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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2015978-1-78355-001-2Joydip KanjilalEntity Framework Tutorial - Second Edition
2014978-1-78355-011-1Akash MahajanBurp Suite Essentials
2015978-1-78355-023-4Ricardo ZeaMastering Responsive Web Design
2014978-1-78355-025-8Sascha Gundlach · Michelle K. MartinMastering CryENGINE
  ''978-1-78355-031-9Kyle BegemanApplication Development in iOS 7
2013978-1-78355-033-3Bhanu BiraniApplication Development with Parse using iOS SDK
  ''978-1-78355-037-1Artan SinaniLearning Bing Maps API
2015978-1-78355-049-4Anand DayalanExt JS 6 By Example
  ''978-1-78355-053-1Stephen HaneyGame Development with Swift: Embrace the mobile gaming revolution and bring your iPhone game ideas to life with Swift
  ''978-1-78355-059-3Amgad MuhammadOpenCV Android Programming By Example
2015978-1-78355-060-9Hans-Jurgen SchonigPostgreSQL Replication - Second Edition
2014978-1-78355-063-0Madhurranjan Mohaan · Ramesh RaithathaLearning Ansible
  ''978-1-78355-065-4Roger StringerTwilio Cookbook: Second Edition
2013978-1-78355-075-3Matthew B. Stokes3D Printing for Architects with MakerBot
2014978-1-78355-081-4William SmithLearning Xamarin Studio
  ''978-1-78355-083-8Mark ReynoldsXamarin Essentials
2015978-1-78355-085-2Ciro CardosoLumion 3D Best Practices
  ''978-1-78355-089-0Paul SokolInfusionsoft Cookbook: Over 88 recipes for effective use of Infusionsoft to mitigate your CRM needs, marketing automation, conducting online business optimally
2014978-1-78355-093-7Ciro CardosoLumion 3D Cookbook
  ''978-1-78355-097-5Anubhav HanjuraHeroku Cloud Application Development
2014978-1-78355-099-9Himanshu KumarLearning Nessus for Penetration Testing
2013978-1-78355-101-9Justin M. BrantSolarWinds Server & Application Monitor: Deployment and Administration
2015978-1-78355-121-7Arindam MukherjeeLearning Boost C++ Libraries: Solve practical programming problems using powerful, portable, and expressive libraries from Boost
  ''978-1-78355-131-6Quazi Nafiul IslamMastering PyCharm
2014978-1-78355-139-2Brandon SandersMastering Leap Motion
2013978-1-78355-143-9Andros T. Sturgeon · Shoban KumarGetting Started with Paint.NET
2014978-1-78355-145-3Ruben Hoyos · Robinson MoncadaGetting Started with OUYA
  ''978-1-78355-157-6Dmitry VolevodziOS 7 Game Development
2015978-1-78355-159-0Dan NixonGetting Started with Python and Raspberry Pi
  ''978-1-78355-162-0Artemij FedosejevReact.js Essentials: A fast-paced guide to designing and building scalable and maintainable web apps with React.js
  ''978-1-78355-165-1Adnan Ahmed SiddiquiOpenStack Orchestration
2014978-1-78355-168-2Iwan 'e1' RahabokVMware vRealize Operations Performance and Capacity Management
2015978-1-78355-171-2Fabrizio RomanoLearning Python: Learn to code like a professional with Python - an open source, versatile, and powerful programming language
2017978-1-78355-173-6Sherif TalaatPowerShell 5.0 Advanced Administration Handbook
2015978-1-78355-174-3Allister Banks · Charles S. EdgeLearning iOS Security
2015978-1-78355-176-7Muhammad Zeeshan MunirVMware vSphere Troubleshooting
  ''978-1-78355-177-4Raul PortalesMastering Android Game Development
2016978-1-78355-181-1Ashish Kumar · Avinash PaulMastering Text Mining with R
2015978-1-78355-183-5Charlotte Olsson · Christina HoyerPrezi Cookbook
2014978-1-78355-189-7Uchit Vyas · Prabhakaran KuppusamyDynamoDB Applied Design Patterns
  ''978-1-78355-195-8Tanmay DeshpandeMastering DynamoDB
2015978-1-78355-197-2John Henry KrahenbuhlAxure Prototyping Blueprints
2014978-1-78355-203-0Ciro CardosoMastering Lumion 3D
2015978-1-78355-205-4John Henry KrahenbuhlLearning Axure RP Interactive Prototypes
  ''978-1-78355-207-8Edina Berlinger · Ferenc Illes · Milan Badics · Adam Banai · Gergely DarocziMastering R for Quantitative Finance
2014978-1-78355-209-2Fernando MonteiroLearning Single-page Web Application Development
2016978-1-78355-213-9Joshua Johanan · Talha Khan · Ricardo ZeaWeb Developer's Reference Guide
2014978-1-78355-217-7Serge GabetGoogle Apps Script for Beginners
2015978-1-78355-238-2Ruediger Follmann · Tony ZhangBanana Pro Blueprints
  ''978-1-78355-244-3Ryad El-DajaniBanana Pi Cookbook
2015978-1-78355-246-7Riccardo BeckerLearning Azure DocumentDB: Create outstanding enterprise solutions around DocumentDB using the latest technologies and programming tools with Azure
  ''978-1-78355-248-1Michael ParkerLearning D
  ''978-1-78355-260-3Arvind RavulavaruLearning Ionic
  ''978-1-78355-262-7Ozen Ozkaya · Giray YillikciArduino Computer Vision Programming: Design and develop real-world computer vision applications with the powerful combination of OpenCV and Arduino
2014978-1-78355-293-1Domi SinclairPrezi Essentials
  ''978-1-78355-295-5Hussein NasserBuilding Web Applications with ArcGIS
2014978-1-78355-297-9Charles PearsonLearning NGUI for Unity
2015978-1-78355-313-6Eric F Crist · Jan Just KeijserMastering OpenVPN
  ''978-1-78355-315-0Rafal KucSolr Cookbook - Third Edition
2014978-1-78355-321-1Daniel ArbuckleLearning Python Testing
2015978-1-78355-323-5Sachin Handiekar · Anshul JohriApache Solr for Indexing Data
2014978-1-78355-325-9Thoriq FirdausResponsive Web Design by Example: Beginner's Guide - Second Edition
2015978-1-78355-327-3Joel Latino · Harris WardPentaho Analytics for MongoDB Cookbook
  ''978-1-78355-331-0Malcolm SherringtonMastering Julia: Develop your analytical and programming skills further in Julia to solve complex data processing problems
2014978-1-78355-333-4Chad AdamsLearning Python Data Visualization
  ''978-1-78355-335-8Ivan IdrisPython Data Analysis
2015978-1-78355-337-2P. Raja Malleswara RaoSpring Batch Essentials
  ''978-1-78355-339-6Hrishikesh Vijay KarambelkarScaling Big Data with Hadoop and Solr - Second Edition
2015978-1-78355-347-1Mitesh SoniJenkins Essentials: Continuous Integration - setting up the stage for a DevOps culture
2014978-1-78355-349-5Abid H. MujtabaLego Mindstorms EV3 Essentials
2015978-1-78355-351-8Mattia Epifani · Pasquale StirparoLearning iOS Forensics
  ''978-1-78355-353-2Peter WaherLearning Internet of Things
2014978-1-78355-355-6Curtis Bennett · Dan Violet SagmillerUnity AI Programming Essentials
2016978-1-78355-357-0Jorge PalaciosUnity 5.x Game AI Programming Cookbook: Build and customize a wide range of powerful Unity AI systems with over 70 hands-on recipes and techniques
2015978-1-78355-359-4Claudio ScolasticiUnity 2D Game Development Cookbook
  ''978-1-78355-361-7Simon JacksonUnity 3D UI Essentials
2014978-1-78355-363-1Kyle D'AoustUnity Game Development Scripting
  ''978-1-78355-365-5John P. DoranUnity Game Development Blueprints
  ''978-1-78355-369-3K. Aava RaniLearning Unity Physics
2015978-1-78355-371-6Achilleas PipinellisGitHub Essentials
2014978-1-78355-373-0Eric PidouxGit Best Practices Guide
2016978-1-78355-375-4Jakub NarebskiMastering Git: Attain expert level proficiency with Git for enhanced productivity and efficient collaboration
2015978-1-78355-379-2Rafal Kuc · Marek RogozinskiMastering Elasticsearch - Second Edition
2015978-1-78355-381-5ChandermaniAngularJS by Example
  ''978-1-78355-397-6Konstantin KuminskyVMware vCenter Cookbook
  ''978-1-78355-398-3Mohammad Wadood Majid · Golrokh MirzaeiMastering AngularJS for .NET Developers
  ''978-1-78355-403-4Chuck MillsvCenter Troubleshooting
  ''978-1-78355-406-5David ShawNmap Essentials
2015978-1-78355-407-2Bass JobsenLess Web Development Essentials - Second Edition
2016978-1-78355-409-6Ayman Shaaban · Konstantin SapronovPractical Windows Forensics
2014978-1-78355-417-1Hazem SalehJavaScript Mobile Application Development
2015978-1-78355-419-5Allan MacGregorMagento PHP Developer's Guide - Second Edition
  ''978-1-78355-435-5Miguel DeQuadrosMastering iOS Game Development
  ''978-1-78355-449-2Suresh K. Gorakala · Michele UsuelliBuilding a Recommendation System with R
  ''978-1-78355-451-5Bill PrettyGetting Started with Electronic Projects
2014978-1-78355-455-3David Alexander LillisR Graph Essentials
  ''978-1-78355-463-8James H. BaxterWireshark Essentials
2014978-1-78355-475-1Kerri ShottsPhoneGap for Enterprise
2015978-1-78355-477-5Suryakumar Balakrishnan Nair · Andreas OehlkeLearning LibGDX Game Development - Second Edition
2014978-1-78355-481-2Paul Crickard IIILeaflet.js Essentials
2015978-1-78355-483-6Alberto ParoElasticSearch Cookbook - Second Edition
2014978-1-78355-487-4Loiane GronerLearning JavaScript Data Structures and Algorithms
2015978-1-78355-489-8Sunil GulabaniAmazon S3 Essentials
  ''978-1-78355-495-9Ashish GuptaLearning Apache Mahout Classification
  ''978-1-78355-499-7Jayani WithanawasamApache Mahout Essentials
  ''978-1-78355-507-9Michael DienerPython Geospatial Analysis Cookbook
  ''978-1-78355-509-3Calin RadaLearning Phalcon PHP
2015978-1-78355-511-6Andy Matthews · Shane GliserCreating Mobile Apps with jQuery Mobile - Second Edition
  ''978-1-78355-513-0Sebastian RaschkaPython Machine Learning, 1st Edition
  ''978-1-78355-515-4Sonal RajNeo4j High Performance
  ''978-1-78355-517-8Sumit GuptaNeo4j Essentials
  ''978-1-78355-521-5Chandramani TiwaryLearning Apache Mahout
2015978-1-78355-525-3Paul Gerrard · Radia M. JohnsonMastering Scientific Computing with R
  ''978-1-78355-531-4Hans-Jurgen SchonigTroubleshooting PostgreSQL
  ''978-1-78355-533-8Chitij ChauhanPostgreSQL Cookbook
2014978-1-78355-841-4Thomas Bleicher · Robin de JonghSketchUp 2014 for Architectural Visualization Second Edition
2015978-1-78355-847-6Adnan MasoodLearning F# Functional Data Structures and Algorithms
  ''978-1-78355-848-3Richard M ReeseLearning Java Functional Programming
  ''978-1-78355-850-6Michael ShepardGetting Started with PowerShell
2015978-1-78355-855-1Jonathan HaywardReactive Programming with JavaScript
2016978-1-78355-856-8Adam Horton · Ryan ViceMastering React
2015978-1-78355-857-5Dayong DuApache Hive Essentials
  ''978-1-78355-858-2Pat Myers · Ike Kavas · Michael Muller · Jon SoloveIntelligent Document Capture with Ephesoft - Second Edition
2014978-1-78355-866-7Charles BernardoffNGUI for Unity
2016978-1-78355-872-8Prashant Verma · Akshay DixitMobile Device Exploitation Cookbook
2014978-1-78355-874-2Patrick R. NicolasScala for Machine Learning
  ''978-1-78355-882-7Edward LavieriLiveCode Mobile Development Cookbook
  ''978-1-78355-896-4Rohit MenonCloudera Administration Handbook
  ''978-1-78355-902-2Fernando CarboneComputer Forensics with FTK
2014978-1-78355-904-6Venita PereiraLearning Unity 2D Game Development by Example
2013978-1-78355-906-0Stefan BoeykensUnity for Architectural Visualization
2015978-1-78355-908-4Chip Lambert · Shreerang PatwardhanMastering jQuery Mobile
2013978-1-78355-914-5Arturo HerreroInstant Markdown
2014978-1-78355-916-9Mark ReynoldsXamarin Mobile Application Development for Android
2013978-1-78355-918-3Paul F. JohnsonXamarin Mobile Application Development for iOS
  ''978-1-78355-926-8Daniel LiInstant BrainShark
  ''978-1-78355-928-2Gorgi Kosev · Mite MitreskiHTML5 Data and Services Cookbook
  ''978-1-78355-932-9Richard GrimmettBeagleBone Robotic Projects
2015978-1-78355-934-3Michelle M. FernandezCorona SDK Mobile Game Development: Beginner's Guide - Second Edition
2013978-1-78355-936-7Maxwell ShinnInstant MuseScore
2014978-1-78355-938-1Ty AudronisLightning Fast Animation in Element 3D
2013978-1-78355-942-8Gary JudgeInstant BlueStacks
2014978-1-78355-944-2Matthew DeLucasGameMaker Game Programming with GML
2015978-1-78355-950-3Daniela Cristiana DocanArcGIS for Desktop Cookbook
2013978-1-78355-952-7Shin ShinEmgu CV Essentials
2014978-1-78355-958-9Daniele TetiDelphi Cookbook
2013978-1-78355-960-2Bill PrettyBuilding a Home Security System with BeagleBone
2014978-1-78355-968-8Nicholas TerwoordHighcharts Cookbook
2013978-1-78355-970-1Gary RichesOuya Unity Game Development
2014978-1-78355-988-6Damien BruyndonckxMastering Adobe Captivate 7
2015978-1-78355-996-1Miko CoffeyBuilding Business Websites with Squarespace 7