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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1983978-0-85045-511-3David NicolleArmies of the Ottoman Turks 1300-1774 (Men-at-Arms)
  ''978-0-85045-512-0Philip HaythornthwaiteNapoleon's Line Infantry (Men-at-Arms)
1992978-0-85045-513-7Nigel Thomas · Peter AbbottPartisan Warfare, 1941-45 (Men-at-Arms)
1983978-0-85045-514-4Lee E RussellArmies of the Vietnam War, 1962-75: Bk.2 (Men-at-arms)
  ''978-0-85045-518-2Nicholas MichaelArmies of Medieval Burgundy 1364-1477 (Men-at-Arms)
  ''978-0-85045-520-5Terence WiseThe Wars of the Roses (Men-at-Arms)
  ''978-0-85045-521-2Philip HaythornthwaiteNapoleon's Light Infantry (Men-at-arms)
1978978-0-85045-522-9Philip KatcherUnited States Army 1941 - 45 (Men-at-arms Series - 70)
1983978-0-85045-523-6Steven ZalogaArmour of the Pacific War (Vanguard)
1983978-0-85045-524-3Carlos Caballero JuradoForeign Volunteers of the Wehrmacht, 1941-45 (Men-at-arms)
1984978-0-85045-525-0Steven ZalogaModern Soviet Combat Tanks (Vanguard)
  ''978-0-85045-528-1Michael SimkinsThe Roman Army from Caesar to Trajan (Men-at-Arms)
1983978-0-85045-529-8Peter KilduffDOUGLAS A-4 SKYHAWK
  ''978-0-85045-530-4David A. AndertonRepublic F-105 Thunderchief (Osprey air combat)
1984978-0-85045-534-2Philip HaythornthwaiteNapoleon's Guard Infantry (1): Vol 1 (Men-at-Arms)
1992978-0-85045-535-9   ''Napoleon's Guard Infantry: v.2: Vol 2 (Men-at-arms)
1983978-0-85045-538-0Peter WallaceHow to Restore Electrical and Ignition Systems (Osprey Restoration Guides)
1984978-0-85045-539-7Nicholas SekundaThe Army of Alexander the Great (Men-at-Arms)
  ''978-0-85045-540-3Peter HofschröerPrussian Light Infantry 1792-1815 (Men-at-Arms)
  ''978-0-85045-542-7Christopher RotheroThe Scottish and Welsh Wars 1250-1400 (Men-at-Arms)
1984978-0-85045-543-4Peter HofschröerPrussian Line Infantry 1792-1815: Vol 2 (Men-at-Arms)
  ''978-0-85045-548-9David NicolleArthur and the Anglo-Saxon Wars: Anglo-Celtic Warfare, A.D.410-1066 (Men-at-Arms)
  ''978-0-85045-562-5Bruce Barrymore HalpennyENGLISH ELECTRIC/BAC LIGHTNING (Osprey air combat)
1985978-0-85045-565-6Ian HeathThe Vikings (Elite)
1984978-0-85045-568-7Will FowlerThe Royal Marines 1956-84 (Men-at-Arms)
  ''978-0-85045-569-4Simon DunstanFlak Jackets: 20th-century military body armour (Men-at-Arms)
1985978-0-85045-571-7John ScurrSpanish Foreign Legion (Men-at-arms)
1988978-0-85045-572-4Simon DunstanVietnam Choppers: Helicopters in Battle, 1950-1975
1984978-0-85045-573-1Greg FergusonThe Paras 1940-84: British Airborne Forces, 1940-84 (Elite)
1992978-0-85045-574-8Lee E RussellUnited States Marine Corps Since 1945 (Elite)
1985978-0-85045-575-5Peter HofschröerPrussian Cavalry of the Napoleonic Wars: 1792-1807 (Men-at-arms)
  ''978-0-85045-582-3Colin MacKellarYamaha Two Stroke Twins (Osprey collector's library)
1985978-0-85045-583-0Lee E RussellGrenada, 1983 (Men-at-arms)
  ''978-0-85045-585-4Simon DunstanArmour of the Vietnam Wars (Vanguard)
1984978-0-85045-587-8Robert F. DorrMcDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II (Osprey air combat)
  ''978-0-85045-589-2Alan CathcartCLASSIC MOTORCYCLE RACER TESTS (Osprey collector's library)
  ''978-0-85045-591-5Bob SmithHow to Restore Sheet Metal Bodywork (Osprey Restoration Guides)
1985978-0-85045-593-9Automotive GeneralAUTOHISTS EARLY CHEVROLET COR (Auto History S.)
1984978-0-85045-599-1Rob GoldingMini After 25 Years
1985978-0-85045-600-4Mike ChappellThe Canadian Army at War (Men-at-Arms)
  ''978-0-85045-602-8Sam Katz · Lee E RussellArmies in the Lebanon, 1982-84 (Men-at-arms)
1984978-0-85045-604-2Terence WiseKnights of Christ (Men-at-Arms)
1985978-0-85045-605-9Mick WalkerDucati Singles: All Two- and Four-stroke Single-cylinder Motorcycles Including Mototrans - 1945 Onwards (Osprey Collector's Library)
1985978-0-85045-606-6Peter WilcoxRome's Enemies (2): Gallic & British Celts: No. 2 (Men-at-Arms)
  ''978-0-85045-608-0Jason HookThe American Plains Indians (Men-at-Arms)
  ''978-0-85045-609-7Philip KatcherUS Cavalry on the Plains, 1850-90 (Men-at-arms)
  ''978-0-85045-610-3Gordon L. RottmanThe US Army Special Forces, 1952-84 (Elite)
  ''978-0-85045-613-4Otto von PivkaBrunswick Troops 1809-15 (Men-at-Arms)
1985978-0-85045-614-1Christopher GravettGerman Medieval Armies 1300-1500 (Men-at-Arms)
  ''978-0-85045-624-0Roy BerryHow to Restore Classic Car Engines (Osprey Restoration Guides)
  ''978-0-85045-627-1Doug RichardsonGrumman F-14 Tomcat
  ''978-0-85045-628-8Carroll SmithEngineer to Win
  ''978-0-85045-629-5Martin WindrowFrench Foreign Legion Paratroops (Elite)
1985978-0-85045-631-8Steven J. ZalogaSoviet Bloc Elite Forces
  ''978-0-85045-634-9Mick WalkerDucati Twins: All Bevel and Belt Drive V-Twins plus Parallel Twins 1970 Onwards (Osprey collector's library)
1992978-0-85045-638-7Carlos Caballero JuradoResistance Warfare, 1940-45 (Men-at-arms)
1985978-0-85045-640-0David Davies · Mike VinesAntique and Classic Aeroplanes (Osprey colour series)
  ''978-0-85045-644-8Tommy SandhamHow to Restore Chassis and Monocoque Bodywork (Osprey Restoration Guide)
  ''978-0-85045-645-5Joss JoselynHow to Restore Braking Systems (Osprey Restoration Guides)
1986978-0-85045-650-9Mick WalkerMoto Guzzi Twins (Osprey Collector's Library)
  ''978-0-85045-652-3Bill Gunston OBEMikoyan MiG 21 (Osprey air combat)
1986978-0-85045-669-1Roy H. BaconBSA Twin Restoration
1987978-0-85045-675-2Raymond AinscoeGilera Road Racers (Osprey collector's library)
1988978-0-85045-677-6Mike ClayCafe Racers: Rockers, Rock 'n' Roll and the Coffee-bar Cult
1986978-0-85045-679-0Philip KatcherAmerican Civil War Armies (1): Confederate Troops: No.1 (Men-at-Arms)
  ''978-0-85045-681-3Jean-Francois Marchet · Peter ColtrinAUTOHISTS LAMBORGHINI COUNTACH (NE (Auto History S.)
  ''978-0-85045-682-0David NicolleSaladin and the Saracens: Armies of the Middle East, 1100-1300 (Men-at-Arms)
  ''978-0-85045-683-7Peter HofschröerPrussian Cavalry of the Napoleonic Wars 1807-15 (Men-at-arms)
  ''978-0-85045-684-4Philip HaythornthwaiteThe Alamo and the War of Texan Independence 1835-36 (Men-at-Arms)
1986978-0-85045-685-1Nigel Thomas · Peter AbbottThe Korean War 1950-53 (Men-at-Arms)
  ''978-0-85045-686-8Nicholas SekundaThe Ancient Greeks (Elite)
  ''978-0-85045-687-5Sam KatzIsraeli Defence Forces Since 1973 (Elite)
  ''978-0-85045-688-2Peter WilcoxRome's Enemies (3): Parthians & Sassanid Persians: Parthians and Sassanians No.3 (Men-at-Arms)
  ''978-0-85045-689-9Philip J. HaythornthwaiteAustrian Army of the Napoleonic Wars (1): Infantry (Osprey Men-at Arms Series): Infantry No.1
1986978-0-85045-690-5Philip KatcherAmerican Civil War Armies: No.2 (Men-at-arms)
  ''978-0-85045-691-2David IsbyRussia's War in Afghanistan (Men-at-arms)
  ''978-0-85045-692-9David JacobsAmerican Tow Trucks: The Custom Wrecker Scene in the U.S.A. (Osprey Colour S.)
  ''978-0-85045-701-8Rafael Treviño MartinezRome's Enemies (4): Spanish Armies: Spanish Armies, 218-19 B.C. No.4 (Men-at-Arms)
  ''978-0-85045-707-0Lindsay T. PeacockF/A-18 Hornet (Osprey Combat Aircraft)
1987978-0-85045-715-5Roy BerryHow to Restore Suspension and Steering (Osprey Restoration Guides)
1986978-0-85045-720-9L.PEACOCKOCA 5 F-14 TOMCAT (Osprey Combat Aircraft Series)
1986978-0-85045-722-3Philip KatcherAmerican Civil War Armies: No.3 (Men-at-arms)
  ''978-0-85045-726-1Philip HaythornthwaiteAustrian Army of the Napoleonic Wars: Cavalry No. 2 (Men-at-arms)
  ''978-0-85045-727-8Mike ChappellBritish Battle Insignia: 1914-18 Bk. 1 (Men-at-arms)
  ''978-0-85045-728-5Peter Abbott · Philip BothamModern African Wars: Rhodesia, 1965-80 No. 1 (Men-at-arms)
1987978-0-85045-729-2David NicolleThe Normans (Elite)
  ''978-0-85045-730-8Gordon L. RottmanWarsaw Pact Ground Forces (Elite)
1987978-0-85045-731-5Ivor Carroll · Matthew GreenshieldsHow to Restore Gearboxes and Axles (Osprey Restoration Guides)
1986978-0-85045-734-6Bill Gunston OBEMikoyan MiG 21 (Osprey air combat)
1987978-0-85045-736-0Richard BrzezinskiPolish Armies 1569-1696 (1): v. 1 (Men-at-Arms)
  ''978-0-85045-737-7Philip HaythornthwaiteThe Russian Army of the Napoleonic Wars: Infantry, 1798-1814 No.1 (Men-at-arms)
1992978-0-85045-738-4Jason HookThe Apaches (Men-at-arms)
1987978-0-85045-739-1Mike ChappellBritish Battle Insignia: 1939-45 Bk.2 (Men-at-arms)
  ''978-0-85045-740-7Jean-Paul PalludArdennes 1944 Peiper & Skorzeny: Peiper and Skorzeny (Elite)
  ''978-0-85045-741-4Steven J. ZalogaInside the Soviet Army Today (Elite)
  ''978-0-85045-742-1Robert F. DorrPhantoms Forever (Osprey colour series)
1988978-0-85045-744-5Richard BrzezinskiPolish Armies 1569-1696 (2): Vol 2 (Men-at-Arms)
1987978-0-85045-746-9Philip HaythornthwaiteThe Russian Army of the Napoleonic Wars: Cavalry, 1799-1814 Vol 2 (Men-at-arms): Calvalry, 1799-1814 Vol 2
1992978-0-85045-747-6Philip KatcherAmerican Civil War Armies: State Troops No. 4 (Men-at-arms)
1987978-0-85045-750-6Lindsay T. PeacockB-1B Bomber (Osprey Combat Aircraft)
1987978-0-85045-752-0Robert F. DorrMcDonnell F-101 Voodoo (Osprey Air Combat)
1988978-0-85045-757-5T. FairweatherHOW TO RESTORE WITH METAL JOINING TECHNIQUES (Osprey Restoration Guide)
1987978-0-85045-776-6J. SlonigerPorsche 924, 928, 944: The New Generation
1988978-0-85045-784-1Ian PenperthyHow to Restore Fuel Systems and Carburettors (Osprey Restoration Guides)
1990978-0-85045-791-9Nigel TrowLancia Stratos
1987978-0-85045-793-3Michael BarthorpThe British Army on Campaign, 1816-1902 (I): 1816-53 (Osprey Men-at-arms Series): 1816-53 Bk. 1
  ''978-0-85045-795-7Gordon L. RottmanUS Army Rangers & LRRP Units 1942-87 (Elite)
  ''978-0-85045-796-4Mike ChappellThe British Army in the 1980s (Elite)
  ''978-0-85045-798-8Paul CornishHenry VIII's Army (Men-at-arms series 191)
  ''978-0-85045-799-5Peter HofschröerPrussian Reserve, Militia and Irregular Troops, 1806-15 (Men-at-arms)
1988978-0-85045-800-8Sam KatzArab Armies of the Middle East Wars (2): Bk. 2 (Men-at-Arms)
1988978-0-85045-812-1Colin BurnhamClassic Volkswagens (Osprey auto colour series)
1987978-0-85045-816-9Robert F. DorrGrumman A-6 Intruder
  ''978-0-85045-817-6Lindsay T. PeacockA-4 Skyhawk (Osprey Combat Aircraft)
1988978-0-85045-819-0MIKESHFLYING DRAGONS: History of the South Vietnamese Air Force
  ''978-0-85045-821-3John TinceyThe Armada Campaign, 1588 (Osprey: Elite Series, No. 15)
1987978-0-85045-822-0Nigel ThomasNATO Armies Today (Osprey Elite Series, N.A.T.O.)
1989978-0-85045-824-4Malcolm NewellStreetwise
1987978-0-85045-827-5Michael BarthorpBritish Army on Campaign, 1816-1902: 1854-56 - The Crimea Bk.2 (Men-at-arms)
1988978-0-85045-833-6David NicolleHungary and the fall of Eastern Europe 1000-1568 (Men-at-Arms)
  ''978-0-85045-834-3David RossThe Royal Canadian Mounted Police 1873-1987 (Men-at-Arms)
  ''978-0-85045-835-0Michael BarthorpThe British Army on Campaign, 1816-1902 (3): 1856-81 (Osprey Men-at-Arms series): 1856-81 Bk.3
1988978-0-85045-836-7Christopher GravettKnights at Tournament (Elite)
  ''978-0-85045-837-4Sam KatzIsraeli Elite Units since 1948
  ''978-0-85045-839-8Ian BlackJet Combat: Hot and High, Fast and Low (Aero Colour S.)
  ''978-0-85045-840-4David NicolleEl Cid and the Reconquista. Warfare in Medieval Spain 1050-1492. Osprey Men-at-Arms Series.
  ''978-0-85045-841-1Philip HaythornthwaiteNapoleon's Specialist Troops (Men-at-arms)
1989978-0-85045-842-8Gordon L. RottmanUS Combat Equipments, 1910-88 (Men-at-arms)
1988978-0-85045-843-5Peter Abbott · Manuel Ribeiro RodriguesModern African Wars vol. 2: Angola and Mozambique, 1961-74 (Men-at-arms No 202)
1988978-0-85045-849-7Michael BarthorpThe British Army on Campaign, 1816-1902: 1882-1902 Bk.4 (Men-at-arms)
  ''978-0-85045-850-3René ChartrandLouis XIV's Army (Men-at-arms)
1989978-0-85045-851-0Kenneth Conboy · Ken BowraThe War in Cambodia, 1970-75 (Men-at-arms)
  ''978-0-85045-853-4Philip KatcherAmerican Civil War Armies 5: Volunteer Militia (Men at Arms No. 207): Volunteer Militia No.5 (Men-at-arms)
1988978-0-85045-854-1David NicolleThe Crusades (Elite)
  ''978-0-85045-855-8Gordon L. RottmanInside the United States Army Today (Elite)
1989978-0-85045-861-9Roy H. BaconRestoring Motor Cycle Frames and Forks (Restoring motorcycles)
1988978-0-85045-862-6Philip HaythornthwaiteWellington's Specialist Troops (Men-at-arms)
1989978-0-85045-864-0Ian KnightThe Zulus (Elite)
  ''978-0-85045-868-8Jeremy WaltonMINI COOPER and S 997 & 998 Cooper ; 970, 1071 & 1275 S (Osprey AutoHistory)
1988978-0-85045-870-1Rene J Francillon · Peter B lewisUS NAVY AIR WINGS: Flamboyant Markings 1965-1975
1989978-0-85045-875-6Mark StewardMini: World Winner (Osprey auto colour series)
1989978-0-85045-876-3Chris NixonAston Martin Virage
  ''978-0-85045-877-0Keith NoakesSuccessful Composite Techniques
  ''978-0-85045-879-4Mick WalkerDucati Desmo (Osprey collector's library)
1988978-0-85045-882-4Collector's Library M/CGreeves: all off-road, road and road-racing motorcycles
  ''978-0-85045-886-2Chuck StewartDeci: NATO's European Air Combat Range - Superbase 4
1989978-0-85045-887-9Peter HofschröerThe Hanoverian Army of the Napoleonic Wars: 1789-1816 (Men-at-Arms)
  ''978-0-85045-888-6David NicolleLawrence and the Arab Revolts (Men-at-Arms)
1989978-0-85045-897-8Anthony J BryantThe Samurai (Elite)
  ''978-0-85045-898-5Michael BarthorpThe Old Contemptibles (Elite)
  ''978-0-85045-899-2David NicolleThe Venetian Empire 1200-1670 (Men-at-Arms)
  ''978-0-85045-900-5René ChartrandNapoleon's Overseas Army (Men-at-arms)
  ''978-0-85045-901-2Ian KnightVictoria's Enemies: Vol 1 - Southern Africa (Men-at-arms)
1989978-0-85045-902-9Gordon WilliamsonGerman Military Police Units 1939-45 (Men-at-Arms)
  ''978-0-85045-903-6Keith RobertsSoldiers of the English Civil War (1): Infantry: Infantry Vol 1 (Elite)
  ''978-0-85045-904-3Steven J. ZalogaTank Combat Central Front: N. A. T. O. Versus Warsaw Pact (Elite)
  ''978-0-85045-906-7Robert F. DorrDouglas A-1 Skyraider (Osprey Air Combat)
1990978-0-85045-910-4Robbie ShawCold Lake: Canada's Northern Guardians - Superbase 18
1989978-0-85045-916-6Mike OwenHang Gliding in Eight Days
1990978-0-85045-921-0Stephen BadseyNormandy 1944: Allied landings and breakout (Campaign)
1989978-0-85045-923-4Philip WallickReno Gold: The Unlimited Elite (Aero Colour S.)
  ''978-0-85045-924-1Clive PrewPorsche 911 (Osprey auto colour series)
1989978-0-85045-925-8Rob GoldingMini: Thirty Years on
  ''978-0-85045-926-5Vic WilloughbyWinning Motor Cycle Engines
1990978-0-85045-934-0Mike VerierBell AH-1 Cobra (Osprey Air Combat Series)
1989978-0-85045-937-1Ian KnightQueen Victoria's Enemies (2): Northern Africa: Northern Africa No. 2 (Men-at-Arms)
  ''978-0-85045-938-8Kenneth ConboyWar in Laos, 1960-75 (Men-at-arms)
  ''978-0-85045-939-5Steven J. ZalogaThe Red Army of the Great Patriotic War 1941-45 (Men-at-Arms)
1990978-0-85045-940-1John TinceySoldiers of the English Civil War (2): Cavalry: Cavalry v. 2 (Elite)
  ''978-0-85045-941-8Gordon RottmanVietnam Airborne (Elite Series 29)
1990978-0-85045-942-5CJ PeersAncient Chinese Armies 1500-200 BC (Men-at-Arms)
  ''978-0-85045-943-2Ian KnightQueen Victoria's Enemies: India No.3 (Men-at-arms)
  ''978-0-85045-944-9David LittlejohnThe SA 1921-45: Hitler's Stormtroopers (Men-at-Arms)
  ''978-0-85045-945-6Carlos Caballero JuradoCentral American Wars, 1959-89 (Men-at-arms)
  ''978-0-85045-947-0Christopher GravettMedieval Siege Warfare (Elite)
1990978-0-85045-948-7Gordon L. RottmanUS Army Airborne 1940-90: The First Fifty Years (Elite)
  ''978-0-85045-949-4David NicolleThe Age of Tamerlane (Men-at-Arms)
  ''978-0-85045-950-0Philip HaythornthwaiteAustrian Specialist Troops of the Napoleonic Wars (Men-at-Arms)
  ''978-0-85045-951-7Ian KnightQueen Victoria's Enemies: Asia, Australasia and the Americas No. 4 (Men-at-arms)
1991978-0-85045-952-4Gordon L. RottmanGerman Combat Equipments 1939-45 (Men-at-Arms)
1990978-0-85045-955-5Lance Cole · John K. MortonJet Liners (Aero Colour S.)
  ''978-0-85045-957-9David ChandlerAusterlitz 1805: Battle of the Three Emperors (Campaign)
1990978-0-85045-958-6Alan ShepperdFrance 1940: Blitzkrieg in the West (Campaign)
  ''978-0-85045-959-3James ArnoldArdennes 1944: Hitler's last gamble in the West (Campaign)
  ''978-0-85045-960-9James ArnoldTet Offensive 1968: Turning point in Vietnam (Campaign)
  ''978-0-85045-961-6John SweetmanBalaclava 1854: The Charge of the Light Brigade (Campaign)
  ''978-0-85045-966-1Andrew CormackThe Royal Air Force 1939-45 (Men-at-Arms)
1990978-0-85045-970-8Steve MansfieldKaneohe Bay: The Marines' Hawaiian Haven - Superbase 16
1998978-0-85045-984-5Philip KatcherAmerican Soldier: United States Armies in Uniform, 1755 to the Present
1990978-0-85045-986-9Chuck StewartAggressor Aircraft (Opsrey Colour Library)
  ''978-0-85045-996-8David NicolleAttila and the Nomad Hordes (Elite)
1991978-0-85045-997-5Richard BrzezinskiArmy of Gustavus Adolphus: Pt. 1 (Men-at-arms)
1990978-0-85045-998-2René ChartrandNapoleon's Sea Soldiers (Men-at-Arms)
  ''978-0-85045-999-9Michael G JohnsonAmerican Woodland Indians (Men-at-Arms)