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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2015978-1-78570-010-1Ceri Houlbrook · Natlaie ArmitageThe Materiality of Magic: An artifactual investigation into ritual practices and popular beliefs
  ''978-1-78570-058-3Maria C. Shaw · Anne P. ChapinWoven Threads (Ancient Textiles) (Ancient Textiles Series)
  ''978-1-78570-074-3Steven WillisJournal of Roman Pottery Studies Volume 16
2018978-1-78570-087-3Robert A. BirminghamAncient Effigy Mound Landscapes of Upper Midwestern North America (American Landscapes)
2016978-1-78570-111-5Tony J. Wilkinson · Edgar Peltenburg · Eleanor Barbanes WilkinsonCarchemish in Context: 4 (Banea Monograph Series)
  ''978-1-78570-131-3Rune Frederiksen · Silke Muth · Peter Schneider · Mike SchnelleFocus on Fortification: New Research on Fortifications in the Ancient Mediterranean and the Near East (Fokus Fortifikation Studies)
2015978-1-78570-144-3Eric Boudot · Chris BuckleyThe Roots of Asian Weaving: The He Haiyan collection of textiles and looms from Southwest China (Ancient Textiles)
  ''978-1-78570-148-1Christopher Evans · Grahame Appleby · Sam LucyLives in Land Mucking excavations: Volume 1. Prehistory, Context and Summary (Cau Landscape Archive) (Cau Landscape Archive Series: Historiography & Fieldwork 2/M)
2016978-1-78570-160-3Giovanni FanfaniSpinning Fates and Songs of the Loom (Ancient Textiles): The Use of Textiles, Clothing and Cloth Production as Metaphor, Symbol and Narrative Device ... Latin Literature (Ancient Textiles Series)
2016978-1-78570-184-9Elisa Perego · Rafael ScopacasaBurial and social change in first millennium BC Italy: approaching social agents (Studies in funerary Archaeology)
  ''978-1-78570-195-5Marisa Marthari · Colin Renfrew · Michael BoydEarly Cycladic sculpture in context
  ''978-1-78570-203-7Evi Gorgianni · Peter Pavúk · Luca GirellaBeyond Thalasocracies, Understanding processes of Minoanisation and Mycenaeanisation in the Aegean
  ''978-1-78570-207-5Vesta Sarkhosh Curtis · Elizabeth Pendleton · Michael Alram · Touraj DaryaeeThe Parthian and Early Sassanian Empires. Adaptation and Expansion (British Institute of Persian Studies Archaeological Monograph Series)
  ''978-1-78570-211-2Dominique CardonThe Dyers Handbook - Memoirs of an 18th Century Master Colourist (Ancient Textiles Series)
2016978-1-78570-215-0Ulla ManneringIconic Costumes - Scandinavian Late Iron Age Costume Iconography (Ancient Textiles) (Ancient Textiles Series)
  ''978-1-78570-219-8Corien Wiersma · Sofia VoutsakiSocial Change in Aegean Prehistory
  ''978-1-78570-231-0Barry MolloyOf Odysseys and Oddities - Scales and modes of interaction between prehistoric Aegean societies and their neighbours (Sheffield Studies in Aegean Ar) (Sheffield Studies in Aegean Archaeology)
  ''978-1-78570-252-5Stella SpantidakiTextile Production in Classical Athens (Centre for Textile Research An) (Ancient Textiles Series)
2017978-1-78570-279-2Edited by Berit HildebrandtSilk - Trade & Exchange along the Silk Roads between Rome and China in Antiquity: Trade and Exchange along the Silk Roads between Rome and China in Antiquity (Ancient Textiles Series)
2016978-1-78570-283-9Edited by Juan Carlos Moreno GarciaDynamics of Production in the Ancient Near East
  ''978-1-78570-291-4Edited by Maria MinaAn Archaeology of Prehistoric Bodies and Embodied Identities in the Eastern Mediterranean
2016978-1-78570-295-2Edited by Susan SherrattArchaeology and the Homeric Epic (Sheffield Studies in Aegean Archaeology)
2020978-1-78570-303-4C.A. Petrie · P. MageeResistance at the Edge of Empires: The Archaeology and History of the Bannu Basin from 1000 BC to AD 1200 (Bannu Archaeological Project)
2016978-1-78570-311-9Ronan Toolis · Christopher BowlesThe Lost Dark Age Kingdom of Rheged: the Discovery of a Royal Stronghold at Trusty s Hill, Galloway
2017978-1-78570-315-7T. F. Martin · R. WeechDress and Society - Contributions from Archaeology
2016978-1-78570-319-5David BirdAgriculture and Industry in south-eastern Roman Britain
2017978-1-78570-323-2J. Pearce · J. WeekesDeath as a process: the Archaeology of the Roman Funeral (Studies in Funerary Archaeolog) (Studies in funerary Archaeology)
2016978-1-78570-327-0Daniel Sosna · Lenka BrunclíkováArchaeologies of Waste - Encounters with the Unwanted
  ''978-1-78570-335-5Lindsay Powell · William Southwell-Wright · Rebecca GowlandCare in the Past - Archaeological and Interdisciplinary Perspectives
  ''978-1-78570-339-3Douglas D. Scott · Peter Bleed · Amanda RennerBattlespace 1865 - Archaeology of the Landscapes, Strategies, and Tactics of the North Platte Campaign, Nebraska (American Landscapes)
2017978-1-78570-343-0Olivia LelongExcavations at Milla Skerra, Sandwick - Rythmns of Life on Iron Age Unst: Rhythms of Life in Iron Age Shetland
  ''978-1-78570-347-8Duncan Garrow · Fraser SturtNeolithic Stepping Stones - Excavation and survey within the western seaways of Britain, 2008-2014
2016978-1-78570-351-5Marion DowdUnderground Archaeology: Studies on Human Bones and Artefacts from Ireland's Caves
  ''978-1-78570-355-3Cecilie BrønsGods and Garments - Textiles in Greek Sanctuaries in the 7th to the 1st Centuries BC (Ancient Textiles) (Ancient Textiles Series)
2017978-1-78570-359-1J. Rasmus Brandt · Erika Hagelberg · Gro Bjørnstad · Sven AhrensLife and Death in Asia Minor in Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine Times - Studies in Archaeology and Bioarchaeology (Studies in Funerary Archaeolog) (Studies in Funerary Archaeology)
2017978-1-78570-373-7Graeme Cavers · Anne CroneA Lake Dwelling in its Landscape: Iron Age Settlement at Cults Loch, Castle Kennedy, Dumfries & Galloway
  ''978-1-78570-411-6Derek HurstWestward on the High-Hilled Plains: the Later Prehistory of the West Midlands (The Making of the West Midlands)
  ''978-1-78570-435-2Hedvig Landenius Enegren · Francesco MeoTreasures from the Sea: Purple Dye and Sea Silk: 29: Sea Silk and Shellfish Purple Dye in Antiquity (Ancient Textiles Series)
  ''978-1-78570-439-0Walter Cruell · Inna Mateiciucová · Olivier NieuwenhuysePainted Pots - Painting People: Late Neolithic Ceramics in Ancient Mesopotamia
  ''978-1-78570-445-1Peter Rowley-Conwy · Dale Sergeantson · Paul HalsteadEconomic Zooarchaeology: Studies in Hunting, Herding and Early Agriculture
2017978-1-78570-449-9Patrick OttawayWinchester: Swithun's City of Happiness and Good Fortune: An Archaeological Assessment (Urban Archaeological Assessment)
2016978-1-78570-459-8D. Bar-YosefArchaeomalacology: Molluscs in former environments of human behaviour (Proceedings of the 9th ICAZ Conference)
  ''978-1-78570-513-7Stephen Aldhouse-Green · Rick Peterson · Elizabeth A. WalkerNeanderthals in Wales: Pontnewydd and the Elwy Valley Caves
2017978-1-78570-526-7Akiri Tsuneki · Olivier Nieuwenhuyse · Stuart CampbellThe Emergence of Pottery in West Asia
2016978-1-78570-550-2Jim Roy · Andre G. RoyTravel, Geography and Culture in Ancient Greece, Egypt and the Near East (Leicester Nottingham Studies in Ancient Society)
2017978-1-78570-576-2Tim PerttulaCaddo Landscapes in the East Texas Forests (American Landscapes)
  ''978-1-78570-584-7Claudia Antonetti · P. BiagiWith Alexander in India and Central Asia: Moving east and back to west
  ''978-1-78570-588-5Bill Finlayson · Graeme WarrenThe Diversity of Hunter Gatherer Pasts
  ''978-1-78570-616-5Peter FeinmanJerusalem Throne Games - The battle of Bible stories after the death of David
2018978-1-78570-620-2Betina Jakob · Malin HolstTrends in Biological Anthropology 2
2018978-1-78570-624-0Anne S. DowdExtracting Stone: The Archaeology of Quarry Landscapes (American Landscapes)
  ''978-1-78570-628-8Carol Diaz-Granados · Jan Simek · George Sabo · Mark WagnerTransforming the Landscape:Rock Art and the Mississippean Cosmos: Rock Art and the Mississippian Cosmos (American Landscapes)
2017978-1-78570-632-5Julie Hruby · Debra TrustyFrom Cooking Vessels to Cultural Practices in the Late Bronze Age Aegean
  ''978-1-78570-648-6Anastasia Papathanasiou · William A. Parkinson · Daniel J. Pullen · Michael L. Galaty · Panagiotis KarkanasNeolithic Alepotrypa Cave in the Mani, Greece
  ''978-1-78570-668-4Alasdair WhittleThe Times of their Lives:Hunting History in the Archaeology of Neolithic Europe
  ''978-1-78570-672-1Cecilie Brøns · Marie-Louise NoschTextiles and Cult in the Ancient Mediterranean (Ancient Textiles Series)
2017978-1-78570-680-6Richard Miles · Simon GreensladeThe Bir Messaouda Basilica: Pilgrimage and the Transformation of an Urban Landscape in Sixth Century AD Carthage
  ''978-1-78570-684-4Benjamin Anderson · Felipe RojasAntiquarianisms: Contact, Conflict, Comparison (Joukowsky Institute Publication)
  ''978-1-78570-708-7P. M. Michèle Daviau · Margreet L. SteinerA Wayside Shrine in Northern Moab: Excavations in the Wadi ath-Thamad
  ''978-1-78570-712-4Eileen Murphy · Mélie Le RoyChildren, Death and Burial: Archaeological Discourses (Childhood in the Past Monograph)
  ''978-1-78570-720-9Søren Dietz · Fanis Mavridis · arko Tankosi · Turan Takao luCommunities in Transition: The Circum-Aegean Area in the 5th and 4th Millennia BC
2017978-1-78570-724-7Joseph Maran · Philipp StockhammerAppropriating Innovations: Entangled Knowledge in Eurasia, 5000 1500 BCE
2020978-1-78570-761-2Rob HosfieldThe Earliest Europeans - a Year in the Life: Survival Strategies in the Lower Palaeolithic (Oxbow Insights in Archaeology)
2017978-1-78570-798-8Malgorzata Siennicka · Lorenz Rahmstorf · Agata UlanowskaFirst Textiles: The Beginnings of Textile Production in Europe and the Mediterranean: The Beginnings of Textile Manufacture in Europe and the Mediterranean (Ancient Textiles Series)
  ''978-1-78570-828-2Alexandra Livarda · Richard Madgwick · Santiago Riera MoraThe Bioarchaeology of Ritual and Religion
  ''978-1-78570-836-7Eva Mortensen · Birte PoulsonCityscapes and Monuments of Remembrance in Asia Minor: Memories and Identities
2018978-1-78570-847-3Richard Annis · Anwen Caffell · Chris Gerrard · Pam Graves · Andrew MillardLost Lives, New Voices: Unlocking the Stories of the Scottish Soldiers at the Battle of Dunbar 1650 (Oxbow Insight in Archaeology)
  ''978-1-78570-851-0Mike Parker Pearson · Mark Brennand · Jacqui Mulville · Helen SmithCille Pheadair: A Norse Farmstead in South Uist: A Norse Farmstead and Pictish Burial Cairn in South Uist (Sheffield Environmental and Archaeological Research Campaign in the Hebrides)
  ''978-1-78570-855-8Roger Bland · Adrian Chadwick · Eleanor Ghey · Colin Haselgrove · David MattingleyIron Age and Roman Coin Hoards in Britain:
2018978-1-78570-859-6Ioannis PouliosCulture and Perspective at Times of Crisis: State Structures, Private Initiative and the Public Character of Heritage
  ''978-1-78570-877-0Nigel Baker · Jonathon Brett · Robert JonesBristol: A Worshipful Town and Famous City: An Archaeological Assessment (Urban Archaeological Assessment)
  ''978-1-78570-885-5John Kelly · James A. BrownCahokia: City of the Cosmos (American Landscapes)
  ''978-1-78570-893-0Hans Peter Hahn · Geraldine SchmitzMarket as Place and Space of Economic Exchange: Perspectives from Archaeology and Anthropology
  ''978-1-78570-897-8William BowdenButrint 5: Life and Death at a Mediterranean Port - The Non-Ceramic Finds from the Triconch Palace (BUTRINT ARCHAEOLOGICAL MONOGRAPHS)
2018978-1-78570-901-2Penny Bickle · Emilie SibbessonNeolithic Bodies (Neolithic Studies Group Seminar Papers)
  ''978-1-78570-905-0Xosé-Lois Armada · Mercedes Murillo-Barroso · Mike CharltonMetals, Minds and Mobility: Integrating Scientific Data with Archaeological Theory
  ''978-1-78570-922-7Roger White · Mike HodderClash of Cultures? The Romano-British Period in the West Midlands (The Making of the West Midlands)
  ''978-1-78570-930-2Catriona Gibson · Catherine Frieman · Kerri ClearyMaking Journeys: Archaeologies of Movement
  ''978-1-78570-934-0Steven WillisJournal of Roman Pottery Studies Volume 17
2018978-1-78570-938-8Caroline ArciniThe Viking Age: A Time with Many Faces: A Time of Many Faces
  ''978-1-78570-946-3David Clinnick · Helen Drinkall · Stephanie Piper · James WalkerWild Things 2.0: Further Advances in Palaeolithic and Mesolithic Research
  ''978-1-78570-950-0S.A. Birch · J.T. Mackenzie · G. CruickshanksHigh Pasture Cave: Ritual, Memory and Identity in the Iron Age of Skye
2019978-1-78570-966-1Joanne CutlerCrafting Minoanisation: Textiles, Crafts Production and Social Dynamics in the Bronze Age southern Aegean (Ancient Textiles)
2018978-1-78570-975-3John WaddellMyth and Materiality (Oxbow Insight in Archaeology) (Oxbow Insights in Archaeology)
  ''978-1-78570-980-7Chris Scarre · Luiz OosterbeekMegalithic Tombs in Western Iberia: Excavations at the Anta da Lajinha