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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2009978-1-84812-000-6Kate Le VannTessa in Love (Cosmo Girl)
  ''978-1-84812-001-3Kate Le VannTwo Friends, One Summer
2008978-1-84812-002-0Elizabeth Hartley-BrewerMaking Sense of Your Child's Friendships
2009978-1-84812-003-7Damian KelleherLife, Interrupted
  ''978-1-84812-008-2Simon CheshireSaxby Smart: Schoolboy Detective- The Eye of the Serpent
  ''978-1-84812-009-9Cathy HopkinsExpecting to Fly (Cinnamon Girl)
  ''978-1-84812-018-1Cathy HopkinsMates, Dates: The Secret Story (Mates Dates) (The Mates, Dates series)
2009978-1-84812-024-2Cathy HopkinsMates, Dates Guide to Life (Mates Dates) (The Mates, Dates series)
  ''978-1-84812-027-3Simon CheshireSaxby Smart: Schoolboy Detective - Five Seconds to Doomsday and Other Case Files
2010978-1-84812-034-1Abi Burlingham · Sarah WarburtonRuby and Grub
2009978-1-84812-037-2Simon CheshireThe Poisoned Arrow (Saxby Smart: Schoolboy Detective)
2008978-1-84812-040-2Mel WilliamsRobert Pattinson: Inside Out
2009978-1-84812-042-6Judy BrownSuper Soccer Boy and the Exploding Footballs
2010978-1-84812-045-7Kate le VannThe Worst of Me
  ''978-1-84812-050-1Laura SummersDesperate Measures
  ''978-1-84812-053-2Judy BrownSuper Soccer Boy and the Evil Electronic Bunnies (Bk 2)
  ''978-1-84812-054-9Rosie RushtonEchoes of Love (Jane Austen in 21st Century Book 5)
2010978-1-84812-055-6Simon CheshireSaxby Smart: Private Detective - The Secret of the Skull (Saxby Smart - Schoolboy Detective)
  ''978-1-84812-057-0Tamsyn MurrayMy So-Called Afterlife
2009978-1-84812-061-7Mel WiliamsLeona Lewis Inside Out
2010978-1-84812-064-8Cora HarrisonLondon Murder Mysteries Bk 1: The Montgomery Murder (The London Murder Mysteries)
2009978-1-84812-067-9Mel WilliamsRobert Pattinson: Inside Out
2010978-1-84812-068-6Hilary FreemanLifted
2009978-1-84812-069-3Mel WilliamsTaylor Lautner: Inside Out
  ''978-1-84812-071-6Nicola BardolaThe Twilight Phenomenon
2010978-1-84812-077-8Penelope BushAlice in Time
2011978-1-84812-080-8Abi Burlingham · Sarah WarburtonGrub in Love (Ruby and Grub)
2010978-1-84812-082-2Cora HarrisonLondon Murder Mysteries: The Deadly Fire (The London Murder Mysteries)
  ''978-1-84812-083-9Judy BrownSuper Soccer Boy and the Snot Monsters
  ''978-1-84812-084-6Hilary FreemanCamden Town Tales: The Celeb Next Door
2010978-1-84812-086-0Simon CheshireSaxby Smart's Detective Handbook (Saxby Smart: Private Detective)
  ''978-1-84812-092-1Tamsyn MurrayMy So-Called Haunting
  ''978-1-84812-094-5Ros AsquithLetters from an Alien Schoolboy
  ''978-1-84812-098-3Judy BrownSuper Soccer Boy and the Attack of the Giant Slugs
  ''978-1-84812-110-2Mel WilliamsThe Twilight Boys (Inside Out)
2011978-1-84812-111-9Cora HarrisonLondon Murder Mysteries: Murder on Stage Bk 3 (The London Murder Mysteries)
2011978-1-84812-112-6Juliet Clare BellDon't Panic, Annika
  ''978-1-84812-123-2S L PowellFifty Fifty
2010978-1-84812-129-4Anna-Louise WeatherleyIbiza Summer
2011978-1-84812-138-6Caroline GreenDark Ride
  ''978-1-84812-139-3Penelope BushThe Diary of a Lottery Winner's Daughter
  ''978-1-84812-149-2Ros AsquithLetters from an Alien Schoolboy: Cosmic Custard
  ''978-1-84812-151-5Abi Burlingham · Sarah WarburtonGrub's Pups (Ruby and Grub)
2012978-1-84812-157-7Rosie RushtonWhatever Love Is (Jane Austen in the 21st Century) (21st Century Jane Austen)
2011978-1-84812-159-1Cora HarrisonLondon Murder Mysteries: Death of a Chimney Sweep (The London Murder Mysteries)
2012978-1-84812-168-3Caroline GreenCracks
2012978-1-84812-169-0Cora HarrisonThe Body in the Fog (London Murder Mysteries) (The London Murder Mysteries)
2011978-1-84812-212-3Tyne O'ConnellA Royal Match (Pulling Princes Bind Up)
2012978-1-84812-246-8Ros AsquithLetters from an Alien Schoolboy: Galactic Poodle
  ''978-1-84812-248-2Cora HarrisonLondon Murder Mysteries: Death in the Devil's Den (The London Murder Mysteries)
2013978-1-84812-252-9Penelope BushMe Myself Milly
2012978-1-84812-265-9John FarmanBringing Up Your Parents
2013978-1-84812-309-0Adele Faber · Elaine MazlishHow To Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk
  ''978-1-84812-378-6Adele Faber and Elaine MazlishYour Guide to A Happier Family: Liberated Parents, Liberated Children (How To Talk)
2014978-1-84812-382-3Holly Goldberg SloanCounting by 7s
  ''978-1-84812-414-1Tracy AlexanderHacked
2020978-1-84812-737-1Mark LoweryEating Chips with Monkey
  ''978-1-84812-799-9Alyssa HollingsworthThe Invisible Boy
2020978-1-84812-809-5Konnie HuqCookie! (Book 1): Cookie and the Most Annoying Boy in the World