairy School
2000978-1-85340-641-6Susan HellardBaby Elephant (Baby)
2001978-1-85340-643-0Louise RennisonKnocked Out by My Nunga-Nungas: Further, Further Confessions of Georgia Nicolson (Confessions of Georgia Nicolsn)
  ''978-1-85340-644-7Jane AndrewsZoe and the Fairy Crown
  ''978-1-85340-648-5Louise RennisonKnocked Out by My Nunga-Nungas: Further, Further Confessions of Georgia Nicolson
2000978-1-85340-651-5Jane AndrewsZoe the Tooth Fairy
2001978-1-85340-654-6Sally ChambersToffee's New Friend
2000978-1-85340-661-4Jonathan MeresYo! Diary!: And Another Thing Bk. 2
2001978-1-85340-663-8Terrance DicksThe Inca Alien Incident (Unexplained)
  ''978-1-85340-664-5Cathy HopkinsMates, Dates and Portobello Princesses (Mates, Dates) (Mates, Dates)
2001978-1-85340-667-6Kreitman · Finley · JonesEverything You Ever Wanted to Know About Periods
  ''978-1-85340-672-0Tricia Kreitman · Fiona Jones · FinleyEverything You Ever Wanted to Know About Periods
  ''978-1-85340-673-7Jonathan MeresYo! Dot UK: Dot UK Bk. 3
2000978-1-85340-685-0Louise RennisonIt's OK, I'm Wearing Really Big Knickers!: Further Confessions of Georgia Nicolson (Angus)
2004978-1-85340-699-7Tricia KreitmanEverything You Ever Wanted to Ask About Things That Can Kill You
2008978-1-85340-700-0Tricia Kreitman · Jones · SimpsonEverything You Ever Wanted to Ask About Things That Can Kill You
2002978-1-85340-702-4Peter HartSort It!: Everything a Teenager Needs to Know at the Click of a Mouse
2014978-1-85340-704-8Adele Faber · Elaine MazlishHow to Talk so Kids Can Learn at Home and in School
2001978-1-85340-705-5   ''How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk (How to Help Your Child) (How to Help Your Child)
2002978-1-85340-707-9   ''Liberated Parents, Liberated Children
2004978-1-85340-714-7Kathryn LambHonestly Mum
  ''978-1-85340-724-6Cathy HopkinsMates, Dates and Tempting Trouble
2002978-1-85340-726-0Jane AndrewsZoe and the Witches' Spell
  ''978-1-85340-727-7Cathy HopkinsMates, Dates and Sole Survivors (Truth Dare Kiss Or Promise) (Truth Dare Kiss Or Promise)
2003978-1-85340-728-4Jane AndrewsZoe and the Dragon (Zoe) (Zoe)
2002978-1-85340-732-1Cathy HopkinsPop Princess (Truth, Dare, Kiss or Promise) (Truth, Dare, Kiss or Promise)
2002978-1-85340-736-9Louise RennisonDancing in My Nuddy Pants (Confessions of Georgia Nicolson)
2003978-1-85340-738-3Sally ChambersWilbie - Footie Mad
2004978-1-85340-744-4Jane AndrewsZoe and the Magic Harp (Zoe) (Zoe)
2002978-1-85340-746-8Phil HoganParenting Made Difficult: Notes from the Alphabet Soup of Fatherhood
2004978-1-85340-749-9Jane AndrewsZoe and the Magic Harp (Zoe) (Zoe)
2002978-1-85340-751-2Cathy HopkinsWhite Lies and Barefaced Truths (Truth, Dare, Kiss or Promise) (Truth, Dare, Kiss or Promise) (Truth, Dare, Kiss or Promise S.)
2004978-1-85340-759-8   ''Mates, Dates and Great Escapes (Mates, Dates) (Mates, Dates)
2002978-1-85340-761-1Sally ChambersToffee's Night Noises
2004978-1-85340-764-2Sally ChambersWilbie Finds a Friend
2002978-1-85340-766-6   ''Toffee's Night Noises
2003978-1-85340-772-7Moira MunroHamish: The Bear Who Found His Child
2005978-1-85340-774-1Rosie RushtonThe Secrets of Love (Jane Austen in 21st Century)
2003978-1-85340-777-2   ''Friends, Enemies and Other Tiny Problems
2005978-1-85340-779-6Cathy HopkinsDouble Dare
2003978-1-85340-783-3Louise RennisonAngus, Thongs and Full-frontal Snogging: Confessions of Georgia Nicolson (Confessions of Georgia Nicolsn)
2005978-1-85340-784-0Cathy HopkinsMates, Dates and Chocolate Cheats
2003978-1-85340-787-1   ''Mates, Dates and Mad Mistakes
  ''978-1-85340-788-8Louise RennisonIt's OK, I'm Wearing Really Big Knickers!: Further Confessions of Georgia Nicolson (Confessions of Georgia Nicolsn)
  ''978-1-85340-792-5Cathy HopkinsMates, Dates and Pulling Power
2002978-1-85340-795-6   ''Mates, Dates and Sleepover Secrets
2003978-1-85340-797-0Cathy HopkinsTeen Queens and Has-beens (Truth, Dare, Kiss or Promise) (Truth, Dare, Kiss or Promise)
2004978-1-85340-798-7   ''Starstruck (Truth, Dare, Kiss or Promise) (Truth, Dare, Kiss or Promise)
  ''978-1-85340-799-4VariousThe Perfect Ghost Story (Guardian/Piccadilly Competitn)
  ''978-1-85340-800-7Moira MunroHamish and the Missing Teddy
2005978-1-85340-802-1Rosemary StonesDon't Pick on Me: How to Handle Bullying
2006978-1-85340-804-5Cathy HopkinsAll Mates Together (Truth, Dare, Kiss or Promise) (The Last in the Series)
2005978-1-85340-807-6Kathryn LambVices and Virtues (Best Mates Forever) (Best Mates Forever)
2006978-1-85340-809-0Paeony LewisHurry Up, Birthday!
2005978-1-85340-816-8Jane AndrewsZoe and the Fairy Medicine
2006978-1-85340-818-2Kathryn LambBrothers, Boyfriends and Babe-magnets (Best Mates Forever) (Best Mates Forever)
  ''978-1-85340-819-9Sally ChambersWilbie's Gift
2004978-1-85340-825-0Tyne O'ConnellPulling Princes - the Calypso Chronicles
2005978-1-85340-826-7Adrienne KennawayOtter's First Swim
2004978-1-85340-830-4Rhiannon CrossThe Dad Dilemma
2005978-1-85340-831-1Cathy HopkinsThe Mates, Dates Guide to Life (Mates Dates) (Mates Dates)
  ''978-1-85340-832-8Rosie RushtonWhat a Week Omnibus: v. 4-6 (What a Week): v. 4-6 (What a Week)
2006978-1-85340-833-5Jane AndrewsZoe and the Mermaids
2006978-1-85340-834-2Kim CattrallBeing a Girl: Navigating the Ups and Downs of Teen Life
2007978-1-85340-836-6Kate Le VannTessa in Love: CosmoGirl/Piccadilly Love Stories
2005978-1-85340-837-3Jonny ZuckerStunt Girl (Venus Spring) (Venus Spring) (Venus Spring S.)
2006978-1-85340-838-0Jane AndrewsZoe and the Mermaids (Zoe)
2004978-1-85340-840-3C. A. PlaistedNo Way am I Living with Her!
2005978-1-85340-841-0Tyne O'ConnellStealing Princes: The Calypso Chronicles
2006978-1-85340-843-4Rosie RushtonHow Could You Do This to Me, Mum? (Leehampton) (Leehampton)
2005978-1-85340-846-5John FarmanBringing Up Your Parents: A Guide for Teenagers
  ''978-1-85340-847-2Barbara ColorosoThe Bully, the Bullied and the Bystander: From Preschool to Secondary School - How Parents and Teachers Can Help Break the Cycle of Violence
  ''978-1-85340-851-9Helen SalterDoes Snogging Count as Exercise?
2012978-1-85340-857-1Adele & Elaine Faber & MazlishHow to Talk so Teens will Listen & Listen so Teens will Talk
2006978-1-85340-858-8Cathy HopkinsLove Lottery (Truth, Dare, Kiss or Promise)
2004978-1-85340-860-1Lynda WaterhouseSoul Love
2005978-1-85340-862-5Rosie RushtonJust Don't Make a Scene, Mum! (Leehampton) (Leehampton)
2004978-1-85340-865-6Kathryn LambLove, Mates and Money
2005978-1-85340-866-3Rosie RushtonWhat a Week Omnibus: 34;What a Week to Fall in Love34, 34;What a Week to Make It Big34, 34;What a Week to Break Free34; v. 1-3 (What a It Big,What a Week to Break Free v. 1-3
2006978-1-85340-867-0Hilary FreemanLoving Danny: CosmoGirl / Piccadilly Love Stories
  ''978-1-85340-868-7Anna-Louise WeatherleyIbiza Summer (Cosmo Girl/Piccadilly Love) (Cosmo Girl/Piccadilly Love)
2004978-1-85340-870-0Louise RennisonKnocked Out by My Nunga-nungas (Confessions of Georgia Nicolsn)
2005978-1-85340-871-7Rosie RushtonWhat a Week to Get Real
2006978-1-85340-874-8Kate Le VannThings I Know About Love
2005978-1-85340-876-2Cathy HopkinsMates, Dates and Diamond Destiny (Mates Dates) (Mates Dates)
2004978-1-85340-880-9Rosie RushtonWhat A Week to Take A Chance (What a Week Series) (What a week series)
2005978-1-85340-881-6Sally ChambersWilbie and Harry
2006978-1-85340-882-3Cathy HopkinsMates, Dates and Sizzling Summers (Mates Dates) (Mates Dates)
  ''978-1-85340-883-0Kathryn LambIs Anyone's Family as Mad as Mine?: A Survival Guide for Teenagers
2004978-1-85340-885-4E VercoeKeep Your Hair On!
2006978-1-85340-888-5Rosie RushtonDoes Anyone Ever Listen? (Leehampton) (Leehampton)
2005978-1-85340-890-8Cathy HopkinsMidsummer Meltdown (Truth, Dare, Kiss or Promise) (Truth, Dare, Kiss or Promise) (Truth, Dare, Kiss or Promise S.)
2006978-1-85340-892-2Rosie RushtonI Think I'll Just Curl Up and Die (Leehampton) (Leehampton)
2006978-1-85340-893-9Malorie Blackman · Melvin Burgess · Meg Cabot · Anne Fine · Cathy Hopkins · Sue Limb · Celia Rees · Meg RosoffShining on: A Collection of Stories in Aid of the Teen Cancer Trust (Cosmo Girl)
2007978-1-85340-894-6Jane GoldmanDo the Right Thing: A Teenager's Survival Guide for Tricky Situations
2005978-1-85340-895-3Nadia MarksBitter Sweet
2006978-1-85340-898-4Tyne O'ConnellDuelling Princes (Calypso Chronicles) (Calypso Chronicles)
  ''978-1-85340-899-1Norman Saunders · Jeremy FriedmanThe Complete Guide to Children's Health
2007978-1-85340-900-4Cathy HopkinsCinnamon Girl: This Way to Paradise
  ''978-1-85340-901-1Margie AgnewGet Better Grades: Cool Study Skills for Red Hot Results
2006978-1-85340-906-6Tyne O'ConnellDumping Princes (Calypso Chronicles) (Calypso Chronicles)
2007978-1-85340-907-3Rosie RushtonSummer of Secrets (Jane Austen in 21st Century)
  ''978-1-85340-912-7Anna-Louise WeatherleyThe Wrong Boy (CosmoGIRL!/Piccadilly Love Stories)
  ''978-1-85340-913-4Helen SalterDoes Glitter Count as Camouflage?
2007978-1-85340-914-1Kate Le VannTwo Friends, One Summer
  ''978-1-85340-915-8Jane AndrewsZoe and the Unicorn (Zoe)
  ''978-1-85340-916-5Cathy HopkinsCinnamon Girl: Starting Over
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  ''978-1-85340-922-6Laura Ellen KennedyMy Best Friend's Brother (CosmoGIRL!/Piccadilly Love Stories)
2007978-1-85340-927-1Cathy HopkinsMates, Dates and Inflatable Bras: Bk. 1 (Mates Dates)
  ''978-1-85340-928-8   ''Mates, Dates and Cosmic Kisses: Bk. 2 (Mates Dates)
  ''978-1-85340-929-5   ''Mates, Dates and Portobello Princesses: Bk. 3 (Mates Dates)
  ''978-1-85340-930-1   ''Mates, Dates and Sleepover Secrets: Bk. 4 (Mates Dates)
2007978-1-85340-931-8Cathy HopkinsMates, Dates and Sole Survivors: Bk. 5 (Mates Dates) (The Mates, Dates series)
  ''978-1-85340-932-5   ''Mates, Dates & Mad Mistakes: Bk. 6
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  ''978-1-85340-934-9   ''Mates, Dates and Tempting Trouble: Bk. 8 (Mates Dates) (The Mates, Dates series)
  ''978-1-85340-935-6   ''Mates, Dates and Great Escapes: Bk. 9 (Mates Dates) (The Mates, Dates series)
2007978-1-85340-936-3Cathy HopkinsMates, Dates and Chocolate Cheats: Bk. 10 (Mates Dates)
2007978-1-85340-937-0Cathy HopkinsMates, Dates and Diamond Destiny: Bk. 11 (Mates Dates)
  ''978-1-85340-938-7   ''Mates, Dates and Sizzling Summers: Bk. 12 (Mates Dates) (The Mates, Dates series)
2008978-1-85340-942-4Rosie RushtonSecret Schemes and Daring Dreams (Jane Austen in 21st Century)
2014978-1-85340-943-1Simon CheshireSaxby Smart: Private Detective - The Curse of the Ancient Mask and Other Case Files
2008978-1-85340-952-3Helen SalterDo Secrets Count as Sabotage?
  ''978-1-85340-955-4Kate Le VannRain
  ''978-1-85340-961-5Paeony LewisBest Friends or Not?
  ''978-1-85340-966-0Cathy HopkinsMates, Dates and Saving the Planet
2008978-1-85340-967-7Cathy HopkinsWhite Lies (Truth, Dare, Kiss, Promise)
  ''978-1-85340-968-4   ''Pop Princess (Truth, Dare, Kiss, Promise)
  ''978-1-85340-969-1   ''Teen Queens (Truth, Dare, Kiss, Promise)
  ''978-1-85340-970-7   ''Starstruck (Truth, Dare, Kiss, Promise)
2008978-1-85340-971-4Cathy HopkinsDouble Dare (Truth, Dare, Kiss, Promise)
  ''978-1-85340-972-1   ''Midsummer Meltdown (Truth, Dare, Kiss, Promise)
  ''978-1-85340-973-8   ''Love Lottery (Truth, Dare, Kiss, Promise)
  ''978-1-85340-974-5   ''All Mates Together (Truth, Dare, Kiss, Promise)
  ''978-1-85340-975-2   ''Cinnamon Girl: Looking for a Hero
2008978-1-85340-978-3Cathy HopkinsMates, Dates and Flirting (Mates Dates)
2009978-1-85340-979-0Rosie RushtonLove, Lies and Lizzie- Jane Austen in the 21st Century
2008978-1-85340-983-7Simon CheshireSaxby Smart: Private Detective - The Fangs of the Dragon and Other Case Files
  ''978-1-85340-985-1Zep Bruller · Helene BrullerWillies: A User's Guide
  ''978-1-85340-987-5Jane AndrewsZoe and the Wishing Star
  ''978-1-85340-993-6Simon CheshireThe Pirate's Blood (Saxby Smart: Private Detective)
2008978-1-85340-994-3Simon CheshireThe Hangman's Lair (Saxby Smart: Private Detective) (Saxby Smart - Schoolboy Detective)
2009978-1-85340-997-4Hilary FreemanDon't Ask (Piccadilly Love Stories)
2008978-1-85340-999-8Kate Le VannThings I Know About Love