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2013978-0-7391-9054-8Christopher J. Preston · Albert Borgmann · Holly Jean Buck · Wylie Carr · Forrest Clingerman · Maialen Galarraga · Benjamin Hale · Marion HourdequinEngineering the Climate: The Ethics of Solar Radiation Management
  ''978-0-7391-9061-6Erika Gebo · Brenda J. Bond · Carolyn Boyes-Watson · Anthony A. Braga · Ellen Foley · David M. Hureau · Jack Mcdevitt · Erin McLaughlinLooking Beyond Suppression: Community Strategies to Reduce Gang Violence
  ''978-0-7391-9065-4Cynthia KaufmanGetting Past Capitalism: History, Vision, Hope (Critical Studies on the Left)
  ''978-0-7391-9068-5Daniel Albalate · Germa BelThe Economics and Politics of High-Speed Rail: Lessons from Experiences Abroad
  ''978-0-7391-9070-8Gerald Andrews Emison · John Charles Morris · Lee M. Thomas · Ronald Brand · Thomas Kelly · A. Stanley Meiburg · Robert Wayland · Susan WaylandTrue Green: Executive Effectiveness in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
2013978-0-7391-9075-3Sharon Pardo · Joel PetersIsrael and the European Union: A Documentary History
  ''978-0-7391-9090-6Natacha Aveline-Dubach · Maylis Bellocq · Kim Shi Dug · Fabienne Duteil-Ogata · Yukihiro Kawaguchi · Elise Prebin · Katsumi Shimane · Ryokei TakamuraInvisible Population: The Place of the Dead in East-Asian Megacities
  ''978-0-7391-9091-3Matthias MessmerJewish Wayfarers in Modern China: Tragedy and Splendor
2014978-0-7391-9096-8A. L. JonesThe Gender Vendors: Sex and Lies from Abraham to Freud
  ''978-0-7391-9120-0Abraham Joseph · Takako HamaguchiTimor-Leste: The History and Development of Asia’s Newest Nation
  ''978-0-7391-9133-0Francis Wiafe-AmoakoHuman Security and Sierra Leone's Post-Conflict Development
2015978-0-7391-9135-4Adrián Bonilla · Astrid Arrarás · Emily D. Bello-Pardo · Jonathan D. Rosen · Marten W. Brienen · Nashira ChávezPrisons in the Americas in the Twenty-First Century: A Human Dumping Ground (Security in the Americas in the Twenty-First Century)
2015978-0-7391-9198-9Maureen Rand OakleyThe Bottle, The Breast, and the State: The Politics of Infant Feeding in the United States
2016978-0-7391-9202-3Rolanda J. WestReexamining Reentry: The Policies, People, and Programs of the United States Prisoner Reintegration Systems
  ''978-0-7391-9203-0Rolanda J WestReexamining Reentry: The Policies, People, and Programs of the United States Prisoner Reintegration Systems
  ''978-0-7391-9214-6Rico Devara ChapmanStudent Resistance to Apartheid at the University of Fort Hare: Freedom Now, a Degree Tomorrow
2014978-0-7391-9244-3Anders PerssonThe EU and the Israeli–Palestinian Conflict 1971–2013: In Pursuit of a Just Peace
  ''978-0-7391-9258-0Akanmu G. Adebayo · Brandon D. Lundy · Jesse J. Benjamin · Joseph Kingsley Adjei · Mustapha AbdallahIndigenous Conflict Management Strategies in West Africa: Beyond Right and Wrong (Conflict and Security in the Developing World)
  ''978-0-7391-9302-0Jas M. Sullivan · Ashraf Esmail · Frank C. Worrell · Richard D. Harvey · Jelani Mandara · William E., Jr. Cross · Donald C. Reitzes · Michael CunninghamAfrican American Identity: Racial and Cultural Dimensions of the Black Experience
2015978-0-7391-9321-1Oliver StuenkelThe BRICS and the Future of Global Order
2014978-0-7391-9327-3George AnastaploReflections on War and Peace and the Constitution
2014978-0-7391-9329-7Asligul Berktay · Katharina Greven · Klara Boyer-Rossol · Mickie Mwanzia Koster · Msia Kibona Clark · Rico Chapman · Shaheen AriefdienHip Hop and Social Change in Africa: Ni Wakati
  ''978-0-7391-9333-4Marquita R. WalkerThe Daily Grind: How Workers Navigate the Employment Relationship
2015978-0-7391-9405-8Ibtissam BouachrineWomen and Islam: Myths, Apologies, and the Limits of Feminist Critique
2014978-0-7391-9433-1Stephen C. McGuinnPrison Management, Prison Workers, and Prison Theory: Alienation and Power
2016978-0-7391-9435-5   ''Prison Management, Prison Workers, and Prison Theory: Alienation and Power
  ''978-0-7391-9457-7Per L. BylundThe Seen, the Unseen, and the Unrealized: How Regulations Affect Our Everyday Lives (Capitalist Thought: Studies in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics)
  ''978-0-7391-9490-4Murray J. LeafThe Anthropology of Eastern Religions: Ideas, Organizations, and Constituencies
2015978-0-7391-9518-5Albrecht ClassenThe Forest in Medieval German Literature: Ecocritical Readings from a Historical Perspective (Ecocritical Theory and Practice)
  ''978-0-7391-9556-7Joanna Simpson · Megan Glover AdamsUnderstanding Gifted Adolescents: Accepting the Exceptional
2017978-0-7391-9558-1Joanna Simpson · Megan Glover AdamsUnderstanding Gifted Adolescents: Accepting the Exceptional
2015978-0-7391-9560-4Colin Wark · John F. GalliherProgressive Lawyers under Siege: Moral Panic during the McCarthy Years
2016978-0-7391-9581-9Ahmed Ali Salem · Cassandra Rachel Veney · Edmond Keller · Emizet Francois Kisangani · John Mukum Mbaku · Rita Kiki Edozie · Zine MugabaneU.S.–Africa Relations: From Clinton to Obama
2014978-0-7391-9617-5Derek ThiessRelativism, Alternate History, and the Forgetful Reader: Reading Science Fiction and Historiography
2015978-0-7391-9624-3Keith SnedegarMission, Science, and Race in South Africa: A. W. Roberts of Lovedale, 1883–1938
2014978-0-7391-9641-0Shanna KirschnerTrust and Fear in Civil Wars: Ending Intrastate Conflicts
2015978-0-7391-9649-6Emmanuel Wekem KotiaGhana Armed Forces in Lebanon and Liberia Peace Operations (Conflict and Security in the Developing World)
2017978-0-7391-9657-1Martin LindhardtNew Ways of Being Pentecostal in Latin America
2017978-0-7391-9680-9Emily Allen Williams · Mary Lynn Chamber · Gerardo Del Guercio · Antonia Iliadou · Jacqueline C. Jones · Devona Mallory · Reginald Martin · Imani Michelle ScottWriting the Harlem Renaissance: Revisiting the Vision
2014978-0-7391-9771-4S. K. MooreMilitary Chaplains as Agents of Peace: Religious Leader Engagement in Conflict and Post-Conflict Environments
  ''978-0-7391-9783-7Guy F. BurnettThe Safeguard of Liberty and Property: The Supreme Court, Kelo v. New London, and the Takings Clause
  ''978-0-7391-9799-8Cassandra Rachel VeneyAfrican Democracy and Development: Challenges for Post-Conflict African Nations
  ''978-0-7391-9800-1John A. ArthurAfricans in Global Migration: Searching for Promised Lands
  ''978-0-7391-9801-8Azlan TajuddinMalaysia in the World Economy (1824–2011): Capitalism, Ethnic Divisions, and "Managed" Democracy
2015978-0-7391-9957-2Ferit GüvenDecolonizing Democracy: Intersections of Philosophy and Postcolonial Theory
2017978-0-7391-9997-8Gregory MooreDefining and Defending the Open Door Policy: Theodore Roosevelt and China, 1901–1909