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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2020978-1-7936-0024-0Melissa Schnyder · Noha ShawkiAdvocating for Refugees in the European Union: Norm-Based Strategies by Civil-Society Organizations
  ''978-1-7936-0103-2Amanda Nicholson Bergold · Asma Ghani · Gregory Davis · Joel Cooper · Joseph Avery · Oana DumitruBias in the Law: A Definitive Look at Racial Prejudice in the U.S. Criminal Justice System
  ''978-1-7936-0106-3Kevin Leo Yabut NadalQueering Law and Order: LGBTQ Communities and the Criminal Justice System
2019978-1-7936-0277-0Asa McKercher · Catherine KrullEntangled Terrains and Identities in Cuba: Memories of Guantánamo (Lexington Studies on Cuba)
  ''978-1-7936-0292-3Josef Pazderka · Daniel Povolný · Leonid Shinkarev · Olga Pavlenko · Nikita Petrov · Dmitry Beloshevsky · Petr Pithart · Tomáš GlancThe Soviet Invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968: The Russian Perspective (The Harvard Cold War Studies Book Series)
  ''978-1-7936-0316-6Gian Marco FareseItalian Discourse: A Cultural Semantic Analysis
2020978-1-7936-0347-0Dale McFee · David Barnard · Joseph Garcea · Mikayla Leanne Plett · Peter Bisson · Robert Chrismas · Ronald EvansOur Shared Future: Windows into Canada's Reconciliation Journey
2019978-1-7936-0356-2Augustine Adu FrimpongLife Expectancy in Africa: Improving Public Health Policy
2019978-1-7936-0488-0Hans A. BaerMotor Vehicles, the Environment, and the Human Condition: Driving to Extinction (Environment and Society)
  ''978-1-7936-0600-6Stephen TownThe Choral-Orchestral Works of Ralph Vaughan Williams: Autographs, Context, Discourse
2020978-1-7936-0685-3Alanna Coady · Brad E. Kelle · Brett T. Litz · Gabriella Lettini · Jessica R. Carney · Joseph McDonald · Sheila FrankfurtMoral Injury: A Guidebook for Understanding and Engagement
  ''978-1-7936-0709-6William MannenArms, Revenue, and Entitlements: U.S. Deficits in the Cold War, 1945-1991
2019978-1-7936-0916-8Xiaobing Li University of Central Oklahoma · Qiang Fang · Peng Deng · Xiaojia Hou · Ting Jiang · Danke Li · Hongshan Li · Liyan LiuA Century of Student Movements in China: The Mountain Movers, 1919-2019
  ''978-1-7936-0919-9Johan MatzStalin's Double-Edged Game: Soviet Bureaucracy and the Raoul Wallenberg Case, 1945-1952 (The Harvard Cold War Studies Book Series)
2020978-1-7936-1001-0Albert P. MelonePolitical Culture in the Age of Trump
  ''978-1-7936-1169-7Siddhartha SarkarThe Politics of Human Trafficking: Lessons from Asia and Europe
2020978-1-7936-1331-8James Diego VigilMultiple Marginality and Gangs: Through a Prism Darkly
2019978-1-7936-1382-0Carissa McCray · Dale Williams · Evelyn Amponsah · Jade Benn · Michael Baugh · Riché Richardson · Tapo Chimbganda#blacklove: The Intricacies and Intimacies of Romantic Love in Black Relationships