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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2000978-1-84217-008-3I.E.S. EdwardsFrom the Pyramids to Tutankhamun: Memoirs of an Egyptological Life
  ''978-1-84217-009-0Michael WilksWyclif: Political Ideas and Practice - Collected Papers by Michael Wilks
  ''978-1-84217-015-1Chris Stringer · R. N. E. Barton · J. C. FinlaysonNeanderthals on the Edge: 150th anniversary conference of the Forbes' Quarry discovery, Gibraltar
2007978-1-84217-023-6Elizabeth Solopova · Karen WikanderFinding and Using Electronic Texts (AHDS Guides to Good Practice)
2000978-1-84217-024-3Alan Lane · Ewan CampbellDunadd: An Early Dalriadic Capital (Cardiff Studies in Archaeology)
  ''978-1-84217-025-0Veronica Fiorato · Anthea Boylston · Christopher KnuselBlood Red Roses: The Archaeology of a Mass Grave from the Battle of Towton, AD 1461
  ''978-1-84217-026-7Richard HattattA Visual Catalogue of Richard Hattatt's Ancient Brooches: 1
2003978-1-84217-036-6Ian N. GregoryA Place in History: A Guide to Using GIS in Historical Research (AHDS Guides to Good Practice)
2002978-1-84217-041-0Mary AllsebrookBorn to Rebel: The Life of Harriet Boyd Hawes
2016978-1-84217-050-2Andrew J. ShortlandThe Social Context of Technological Change: Egypt and the Near East, 1650-1550 BC
2001978-1-84217-054-0Miles RussellRough Quarries, Rocks and Hills: John Pull and the Neolithic Flint Mines of Sussex
2001978-1-84217-056-4Jill CookA Very Remote Period Indeed: Papers on the Palaeolithic Presented to Derek Roe
2005978-1-84217-059-5Olaf E. Kaper · Joris Kila · Wolf SchijnsVernacular Mudbrick Architecture in the Dakhleh Oasis, Egypt: and the Design of the Dakhleh Oasis Training and Archaeological Conservation Centre (Dakhleh Oasis Project Monograph)
2016978-1-84217-062-5Joanna BruckBronze Age Landscapes: Tradition and Transformation
2005978-1-84217-065-6Kate SteaneThe Archaeology of the Upper City and Adjacent Suburbs (Lincoln Archaeology Studies)
2007978-1-84217-067-0Barri Jones · David J. MattinglyAn Atlas of Roman Britain
2016978-1-84217-069-4T. F. C. Blagg · Martin MillettThe Early Roman Empire in the West
  ''978-1-84217-071-7Ann Woodward · J. D. HillPrehistoric Britain: The Ceramic Basis (Prehistoric Ceramics Research Group Occasional papers)
2002978-1-84217-075-5Martin CarruthersTRAC 2001: Proceedings of the Eleventh Annual Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference, Glasgow: Proceedings of the Eleventh Annual Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference, Glasgow 2001
2000978-1-84217-076-2Timothy Darvill · Julian ThomasNeolithic Houses in Northwest Europe and Beyond (Neolithic Studies Group Seminar Papers)
  ''978-1-84217-077-9Peter ToppingNeolithic Landscape (Neolithic Studies Group Seminar Papers)
2002978-1-84217-078-6Pete WilsonAspects of Industry in Roman Yorkshire and the North
2005978-1-84217-083-0Jane Young · Alan Vince · Victoria NaylorA Corpus of Anglo-Saxon and Medieval Pottery from Lincoln (Lincoln Archaeology Studies)
2002978-1-84217-085-4Charles ThomasWhispering Reeds or the Anglesey Catamanus Inscription stript bare: A Detective Story
2003978-1-84217-088-5Tatsuo Kobayashi · Simon KanerJomon Reflections: Forager Life and Culture in the Prehistoric Japanese Archipelago
  ''978-1-84217-089-2Lars Larsson · Hans Kindgren · Kjel Knutsson · David Loeffler · Agneta AkerlundMesolithic on the Move: Papers Presented at the Sixth International Conference on the Mesolithic in Europe, Stockholm 2000
  ''978-1-84217-098-4Diana WoodWomen and Religion in Medieval England
2004978-1-84217-104-2Birte BrugmannGlass Beads from Anglo-Saxon Graves: A Study on the Provenance and Chronology of Glass Beads from Anglo-Saxon Graves Based on Visual Examination
2003978-1-84217-107-3Alan G. Vince · Michael J. JonesThe City by the Pool: Assessing the Archaeology of the City of Lincoln (Lincoln Archaeology Studies)
2016978-1-84217-108-0Vicki Cummings · Alasdair WhittlePlaces of Special Virtue: Megaliths in the Neolithic Landscapes of Wales (Cardiff Studies in Archaeology): 16
2004978-1-84217-109-7Vicki Cummings · Chris FowlerThe Neolithic of the Irish Sea: Materiality and Traditions of Practice (Cardiff Studies in Archaeology)
2005978-1-84217-117-2J. Davies · M Fabis · I Mainland · M. Richards · R. ThomasDiet and Health in Past Animal Populations: Current Research and Future Directions (Proceedings of the 9th ICAZ Conference)
2006978-1-84217-119-6M. MashkourEquids in Time and Space (Proceedings of the 9th ICAZ Conference)
2005978-1-84217-120-2D. Bar-YosefArchaeomalacology: Molluscs in former environments of human behaviour (Proceedings of the 9th ICAZ Conference)
2004978-1-84217-121-9J.D. Vigne · J. Peters · D. HelmerThe First Steps of Animal Domestication: New Archaeozoological Approaches (Proceedings of the 9th ICAZ Conference)
2006978-1-84217-125-7C. Grier · Jihyun Kim · J. UchiyamaBeyond affluent-foragers: Rethinking Hunter-gatherer Complexity (Proceedings of the 9th Icaz Conference)
2004978-1-84217-132-5E.J. PeltenburgNeolithic Revolution: New Perspectives on Southwest Asia in Light of Recent Discoveries on Cyprus (Levant Supplementary)
2005978-1-84217-149-3Rosalind Niblett · Isobel ThompsonAlban's Buried Towns: An Assessment of St. Albans' Archaeology Up to AD 1600
2016978-1-84217-152-3Graham Brown · David Field · David McOmish · Deborah CunliffeThe Avebury landscape: Aspects of the Field Archaeology of the Marlborough Downs
2004978-1-84217-157-8Zofia Archibald · John K. Davies · Vincent GabrielsenMaking, Moving and Managing: The New World of Ancient Economies, 323-31 BC
2004978-1-84217-158-5Richard HodgesByzantine Butrint: Excavations and Surveys 1994-1999 (Butrint Archaeological Monographs)
2006978-1-84217-159-2M. C. Bishop · John CoulstonRoman Military Equipment from the Punic Wars to the Fall of Rome, second edition
2005978-1-84217-160-8Keith BraniganFrom Clan to Clearance: History and Archaeology on the Isle of Barra C. 850-1850 AD (Sheffield Environmental and Archaeological Research Campaign)
  ''978-1-84217-162-2Frances PritchardNorthern Archaeological Textiles, NESAT VII: NESAT VII - Textile Symposium in Edinburgh, 5th-7th May 1999
  ''978-1-84217-164-6Judith McKenzieThe Architecture of Petra
  ''978-1-84217-165-3Liza Cleland · Mary Harlow · Lloyd Llewellyn-JonesThe Clothed Body in the Ancient World
  ''978-1-84217-166-0John Barrett · Paul HalsteadThe Emergence of Civilisation Revisited (Sheffield Studies in Aegean Archaeology)
2005978-1-84217-170-7M. C. Bishop · J. C. CoulstonRoman Military Equipment from the Punic Wars to the Fall of Rome, second edition
  ''978-1-84217-175-2K. BarkerSt. Wulfsige and Sherborne: Essays to Celebrate the Millenium of the Benedictine Abbey, 998-1998 (Bournemouth University School of Conservation ... Conservation Sciences, Occasional Paper S.)
  ''978-1-84217-184-4Alessandra NibbiDiscussions in Egyptology: Volume 61: v. 61
  ''978-1-84217-200-1Nicky Milner · Peter WoodmanMesolithic Studies at the Beginning of the 21st Century
2007978-1-84217-202-5C. GillisAncient Textiles: Production, Crafts and Society (Millennialism and Society) (Ancient Textiles Series)
2006978-1-84217-204-9Demetra PapaconstantinouDeconstructing Context: A Critical Approach to Archaeological Practice
  ''978-1-84217-206-3L. NixonMaking a Landscape Sacred: Outlying Churches and Icon Stands in Sphakia, Southwestern Crete
2006978-1-84217-209-4Piotr Bienkowski · Katharina GalorCrossing the Rift: Resources, Settlements Patterns and Interaction in the Wadi Arabah (Levant Supplementary Series)
  ''978-1-84217-212-4B. FinlaysonThe Early Prehistory of Wadi Faynan, Southern Jordan: Archaeological Survey of Wadis Faynan, Ghuwayr and Al Bustan and Evaluation of the Pre-pottery ... Supplementary) (Levant Supplementary Series)
2007978-1-84217-215-5C. BurgessBeyond Stonehenge: Essays on the Bronze Age in Honour of Colin Burgess
  ''978-1-84217-224-7Clive WaddingtonMesolithic Studies in the North Sea Basin and Beyond: Proceedings of a Conference Held at Newcastle In 2003
2006978-1-84217-226-1Bryony ColesBeavers in Britain's Past (WARP Occasional Papers)
2007978-1-84217-229-2Rachel Mairs · Alice StevensonCurrent Research in Egyptology 2005: Proceedings of the Sixth Annual Symposium
  ''978-1-84217-231-5D. YatesLand, Power and Prestige: Bronze Age Field Systems in Southern England
2006978-1-84217-233-9Eleanor RobsonWho Owns Objects?: The Ethics and Politics of Collecting Cultural Artefacts
2008978-1-84217-238-4Yannis TzedakisArchaeology Meets Science: Biomolecular Investigations in Bronze Age Greece
2007978-1-84217-240-7Luke Barber · G. Priestley-BellMedieval Adaptation, Settlement and Economy of a Coastal Wetland: The Evidence from Around Lydd, Romney Marsh, Kent
  ''978-1-84217-241-4M. DobsonThe Army of the Roman Republic: The Second Century BC, Polybius and the Camps at Numantia, Spain
2007978-1-84217-246-9Clive WaddingtonMesolithic Settlement in the North Sea Basin: A Case Study from Howick, North-East England
2006978-1-84217-248-3Roger J.A. WilsonRomanitas: Essays on Roman Archaeology in Honour of Sheppard Frere on the Occasion of His Ninetieth Birthday
2007978-1-84217-259-9Andrew J. ShortlandFrom Mine to Microscope: Advances in the Study of Ancient Technology
2019978-1-84217-260-5Neil PriceThe Viking Way: Magic and Mind in Late Iron Age Scandinavia
2016978-1-84217-262-9Maria CannataCurrent Research in Egyptology 7 (2006): Proceedings of the Seventh Annual Symposium
2006978-1-84217-268-1Clive OrtonThe Pottery from Medieval Novgorod and Its Region (Archaeology of Medieval Novgorod)
2007978-1-84217-275-9Willem WillemsQuality Management in Archaeology
2017978-1-84217-277-3Mark MaltbyAnimals and Archaeology in Northern Medieval Russia: Zooarchaeological Studies in Novgorod and its Region
2012978-1-84217-278-0Mark A. Brisbane · Nikolaj Makarov · Evgenie NosovThe Archaeology of Medieval Novgorod in Its Wider Context: A Study of Centre/periphery Relations
2007978-1-84217-280-3P.W.M. FreemanThe Best Training Ground for Archaeologists: Francis Haverfield and the Invention of Romano-British Archaeology
  ''978-1-84217-281-0Joanne ClarkeOn the Margins of Southwest Asia: Cyprus During the 6th to 4th Millennia BC
2008978-1-84217-285-8Stephanie RatkaiThe Bull Ring Uncovered: Excavations at Edgbaston Street, Moor Street, Park Street and The Row, Birmingham City Centre, 1997-2001
2007978-1-84217-289-6Veronica FioratoBlood Red Roses: The Archaeology of a Mass Grave from the Battle of Towton AD 1461: The Archaeology of a Mass Grave from the Battle of Towton AD 1461, second edition
2015978-1-84217-292-6Louise RevellWays of Being Roman: Discourses of Identity in the Roman West
2010978-1-84217-298-8James SymondsTable Settings: The Material Culture and Social Context of Dining, AD 1700-1900
2017978-1-84217-300-8J. C. CoulstonAll the Emperor's Men: Roman Soldiers and Barbarians on Trajan's Column
2007978-1-84217-302-2John M. SteeleCalendars and Years: Astronomy and Time in the Ancient Near East
  ''978-1-84217-308-4D. P. S. Peacock · Evan Peacock · Lucy BlueThe Ancient Red Sea Port of Adulis, Eritrea: Report of the Eritro-British Expedition, 2004-5
  ''978-1-84217-309-1John T. KochAn Atlas for Celtic Studies: Archaeology and Names in Ancient Europe and Early Medieval Ireland, Britain and Brittany (Celtic Studies Publications)
2008978-1-84217-318-3Duncan GarrowRethinking Celtic Art
  ''978-1-84217-319-0Stephen J YeatesThe Tribe of Witches: The Religion of the Dobunni and Hwicce
2008978-1-84217-330-5Margarita GlebaTextile Production in Pre-Roman Italy (Ancient Textile) (Ancient Textiles Series)
  ''978-1-84217-333-6Gordon BarclayDefining a Regional Neolithic: Evidence from Britain and Ireland (Neolithic Studies Group Seminar Papers)
  ''978-1-84217-338-1Eileen M. MurphyDeviant Burial in the Archaeological Record (Studies in Funerary Archaeology)
2009978-1-84217-340-4D.E. LiebermanTransitions in Prehistory: Essays in Honor of Ofer Bar-Yosef (American School of Prehistoric Research Monograph)
2008978-1-84217-342-8Penny CunninghamExperiencing Archaeology by Experiment: Proceedings of the Experimental Archaeology Conference, Exeter 2007
2009978-1-84217-344-2Peter SchultzStructure, Image, Ornament: Architectural Sculpture in the Greek World: Proceedings of an International Conference Held at the American School of Classical Studies, 27-28 November 2004
  ''978-1-84217-356-5Henri DudayThe Archaeology of the Dead: Lectures in Archaeothanatology (Studies in Funerary Archaeology)
  ''978-1-84217-358-9Stephen YeatesA Dreaming for the Witches: The Recreation of the Dobunni Primal Myth
2009978-1-84217-361-9Bryony Coles · Dale R. Croes · John Fagan · Maurren Newman ZehendnerJournal of Wetland Archaeology 2009: Sunken Village, Sauvie Island, Oregon, USA v. 9
  ''978-1-84217-362-6Vicki CummingsA View from the West: The Neolithic of the Irish Sea Zone
  ''978-1-84217-365-7Rebecca Gowland · Christopher KnuselSocial Archaeology of Funerary Remains (Studies in Funerary Archaeology)
  ''978-1-84217-368-8M.W.C. Hassall · R.S.O. Tomlin · R.P. WrightRoman Inscriptions of Britain: Inscriptions on Stone (1955-2006) v. 3
  ''978-1-84217-370-1Margarita Gleba · Ulla Mannering · Cherine Munkholt · Eva B. Andersson StrandNorth European Symposium for Archaeological Textiles X: 10 (Ancient Textiles)
2010978-1-84217-372-5Andrew FlemingSwaledale: Valley of the Wild River: Valley of the Wold River
2009978-1-84217-373-2Michael J. Allen · Terry O'Connor · Niall M. SharplesLand and People: Papers in Memory of John G. Evans (Prehistoric Society Research Papers)
2017978-1-84217-375-6Charlotte Roberts · Margaret CoxHealth and Disease in Britain
2016978-1-84217-384-8B. V. AdrianovAncient Irrigation Systems of the Aral Sea Area (American School of Prehistoric Research Monographs)
2010978-1-84217-392-3Daniel J. PullenPolitical Economies of the Aegean Bronze Age
2010978-1-84217-393-0John M. BingemanThe First HMS Invincible (1747-58): Her Excavations (1980-1991)
  ''978-1-84217-395-4Martin CarverSignals of Belief in Early England: Anglo-Saxon Paganism Revisited
  ''978-1-84217-410-4John T. KochCeltic from the West: Alternative Perspectives from Archaeology, Genetics, Language and Literature (Celtic Studies Publications)
  ''978-1-84217-414-2Michael Bamforth · Francis PryorFlag Fen, Peterborough: Excavation and Research 1995-2007
  ''978-1-84217-415-9Sean Kingsley · Greg StemmOceans Odyssey: Deep-Sea Shipwrecks in the English Channel, the Straits of Gibraltar and the Atlantic Ocean (Odyssey Marine Exploration Reports)
2011978-1-84217-418-0Jonathan Benjamin · Clive Bonsall · Catriona Pickard · Anders FischerSubmerged Prehistory
2011978-1-84217-424-1Andrea VianelloExotica in the Prehistoric Mediterranean
  ''978-1-84217-425-8Alex Bayliss · Frances Healy · Alasdair WhittleGathering Time: Dating the Early Neolithic Enclosures of Southern Britain and Ireland
  ''978-1-84217-428-9Susan Moller-WieringWar and Worship: Textiles from 3rd to 4th-century AD Weapon Deposits in Denmark and Northern Germany (Ancient Textiles Series)
  ''978-1-84217-430-2Nigel StrudwickOld Kingdom: Egyptian Art and Archaeology 2750-2150 BC
  ''978-1-84217-431-9Ilse Schoep · P. Tomkins · J.M. DriessenBack to the Beginning: Reassessing Social and Political Complexity on Crete During the Early and Middle Bronze Age
2011978-1-84217-432-6Sarah DhanjalCommunity Archaeology: Themes, Methods and Practices
2012978-1-84217-434-0Boris RankovTrireme Olympias: The Final Report
2011978-1-84217-435-7D. Sim · J. KaminskiRoman Imperial Armour: The production of early imperial military armour
  ''978-1-84217-436-4Canan CakirlarArchaeomalacology Revisited: Non-dietary Use of Molluscs in Archaeological Settings
  ''978-1-84217-442-5Sean A. Kingsley · Greg StemmOceans Odyssey: Underwater Heritage Management & Deep-sea Shipwrecks in the English Channel & Atlantic Ocean (Odyssey Marine Exploration Reports)
  ''978-1-84217-446-3John Bintliff · Mark PearceThe Death of Archaeological Theory? (Oxbow Insights in Archaeology)
  ''978-1-84217-459-3Steve BurrowShadowland: Wales 3000-1500 BC
2011978-1-84217-461-6David Richard Bridgland · Andy J. Howard · Mark J. White · Tom S. WhiteQuaternary of the Trent
2012978-1-84217-465-4John SullivanRussian Cloth Seals in Britain: A Guide to Identification, Usage and Anglo-Russian Trade in the 18th and 19th Centuries
  ''978-1-84217-466-1Richard BradleyDevelopment-led Archaeology in North-West Europe
2013978-1-84217-472-2Marie-Louise NoschTools, Textiles & Context: Textile Production in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean Bronze Age (Ancient Textiles) (Ancient Textiles Series)
2012978-1-84217-475-3John T. KochCeltic from the West: Alternative Perspectives from Archaeology, Genetics, Language and Literature (Celtic Studies Publications)
2014978-1-84217-497-5Jessica SmythSettlement in the Irish Neolithic: New discoveries at the edge of Europe (Prehistoric Society Research Papers)
2012978-1-84217-505-7Joyce A. TyldesleyStories from Ancient Egypt
  ''978-1-84217-515-6Patricia C. Anderson · Annelou L.van Gijn · John WhittakerExploring and Explaining Diversity in Agricultural Technology (Earth Series)
2013978-1-84217-664-1Heather HopkinsAncient Textiles, Modern Science
  ''978-1-84217-767-9Margarita GlebaMaking Textiles in Pre-Roman and Roman Times: People, Places, Identities (Ancient Textiles Series)
  ''978-1-84217-833-1Andrew N. GarrardBeyond the Fertile Crescent: Late Palaeolithic and Neolithic Communities of the Jordanian Steppe Azraq Project: Late Palaeolithic and Neolithic ... and Technology) (Levant Supplementary Series)
2013978-1-84217-835-5Arthur SegalTemples and Sanctuaries in the Roman East: Religious Architecture in Syria, Iudaea/Palaestina and Provincia Arabia
  ''978-1-84217-836-2Arthur SegalTemples and Sanctuaries in the Roman East: Religious Architecture in Syria, Iudaea/Palaestina and Provincia Arabia
  ''978-1-84217-844-7Thomas AddymanThe Medieval Kirk, Cemetery and Hospice at Kirk Ness, North Berwick: The Scottish Seabird Centre Excavations 1999-2006
  ''978-1-84217-845-4   ''The Medieval Kirk, Cemetery and Hospice at Kirk Ness, North Berwick: The Scottish Seabird Centre Excavations 1999-2006
  ''978-1-84217-901-7Margarita GlebaMaking Textiles in Pre-Roman and Roman Times: People, Places, Identities
2013978-1-84217-902-4Margarita GlebaMaking Textiles in Pre-Roman and Roman Times: People, Places, Identities
  ''978-1-84217-913-0Penny BickleThe First Farmers of Central Europe: Diversity in Lbk Lifeways
  ''978-1-84217-914-7Penny BickleThe First Farmers of Central Europe: Diversity in Lbk Lifeways
  ''978-1-84217-940-6G. N. BaileyShell Energy: Prehistoric Coastal Resource Strategies
2010978-1-84217-965-9Jo Buckberry · Annia CherrysonBurial in Later Anglo-Saxon England, C.650-1100 AD (Studies in Funerary Archaeology)
2011978-1-84217-973-4Rebecca ScottBecoming Neanderthals: The Earlier British Middle Palaeolithic
  ''978-1-84217-984-0Eric PoehlerPompeii: Art, Industry and Infrastructure
2011978-1-84217-987-1John M. SteeleCalendars and Years II: Astronomy and Time in the Ancient and Medieval World
  ''978-1-84217-990-1Valerie Hope · Janet HuskinsonMemory and Mourning: Studies on Roman Death
  ''978-1-84217-998-7Toby C. Wilkinson · Susan Sherratt · John BennetInterweaving Worlds: Systemic Interactions in Eurasia, 7th to the 1st Millennia BC