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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2018978-1-4985-7876-9Sebahattin Ziyanak · Bilal SertTurkish Immigrants in the Mainstream of American Life: Theories of International Migration
2019978-1-4985-7921-6Kate Ott · Keun-Joo Christine Pae · Lisa Dellinger · Mai-Anh Tran · Nami Kim · Wonhee Anne JohFeminist Praxis against U.S. Militarism (Postcolonial and Decolonial Studies in Religion and Theology)
2018978-1-4985-7942-1Sabre Cherkowski · Keith Walker · Peter Bates · Bob Bayles · Wilfred Beckford · Stephen Berg · Brent Bradford · Amy BurnsPerspectives on Flourishing in Schools (Mindfulness in Education)
2019978-1-4985-8002-1Sheena KalayilSecond-Generation South Asian Britons: Multilingualism, Heritage Languages, and Diasporic Identity
2018978-1-4985-8051-9Christine Clark · Amanda VandeHei · Kenneth J. Fasching-Varner · Zaid M. Haddad · Sandra Candel · Lauren Bell · Mónica Hernández-Johnson · Cindy BezardMulticultural Curriculum Transformation in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (Foundations of Multicultural Education)
  ''978-1-4985-8054-0Daniel BultmannThe Social Order of Postconflict Transformation in Cambodia: Insurgent Pathways to Peace (Modern Southeast Asia)
2019978-1-4985-8081-6Su-Mi LeeGood Mediator: Relational Characteristics of Effective Mediators
2018978-1-4985-8123-3Brian de Ruiter · Bryonny Goodwin-Hawkins · Crystie R. Deuter · Dori Griffin · Erin Katherine Kelly · Holly-Gale Millette · LuAnn McCracken FletcherLiterary Tourism and the British Isles: History, Imagination, and the Politics of Place
2020978-1-4985-8177-6Ramon BlancoPeace as Government: The Will to Normalize Timor-Leste
2019978-1-4985-8198-1Anthony GrayFreedom of Speech in the Western World: Comparison and Critique
2018978-1-4985-8211-7Abdul Razak IddrisGeorge W. Bush's and Barack H. Obama's Foreign Policies toward Ghana: A Comparative Analysis
2019978-1-4985-8323-7Fred A. LazinAmerican Christians and the National Interreligious Task Force on Soviet Jewry: A Call to Conscience
2018978-1-4985-8356-5Matthew GritterRepublican Presidents and the Safety Net: From Moderation to Backlash
  ''978-1-4985-8395-4Lamar L. Johnson · Gloria Boutte · Gwenda Greene · Dywanna Smith · Saudah Collins · Ntain Patience Chia · Julia Dawson · Antoinette GibsonAfrican Diaspora Literacy: The Heart of Transformation in K-12 Schools and Teacher Education
  ''978-1-4985-8419-7George P. SmithDignity as a Human Right?
2020978-1-4985-8495-1Guangyan ChenPerformed Culture in Chinese Language Education: A Culture-Based Approach for U.S. Collegiate Contexts
  ''978-1-4985-8574-3Kawser Ahmed · Helal MohiuddinThe Rohingya Crisis: Analyses, Responses, and Peacebuilding Avenues
2018978-1-4985-8601-6Deniz Kozanoğlu · Gökçe Bayındır Goularas · Hüdayi Sayın · Işıl Zeynep Turkan İpek · Melih Görgün · Murat YüceşahinInternational Migration and Challenges in the Beginning of the Twenty-First Century
2018978-1-4985-8637-5Bradley J. BorougerdiCommodifying Cannabis: A Cultural History of a Complex Plant in the Atlantic World
  ''978-1-4985-8708-2Anne-Marie Lee-Loy · Dania Abreu-Torres · Debbie Lee-DiStefano · Linda Aïnouche · Luisa Marcela Ossa · Malathi Michelle IyengarAfro-Asian Connections in Latin America and the Caribbean (Black Diasporic Worlds: Origins and Evolutions from New World Slaving)
2019978-1-4985-8711-2Annemie Halsema · Brian Gregor · Daniel Frey · Geoffrey Dierckxsens · Jean-Luc Amalric · Luz Ascárate Ascarate · Scott DavidsonA Companion to Ricoeur's Fallible Man (Studies in the Thought of Paul Ricoeur)
  ''978-1-4985-8717-4M. Kevin McGeeMaking Tax Sense: The Case for a Progressive Consumed-Income Tax
  ''978-1-4985-8774-7J. Furman, III Daniel · T.K. RogersThe First Space War: How the Patterns of History and the Principles of STEM Will Shape Its Form
2018978-1-4985-8786-0Gerald Stourzh · Wolfgang MuellerA Cold War over Austria: The Struggle for the State Treaty, Neutrality, and the End of East-West Occupation, 1945-1955 (The Harvard Cold War Studies Book Series)
2019978-1-4985-8816-4Angela Miller-Hargis · Delane A. Bender-Slack · Jen Bayless · Jill Parker · Jimmy McLean · Lauren Angelone · Nina GettemyInternationalization in the Classroom: Going Global
  ''978-1-4985-8935-2Robert A. StrongCharacter and Consequence: Foreign Policy Decisions of George H. W. Bush
2019978-1-4985-8974-1John DavisTrump's World: Peril and Opportunity in US Foreign Policy after Obama
  ''978-1-4985-9073-0Jonathan ImmanuelBritain, the Bible, and Balfour: Mandate for a Jewish State, 1530-1917 (Lexington Studies in Modern Jewish History, Historiography, and Memory)
  ''978-1-4985-9128-7Laura E. Reimer · Katerina Standish · Chuck ThiessenExpanding the Edges of Narrative Enquiry: Research from the Mauro Institute
  ''978-1-4985-9149-2Sean Parson · J.L. SchatzSuperheroes and Masculinity: Unmasking the Gender Performance of Heroism
2020978-1-4985-9158-4Angela Parker · Janette H. Ok · Jennifer T. Kaalund · Jin Young Choi · Jung H. Choi · Mitzi J. SmithMinoritized Women Reading Race and Ethnicity: Intersectional Approaches to Constructed Identity and Early Christian Texts (Feminist Studies and Sacred Texts)
2019978-1-4985-9191-1Marie Brown · Marilyn Charles · Jessica Arenella · Berta Britz · Nicola Byrne · Liane F. Carlson · Simone Ciufolini · Helen DeVinneyWomen & Psychosis: Multidisciplinary Perspectives (Psychoanalytic Studies: Clinical, Social, and Cultural Contexts)
2020978-1-4985-9200-0John, Jr. Rucynski · Caleb Prichard · Anne Pomerantz · Jules Winchester · Maria Ramirez de Arellano · Mohammad Ali Heidari-Shahreza · Scott Gardner · Nadezda PimenovaBridging the Humor Barrier: Humor Competency Training in English Language Teaching
2019978-1-4985-9251-2Yasemin Tezgiden CakcakMoving beyond Technicism in English-Language Teacher Education: A Case Study from Turkey
  ''978-1-4985-9279-6Frances L. Edwards · Louise K. Comfort · Miriam Belblidia · N. Emel Ganapati · Jerry V. Graves · Alessandra Jerroleman · John J. Kiefer · Anuradha MukherjiHousing Recovery after Disasters
2019978-1-4985-9383-0Dennis N. RicciPresidential Decision Making and Military Intervention in the Post-Cold War Era: Go or No-Go
2020978-1-4985-9389-2Francine TremblayOrganizing for Sex Workers' Rights in Montréal: Resistance and Advocacy
2019978-1-4985-9441-7D. Darell DonesTerrorist Recruitment of U.S. Gangs: Global Criminal Alliances and Biological Weapons
2020978-1-4985-9456-1Min WangMultimodalities and Chinese Students' L2 Practices: Positioning, Agency, and Community
2019978-1-4985-9579-7Amy K., MilliganJewish Bodylore: Feminist and Queer Ethnographies of Folk Practices (Studies in Folklore and Ethnology: Traditions, Practices, and Identities)
  ''978-1-4985-9588-9Derek Dich · Fonkem Achankeng I · James Kevin Groves · Janet Hagen · Kendra Green · Leslie A. Hagedorn · Michelle Devine GieseCrime, Second Chances, and Human Services: Creating a Pathway to Ordinary Life for the Convicted
  ''978-1-4985-9666-4Earl SchwartzThe Arc of the Covenant: Jewish Educational Success on the Upper Mississippi
  ''978-1-4985-9714-2Kiyoshi TamagawaEchoes from the East: The Javanese Gamelan and its Influence on the Music of Claude Debussy
  ''978-1-4985-9801-9Vernon L. PedersenThe Communist Party on the American Waterfront: Revolution, Reform, and the Quest for Power
2019978-1-4985-9831-6Daniele BottiJohn Rawls and American Pragmatism: Between Engagement and Avoidance