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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2018978-1-78925-059-6Olga Palagia · John H. Oakley2: Athenian Potters and Painters Volume II
  ''978-1-78925-092-3Philip J. Boyes · Philippa M. SteeleUnderstanding Relations Between Scripts II: Early Alphabets (Contexts of and Relations between Early Writing Systems (CREWS))
  ''978-1-78925-120-3Heather Hopkins · Katrin KaniaAncient Textiles, Modern Science II (Ancient Textiles Series)
2019978-1-78925-144-9Alexandra Lester-MakinThe Lost Art of the Anglo-Saxon World: The Sacred and Secular Power of Embroidery (Ancient Textiles)
  ''978-1-78925-192-0Eberhard SauerThe Caspian Gates in the Caucasus from Antiquity to the Age of the Huns and the Middle Ages: The Joint Georgian-British Dariali Gorge Excavations & ... Studies Archaeological Monograph Series)
  ''978-1-78925-209-5Carsten Jahnke · Angela Ling HuangTextiles and the Medieval Economy: Production, Trade, and Consumption of Textiles, 8th-16th Centuries (Ancient Textiles Series)
2019978-1-78925-254-5Megan CifarelliFashioned Selves: Dress and Identity in Antiquity
  ''978-1-78925-298-9Marina Panagiotaki · Ilias Tomazos · Fotios PapadimitrakopoulosCutting-edge Technologies in Ancient Greece
  ''978-1-78925-322-1Gaynor Western · Jelena BekvalacManufactured Bodies: The Impact of Industrialisation on London Health
  ''978-1-78925-339-9Justine Bayley · Ian Freestone · Caroline JacksonGlass of the Roman World
2020978-1-78925-344-3Anna Kouremenos · Jody Michael GordonMediterranean Archaeologies of Insularity
  ''978-1-78925-348-1Elizabeth ReesEarly Christianity in South-West Britain: Wessex, Somerset, Devon, Cornwall and the Channel Islands
2020978-1-78925-380-1Catherine Breniquet · Cecile MichelWool Economy in the Ancient Near East and the Aegean: From the Beginnings of Sheep Husbandry to Institutional Textile Industry (Ancient Textiles)
  ''978-1-78925-384-9Laure Salanova · Maria Pilar Prieto MartínezThe Bell Beaker Transition in Europe: Mobility and local evolution during the 3rd millennium BC
  ''978-1-78925-429-7Wolfram Schier · Susan PollockThe Competition of Fibers: Early Textile Produciton in Western Asia, Southeast and Central Europe (10000-500BCE) (Ancient Textiles)
  ''978-1-78925-446-4Fabio Guidetti · Katharina MeineckeA Globalised Visual Culture?: Towards a Geography of Late Antique Art
  ''978-1-78925-458-7Malcolm C. Lillie · Inna D. Potekhina · Chelsea E. BuddPrehistoric Ukraine: From the First Hunters to the First Farmers
2020978-1-78925-462-4Eberhard Sauer · Jebrael Nokandeh · Hamid Omrani RekavandiAncient Arms Race: Antiquity's Largest Fortresses and Sasanian Military Networks of Northern Iran: A joint fieldwork project by the Iranian Cultural ... of Edinburgh and Durham (2014-2016)
  ''978-1-78925-506-5Amanda Brend · Nick Card · Jane Downes · Mark Edmonds · James MooreLandscapes Revealed: Remote Sensing Across the Heart of Neolithic Orkney World Heritage Site