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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1985978-1-85158-003-3Hunter DaviesGlory Game: Year in the Life of Tottenham Hotspur
1986978-1-85158-014-9Colin DouglasEthics Made Easy: Novel
  ''978-1-85158-017-0James Hunter · Cailean MacleanSkye: The Island
  ''978-1-85158-025-5Geoffrey ButcherNext to a Letter from Home: Major Glenn Miller's Wartime Band: Major Glen Miller's Wartime Band
  ''978-1-85158-042-2Gordon BrownMaxton: A Biography
1987978-1-85158-047-7Oscar Marzaroli · William McIlvanneyShades of Grey: Glasgow, 1956-1987: Glasgow, 1956-86
  ''978-1-85158-064-4Trevor RoyleWar Report: The War Correspondent's View of Battle from Crimea to the Falklands
1987978-1-85158-065-1Colin DouglasHazards of the Profession: Novel
1986978-1-85158-084-2Jan de VriesNeck and Back Problems: The Spine and Related Disorders (By Appointment Only S.)
1987978-1-85158-088-0Jim McLean · Ken GallagherJousting with Giants: The Jim McLean Story
1988978-1-85158-109-2Sylvia ClarkPaisley: Threads of Time - A History
  ''978-1-85158-111-5William James MurrayGlasgow's Giants: 100 Years of the Old Firm
1993978-1-85158-123-8Anthony MurrayForth Railway Bridge: A Celebration
1988978-1-85158-174-0Stephen WoodIn the Finest Tradition: Royal Scots Dragoon Guards (Carabiniers and Greys) - Its History and Treasures
  ''978-1-85158-179-5Russell GalbraithDestiny's Daughter: Story of the "Queen Elizabeth"
1989978-1-85158-213-6James GrassieShades of Scotland 1956-1988
  ''978-1-85158-218-1Andrew YuleBest Way to Walk: Chic Murray Story
  ''978-1-85158-228-0Gordon BrownWhere There's Greed: Margaret Thatcher and the Betrayal of Britain's Future
1989978-1-85158-240-2Kenneth WhiteTravels in the Drifting Dawn
1990978-1-85158-251-8Duncan MacmillanScottish Art, 1460-1990
1991978-1-85158-267-9Jan de VriesBody Energy (Nature's Gift)
2003978-1-85158-274-7Alfred VogelThe Nature Doctor: A Manual of Traditional and Complementary Medicine
1989978-1-85158-295-2John GiffordWilliam Adam
1991978-1-85158-303-4Trevor RoyleIn Flanders Field: Scottish Poetry and Prose of the First World War
1990978-1-85158-306-5Iain MacLeay · Andrew Murray ScottBritain's Secret War: Tartan Terrorism and the Anglo-American State
  ''978-1-85158-313-3Iain MacLeay · Andrew Murray ScottBritain's Secret War: Tartan Terrorism and the Anglo-American State
  ''978-1-85158-320-1Paul JoannouWembley Wizards: The Story of a Legend
1991978-1-85158-329-4James HunterThe Claim of Crofting: the Scottish Highlands and Islands 1930-1990
  ''978-1-85158-334-8Elliot BristowHome in October: Twenty-one Years of Road Dreams
1990978-1-85158-340-9Tom Campbell · Pat WoodsRhapsody in Green: Great Celtic Moments
1991978-1-85158-344-7Terri ColpiThe Italian Factor, The Italian community in Great Britain: Italian Community of Great Britain
  ''978-1-85158-348-5Yevgeny Aleksandrovich YevtushenkoThe Collected Poems, 1952-90
1991978-1-85158-349-2Terri ColpiItalians Forward: Visual History of the Italian Community of Great Britain
  ''978-1-85158-353-9Muriel GrayThe First Fifty: Munro-bagging without a Beard
  ''978-1-85158-359-1William McIlvanneySurviving the Shipwreck
1995978-1-85158-364-5Chris Ellmers · Alex Werner · Alex WarnerDockland Life: A Pictorial History of London's Docks, 1860-1970
1990978-1-85158-367-6Brian Marwood · Brian WoolnoughLife of Brian
1991978-1-85158-369-0Eric HebbornDrawn to Trouble: The Forging of an Artist
  ''978-1-85158-373-7Les SnowdonWalking Diet: Walk Back to Fitness in Thirty Days
1995978-1-85158-391-1Robert Louis StevensonA Child's Garden Of Verses
1992978-1-85158-405-5Bud NeillLobey's the Wee Boy!: Collected Lobey Dosser
1993978-1-85158-413-0Leslie GourseSassy: Life of Sarah Vaughan
1991978-1-85158-416-1Phillip HillsScots on Scotch
1996978-1-85158-418-5Roddy MartineScottish Clan & Family Names: Their Arms, Origins and Tartans
1992978-1-85158-426-0John PurserScotland's Music: A History of the Traditional and Classical Music of Scotland from the Earliest Times to the Present Day
  ''978-1-85158-443-7James HunterScottish Highlanders: A People and Their Place
1993978-1-85158-449-9Jan de VriesMenopause (Well Woman)
1992978-1-85158-454-3   ''Skin Diseases (By Appointment Only)
1991978-1-85158-456-7Alan J Wilson · Des Brogan · Frank McGrailGhostly Tales and Sinister Stories of Old Edinburgh
1992978-1-85158-472-7Matthew SmithJFK: The Second Plot
1992978-1-85158-474-1Douglas Skelton · Lisa BrownlieFrightener: The Glasgow Ice-cream Wars
1996978-1-85158-478-9Andrew DempsterClassic Mountain Scrambles in Scotland
1991978-1-85158-490-1Gerry McNeeIn the Footsteps of the Quiet Man
1992978-1-85158-491-8Tom ShieldsTom Shields' Diary
  ''978-1-85158-499-4Howard Wilkinson · David WalkerManaging to Succeed: My Life in Football Management
  ''978-1-85158-500-7Ally McCoist · Crawford BrankinAlly McCoist: My Story
1993978-1-85158-504-5Tom ShieldsTom Shields Too: More Tom Shields' Diary
  ''978-1-85158-534-2Jan de VriesStomach and Bowel Disorders (By Appointment Only)
1995978-1-85158-536-6John ChalmersOne Hundred Hill Walks Around Glasgow: Essential Guide to Hill Walking in Central Scotland (One Hundred Walks)
1993978-1-85158-537-3John ChalmersOne Hundred Hill Walks Around Edinburgh: Essential Guide to Hill Walking in Central Scotland (One Hundred Walks)
  ''978-1-85158-544-1Jim CrumleyAmong Mountains
1993978-1-85158-557-1Keith BrockieMountain Reflections
  ''978-1-85158-568-7Stephen F. KellyThe Anfield Encyclopedia: An A-Z of Liverpool FC
  ''978-1-85158-570-0Richard Gough · Ken GallacherField of Dreams: My Ibrox Years
1994978-1-85158-578-6Ian McLauchlanScottish Rugby Book 1994
  ''978-1-85158-587-8Jan de VriesQuestions and Answers on Family Health: The Alternative Approach (DK Healthcare)
1993978-1-85158-588-5Arnold KempThe Hollow Drum: Scotland Since the War
  ''978-1-85158-592-2Oscar MarzaroliGlasgow's People, 1956-1988: 1956-88
1993978-1-85158-593-9Mark Hateley · Ken GallacherTop Mark!: An Autobiography
1995978-1-85158-604-2Les Snowdon · Maggie HumphreysWalk Slim (Fitness Walking S.)
1994978-1-85158-606-6Peter BrockOne Hundred Walks Around Bristol
1996978-1-85158-607-3Hamish M. BrownThe Last Hundred: Munros, Beards and a Dog
1994978-1-85158-608-0Hamish BrownThe Fife Coast: From the Forth Bridges to Leuchars by the Castles Coast and the East Neuk
  ''978-1-85158-609-7Jim GrindleOne Hundred Hill Walks in the Lake District (One Hundred Walks)
  ''978-1-85158-610-3G ThompsonClassic Mountain Scrambles in England and Wales
  ''978-1-85158-619-6Jim CrumleyAmong Islands
  ''978-1-85158-629-5Derek DouglasThe Scottish Rugby Year Book 1995
1994978-1-85158-639-4James HunterA Dance Called America: Scottish Highlands, the United States and Canada
  ''978-1-85158-642-4James WalvinThe People's Game: History of Football Revisited
  ''978-1-85158-645-5Gavin HastingsHigh Balls and Happy Hours: An Autobiography
1995978-1-85158-665-3Tom JarrettSt. Andrews Golf Links: The First 600 Years
1994978-1-85158-685-1Elizabeth EmanuelPassion House: My Own Story
1995978-1-85158-691-2Alan CameronBank of Scotland, 1695-1995: A Very Singular Institution
1994978-1-85158-692-9Gordon Brown · James NaughtieJohn Smith: Life and Soul of the Party
1995978-1-85158-704-9James A. MackayVagabond of Verse: Biography of Robert Service
  ''978-1-85158-710-0Ian PenneyMaine Road Encyclopedia
  ''978-1-85158-712-4Sheila TracyBands, Booze and Broads
1995978-1-85158-717-9David Frith100 Walks Around Manchester
  ''978-1-85158-731-5Gordon Brown · Antony WrightValues, Visions and Voices: An Anthology
  ''978-1-85158-736-0Andrew HogganHearts in Art
1997978-1-85158-737-7Derek DouglasThe Thistle: A Chronicle of Scottish Rugby
1995978-1-85158-740-7Rob SteenThe Mavericks: English Football When Flair Wore Flares
  ''978-1-85158-748-3Peter O'Neil · Sean BoyneThe Master of Doninga: Authorised Biography of Paddy Mullins
  ''978-1-85158-750-6Paul HarrisonSt. James's Park Encyclopedia
1996978-1-85158-759-9Dave HadfieldXIII Worlds: Pursuing Rugby League Around the Globe
1995978-1-85158-765-0James HunterOn the Other Side of Sorrow: Nature And People In The Scottish Highlands
1995978-1-85158-769-8Billy WebbRunning with the Krays: My Life in London's Gangland
1996978-1-85158-785-8Harry Henniker101 Bike Routes in Scotland
1995978-1-85158-788-9Mike Catt · Leonard StallThe Quest for the Ultimate Grand Slam: Mike Catt's Year
  ''978-1-85158-789-6Graham ClarkDavie Cooper: Tribute to a Legend
1996978-1-85158-791-9Heather Connon · Paul RoperThe Highland High Way: A High-level Walking Route from Loch Lomond to Fort William
1995978-1-85158-793-3Tom WattThe End: 80 Years of Life on the Terraces: 80 Years of Life on Arsenal's North Bank
  ''978-1-85158-795-7Billy KayThe Dundee Book: An Anthology of Living in the City
1996978-1-85158-802-2Dean HayesThe White Hart Lane Encyclopedia: A-Z of Tottenham Hotspur
1997978-1-85158-805-3Lorna SigginsMary Robinson: The Woman Who Took Power in the Park
1996978-1-85158-806-0Michael ClowerMick Kinane: Big Race King - The Authorised Biography
1995978-1-85158-807-7James HunterA Dance Called America: Scottish Highlands, the United States and Canada
  ''978-1-85158-816-9Jamie ReidA Licence To Print Money: Journey Through the Gambling and Bookmaking World
  ''978-1-85158-820-6Jan de VriesMigraine and Epilepsy (By Appointment Only)
1995978-1-85158-823-7James MackayWilliam Wallace: Brave Heart
1996978-1-85158-828-2Peter O'Sullevan · Sean Magee · Anne Princess RoyalThat's Racing
  ''978-1-85158-829-9James HunterGlencoe and the Indians
1998978-1-85158-831-2James A. MackayThe Man Who Invented Himself: A Life of Sir Thomas Lipton
1997978-1-85158-833-6James MackaySounds Out of Silence: A Life of Alexander Graham Bell
1996978-1-85158-839-8Eugenie FraserThe Dvina Remains
  ''978-1-85158-841-1Edwin MuirScottish Journey: A Modern Classic
  ''978-1-85158-843-5Graham David SmithCelebration
  ''978-1-85158-845-9David Ewart · May EwartScottish Ceilidh Dancing
1996978-1-85158-850-3Sheila TracyBands, Booze And Broads
  ''978-1-85158-857-2James A. MackayMichael Collins: A Life
  ''978-1-85158-873-2Jeremy NovickWinning Their Spurs: Tottenham Hotspur Dream Team
  ''978-1-85158-875-6Glenn WilmoreThe Hawthorns Encyclopedia: A-Z of West Bromwich Albion
1997978-1-85158-880-0Tom ShieldsTom Shields: Free At Last
  ''978-1-85158-889-3Jim CrumleyGulfs of Blue Air: A Highland Journey
1996978-1-85158-890-9Eugene MastersonThe Word on the Street: Unsanctioned Story of "Oasis"
1996978-1-85158-894-7Stephen McGarrigleThe Complete Who's Who in Irish International Football, 1945-96
1997978-1-85158-898-5Amy LawrenceProud to Say That Name: Arsenal Dream Team
  ''978-1-85158-903-6Graham SharpeGambling on Goals: A Century of Football Betting
  ''978-1-85158-909-8Paul McGuigan · Paolo HewittThe Greatest Footballer You Never Saw: Robin Friday Story
1999978-1-85158-910-4Robin AshcroftThe Long Routes: Mountaineering Rock Climbs in Snowdonia and the Lake District
1997978-1-85158-911-1Peter Burns · Pat WoodsOh, Hampden in the Sun....
1996978-1-85158-912-8Bob FeigelSenior Citizens Survival Guide: Beyond the New Millenium
  ''978-1-85158-913-5Tim Purcell · Mike GethingWartime Wanderers: A Football Team at War
1997978-1-85158-917-3Stuart BarnesRugby's New Age Travellers
1998978-1-85158-932-6Eamonn P. O'NeillMatadors
  ''978-1-85158-934-0Lisa BrownlieHow to Baby-proof Your Home
1998978-1-85158-936-4Harry Henniker101 Mountain Bike Routes
1997978-1-85158-939-5Sean RyanThe Boys in Green: FAI International Story
  ''978-1-85158-947-0Alan JacksonA Different Man: Peter Howson's Art, from Bosnia and Beyond
  ''978-1-85158-949-4James A. MackayMichael Collins: A Life
  ''978-1-85158-950-0Kit Bryson · Eric Cantona · Terence BlackerThe Meaning of Cantona: Meditations on Life, Art and Perfectly Weighted Balls
  ''978-1-85158-956-2Roger HutchinsonThe Toon: A Complete History of Newcastle United Football Club
1997978-1-85158-957-9Alyson RuddMatthew Harding: Pursuing the Dream
  ''978-1-85158-959-3Dean HayesThe Villa Park Encyclopedia: A-Z of Aston Villa
  ''978-1-85158-960-9   ''The Hillsborough Encyclopedia: A-Z of Sheffield Wednesday
1998978-1-85158-968-5Geoff Garvey · Leigh HattsCountry Walks Around London
1997978-1-85158-975-3Peter Samson · Alan CrowDunblane: Our Year of Tears
  ''978-1-85158-977-7James Nashold · George TremlettThe Death of Dylan Thomas
2007978-1-85158-983-8Rod MacdonaldDive Scapa Flow
1998978-1-85158-984-5William James MurrayThe Old Firm in a New Age
  ''978-1-85158-989-0Derek HammondLondon, England: A Day Tripper's Travelogue from the Coolest City in the World
1998978-1-85158-990-6Susan StewartShattered Dreams: One Woman's Escape to Freedom from an Abusive Marriage
1999978-1-85158-993-7Mick WallParanoid: Black Days with Sabbath and Other Rock Icons
1997978-1-85158-995-1Mike ReadForever England: The Life of Rupert Brooke
  ''978-1-85158-996-8Mike WatsonThe Tannadice Encyclopedia: A-Z of Dundee United