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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-1-84719-018-5Steve AtwalBuilding Websites with Xoops: A Step-by-step Tutorial
  ''978-1-84719-023-9Stany Blanvalet · Jeremy Bolie · etc.BPEL Cookbook: Best Practices for SOA-based Integration and Composite Applications Development
  ''978-1-84719-087-1Anand NarayanaswamyCommunity Server Quickly: A Concise and Practical Guide to Installation, Administration, and Customization
2007978-1-84719-088-8Shu-Wai ChowPHP Web 2.0 Mashup Projects: Practical PHP Mashups with Google Maps, Flickr, Amazon, YouTube, MSN Search, Yahoo!: Create practical mashups in PHP ... MSN Search, Yahoo!,, and
2006978-1-84719-090-1Monika MathéDeep Inside osCommerce: The Cookbook: Ready-to-use recipes to customize and extend your e-commerce website
2007978-1-84719-093-2Kim SchulzHacking Vim: A Cookbook to get the Most out of the Latest Vim Editor: From personalizing Vim to productivity optimizations: Recipes to make life easier for experienced Vim users
  ''978-1-84719-095-6Jonathan RockwayCatalyst: Accelerating Perl Web Application Development
2006978-1-84719-097-0Mark Alexander BainLearn Spreadsheet Macro Programming: OOoBasic and Calc automation: A fast and friendly tutorial to writing macros and spreadsheet applications
2007978-1-84719-098-7Bogdan Brinzarea · Cristian DarieMicrosoft AJAX Library Essentials: Client-side ASP.NET AJAX 1.0 Explained
2006978-1-84719-099-4Mark Alexander BainLearn OpenOffice.Org Spreadsheet Macro Programming: OOoBasic and Calc Automation
2007978-1-84719-100-7Prabhakar ChagantiGoogle Web Toolkit GWT Java AJAX Programming
  ''978-1-84719-102-1Matt ButcherMastering OpenLDAP: Configuring, Securing and Integrating Directory Services
2008978-1-84719-105-2Dan LiliedahlOpenCms 7 Development: Extending and customizing OpenCms through its Java API
2009978-1-84719-109-0John WardPractical Data Analysis and Reporting with BIRT
2007978-1-84719-111-3Michael PeacockBuilding Websites with TYPO3: A practical guide to getting your TYPO3 website up and running fast
2007978-1-84719-115-1Kyle WheelerQmail Quickstarter: Install, Set Up and Run your own Email Server: A fast-paced and easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide that gets you up and running ... Up and Run Your Own Open-source Email Server
2008978-1-84719-117-5Suhreed SarkarZen Cart: E-commerce Application Development: A step-by-step developer's guide
2007978-1-84719-130-4Joseph L. LeBlancLearning Joomla! 1.5 Extension Development: Creating Modules, Components, and Plugins with PHP
2008978-1-84719-131-1Mihai Bucica · Bogdan Brinzarea · Filip Chereches-Tosa · Cristian DarieAJAX y PHP: Construyendo Aplicaciones Web Interactivas [Espanol]
2007978-1-84719-140-3Brandon Dawson · Tom CanavanJoomla! Cash: Money-making weapons for your Joomla! website
  ''978-1-84719-144-1Tessa Blakeley SilverJoomla! Template Design: Create your own professional-quality templates with this fast, friendly guide
2008978-1-84719-146-5Kapil PantBusiness Process Driven SOA using BPMN and BPEL: From Business Process Modeling to Orchestration and Service Oriented Architecture
2007978-1-84719-152-6Diego Adrian Naya LazoOSWorkflow: A guide for Java developers and architects to integrating open-source Business Process Management
2006978-1-84719-160-1Marc DelisleMastering Phpmyadmin for Effective MySQL Management 2e
2007978-1-84719-164-9Lee JordanProject Management with dotProject: Implement, Configure, Customize, and Maintain your DotProject Installation: A complete beginner's guide to every ... administering your dotProject installation
  ''978-1-84719-166-3David J MurphyManaging Software Development with Trac and Subversion: Simple project management for software development.
  ''978-1-84719-172-4Martin BauerManaging eZ Publish Web Content Management Projects: Strategies, best practices, and techniques for implementing eZ publish open-source CMS projects to delight your clients
  ''978-1-84719-174-8David UptonCodeIgniter for Rapid PHP Application Development: Improve your PHP coding productivity with the free compact open-source MVC CodeIgniter framework!
2009978-1-84719-178-6Sam Knox · Alex Clark · Jon Stahl · Martin Aspeli · Darci HanningPractical Plone 3: A Beginner's Guide to Building Powerful Websites
2007978-1-84719-182-3Ric ShrevesDrupal 5 Themes: Create a new theme for your Drupal website with a clean layout and powerful CSS styling
2007978-1-84719-196-0Jagadish Chatarji Pulakhandam · Sunitha ParuchuriODP.NET Developer's Guide: Oracle Database 10g Development with Visual Studio 2005 and the Oracle Data Provider for .NET
  ''978-1-84719-198-4Martin AspeliProfessional Plone Development: Building robust, content-centric web applications with Plone 3, an open source Content Management System.
2008978-1-84719-200-4Markus Staeuble · Jurgen SchumacherZK Developer's Guide: Developing responsive user interfaces for web applications using Ajax, XUL, and the open source ZK rich web client development framework
2007978-1-84719-202-8Vadym GurevychosCommerce Webmaster's Guide to Selling Online: Increase your sales and profits with expert tips on SEO, Marketing, Design, Selling Strategies, etc.
  ''978-1-84719-204-2David RichardsLinux Thin Client Networks Design and Deployment: A quick guide for System Administrators
  ''978-1-84719-206-6Mark Alexander BainSugarCRM Developer's Manual: Customize and extend SugarCRM: Learn the application and database architecture of this open-source CRM and develop and integrate your own modules and custom workflows
2008978-1-84719-212-7Dmitry DulepovTYPO3 Extension Development: Developer's guide to creating feature rich extensions using the TYPO3 API
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2007978-1-84719-236-3Matt CumberlidgeBusiness Process Management with JBoss jBPM: A Practical Guide for Business Analysts
2007978-1-84719-240-0Pawan KumarDocumentum Content Management Foundations: EMC Proven Professional Certification Exam E20-120 Study Guide: Learn the technical fundamentals of the EMC ... effectively preparing for the E20-120 exam
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2007978-1-84719-248-6Prabhakar ChagantiXen Virtualization: A fast and practical guide to supporting multiple operating systems with the Xen hypervisor: A Practical Handbook
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  ''978-1-84719-254-7N. Satheesh KumarLINQ Quickly
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2008978-1-84719-262-2Frank Jennings · David SalterBuilding SOA-Based Composite Applications Using NetBeans IDE 6
2008978-1-84719-264-6Babak FarrokhiNetwork Administration with FreeBSD 7: Building, securing, and maintaining networks with the FreeBSD operating system
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2008978-1-84719-272-1Jonas X. YuanLiferay Portal Enterprise Intranets: A practical guide to building a complete corporate intranet with Liferay
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2007978-1-84719-284-4William RiceMoodle Teaching Techniques: Creative Ways to Use Moodle for Constructing Online Learning Solutions
2008978-1-84719-286-8Deepal JayasingheQuickstart Apache Axis2: A practical guide to creating quality web services
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2008978-1-84719-293-6Sami SalkosuoDWR Java AJAX Applications
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  ''978-1-84719-311-7Jeff PottsAlfresco Developer Guide
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2009978-1-84719-319-3Will GormanPentaho Reporting 3.5 for Java Developers
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2009978-1-84719-339-1Dave NewtonApache Struts 2 Web Application Development
2008978-1-84719-341-4A P RajshekharBuilding Dynamic Web 2.0 Websites with Ruby on Rails: Create database-driven dynamic websites with this open-source web application framework
  ''978-1-84719-343-8Nirav MehtaMobile Web Development: Building mobile websites, SMS and MMS messaging, mobile payments, and automated voice call systems with XHTML MP, WCSS, and mobile AJAX
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2009978-1-84719-387-2Veda WilliamsPlone 3 Theming
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2009978-1-84719-410-7Ramanujam RaoJBoss Portal Server Development
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2010978-1-84719-700-9Jesse LeggDjango 1.2 e-commerce
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