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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2020978-1-4728-3515-4J. P. Harris · J. Kenneth EwardIa Drang 1965: The Struggle for Vietnam's Pleiku Province (Campaign)
  ''978-1-4728-3526-0Mark StilleUS Navy Cold War Guided Missile Cruisers (New Vanguard)
2019978-1-4728-3532-1Prit ButtarRetribution: The Soviet Reconquest of Central Ukraine, 1943
2020978-1-4728-3535-2Prit ButtarRetribution: The Soviet Reconquest of Central Ukraine, 1943
2019978-1-4728-3551-2Mark StilleGuadalcanal 1942-43: Japan's bid to knock out Henderson Field and the Cactus Air Force (Air Campaign)
2020978-1-4728-3565-9Mike HutchinsonA Billion Suns: Interstellar Fleet Battles (Osprey Wargames)
2019978-1-4728-3581-9Aaron Stephan HamiltonGerman submarine U-1105 'Black Panther': The naval archaeology of a U-boat
2020978-1-4728-3589-5Matthias StrohnBlade of a Sword: Ernst Jünger and the 73rd Fusilier Regiment on the Western Front, 1914-18
2019978-1-4728-3595-6John JordanWarship 2019
  ''978-1-4728-3598-7Tony ButtlerJet Prototypes of World War II: Gloster, Heinkel, and Caproni Campini's wartime jet programmes (X-Planes)
2020978-1-4728-3603-8Mark LardasBattle of the Atlantic 1939-41: RAF Coastal Command's hardest fight against the U-boats (Air Campaign)
2019978-1-4728-3608-3Thomas McKelvey CleaverMiG Alley: The US Air Force in Korea, 1950-53
  ''978-1-4728-3621-2Peter E. DaviesDouglas D-558: D-558-1 Skystreak and D-558-2 Skyrocket (X-Planes)
  ''978-1-4728-3625-0Angus KonstamBritish Escort Carriers 1941-45 (New Vanguard)
2019978-1-4728-3630-4Edward HampshireBritish Amphibious Assault Ships: From Suez to the Falklands and the Present Day (New Vanguard)
2020978-1-4728-3634-2Angus KonstamAmerican Privateers of the Revolutionary War (New Vanguard)
2019978-1-4728-3653-3Chris McNabThe Great Bear at War: The Russian and Soviet Army, 1917-Present
2020978-1-4728-3656-4Brian Lane HerderWorld War II US Fast Carrier Task Force Tactics 1943-45 (Elite)
  ''978-1-4728-3680-9Michael McNallyDettingen 1743: Miracle on the Main (Campaign)
  ''978-1-4728-3684-7Thomas AndersonThe History of the Panzerjäger: Volume 2: From Stalingrad to Berlin 1943-45
  ''978-1-4728-3696-0Philip JowettJapan's Asian Allies 1941-45 (Men-At-Arms (Osprey))
2019978-1-4728-3721-9Jonathan DaviesThe Medieval Cannon 1326-1494 (New Vanguard)
2020978-1-4728-3725-7Clayton K. S. ChunYalu River 1950-51: The Chinese spring the trap on MacArthur (Campaign)
  ''978-1-4728-3729-5Steven J ZalogaWarsaw 1920: The War for the Eastern Borderlands (Campaign)
2020978-1-4728-3742-4John-Matthew DeFoggiJackals: Bronze Age Fantasy Roleplaying (Osprey Roleplaying)
2019978-1-4728-3777-6Richard P. HallionThe Wright Flyers 1899-1916: The kites, gliders, and aircraft that launched the "Air Age" (X-Planes)
2020978-1-4728-3791-2Prit ButtarThe Reckoning: The Final Defeat of Army Group South, 1944-45
  ''978-1-4728-3838-4Richard EndsorThe Master Shipwright's Secrets: How Charles II built the Restoration Navy
2019978-1-4728-3855-1James Kinnear · Stephen SewellSoviet T-55 Main Battle Tank
2020978-1-4728-3863-6David T. Zabecki · Douglas V. Mastriano · William H. Van Husen · Holt D. Theis · Jerry D. Morelock · Patrick Gregory · Mark Jackson · James S. CorumPershing's Lieutenants: American Military Leadership in World War I
  ''978-1-4728-3867-4Marshall Michel IIISchweinfurt-Regensburg 1943: Eighth Air Force's costly early daylight battles (Air Campaign)
  ''978-1-4728-3869-8Dale Carothers · Daniel DeVargasThe Battle of Britain: Struggle for the skies (Under Fire)
  ''978-1-4728-3900-8Warlord GamesBolt Action: Campaign: Mariana & Palau Islands
2020978-1-4728-3912-1Warlord GamesBolt Action: Campaign: D-Day: Anglo-Canadian Sector
  ''978-1-4728-3930-5Steven J ZalogaFrench 75mm Gun: The Modele 1897 'french 75' That Revolutionized Modern Artillery (New Vanguard)
  ''978-1-4728-3934-3Edward HampshireSoviet Cold War Attack Submarines: Nuclear Classes from November to Akula (New Vanguard)
  ''978-1-4728-3936-7Brendan Davis · Jeremy BaiRighteous Blood, Ruthless Blades: Wuxia Roleplaying (Osprey Roleplaying)
  ''978-1-4728-3942-8Gabriele EspositoArmies of the Italian-Turkish War: Conquest of Libya, 1911-1912 (Men-At-Arms (Osprey))
2020978-1-4728-3946-6Raffaele D'Amato · Andrea SalimbetiThe Normans in Italy 1017-1194 (Men-At-Arms (Osprey))
  ''978-1-4728-3954-1Nigel ThomasHitler's Eastern Legions 1941-45 (Elite)
  ''978-1-4728-3958-9David CampbellSoviet Airborne Forces 1930-91 (Elite)
  ''978-1-4728-3976-3Chris McNabHitler's Tanks: German Panzers of World War II
  ''978-1-4728-3986-2Anthony Tucker-JonesThe Devil's Bridge: The German Victory at Arnhem, 1944
2020978-1-4728-3990-9Mark LardasSpanish Galleon Vs English Galleon: 1550-1605 (Duel)
  ''978-1-4728-4015-8Donald M Londahl-SmidtGerman Troops in the American Revolution (1): Hessen-Cassel (Men-At-Arms (Osprey))
  ''978-1-4728-4032-5Massimiliano AfieroDutch Waffen-SS Legion & Brigade 1941-44 (Men-at-Arms)
  ''978-1-4728-4036-3Brian Lane HerderThe Naval Siege of Japan 1945: War Plan Orange triumphant (Campaign)
  ''978-1-4728-4046-2Jeffrey CoxBlazing Star, Setting Sun: The Conclusion of the Guadalcanal-Solomons Naval Campaign of World War II
2020978-1-4728-4059-2Mark StilleMalaya & Dutch East Indies 1941-42: Japan's air power shocks the world (Air Campaign)
  ''978-1-4728-4071-4John JordanWarship 2020
  ''978-1-4728-4095-0Jonathan HicksThose Dark Places: Industrial Science Fiction Roleplaying (Osprey Roleplaying)
  ''978-1-4728-4119-3Angus KonstamBritish Battleship Vs German Battleship: 1941-43 (Duel)
  ''978-1-4728-4123-0Simon MacdowallMalplaquet 1709: Marlborough's Bloodiest Battle (Campaign)
2020978-1-4728-4128-5Victor FailmezgerRome: City in Terror, 1943-44
  ''978-1-4728-4145-2Richard WorrallThe Italian Blitz 1940-43: Bomber Command's Strategic Campaign South of the Alps (Air Campaign)
  ''978-1-4728-4199-5Gabriele EspositoRenaissance Armies in Italy 1450-1550 (Men-At-Arms (Osprey))
  ''978-1-4728-4211-4Angus KonstamNorth Cape 1943: The Sinking of the Scharnhorst (Campaign)
  ''978-1-4728-4223-7John WalterWeapons of the Civil War Cavalryman
2020978-1-4728-4231-2Balazs NemethEarly Military Rifles: 1740-1850 (Weapon)
  ''978-1-4728-4277-0Brian Lane HerderThe Meuse-Argonne Offensive 1918: The American Expeditionary Force's Crowning Victory (Campaign)
  ''978-1-4728-4297-8Gabriele EspositoKing Philip's War 1675-78: America's Deadliest Colonial Conflict (Campaign)
  ''978-1-4728-4333-3Tony ButtlerCold War Delta Prototypes: The Fairey Deltas, Convair Century-Series, and Avro 707 (X-Planes)
  ''978-1-4728-4356-2Christopher GravettThe Medieval Knight
2020978-1-4728-4439-2Robert Forsyth · Nick BealeArado AR 234 Bomber and Reconnaissance Units (Combat Aircraft)
  ''978-1-4728-4469-9William WolfWorld War II Us Gunships: Yb-40 Flying Fortress and Xb-41 Liberator Bomber Escorts (X-Planes)
  ''978-1-4728-4606-8John RobertsThe Battlecruiser Hood (Anatomy of The Ship)