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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
978-1-84018-472-3Blue Devil with a Briefcase: Rangers and Scotland Legend
2001978-1-84018-474-7Tony McDonald · Danny FrancisBoys Of '86: The Untold Story of West Ham United's Greatest-ever Season
  ''978-1-84018-477-8E Mason · Eric MasonThe Brutal Truth: The Inside Story of a Gangland Legend
  ''978-1-84018-478-5Jeff ConnorGiants Of Scottish Rugby
  ''978-1-84018-480-8Rachael Oakes-AshGood Girls Do Swallow: The Darkly Comic True Story of How One Woman Stopped Hating Her Body
  ''978-1-84018-481-5Emma TennantThe Ballad Of Sylvia And Ted
2001978-1-84018-482-2Jan-Andrew HendersonThe Ghost That Haunted Itself: The Gruesome Ghoul of Edinburgh's Greyfriars Graveyard: The Story of the McKenzie Poltergeist
  ''978-1-84018-483-9James HunterCulloden And The Last Clansman
  ''978-1-84018-484-6David WalmsleyLions of Ireland (Mainstream Sport)
  ''978-1-84018-485-3Mick DoyleZero Point One Six: Living in Extra Time
2002978-1-84018-486-0Craig GoldmanNatural Born Fighters: The Real Fight Club
2001978-1-84018-487-7Graham Henry · Nicholas BishopHenry's Pride: Inside the Lions' Tour Down Under
2002978-1-84018-489-1Kirk Blows · Ben SharrattClaret and Blue Blood: Pumping Life into West Ham United
2001978-1-84018-493-8Tom DarbyTalking Shankly: The Man, The Genius, The Legend (Mainstream Sport)
  ''978-1-84018-494-5Dale WebbPrize Fighter: The Life and Times of Bob Fitzsimmons (Mainstream sport)
2001978-1-84018-495-2Tom CarewJihad!: The Secret War in Afghanistan
  ''978-1-84018-498-3Clem Thomas · Greg ThomasThe History of the British and Irish Lions (Mainstream Sport)
  ''978-1-84018-500-3Tyrone O'SullivanTower of Strength: The Story of Tyrone O'Sullivan and Tower Colliery
2002978-1-84018-501-0Matthew SmithJFK: The Second Plot
2001978-1-84018-502-7Matthew SmithJFK: Say Goodbye to America: The Sensational and Untold Story Behind the Assassination of John F.Kennedy
  ''978-1-84018-503-4R MaccallumThe Best Of The Blues: A Tribute to Rangers' Greatest Ever Team
2004978-1-84018-504-1Chris Thornton · Seamus Kelters · Brian Feeney · David McKittrickLost Lives: The Stories of the Men, Women and Children Who Died as a Result of the Northern Ireland Troubles: The Stories of the Men, Women and Children Who Died Through the Northern Ireland Troubles
2002978-1-84018-506-5Jennifer MurrayNow Solo: One Woman's Record-breaking Flight Around the World
2001978-1-84018-509-6Jimmy Stockin · Martin King · Martin KnightOn The Cobbles: Jimmy Stockin: The Life Of A Bare Knuckled Gypsy Warrior
  ''978-1-84018-511-9Barclay Howard · Jonathan RussellOut Of The Rough: Booze, Birdies and a Driving Ambition - The Story of Barclay Howard
2001978-1-84018-512-6Richard LathamDeadly Beat: Inside the Royal Ulster Constabulary
  ''978-1-84018-514-0Jan de VriesHealing in the 21st Century: Complementary Medicine and Modern Life: Complimentary Medicine and Modern Life (DK Healthcare)
2003978-1-84018-516-4Jan de VriesHidden Dangers in What We Eat and Drink: A Lifelong Guide to Healthy Living: A Guide to Healthy Eating (Jan de Vries Healthcare)
2001978-1-84018-518-8Mick Cleary · Graham Henry · Michael LynaghWounded Pride: The Official Book of the Lions Tour to Australia 2001
  ''978-1-84018-519-5Loung UngFirst They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers
2004978-1-84018-524-9Jane Ridder-PatrickThe Aquarius Enigma: Cracking the Code (Zodiac Code)
  ''978-1-84018-525-6Jane Ridder-PatrickThe Pisces Enigma: Cracking the Code (Zodiac Code)
  ''978-1-84018-528-7   ''The Sagittarius Enigma: Cracking the Code (Zodiac Code)
2004978-1-84018-529-4Jane Ridder-PatrickThe Leo Enigma: Cracking the Code (Zodiac Code)
  ''978-1-84018-530-0   ''The Cancer Enigma: Cracking the Code (Zodiac Code)
  ''978-1-84018-532-4   ''The Scorpio Enigma: Cracking the Code (Zodiac Code)
  ''978-1-84018-534-8   ''The Capricorn Enigma: Cracking the Code (Zodiac Code)
2004978-1-84018-535-5Jane Ridder-PatrickThe Aries Enigma: Cracking the Code (Zodiac Code)
2002978-1-84018-546-1Jerzy LandoSaved by My Face: A True Story of Courage and Escape in War-torn Poland
2001978-1-84018-550-8Judith CookThe Year of the Pyresthe 2001 Foot and Mouth Epidemic
  ''978-1-84018-552-2Fraser ElderAlways Winning: Thomas Joseph Cardinal Winning 1925-2001
  ''978-1-84018-553-9Jan de VriesHeart and Blood Circulatory Problems (By Appointment Only)
  ''978-1-84018-555-3   ''Cancer and Leukaemia: An Alternative Approach (By Appointment Only)
  ''978-1-84018-556-0   ''Neck and Back Problems (By Appointment Only)
1986978-1-84018-558-4   ''Arthritis, Rheumatism and Psoriasis (By Appointment Only)
2002978-1-84018-559-1   ''Realistic Weight Control: The Healthy Guide to Weight Loss
2003978-1-84018-561-4Jan de VriesSkin Diseases
  ''978-1-84018-564-5   ''Viruses, Allergies and the Immune System (By Appointment Only)
2002978-1-84018-567-6David RowleyBeatles For Sale: The Musical Secrets of the Greatest Rock 'n' Roll Band of All Time
2003978-1-84018-570-6Rod MacdonaldDive England's Greatest Wrecks
2002978-1-84018-571-3Reg McKayArmed Candy: A True-Life Story of Organised Crime
  ''978-1-84018-574-4Tom PalmerIf You're Proud To Be A Leeds Fan
  ''978-1-84018-575-1Brian BaileyBurke and Hare: The Year of the Ghouls
  ''978-1-84018-576-8John SugdenScum Airways: Inside Football's Underground Economy
2001978-1-84018-579-9Stephen F. KellyThe Anfield Encyclopedia: An A-Z of Liverpool FC
2002978-1-84018-580-5Michael TannerThe Champion Hurdle: 1927-2002
2002978-1-84018-582-9Paolo HewittThe Looked After Kid: Memoirs from the Children's Home
2001978-1-84018-583-6Tim Purcell · Mike GethingWartime Wanderers: Bolton Wanderers- A Football Team at War (Mainstream Sport)
978-1-84018-584-3The Last British Hero
2001978-1-84018-585-0Jan de VriesMenopause (Well Woman)
2002978-1-84018-586-7Duncan MacLaughlin · William HallThe Filth: The Explosive Inside Story of Scotland Yard's Top Undercover Cop
2003978-1-84018-587-4David MillerAthens to Athens: The Official History of the Olympic Games and the IOC 1894-2004: The Official History of the Olympic Games and the IOC, 1896-2004 (Official History of the Olympic Games & the Ioc)
2002978-1-84018-589-8David TossellSeventy-one Guns: The Year of the First Arsenal Double
  ''978-1-84018-591-1A HillThe Bedsers: Twinning Triumphs (Mainstream Sport)
  ''978-1-84018-594-2R H Davies · Robert DaviesPrisoner 13498: A True Story of Love, Drugs and Jail in Modern China: A True Story of Love, Drugs and Prison in Modern China
  ''978-1-84018-595-9Deborah Copaken KoganShutterbabe: Adventures in Love and War
2003978-1-84018-596-6Paolo HewittThe Soul Stylists: Six Decades of Modernism - From Mods to Casuals
2002978-1-84018-599-7Michael ConnorThe Soho Don: Gangland's Greatest Untold Story
  ''978-1-84018-601-7Paul Ferris · Reg McKayDeadly Divisions: The Spectre Chronicles
2002978-1-84018-603-1Roger Hutchinson66: The Inside Story of England's 1966 World Cup Triumph (Mainstream Sport)
  ''978-1-84018-605-5H McIlvanney · Hugh McIlvanneyMcIlvanney On Boxing (Mainstream Sport)
  ''978-1-84018-607-9John BeasantOman: The True-Life Drama and Intrigue of an Arab State
  ''978-1-84018-608-6Philip HillsScots On Scotch: The Book of Whisky
  ''978-1-84018-609-3Gordon BrownMaxton: A Biography
2002978-1-84018-611-6Elspeth WillsScottish Firsts: A Celebration of Innovation and Achievement
  ''978-1-84018-612-3Peter Lorimer · Phil RostronPeter Lorimer: Leeds and Scotland Hero
2003978-1-84018-617-8Paul LamarraThe Ultimate Scottish Cycling Book
2002978-1-84018-618-5Pete MayWest Ham: Irons in the Soul
  ''978-1-84018-620-8Graham McCollThe Head Bhoys: Celtic's Managers
  ''978-1-84018-627-7Conrad MewtonThe Red Revolution: Liverpool Under Houllier
  ''978-1-84018-628-4Jan de VriesNature's Gift of Food
2003978-1-84018-629-1Laurie Flynn · Michael GillardUntouchables
2002978-1-84018-631-4Clive Prince · Lynn Picknett · Stephen PriorWar Of The Windsors: A Century Of Unconstitutional Monarchy
2004978-1-84018-632-1Clive Prince · Lynn Picknett · Stephen PriorFriendly Fire: The Secret War Between the Allies
2002978-1-84018-633-8Robert AnasiThe Gloves: A Boxing Chronicle
2002978-1-84018-634-5Phil BallWhite Storm100 Years of Real Madrid
  ''978-1-84018-637-6Simon BanksGoing Down: Football In Crisis
  ''978-1-84018-639-0Chris AndersonThe Billy Boy: The Life and Death of LVF Leader Billy Wright
  ''978-1-84018-640-6Hugh JordanMilestones in Murder: Defining Moments in Ulster's Terror War
  ''978-1-84018-641-3Rupert Moon · David RoachFull Moon: Rugby in the Red
2002978-1-84018-642-0Len MurrayThe Pleader: An Autobiography
  ''978-1-84018-648-2Brian PendreighThe Pocket Scottish Movie Book
  ''978-1-84018-649-9Johnny SteeleThe Bird That Never Flew: The Uncompromised Autobiography Of One Of The Most Punished Prisoners In The History Of The British Penal System
  ''978-1-84018-650-5Alex Hayes · Daniel Ortelli · Xavier RivoireThe French Revolution 1992-2002: 10 Years of English Football After Eric Cantona
2003978-1-84018-651-2Les McKeown · Lynne ElliottShang-a-Lang: Life as an International Pop Idol
2002978-1-84018-653-6Peter OsgoodOssie: King of Stamford Bridge
  ''978-1-84018-656-7Jan de VriesA Step at a Time: The Autobiography of the World-Renowned Health Guru
2002978-1-84018-657-4Charlie WoodsBikie: A Love Affair with the Racing Bicycle (Mainstream Sport)
  ''978-1-84018-658-1Brian MearsChelsea: Football Under the Blue Flag (Mainstream sport)
  ''978-1-84018-661-1John BurrowesBenny: The Life And Times Of A Fighting Legend (Mainstream Sport)
  ''978-1-84018-662-8Michael CorcoranDuel In The Sun: Tom Watson and Jack Nicklaus in the Battle of Turnberry (Mainstream sport)
  ''978-1-84018-663-5Muriel LennoxNorthern Dancer: The Legend and His Legacy
2002978-1-84018-664-2Becky TallentireStill Talking Blue: A Collection of Candid Interviews with Everton Heroes (Mainstream Sport)
  ''978-1-84018-665-9Roger HutchinsonThe Toon: A Complete History of Newcastle United Football Club (Mainstream Sport)
  ''978-1-84018-667-3Graham WeaverGunners' Glory: 14 Milestones in Arsenal's History (Mainstream Sport)
  ''978-1-84018-668-0Allan Bateman · Paul ReesAllan Bateman: There and Back Again (Mainstream Sport)
  ''978-1-84018-669-7Duncan Maclaughlin · William HallThe Filth: The Explosive Inside Story of Scotland Yard's Top Undercover Cop
2002978-1-84018-670-3Mark PerrymanHooligan Wars: Causes and Effects of Football Violence (Mainstream Sport)
  ''978-1-84018-671-0John Monie · Tom MatherThe Iceman: The Story of the Most Successful Rugby League Coach Ever (Mainstream Sport)
  ''978-1-84018-672-7Graeme FifeInside the Peloton: Riding, Winning and Losing the Tour de France
  ''978-1-84018-673-4John WilliamsInto the Red: Liverpool FC and the Changing Face of English Football (Mainstream Sport)
  ''978-1-84018-675-8Billy CribbTarmac Warrior: The Violent World Of Extreme Fighting
2002978-1-84018-678-9Michael TannerThe Champion Hurdle: 1927-2002 (Mainstream Sport)
  ''978-1-84018-680-2Daniel GordonBlue-And-White Wizards: The Sheffield Wednesday Dream Team (Mainstream Sport)
  ''978-1-84018-683-3Bernard AzulayArsenal on the Double: Overdrawn, Under The Weather, Overslept, Underpants, Over The Moon, Under The Table - A Terrace Take On The Season
2003978-1-84018-684-0John Sugden · Alan TomlinsonBadfellas: FIFA Family at War (Mainstream sport)
  ''978-1-84018-685-7John BurrowesIrish: The Remarkable Saga of a Nation and a City
2002978-1-84018-686-4Sami Hyypia · Olli HakalaSami Hyypi: From Voikkaa to the Premier League
  ''978-1-84018-687-1David ClaytonEverything Under The Blue Moon: The Complete Book of Manchester City FC - and More!
2002978-1-84018-688-8Tom Shields And Ken SmithTom Shields Takes the Fifth
2003978-1-84018-690-1Mickey Vann · Richard CoomberGive Me A Ring: The Autobiography of Star Referee Mickey Vann
  ''978-1-84018-692-5Keith WilkinsonManx Murders: 150 Years of Island Madness, Mayhem and Manslaughter
  ''978-1-84018-694-9James D.G. DavidsonScots And The Sea
2002978-1-84018-696-3Rick Broadbent · Tom BroadbentLooking For Eric: In Search For The Leeds Greats: In Search of the Leeds Greats (Mainstream Sport)
2003978-1-84018-703-8Corinne SouzaBaghdad's Spy: A Personal Memoir Of Espionage And Intrigue From Baghdad To London
  ''978-1-84018-704-5Christopher ParnellHell's Prisoner: The Shocking True Story Of An Innocent Man Jailed For Eleven Years In Indonesia's Most Notorious Prisons
  ''978-1-84018-705-2Lorne RubensteinA Season in Dornoch: Golf and Life in the Scottish Highlands (Mainstream sport)
2003978-1-84018-706-9Martin King · Martin Knight · Phil SparrowhawkGrass
  ''978-1-84018-707-6Jack AlexanderMcCrae's Battalion: The Story of the 16th Royal Scots
2004978-1-84018-708-3Steve JonesOn My Knees: The Long Road to England's World Cup Glory - A Harassed Hack's Homage
2003978-1-84018-709-0John WilliamsThe Liverpool Way: Houllier, Anfield and the New Global Game
  ''978-1-84018-711-3Paul HowardRiding High: Shadow Cycling the Tour de France
  ''978-1-84018-714-4Norman DabellHow We Won the Ryder Cup: The Caddies' Stories
  ''978-1-84018-716-8Frank Abagnale · Stan ReddingCatch Me If You Can: The True Story Of A Real Fake
2003978-1-84018-718-2Rod MacdonaldInto the Abyss: Diving to Adventure in the Liquid World
  ''978-1-84018-719-9Jan de VriesMy Life with Diabetes (DK Healthcare)
  ''978-1-84018-722-9Emma TennantThe Ballad Of Sylvia And Ted
  ''978-1-84018-723-6Martin Dillon · Roy BradfordRogue Warrior of the SAS: The Blair Mayne Legend
  ''978-1-84018-724-3Nick Fielding · Yosri Fouda`Masterminds of Terror: The Truth Behind the Most Devastating Terrorist Attack the World Has Ever Seen
2003978-1-84018-725-0Kathryn Johnston · Liam ClarkeMartin McGuinness: From Guns To Government
  ''978-1-84018-726-7Jamie ReidDays Like These: The Education of a Racing Lover
  ''978-1-84018-727-4Chris TownsendMunros and Tops, The: A Record-Setting Walk in the Scottish Highlands
  ''978-1-84018-730-4Tom CallahanIn Search of Tiger: A Journey Through Golf with Tiger Woods
  ''978-1-84018-731-1Paolo HewittThe Looked After Kid: My Life in a Children's Home: Memoirs from a Children's Home
2003978-1-84018-732-8Kevin FultonFulton File, The
  ''978-1-84018-733-5Eugene CostelloWhite Gold: The Inside Story Of The UK's Largest Ever Drugs Haul
  ''978-1-84018-734-2Andrew DempsterThe Grahams: A Guide to Scotland's 2,000ft Peaks
  ''978-1-84018-735-9Jon SpurlingRebels for the Cause: The Alternative History of Arsenal Football Club
  ''978-1-84018-736-6Stuart ClarkeFootball In Our Time: A Photographic Record of Our National Game
2003978-1-84018-739-7Martin DillonThe Trigger MenAssassins and Terror Bosses in the Ireland Conflict
2004978-1-84018-741-0Matthew SmithJFK: Say Goodbye to America
2003978-1-84018-743-4Eric Pleasants · Ian Sayer · Douglas BottingHitler's Bastard: Through Hell and Back in Nazi Germany and Stalin's Russia (Ian Sayer and Douglas Botting)
  ''978-1-84018-744-1Wensley ClarksonMoody: The Life and Crimes of Britain's Most Notorious Hitman
  ''978-1-84018-748-9David TossellPlaying for Uncle Sam: The Brits' Story of the North American Soccer League
  ''978-1-84018-749-6Foreword By John Peel · Steven DeputThe Barnsley Whale: The True Story Of The World's First Inland Whale Hunt
2005978-1-84018-750-2Philip HillsThe Scotch Whisky Directory
2004978-1-84018-753-3Alan BarkerShadows: Inside Northern Ireland's Special Branch
2003978-1-84018-754-0Brian RowanThe Armed Peace: Life and Death After the Ceasefires
2004978-1-84018-755-7Roger AndersonThe Fighting Irish
  ''978-1-84018-758-8Chris AndersonThe Billy Boy: The Life and Death of LVF Leader Billy Wright
2003978-1-84018-759-5Graham McCollThe Head Bhoys: Celtic's Managers (Mainstream Sport)
2003978-1-84018-763-2Phil BallWhite Storm: The Story of Real Madrid
  ''978-1-84018-764-9Martin King · Martin Knight · Peter OsgoodOssie: King of Stamford Bridge (Mainstream Sport)
  ''978-1-84018-765-6Mick CollinsThe Rise and Rise Of Charlton Athletic: From Portakabins to Porto Captains (Mainstream Sport)
  ''978-1-84018-766-3Clive Prince · Lynn Picknett · Stephen PriorWar Of The Windsors: A Century Of Unconstitutional Monarchy
2004978-1-84018-767-0Bernard O'MahoneyWannabe in my Gang?: From the Krays to the Essex Boys
2003978-1-84018-768-7Okki Halala · Sami HyypiaSami Hyypiä: From Voikkaa to the Premiership (Mainstream Sport)
  ''978-1-84018-769-4David CorbettBoth Sides Of The Fence: A Life Undercover
2003978-1-84018-770-0Armin Lehmann · Tim CarrollIn Hitler's Bunker - A Boy Soldier's Eyewitness Account of the Fuhrer's Last Days
2005978-1-84018-771-7Bobby Charlton · Colin Bell · Ian CheesemanColin Bell - Reluctant Hero: The Autobiography of a Manchester City and England Legend
2006978-1-84018-773-1Kathryn ClarkeUndercover Ireland
2004978-1-84018-774-8Henry McDonaldColours: Ireland - From Bombs to Boom
2003978-1-84018-776-2David Tossell · Foreword By Bob Wilson.Seventy-One Guns: The Year of the First Arsenal Double (Mainstream Sport)
  ''978-1-84018-777-9Graham McCollCeltic in Europe: From the Sixties to Seville
  ''978-1-84018-779-3John CollisJohn Denver: Mother Nature's Son
  ''978-1-84018-781-6Michael ConnorThe Soho Don: Gangland's Greatest Untold Story
  ''978-1-84018-782-3John DeeringTeam On The Run: The Inside Story of the Linda McCartney Pro Cycling Team (Mainstream Sport)
2003978-1-84018-783-0John SugdenScum Airways: Inside Football's Underground Economy (Mainstream Sport)
  ''978-1-84018-784-7Martin TarbuckLet's Hang On: Mudhuts, Bets and Beers on the Road to Division One with Wigan Athletic
  ''978-1-84018-785-4Ian Sayer · Douglas BottingNazi Gold: The Sensational Story of the World's Greatest Robbery - and the Greatest Criminal Cover-Up
  ''978-1-84018-786-1Andrew MourantDon Revie: Portrait of a Footballing Enigma (Mainstream Sport)
  ''978-1-84018-789-2Trevor RoyleFighting Mac: The Downfall of Major-General Sir Hector Macdonald
2003978-1-84018-790-8Ian HalperinFire And Rain: The James Taylor Story
  ''978-1-84018-791-5David Lister · Hugh JordanMad Dog: The Rise and Fall of Johnny Adair and 'C Company'
2006978-1-84018-792-2Graham JohnsonFootball and Gangsters: How Organised Crime Controls the Beautiful Game
2004978-1-84018-793-9Graham JohnsonPowder Wars: The Supergrass Who Brought Down Britain's Biggest Drug Dealers
2005978-1-84018-794-6Roger HutchinsonA Waxing Moon: The Modern Gaelic Revival
2004978-1-84018-795-3Tim CarrollThe Great Escapers: The Full Story of the Second World War's Most Remarkable Mass Escape
2005978-1-84018-796-0Bernard O'Mahoney · Mick McGovernHateland
2003978-1-84018-798-4Kathy VanderlindenFoot: A Playful Biography
2004978-1-84018-799-1Tom CallahanIn Search of Tiger: A Journey Through Golf with Tiger Woods
2003978-1-84018-802-8Mario RisoliJohn Charles: Gentle Giant (Mainstream Sport)
2004978-1-84018-803-5Nicholas DaviesDead Men Talking
2003978-1-84018-804-2Jack MilburnJackie Milburn: A Man of Two Halves
  ''978-1-84018-805-9Jon Berman · Malcolm DomeEverton Greats (Mainstream Sport)
  ''978-1-84018-806-6Graeme FifeTour de FranceThe History, The Legend, The Riders
2004978-1-84018-807-3Paolo Hewitt · Mark BaxterThe Fashion of Football: From Best to Beckham, from Mod to Label Lover
  ''978-1-84018-808-0Brian CooksonLondon's Waterside Walks
2003978-1-84018-810-3W. H. MurrayBhoys, Bears And Bigotry: Rangers, Celtic and the Old Firm in the New Age of Globalised Sport
2004978-1-84018-811-0Carolyn SoutarThe Real Nureyev: An Intimate Memoir of Ballet's Greatest Hero