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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1995978-1-86024-019-5Ravi ZachariasCan Man Live without God?
1993978-1-86024-027-0Hank HanegraaffChristianity in Crisis
2001978-1-86024-226-7John LockleyA Practical Workbook for the Depressed Christian
2003978-1-86024-240-3Jeff LucasLucas on Life 2: v. 2
2001978-1-86024-258-8Youth Bible: New Century Version (Purple): New Century Youth Version
  ''978-1-86024-259-5Youth Bible: New Century Version (Purple): New Century Youth Version
2002978-1-86024-268-7Billy grahamPeace With God
  ''978-1-86024-271-7Dee Ann GrandA Child's First Prayers
  ''978-1-86024-274-8J. John · Chris WalleyWalking with God
  ''978-1-86024-279-3Mark Stibbe · J. JohnThe Big Picture: v. 1: Finding the Spiritual Message in Movies
2003978-1-86024-283-0J. John · Chris WalleyThe Life: A Portrait of Jesus
2003978-1-86024-286-1Andy ButcherStreet Children
  ''978-1-86024-287-8Steve MaltzThe Land of Many Names: Towards a Christian Understanding of the Middle Eastern Conflict
  ''978-1-86024-288-5Chris WalleyThe Power of the Night (Lamb Among Stars)
  ''978-1-86024-296-0Maxine DaviesHidden Hunger (HOPE FOR THE HURTING)
1999978-1-86024-330-1AuthenticInternational Children's Bible: Gospel of Mark - The Version Children Can Read and Understand (Ncv)
2000978-1-86024-352-3NcvYouth Bible: New Century Version (Silver)
  ''978-1-86024-353-0Youth Bible: New Century Version (Silver)
2000978-1-86024-354-7NCV Anglican Text EditorsYouth Bible: New Century Version (Collage) (Bible Ncv)
  ''978-1-86024-356-1NcvYouth Bible: New Century Version (Collage): New Century Version Collage Youth Bible (Bible Ncv)
1920978-1-86024-357-8Rob RichardsHas God Finished with Israel?
2003978-1-86024-359-2J. JohnCalling out
2001978-1-86024-360-8Jeff LucasLucas on Life
2000978-1-86024-371-4DEVENISH DAVIDDEMOLISHING STRONGHOLDS PB: Effective Strategies for Spritual Warfare
2002978-1-86024-378-3Arthur White · Steve Johnson · Ian McDowall · Millie MurrayTough Talk: True Stories of East London's Hardmen: True Stories of East London Hard Men
2003978-1-86024-431-5International Children's BibleInternational Children's Bible New Testament
  ''978-1-86024-441-4J. John · Mark StibbeThe Big Picture 2: More Spiritual Insights from Modern Movies
2004978-1-86024-449-0Various ContributorsThe International Children's Bible New Testament Colouring Book
  ''978-1-86024-451-3VariousThe International Children's Bible New Testament Colouring Book
  ''978-1-86024-456-8New Century VersionDaily Youth Bible - New Testament: New Century Version (Bible Ncv)
2004978-1-86024-457-5Mark StibbeProphetic Evangelism: When God Speaks to Those Who Don't Know Him
  ''978-1-86024-459-9Meredith ResceGreen Valley: v. 2 (Heart of the Green Valley)
  ''978-1-86024-465-0J. JohnTill Death Us Do Part
  ''978-1-86024-481-0Tony Anthony · Angela LittleTaming the Tiger
2005978-1-86024-482-7Betsy Todd SchmittKidsBible.Com: The Holy Bible New Century Version
  ''978-1-86024-484-1Dez Brown · Martin SaundersConvicted or Condemned? (Authentic Life Stories)
2005978-1-86024-495-7Meredith ResceThrough the Valley of Shadows (Heart of Green Valley)
2004978-1-86024-497-1Susan WilliamsLetting God Heal (Hope for the Hurting Series)
  ''978-1-86024-498-8J John · Chris WalleyThe Life: A portrait of Jesus
2005978-1-86024-504-6Sue HudsonMiracles of Jesus (Amazing 3D Bible Stories)
  ''978-1-86024-505-3   ''Parables of Jesus (Amazing 3D Bible Stories)
  ''978-1-86024-506-0   ''Jonah and The Big Fish (Amazing 3D Bible Stories)
  ''978-1-86024-507-7   ''David and Goliath (Amazing 3D Bible Stories)
2005978-1-86024-508-4BOSHOFF PENNYGOD AND ME HB
  ''978-1-86024-514-5Keith TondeurStreet Parables: 25 Parables Re-told for Today
  ''978-1-86024-516-9Mark Stibbe · J. JohnPassion for the Movies: Spiritual Insights from Contemporary Films
2006978-1-86024-517-6Marc Dupont · Mark StibbeHealing Today: God's Power in Everyday Life
2005978-1-86024-520-6Peter R. Holmes · Susan B. WilliamsChanged Lives: Extraordinary Stories of Ordinary People
  ''978-1-86024-523-7Tony CampoloYou Can Make a Difference
  ''978-1-86024-525-1The Youth Bible: New Century Version
2005978-1-86024-526-8The Youth Bible: New Century Version
  ''978-1-86024-527-5Steve MaltzThe People of Many Names: Towards a Clearer Understanding of the Miracle of the Jewish People
2006978-1-86024-529-9David OliverLove Work, Live Life: Releasing God's Purpose in Work (Care for the Family)
  ''978-1-86024-531-2Julia FisherA Future for Israel?: Christian Arabs Share Their Stories
2005978-1-86024-534-3The Youth Bible: New Century Version
  ''978-1-86024-535-0The Youth Bible: New Century Version
  ''978-1-86024-537-4David DevenishWhat on Earth is the Church For?: A Blueprint for the Future for Church-based Mission and Social Action
2005978-1-86024-538-1Mark StibbeThe Father You've Been Waiting for: Portrait of a Perfect Dad
2006978-1-86024-544-2Lee Jackson · Baz GascoyneCut to the Chase: Funny, Challenging and Straight Talking for Men
  ''978-1-86024-549-7J.JohnBreaking News: A Practical Course Designed To Help You Share God's Good News Today
  ''978-1-86024-551-0Nick Cuthbert · Chris StoddardChurch on the Edge: Principles and real life stories of 21st century mission: Engaging Principles of Twenty-first-century Mission (RUN S.)
978-1-86024-553-4With No Apology - J John and Joe Boot
2006978-1-86024-557-2Sheree OsborneBroken Wings: A Breathtaking Story of Joy, Hope and Love: A Story of Childhood Abuse... and Ultimate Freedom
  ''978-1-86024-567-1Tony Campolo · Bart CampoloThings We Wish We Had Said: Reflections of a Father and His Son
  ''978-1-86024-573-2Steve MaltzThe Truth Is Out There: The Ultimate World Conspiracy: The Ultimate Conspiracy
2006978-1-86024-574-9Adam HarbinsonSavage Shepherds: One Man's Story of Overcoming Spiritual Abuse
  ''978-1-86024-588-6Maxine VorsterHidden Hunger (Hope for the Hurting Series)
  ''978-1-86024-593-0Mark StibbeThe Father You've Been Waiting For: Portrait of a Perfect Dad
  ''978-1-86024-594-7Angela LittleCry of the Tiger: The Amazing True Story of Tony Anthony, a Kung Fu Champion
2008978-1-86024-596-1Mark Stibbe and Andrew WilliamsBreakout
2007978-1-86024-597-8Mark StibbeOne Touch from the King Changes Everything
  ''978-1-86024-602-9Barry Woodward · Andrew ChamberlainOnce an Addict: The Fascinating True Story of One Man's Escape from the Murky Drugs Underworld
2007978-1-86024-605-0Rob RufusLiving In The Grace Of God
2006978-1-86024-609-8J. John · Chris WalleyThe Life: A Portrait of Jesus
2007978-1-86024-614-2New Century Version Youth Bible: Sunburst Cover
2008978-1-86024-615-9Youth Bible
2011978-1-86024-624-1Steve MaltzJesus Man of Many Names
2009978-1-86024-629-6Chip Kendall · Helen KendallYouth Bible Study Guide: Following God
2008978-1-86024-640-1NCV Youth Bible
  ''978-1-86024-642-5JOHN JSOUL PURPOSE PB
  ''978-1-86024-695-1Kate TomsGod Knows All About Me
  ''978-1-86024-700-2Millie MurrayTough Talk 2
  ''978-1-86024-703-3KIM TANJUBILEE GOSPEL PB
2008978-1-86024-706-4Tony AnthonyTaming the Tiger: From the Depths of Hell to the Heights of Glory
2009978-1-86024-723-1J. JohnBreaking the News (Sharing Faith Without Fear)
  ''978-1-86024-732-3Lee And BazCut to the Chase 0.5: Funny, Challenging and Straight Talking for Men
  ''978-1-86024-733-0Baz Gascoyne · Lee Jackson CFCSCut to the Chase: Visual Edition: Funny, Challenging and Straight Talking for Men
  ''978-1-86024-774-3G.P. TaylorFIRST ESCAPE DOPPLEGANGER (Dopple Ganger Chronicles) (The Dopple Ganger Chronicles)
2010978-1-86024-802-3Evangelical AllianceBiblefresh
  ''978-1-86024-805-4Hartman BobBest Mates Too!
2010978-1-86024-810-8Mark StibbeOne Touch From the King Changes Everything
2011978-1-86024-812-2Tibbert Steve with Taylor ValGood To Grow
2013978-1-86024-819-1Authentic MediaERV Authentic Youth Bible Teal (Easy Read Version) (Bible Easy Read Version)
2011978-1-86024-833-7Page ClaireCarry-Me Jonah and the Big Fish
  ''978-1-86024-834-4   ''Carry-Me Noah and the Ark
  ''978-1-86024-837-5Devenish DavidFathering Leaders, Motivating Mission
2012978-1-86024-841-2Julian WilsonComplete Surrender
2013978-1-86024-884-9Simon HolleySustainable Power