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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2004978-1-84018-812-7Tony Book · David ClaytonMaine Man: The Tony Book Story
  ''978-1-84018-813-4David StenhouseOn The Make: How the Scots Took Over London
  ''978-1-84018-815-8Christopher LingSultan In Arabia: A Private Life
  ''978-1-84018-816-5Wensley ClarksonKilling Charlie: The Bloody,Bullet-riddled Hunt for the Most Powerful Great Train Robber
  ''978-1-84018-817-2Cameron WhiteMr Nasty: Misadventures in the Drug World
2004978-1-84018-818-9Dave HadfieldUp and Over: A Trek Through Rugby League Land
  ''978-1-84018-819-6Tony MatthewsWho's Who Of Everton
  ''978-1-84018-821-9Tony MatthewsWho's Who Of Aston Villa
2003978-1-84018-822-6Ian RobertsonSweet Chariot: The Complete Book of the Rugby World Cup 2003
2004978-1-84018-823-3Brian Mears · Ian MacleayChelsea: A 100-year History
  ''978-1-84018-826-4John ScallyOdd-Shaped Balls: Mischief-makers, Miscreants and Mad-hatters of Rugby
  ''978-1-84018-828-8Steve BlackBlackie: The Steve Black Story
2003978-1-84018-829-5Jan de VriesStress and Nervous Disorders (By Appointment Only)
2004978-1-84018-830-1Geoffrey ReganPicking The Bones: Reclaiming the Past from the Politicians
2004978-1-84018-831-8Martin Cloake · Adam PowleyWe Are Tottenham: Voices from White Hart Lane
  ''978-1-84018-832-5Derek DohrenGhost on the Wall: The Authorised Biography of Roy Evans
  ''978-1-84018-835-6Peter Hillary · John E. ElderIn The Ghost Country: A Lifetime Spent on the Edge
  ''978-1-84018-837-0Irshad ManjiThe Trouble With Islam: A Wake-up Call for Honesty and Change
  ''978-1-84018-839-4Douglas SkeltonIndian Peter: The Extraordinary Life and Adventures of Peter Williamson
2004978-1-84018-840-0Dave Mackay · Martin KnightThe Real Mackay: The Dave Mackay Story
  ''978-1-84018-841-7Owen Hargie · David DicksonResearching The Troubles: Social Science Perspectives on the Northern Ireland Conflict
  ''978-1-84018-843-1Harry Henniker101 Bikes Routes In Scotland
  ''978-1-84018-846-2Nicci MackaySpoken in Whispers: The Autobiography of a Horse Whisperer
  ''978-1-84018-848-6Malcolm SlesserWith Friends in High Places: An Anatomy of Those Who Take to the Hills
2004978-1-84018-849-3Corinne SouzaBaghdad's Spy: A Personal Memoir Of Espionage And Intrigue From Baghdad To London: A Personal Memoir of Espionage and Intrigue from Iraq to London
  ''978-1-84018-850-9Nick RyanHomeland: Into a World of Hate
  ''978-1-84018-851-6John BurrowesIrish: The Remarkable Saga of a Nation and a City
  ''978-1-84018-852-3Steven PreeceAmongst the Marines: The Untold Story
  ''978-1-84018-853-0Nigel GoldmanHigh Stakes: How I Blew £14 Million: How I Blew 14 Million Pounds
2004978-1-84018-855-4H Henniker · Harry HennikerScotland: The National Cycle Network (National Cycle Network Route)
  ''978-1-84018-858-5John MetcalfeMountain Bike Fitness Training
  ''978-1-84018-864-6Danny Francis · McDonald · Tony McDonaldBoys Of '86: The Untold Story Of West Ham United's Greatest Ever Season: The Story of West Ham United's Greatest-ever Season (Mainstream Sport)
  ''978-1-84018-865-3David Roach · Mervyn DaviesIn Strength And Shadow: The Mervyn Davies Story
  ''978-1-84018-866-0Mike CoburnSoldier Five: The Real Truth About The Bravo Two Zero Mission: The Real Story of the Bravo Two Zero Mission
2004978-1-84018-869-1Gerry McneeIn the Footsteps of the Quiet Man: The Inside Story of the Cult Film
  ''978-1-84018-871-4Charles NevinLancashire, Where Women Die of Love
2005978-1-84018-872-1Luke Williams · Paul GadsbyMasters of the Baize: Cue Legends, Bad Boys and Forgotten Men in Search of Snooker's Ultimate Prize
2004978-1-84018-873-8Neville ThompsonStreetwise: Stories From An Irish Prison
  ''978-1-84018-878-3Ben Sharratt · Kirk BlowsClaret and Blue Blood: Pumping Life into West Ham United
  ''978-1-84018-879-0Becky TallentireReal Footballers' Wives: The First Ladies of Everton
  ''978-1-84018-880-6Alan Kennedy · John WilliamsKennedy's Way: Inside Bob Paisley's Liverpool
2004978-1-84018-881-3Gus Russo · Henry HillGangsters And Goodfellas: Wiseguys...and Life on the Run
  ''978-1-84018-882-0Mick CollinsChasing the Chariot: How Clive Woodward Won a World Cup, Changed English Rugby... Then Left
  ''978-1-84018-884-4Jan de VriesFifty Years Fighting: Another Step in Time
2005978-1-84018-887-5Patrick MylerRing of Hate: The Brown Bomber and Hitler's Hero: The Brown Bomber and Hitler's Hero - Joe Louis, Max Schmeling and the Bitter Propaganda War
2004978-1-84018-888-2Phil RostronLeeds United: Trials and Tribulations
  ''978-1-84018-889-9Robert AnasiThe Gloves: A Boxing Chronicle (Mainstream Sport)
  ''978-1-84018-890-5David Lister · Hugh JordanMad Dog: The Rise and Fall of Johnny Adair and 'C Company'
2004978-1-84018-891-2Wensley ClarksonMoody: The Life and Crimes of Britain's Most Notorious Hitman
  ''978-1-84018-892-9Martin King · Martin Knight · Phil SparrowhawkGrass (Mainstream Sport)
  ''978-1-84018-893-6Jack MilburnJackie Milburn: A Man of Two Halves (Mainstream Sport)
  ''978-1-84018-894-3Paul HowardRiding High: Shadow Cycling the Tour de France (Mainstream Sport)
  ''978-1-84018-895-0Jamie ReidDays Like These: The Education of a Racing Lover (Mainstream Sport)
2004978-1-84018-896-7Armin Lehmann · Tim CarrollIn Hitler's Bunker: A Boy Soldier's Eyewitness Account of the Führer's Last Days: A Boy Soldier's Eyewitness Account of the Fuhrer's Last Days
  ''978-1-84018-897-4Ken FerrisManchester United in Europe: Tragedy, History, Destiny: Tragedy, Destiny, History (Mainstream Sport)
  ''978-1-84018-898-1Frank Maloney · Kevin BrennanNo Baloney: A Journey From Peckham To Las Vegas (Mainstream Sport)
  ''978-1-84018-899-8Gary EdwardsPaint it White: Following Leeds Everywhere
  ''978-1-84018-900-1Jon SpurlingRebels for the Cause: The Alternative History of Arsenal Football Club (Mainstream Sport)
2004978-1-84018-901-8Roger HutchinsonThe Toon: Includes All the Action from Season 2003-2004: A Complete History of Newcastle United Football Club (Mainstream Sport)
  ''978-1-84018-902-5Martin DillonThe Trigger Men: Assassins and Terror Bosses in the Ireland Conflict
  ''978-1-84018-903-2Graham McCollCeltic In Europe: Four Decades Of Drama (Mainstream Sport)
  ''978-1-84018-904-9Tim CarrollThe Great Escapers: The Full Story of the Second World War's Most Remarkable Mass Escape
  ''978-1-84018-905-6Steve JonesOn My Knees: The Long Road to England's World Cup Glory - A Harassed Hack's Homage (Mainstream Sport)
2004978-1-84018-906-3Cameron WhiteMr Nasty: Misadventures in the Drug World
  ''978-1-84018-907-0Mike CoburnSoldier Five: The Real Truth About The Bravo Two Zero Mission
  ''978-1-84018-909-4Suzanne Schlosberg1001 Nights Without Sex: The Curse of the Single Girl
2005978-1-84018-910-0Anne HollandHorses for Courses: An Irish Racing Year
  ''978-1-84018-913-1Kevin Connolly · Rab MacWilliamFields of Glory, Paths of Gold: The History of European Football
  ''978-1-84018-915-5Todd R. NichollsThe Winter Game: Rediscovering the Passion of Rugby
2004978-1-84018-916-2Bernard AzulayArsenal All 4-1: A Guidebook to an Historic Season Straight from Highbury's Gooner Grapevine
2004978-1-84018-917-9Edmund GregoryNot Waving But Drowning: The Troubled Life and Times of a Frontline RUC Officer
  ''978-1-84018-918-6Graeme FifeTour de France: The History, the Legend, the Riders
  ''978-1-84018-920-9John CairneyA Scottish Football Hall of Fame (Mainstream Sport)
  ''978-1-84018-922-3Larry RyanThe Gaffta Awards: From Becks to Big Ron - Celebrating the Wonderful World of Football Speak
  ''978-1-84018-923-0Dean HayesThe Goodison Park Encyclopedia
2005978-1-84018-924-7Irshad ManjiiThe Trouble with Islam Today: A Wake-Up Call for Honesty and Change
2005978-1-84018-925-4Graham JohnsonPowder Wars: The Supergrass who Brought Down Britain's Biggest Drug Dealers
  ''978-1-84018-926-1Bernard O'MahoneyWannabe in My Gang?: From the Krays to the Essex Boys
2006978-1-84018-927-8Les McKeown · Lynne ElliottShang-A-Lang: The Curse of the Bay City Rollers
2004978-1-84018-928-5Huw RichardsDragons and All Blacks: Wales v. New Zealand - 1953 and a Century of Rivalry: Wales V.. New Zealand - 1953 and a Century of Rugby
  ''978-1-84018-929-2Jeff MurphyJohnny Owen - UNAUTHORISED biography
  ''978-1-84018-930-8Paul BrownBalls: Tales from Football's Nether Regions
2005978-1-84018-931-5Peter Lorimer · Phil RostronPeter Lorimer: Leeds and Scotland Hero (Mainstream Sport)
2004978-1-84018-932-2Jack AlexanderMcCrae's Battalion: The Story of the 16th Royal Scots
2005978-1-84018-933-9John CairneyHeroes are Forever: The Life and Times of Celtic Legend Jimmy McGrory
2004978-1-84018-935-3Andy Cameron · Norman MacdonaldWait 'Til You Hear This . . .: The Life and Laughs of Andy Cameron
  ''978-1-84018-936-0Anne Midgette · Herbert BreslinThe King and I: The Uncensored Tale of Luciano Pavarotti's Rise to Fame by his Manager, Friend and Sometime Adversary
2004978-1-84018-937-7Jan de VriesTraditional Home and Herbal Remedies (By Appointment Only)
2005978-1-84018-938-4John ScallyLegends of Irish Rugby: Forty Golden Greats
2004978-1-84018-939-1David Belcher · Ken SmithSix Appeal: The Latest and Funniest Compilation from The Herald Diary
2005978-1-84018-941-4Ian Cummins · John BeasantShell Shock: The Secrets And Spin Of An Oil Giant: A Blue-chip Betrayal
2006978-1-84018-944-5Graham JohnsonDruglord: Guns, Powder and Pay-Offs
2005978-1-84018-945-2David TossellBertie Mee: Arsenal's Officer and Gentleman
  ''978-1-84018-946-9Peter MortimerCool for Qat: A Yemeni Journey: Two Countries, Two Times: A Yemeni Journey 1930-2004
  ''978-1-84018-947-6Nicholas DaviesDead Men Talking: Collusion, Cover-Up and Murder in Northern Ireland's Dirty War
  ''978-1-84018-948-3John E. Elder · Peter HillaryThe Hillary Step: From Everest To The South Pole
  ''978-1-84018-951-3Stephen WalshVoices Of The Old Firm (Mainstream Sport)
2004978-1-84018-952-0Jan de VriesStomach and Bowel Disorders
2005978-1-84018-954-4S LewisThe Priceless Gif: 125 Years of Welsh Rugby Captains
2005978-1-84018-955-1John McEwanJohn Bellany
  ''978-1-84018-956-8Donald McRaeDark Trade: Lost in Boxing
  ''978-1-84018-957-5Christopher ChanceThe Lone Brit on 13: A Prisoner's Hell in Spain's Toughest Jail
2006978-1-84018-958-2Hamish ScottInvention Of Edinburgh, The
2005978-1-84018-959-9Bruce SandisonWalk Scotland: A Guidebook For All Seasons
  ''978-1-84018-960-5Gina MalletLast Chance to Eat: The Fate of Taste in a Fast Food World
  ''978-1-84018-961-2Sandy Mitchell · Mark HollingsworthSaudi Babylon: Torture, Corruption and Cover-up Inside the House of Saud
2004978-1-84018-962-9Paul JoannouShirt Of Legends: The Story of Newcastle United's No.9 Heroes
2005978-1-84018-963-6Donya Al-Nahi · Eugene CostelloNo One Takes My Children: The Dramatic Story of a Mother's Determination to Regain Her Kidnapped Son and Daughter
2005978-1-84018-965-0Annette HopeLondoners' Larder: English Cuisine from Chaucer to the Present: English Cuisine from Chaucer to Present
2004978-1-84018-966-7Jan de VriesLife Without Arthritis: The Maori Way: The Maori Way - A Remarkable Discovery for Arthritis and Rheumatism Sufferers
2005978-1-84018-967-4Christopher ChanceCarabanchel: The Last Brit in Europe's Hellhole Prison
  ''978-1-84018-968-1Kathy O'BeirneKathy's Story: A Childhood Hell Inside the Magdalen Laundries
  ''978-1-84018-969-8Graham ForbesRock and Roll Mountains
  ''978-1-84018-970-4Alan EvansThe BARBARIANS: the united nations of rugby
2006978-1-84018-971-1Iain S. BruceCons: Voices from the Inside
2005978-1-84018-972-8Mark Hollingsworth · Paul HalloranTHATCHER'S FORTUNESTHE LIFE AND TIMES OF MARK THATCHER
  ''978-1-84018-973-5Ivor Baddiel · Steve FistBottle: The Completely True Story of an Ex-Football Hooligan
2005978-1-84018-974-2Kevin MervinWeekend Warrior: A Territorial Soldier's War in Iraq
  ''978-1-84018-975-9Wayne ThallonCut-Throat: The Vicious World of Rod McLean - Mercenary, Gun-Runner and International Drug Baron
2006978-1-84018-976-6Brian CooksonCrossing the River: The History of London's Thames River Bridges from Richmond to the Tower
2005978-1-84018-977-3James DavidsonScots And The Sea: A Nation's Lifeblood
  ''978-1-84018-978-0Neil Doyle AuthorTerror Tracker: An Odyssey Into Pure Fear
  ''978-1-84018-979-7Frank WorrallWayne Rooney: Simply Red
  ''978-1-84018-980-3Norman DabellHow We Won the Ryder Cup: The Caddies' Stories
2005978-1-84018-981-0David StenhouseHow the Scots Took Over London
  ''978-1-84018-982-7Eugene Costello · Howard MarksWhite Gold: The Inside Story Of The UK's Largest Ever Drugs Haul
  ''978-1-84018-985-8Jan de VriesMy Life and Work with Alfred Vogel
978-1-84018-986-5Send Him to Hell: John Davies' 17 Years of Suffering in Thailand's Prisons
2006978-1-84018-987-2Gordon HaskellThe Road to Harry's Bar: Forty Years on the Potholed Path to Stardom
2005978-1-84018-989-6David BryceAlive and Kicking: A Story of Crime, Addiction and Redemption in Glasgow's Gangland
2009978-1-84018-991-9Sebastian WilliamsSend Them to Hell: The Brutal Horrors of Bangkok's Nightmare Jails: Two Decades of Nightmares in Bangkok's Notorious Jails
2006978-1-84018-992-6Bernard BaleThe Fergie Legacy: One Man's Extraordinary Impact on British Football
2005978-1-84018-993-3Don CusicJohnny Cash: The Songs
2006978-1-84018-994-0Neil Doyle AuthorTerror Base UK: Inside a Secret War
2005978-1-84018-995-7T.J. EnglishOld Bones and Shallow Graves: The Untold Story of the Irish-American Gangster
  ''978-1-84018-996-4Clive Prince · Lynn Picknett · Stephen PriorFriendly Fire: The Secret War Between the Allies
  ''978-1-84018-998-8Allan FosterThe Literary Traveller in Edinburgh: A Book Lover's Guide to the World's First City of Literature: A Bookworm's Sightseeing Guide to the World's First City of Literature