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2009978-1-84603-445-9Mark LardasShips of the American Revolutionary Navy (New Vanguard)
  ''978-1-84603-446-6Gregory Fremont-BarnesThe Anglo-Afghan Wars (Essential Histories)
  ''978-1-84603-447-3Vladimir BrnardicImperial Armies of the Thirty Years War (1) (Men-at-Arms)
  ''978-1-84603-448-0Ronald Pawly · Pierre LierneuxThe Belgian Army in World War I (Men-at-arms)
  ''978-1-84603-449-7Ronald PawlyMounted Grenadiers of the Imperial Guard (Men-at-Arms)
2009978-1-84603-450-3Gordon L. RottmanWorld War II Axis Booby Traps and Sabotage Tactics (Elite)
  ''978-1-84603-451-0Gordon L RottmanWorld War II US Cavalry Units: Pacific Theater (Elite)
  ''978-1-84603-452-7Robert R. Hodges Jr.American Civil War Railroad Tactics (Elite)
2010978-1-84603-453-4Stephen PrinceBlocking of Zeebrugge - Operation Z-O 1918 (Raid)
2009978-1-84603-454-113 world-leading historiansThe D-Day Companion: Leading Historians explore history's greatest amphibious assault (General Military)
2010978-1-84603-456-5Stephen TurnbullThe Mongol Invasions of Japan 1274 and 1281 (Campaign)
  ''978-1-84603-457-2Doug DildyDunkirk 1940: Operation Dynamo (Campaign)
  ''978-1-84603-458-9Gregory Fremont-BarnesNapoleon Bonaparte (Command)
2010978-1-84603-459-6Steven J. ZalogaGeorge S. Patton (Command)
2009978-1-84603-460-2Stuart ReidArmies of the East India Company 17501850 (Men-at-arms)
  ''978-1-84603-461-9Ron FieldThe Seminole Wars 181858 (Men-at-Arms)
2010978-1-84603-462-6Robert ForczykRescuing Mussolini - Gran SASSO 1943 (Raid)
2009978-1-84603-463-3Eugene LiptakOffice of Strategic Services 194245 (Elite)
2010978-1-84603-465-7Robert ForczykErich Von Manstein (Command)
2009978-1-84603-466-4Mark StilleUSN Cruiser vs IJN Cruiser: Guadalcanal 1942 (Duel)
2010978-1-84603-467-1Gary StaffGerman Battleships 1914-18: v. 1: Nassau to Osfriesland Classes (New Vanguard)
  ''978-1-84603-468-8Gary StaffGerman Battleships 1914-18: No. 2: Kaiser, Konig and Bayern Classes (New Vanguard)
  ''978-1-84603-469-5Keith RobertsPike and Shot Tactics 1590-1660 (Elite)
2009978-1-84603-470-1Chris McNabArmies of the Napoleonic Wars: An Illustrated History
  ''978-1-84603-471-8Jon GuttmanSE 5a vs Albatros D V (Duel)
2009978-1-84603-472-5Konstantin NossovGladiator: Rome's Bloody Spectacle
  ''978-1-84603-473-2Kaveh Farrokh · Richard Nelson FryeShadows in the Desert: Ancient Persia at War (General Military)
2010978-1-84603-474-9Kate Moore · Imperial War MuseumThe Battle of Britain
2009978-1-84603-475-6Peter DaviesUSN F-4 Phantom II vs VPAF MiG-17 (Duel)
  ''978-1-84603-477-0Pete ScholeySAS Heroes: Remarkable Soldiers, Extraordinary Men (General Military)
2010978-1-84603-478-7Stephen TurnbullHatamoto Samurai Horse and Foot Guards: 1540-1724 (Elite)
2009978-1-84603-479-4Richard Bodley ScottWolves From the Sea: The Dark Ages (Field of Glory)
  ''978-1-84603-480-0Richard Bodley ScottSwifter Than Eagles: The Biblical Middle East at War (Field of Glory)
2010978-1-84603-481-7Kari Stenman · Andrew ThomasBrewster F2A Buffalo Aces of World War 2 (Aircraft of the Aces)
  ''978-1-84603-482-4John WealFw 190 Defence of the Reich Aces (Aircraft of the Aces)
2010978-1-84603-483-1Donald NijboerNo 126 Wing RCAF (Aviation Elite Units)
  ''978-1-84603-484-8Barrett TillmanVF-11/111 'Sundowners' 1943-95 (Aviation Elite Units)
2011978-1-84603-485-5Doug DildyUSAF F-16 Fighting Falcon Units in Combat 1990-2002 (Combat Aircraft)
2009978-1-84603-486-2Richard Bodley ScottField of Glory: Edition Franýaise
  ''978-1-84603-488-6   ''Field of Glory - German Edition: Deutsche Ausgabe
  ''978-1-84603-490-9Osprey PublishingBattle: Scenes from History's Greatest Conflicts (General Military)
2011978-1-84603-491-6Kaveh FarrokhIran at War: 1500-1988 (General Military)
2010978-1-84603-492-3Peter E. DaviesF-105 Thunderchief Units of the Vietnam War (Combat Aircraft)
2009978-1-84603-493-0John LangellierUS Armed Forces in China 1856-1941 (Men-at-arms)
  ''978-1-84603-494-7Sean McLachlanAmerican Civil War Guerrilla Tactics (Elite)
2009978-1-84603-495-4Martin PeglerSniper: A History of the US Marksman
  ''978-1-84603-496-1Angus KonstamThe Spanish Armada: The Great Enterprise against England 1588
2010978-1-84603-499-2Marc Romanych · Martin RuppMaginot Line 1940: Battles on the French Frontier (Campaign)
  ''978-1-84603-500-5Ken FordOperation Crusader 1941: Rommel in Retreat (Campaign)
  ''978-1-84603-501-2Mark StilleMidway 1942 (Campaign)
  ''978-1-84603-502-9Ian SumnerThe First Battle of the Marne 1914: The French 'miracle' Halts the Germans (Campaign)
2010978-1-84603-503-6David NicolleOttoman Fortifications 1300-1710 (Fortress)
  ''978-1-84603-504-3René ChartrandThe Forts of New France: The Great Lakes, the Plains and the Gulf Coast 1600-1763 (Fortress)
  ''978-1-84603-505-0Pier Paolo Battistelli · Piero CrocianiItalian Blackshirt 1935-45 (Warrior)
  ''978-1-84603-506-7David NicolleOttoman Infantryman 1914-18 (Warrior)
  ''978-1-84603-507-4Alejandro de QuesadaSpanish Colonial Fortifications in North America 1565-1822 (Fortress)
2010978-1-84603-508-1Samuel RoccaThe Fortifications of Ancient Israel and Judah 1200-586 BC (Fortress)
2011978-1-84603-509-8Peter HofschröerPrussian Napoleonic Tactics (Elite)
2010978-1-84603-510-4Lawrence BurrUS Fast Battleships 1936-47 (New Vanguard)
  ''978-1-84603-511-1   ''US Fast Battleships 1938-91: The Iowa Class
  ''978-1-84603-512-8Steven J ZalogaSpanish Civil War Tanks (New Vanguard)
  ''978-1-84603-513-5   ''French Tanks of World War I (New Vanguard)
2009978-1-84603-514-2Jim CrossleyBritish Destroyers 18921918 (New Vanguard)
  ''978-1-84603-515-9Robert O'Neill · Richard HolmesI am Soldier: War stories, from the Ancient World to the 20th Century
2010978-1-84603-577-7Fergus CannanGalloglass 1250-1600: Gaelic Mercenary Warrior
2010978-1-84603-578-4Gordon L. RottmanGerman Pionier 1939-45: Combat Engineer of the Wehrmacht (Warrior)
  ''978-1-84603-579-1Gordon L RottmanUS Combat Engineer 1941-45 (Warrior)
2011978-1-84603-580-7Gregory Fremont-BarnesNile 1798: Nelson's First Great Victory (Campaign)
  ''978-1-84603-581-4Michael McNallyTeutoburg Forest AD 9: The Destruction of Varus and His Legions (Campaign)
2010978-1-84603-582-1Neil ShortThe Führers Headquarters (Fortress)
  ''978-1-84603-583-8Michael McNallyColditz: Oflag IV-C (Fortress)
978-1-84603-643-9Reid, S: QUEBEC 1759
2010978-1-84603-682-8Ian CastleLondon 1917-18: The bomber blitz
  ''978-1-84603-683-5Steven J. ZalogaOperation Nordwind 1945: Hitler's Last Offensive in the West (Campaign)
2010978-1-84603-684-2William ShepherdSalamis 480 BC: The Naval Campaign That Saved Greece
  ''978-1-84603-685-9Pier Paolo BattistelliErwin Rommel (Command)
  ''978-1-84603-686-6Angus KonstamStrongholds of the Picts: The Fortifications of Dark Age Scotland (Fortress)
  ''978-1-84603-687-3Steven J ZalogaDefense of Japan 1945 (Fortress)
  ''978-1-84603-688-0Pier Paolo BattistelliAfrikakorps Soldier 194143 (Warrior)
2009978-1-84603-689-7Richard Bodley ScottOath of Fealty (Field of Glory)
2009978-1-84603-690-3Nik Gaukroger · Richard Bodley ScottEmpires of the Dragon: The Far East at War (Field of Glory)
  ''978-1-84603-691-0Graham Briggs · Richard Bodley Scott · Rudy Scott NelsonBlood and Gold (Field of Glory)
  ''978-1-84603-692-7Gordon L RottmanWorld War II US Armored Infantry Tactics (Elite)
2010978-1-84603-693-4Ken FordThe Cockleshell Raid - Bordeaux 1942
  ''978-1-84603-694-1Lon Nordeen & David IsbyM60 vs T-62 (Duel)
  ''978-1-84603-759-7Brad ElwardNimitz Class Aircraft Carriers (New Vanguard)
2013978-1-84603-787-0Gordon L. RottmanUS Army Long-Range Patrol Scout in Vietnam 1965-71 (Warrior)
2011978-1-84603-817-4Stephen TurnbullSamurai Armies 1467-1649
2010978-1-84603-845-7Alexander TurnerMessines 1917 (Campaign)
2010978-1-84603-846-4Paul CrickmoreLockheed Blackbird: Beyond the Secret Missions (General Aviation)
  ''978-1-84603-847-1Gordon L. RottmanWorld War II Battlefield Communications (Elite)
  ''978-1-84603-848-8Will FowlerPegasus Bridge - Benouville D-Day 1944 (Raid)
  ''978-1-84603-849-5Ken FordThe Bruneval Raid Operation Biting 1942
  ''978-1-84603-850-1Will FowlerCertain Death in Sierra Leone: The SAS and Operation Barras 2000 (Raid)
2010978-1-84603-917-1Robert ForczykFw-200 Condor Vs Atlantic Convoys: 1941-43 (Duel)
  ''978-1-84603-918-8   ''German Commerce Raider Vs British Cruiser: The Atlantic and the Pacific 1941 (Duel)
  ''978-1-84603-919-5Alejandro de QuesadaElite 180 - US Coast Guard in World War II
2009978-1-84603-920-1Gordon WilliamsonGerman Special Forces of World War II (Elite)
  ''978-1-84603-923-2Evelyn August · Mike BrownThe Black-Out Book: One-hundred-and-one black-out nights' entertainment (General Military)
2010978-1-84603-924-9Tim MoremanLong Range Desert Group Patrolman (Warrior)
  ''978-1-84603-926-3Duncan B CampbellMons Graupius AD 83 (Campaign)
2010978-1-84603-928-7Nic FieldsJulius Caesar (Command)
  ''978-1-84603-930-0Konstantin NossovThe Fortress of Rhodes 1309-1522
  ''978-1-84603-932-4Brett GreenAircraft Modelling (Modelling Masterclass)
  ''978-1-84603-934-8Doug DildyDambusters Operation Chastise 1943 (Raid)
  ''978-1-84603-937-9Stephen BullTrench: A History of Trench Warfare on the Western Front
2010978-1-84603-939-3Robert LymanKohima 1944 (Campaign)
2009978-1-84603-941-6Robert ForsythFw 190 Sturmbock vs B-17 (Duel)
2010978-1-84603-943-0Donald NijboerP-38 Lightning Vs Ki-61 Tony: New Guinea 1942-43 (Duel)
  ''978-1-84603-945-4Tony HolmesHurricane vs Bf 110 (Duel)
  ''978-1-84603-947-8Shlomo AloniMirage III vs MiG-21 (Duel)
  ''978-1-84603-949-2Mark BarberRoyal Naval Air Service Pilot 191418 (Warrior)
  ''978-1-84603-951-5Stephen TurnbullSamurai Women 1184-1877 (Warrior)
2010978-1-84603-953-9Alexander MladenovMil Mi-24 Hind Gunship (New Vanguard)
  ''978-1-84603-956-0Carola VogelThe Fortifications of Ancient Egypt 30001780 BC (Fortress)
  ''978-1-84603-958-4Nic FieldsCarthaginian Warrior 264-146 BC
  ''978-1-84603-960-7Stephen TurnbullToyotomi Hideyoshi (Command)
2012978-1-84603-970-6Steve DaviesRed Eagles: America's Secret MiGs
2010978-1-84603-971-3T. E. BellB-57 Canberra Units of the Vietnam War (Combat Aircraft)
  ''978-1-84603-973-7Chris ThomasTyphoon Wings of 2nd TAF 194345 (Combat Aircraft)
2010978-1-84603-975-1Stephen Ransom · Hans-Hermann CammannJagdgeschwader 400 Germany's Elite Rocket Fighters
  ''978-1-84603-977-5Marco Mattioli53° Stormo (Aviation Elite Units)
  ''978-1-84603-979-9Andrew ThomasRAF Mustang and Thunderbolt Aces (Aircraft of the Aces)
  ''978-1-84603-981-2Mikhail MaslovPolikarpov I-15, I-16 and I-153 Aces (Aircraft of the Aces)
  ''978-1-84603-983-6Alfredo LogolusoFiat CR.32 Aces of the Spanish Civil War (Aircraft of the Aces)
2010978-1-84603-985-0Chris BucholtzMustang Aces of the 357th Fighter Group (Aircraft of the Aces)
  ''978-1-84603-987-4David Greentree &A Far-Flung Gamble Havana 1762 (Raid)
  ''978-1-84603-989-8Angus KonstamNaval Miscellany (General Military)
  ''978-1-84603-990-4Steven J ZalogaT-34-85 vs M26 Pershing (Duel)
2011978-1-84603-992-8Gregory Fremont-BarnesThe Jacobite Rebellion 1745-46 (Essential Histories)
2010978-1-84603-993-5Mark LardasRoughshod Through Dixie Griersons Raid 1863
  ''978-1-84603-995-9Pete Winner · Michael Paul KennedySoldier 'I': The story of an SAS Hero
2009978-1-84603-996-6Peter Cottrell · Michael McNally · Brendan O'Shea · Gerry WhiteThe War for Ireland: 1913-1923
2010978-1-84603-997-3Vladimir BrnardicImperial Armies of the Thirty Years War (2) (Men-at-arms)