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2020978-1-78990-004-0Matthias RuthA Research Agenda for Environmental Economics (Elgar Research Agendas)
  ''978-1-78990-021-7Michael H. Morris · Donald F. KuratkoWhat Do Entrepreneurs Create?: Understanding Four Types of Ventures
2019978-1-78990-037-8James Henderson · Arild MoeThe Globalization of Russian Gas: Political and Commercial Catalysts
  ''978-1-78990-057-6Robert Huggins · Piers ThompsonHandbook of Regions and Competitiveness: Contemporary Theories and Perspectives on Economic Development
  ''978-1-78990-074-3Dragoljub PopovicComparative Government
2020978-1-78990-076-7Alexander StyhreThe Political Constitution of the Corporation: A Management Studies View (New Perspectives on the Modern Corporation Series)
  ''978-1-78990-084-2Serdar Yilmaz · Farah ZahirIntergovernmental Transfers in Federations (Studies in Fiscal Federalism and State-Local Finance Series)
2019978-1-78990-092-7Petter GottschalkConvenience Triangle in White-Collar Crime: Case Studies of Fraud Examinations
2020978-1-78990-094-1Robert Costanza · Jon D. Erickson · Joshua Farley · Ida KubiszewskiSustainable Wellbeing Futures: A Research and Action Agenda for Ecological Economics
2019978-1-78990-102-3Patricia Kennett · Noemi Lendvai-BaintonHandbook of European Social Policy
2019978-1-78990-103-0Celine Tan · Julio FaundezNatural Resources and Sustainable Development: International Economic Law Perspectives
  ''978-1-78990-104-7Bridget M. HutterRisk, Resilience, Inequality and Environmental Law
  ''978-1-78990-105-4G. Scott EricksonNew Methods of Market Research and Analysis
  ''978-1-78990-106-1Scott FarrowTeaching Benefit-Cost Analysis: Tools of the Trade (Elgar Guides to Teaching)
2020978-1-78990-121-4Aharon KellermanGlobalization and Spatial Mobilities: Commodities and People, Capital, Information and Technology
  ''978-1-78990-123-8Lourdes Gaitan · Yannis Pechtelidis · Catarina Tomas · Natalia FernandesChildren'S Lives in Southern Europe: Contemporary Challenges and Risks (Southern European Societies Series)
2020978-1-78990-149-8Premarajan Raman Kadiyil · Anneleen Forrier · Michael B. ArthurCareer Dynamics in a Global World: Indian and Western Perspectives (New Horizons in Organization Studies Series)
2019978-1-78990-158-0Geoffrey M. HodgsonIs There a Future for Heterodox Economics?: Institutions, Ideology and a Scientific Community
  ''978-1-78990-160-3Geoffrey M. HodgsonIs There a Future for Heterodox Economics?: Institutions, Ideology and a Scientific Community
  ''978-1-78990-161-0   ''Is Socialism Feasible?: Towards an Alternative Future
  ''978-1-78990-163-4   ''Is Socialism Feasible?: Towards an Alternative Future
  ''978-1-78990-181-8Ciara Torres-SpelliscyPolitical Brands
2019978-1-78990-197-9Yasuyuki MotoyamaFrom Innovation to Entrepreneurship: Connectivity-Based Regional Development
  ''978-1-78990-207-5Jichun ShiRenmin Chinese Law Review: Selected Papers of the Jurist () Volume 7: Selected Papers of the Jurist (法学家) Volume 7
  ''978-1-78990-214-3Daniel J. Gervais(Re)structuring Copyright: A Comprehensive Path to International Copyright Reform (Elgar Monographs in Intellectual Property Law)
  ''978-1-78990-215-0Sionaidh Douglas-Scott · Nicholas HatzisResearch Handbook on Eu Law and Human Rights (Research Handbooks in European Law Series)
  ''978-1-78990-216-7Gunter FrankenbergComparative Constitutional Studies: Between Magic and Deceit (Elgar Monographs in Constitutional and Administrative Law Series)
2019978-1-78990-217-4Gunter FrankenbergComparative Law as Critique (Elgar Studies in Legal Theory)
  ''978-1-78990-218-1Peter Dauvergne · Justin AlgerA Research Agenda for Global Environmental Politics (Elgar Research Agendas)
  ''978-1-78990-234-1Josef Drexl · Anselm Kamperman SandersThe Innovation Society and Intellectual Property (European Intellectual Property Institutes Network Series)
  ''978-1-78990-248-8Susy FrankelThe Object and Purpose of Intellectual Property (Atrip Intellectual Property Series)
  ''978-1-78990-250-1Victor P. GoldbergRethinking the Law of Contract Damages (Rethinking Law Series)
2020978-1-78990-257-0Irene Bernhard · Urban Grasjoe · Charlie KarlssonDiversity, Innovation and Clusters: Spatial Perspectives (New Horizons in Regional Science Series)
2019978-1-78990-259-4Ewald Nowotny · Doris Ritzberger-Grunwald · Helene SchuberthHow to Finance Cohesion in Europe?
2020978-1-78990-281-5Mike Wright · David J Ketchen Jr. · Timothy ClarkHow to Get Published in the Best Management Journals: Second Edition
2019978-1-78990-285-3Diane NijsAdvanced Imagineering: Designing Innovation as Collective Creation
2019978-1-78990-300-3Tawhida Ahmed · Elaine FaheyOn Brexit: Law, Justices and Injustices
  ''978-1-78990-304-1Joanne B. Ciulla · Tobey K. SchardingEthical Business Leadership in Troubling Times (Studies in Transatlantic Business Ethics Series)
  ''978-1-78990-324-9Michael HechterRational Choice Sociology: Essays on Theory, Collective Action and Social Order
  ''978-1-78990-331-7Alain FayolleA Research Agenda for Entrepreneurship Education (Elgar Research Agendas)
  ''978-1-78990-333-1Benoit GodinThe Invention of Technological Innovation: Languages, Discourses and Ideology in Historical Perspective
2019978-1-78990-368-3John Spriggs · Barbara Chambers · Carole KayroozTowards Collaborative Research in International Development: The Central Role of Social Science
2020978-1-78990-370-6Bent GreveAusterity, Retrenchment and the Welfare State: Truth or Fiction?
  ''978-1-78990-372-0Sara Valaguzza · Eduardo ParisiPublic Private Partnerships: Governing Common Interests
2019978-1-78990-374-4Jon C. MessengerTelework in the 21st Century: An Evolutionary Perspective (The ILO Future of Work series)
  ''978-1-78990-384-3Silvia Grandi · Christian Sellar · Juvaria JafriGeofinance Between Political and Financial Geographies: A Focus on the Semi-Periphery of the Global Financial System
  ''978-1-78990-397-3Eddy Laveren · Robert Blackburn · Ulla Hytti · Hans LandstromRigour and Relevance in Entrepreneurship Research, Resources and Outcomes: Frontiers in European Entrepreneurship Research (Frontiers in European Entrepreneurship series)
  ''978-1-78990-411-6Natasha Y. Ridge · Arushi TerwayPhilanthropy in Education: Diverse Perspectives and Global Trends (Norrag Series on International Education and Development)
2019978-1-78990-413-0Felia Allum · Isabella Clough Marinaro · Rocco SciarroneItalian Mafias Today: Territory, Business and Politics
2020978-1-78990-415-4Manuel Gonzalez-Lopez · Bjorn T. AsheimRegions and Innovation Policies in Europe: Learning from the Margins (New Horizons in Regional Science Series)
2019978-1-78990-417-8Marta Villar Ezcurra · Janet E. Milne · Hope Ashiabor · Mikael Skou AndersenEnvironmental Fiscal Challenges for Cities and Transport (Critical Issues in Environmental Taxation Series)
  ''978-1-78990-419-2Peter A. G. van Bergeijk · Rolph van der HoevenSustainable Development Goals and Income Inequality
  ''978-1-78990-420-8Natalie Mizik · Dominique M. HanssensHandbook of Marketing Analytics: Methods and Applications in Marketing Management, Public Policy, and Litigation Support (Research Handbooks in Business and Management series)
  ''978-1-78990-426-0Valerie Bevan · Caroline GatrellKnowing Her Place: Positioning Women in Science (New Horizons in Management Series)
  ''978-1-78990-427-7Leonardo AvritzerThe Two Faces of Institutional Innovation: Promises and Limits of Democratic Participation in Latin America (Advances in Critical Policy Studies series)
2019978-1-78990-428-4Ed Couzens · Alexander Paterson · Sophie Riley · Yanti FristikawatiProtecting Forest and Marine Biodiversity: The Role of Law (The IUCN Academy of Environmental Law series)
  ''978-1-78990-429-1Mark CassonThe Multinational Enterprise: Theory and History
  ''978-1-78990-430-7Robert KolbInternational Law on the Maintenance of Peace: Jus Contra Bellum (Principles of International Law Series)
2020978-1-78990-453-6Rafael ZieglerInnovation, Ethics and our Common Futures: A Collaborative Philosophy
  ''978-1-78990-457-4Ofer FeldmanThe Rhetoric of Political Leadership: Logic and Emotion in Public Discourse
  ''978-1-78990-474-1Bertrand BadieRethinking International Relations (Rethinking Political Science and International Studies Series)
2020978-1-78990-499-4Alina Mungiu-Pippidi · Paul M. HeywoodA Research Agenda for Studies of Corruption (Elgar Research Agendas)
2019978-1-78990-507-6Nikolaos Karagiannis · John E. KingA Modern Guide to State Intervention: Economic Policies for Growth and Sustainability (Elgar Modern Guides)
2020978-1-78990-519-9Florian WeigandConflict and Transnational Crime: Borders, Bullets & Business in Southeast Asia
2019978-1-78990-524-3Todd J. Zywicki · Peter J. BoettkeResearch Handbook on Austrian Law and Economics (Research Handbooks in Law and Economics series)
  ''978-1-78990-525-0James A. R. NafzigerComparative Law and Anthropology (Research Handbooks in Comparative Law series)
  ''978-1-78990-526-7Henning Lohmann · Ive MarxHandbook on In-Work Poverty
  ''978-1-78990-527-4Patrizio Bianchi · Sandrine LaboryIndustrial Policy for the Manufacturing Revolution: Perspectives on Digital Globalisation
  ''978-1-78990-528-1Ronald J. Burke · Julia C. HughesHandbook of Human Resource Management in the Tourism and Hospitality Industries
2020978-1-78990-531-1Gemma AiolfiAnti-Corruption Compliance: A Guide for Small and Mid-Sized Organizations (Elgar Compliance Guides)
2020978-1-78990-541-0Miroslava Scholten · Alex BrenninkmeijerControlling EU Agencies: The Rule of Law in a Multi-jurisdictional Legal Order
2019978-1-78990-555-7Ali HajighasemiEuropean Welfare States and Globalization: Strategies in an Era of Economic Restructuring
2020978-1-78990-557-1James MidgleyInequality, Social Protection and Social Justice
  ''978-1-78990-570-0UNIDOInternational Yearbook of Industrial Statistics 2020 (International Yearbook of Industrial Statistics series)
  ''978-1-78990-576-2Werner Haslehner · Katerina Pantazatou · Georg Kofler · Alexander RustA Guide to the Anti-Tax Avoidance Directive (Elgar Tax Law and Practice series)
  ''978-1-78990-582-3Abdul Ghafar Ismail Ghafar Ismail · Muhamed ZulkhibriEconomic Capital and Risk Management in Islamic Banking
  ''978-1-78990-593-9Dina L. TownsendHuman Dignity and the Adjudication of Environmental Rights
2020978-1-78990-595-3Kemi OgunyemiAfrican Virtue Ethics Traditions for Business and Management
  ''978-1-78990-618-9Lothar DetermannDetermann'S Field Guide to Data Privacy Law: International Corporate Compliance, Fourth Edition (Elgar Compliance Guides)
  ''978-1-78990-620-2Lothar DetermannDetermann'S Field Guide to Data Privacy Law: International Corporate Compliance, Fourth Edition (Elgar Compliance Guides)
  ''978-1-78990-621-9Maria A. Carrai · Jean-Christophe Defraigne · Jan WoutersThe Belt and Road Initiative and Global Governance (Leuven Global Governance Series)
2019978-1-78990-649-3Richard T. Harrison · Claire LeitchResearch Handbook on Entrepreneurship and Leadership (Research Handbooks in Business and Management series)
2020978-1-78990-663-9Morten HuseResolving the Crisis in Research by Changing the Game: An Ecosystem and a Sharing Philosophy (Game Changers and Ground Breakers Series)
2019978-1-78990-689-9Franco Ferrari · Diego P. Fernandez ArroyoPrivate International Law: Contemporary Challenges and Continuing Relevance (Elgar Monographs in Private International Law)
2020978-1-78990-702-5Pascal SalinTax Tyranny (New Thinking in Political Economy Series)
2019978-1-78990-704-9Nicos Komninos · Christina KakderiSmart Cities in the Post-Algorithmic Era: Integrating Technologies, Platforms and Governance (Cities Series)
  ''978-1-78990-727-8Ronald S. Burt · Yanjie Bian · Lijun Song · Nan LinSocial Capital, Social Support and Stratification: An Analysis of the Sociology of Nan Lin
2019978-1-78990-770-4Harald Bathelt · Patrick Cohendet · Sebastian Henn · Laurent SimonThe Elgar Companion to Innovation and Knowledge Creation
  ''978-1-78990-771-1Andrej SavinEU Telecommunications Law (Elgar European Law series)
  ''978-1-78990-772-8Faiz Gallouj · Faridah DjellalA Research Agenda for Service Innovation (Elgar Research Agendas)
  ''978-1-78990-773-5Alison Brysk · Michael StohlContracting Human Rights: Crisis, Accountability, and Opportunity (Elgar Studies in Human Rights)
  ''978-1-78990-774-2Horatia Muir Watt · Lucia Bizikova · Agatha Brandao de Oliveira · Diego P. Fernandez ArroyoGlobal Private International Law: Adjudication without Frontiers
2019978-1-78990-775-9Jane D'AristaAll Fall Down: Debt, Deregulation and Financial Crises
2020978-1-78990-793-3Eric TistounetThe UN Human Rights Council: A Practical Anatomy (Elgar Practical Guides)
2019978-1-78990-841-1Bart NooteboomUprooting Economics: A Manifesto for Change
  ''978-1-78990-843-5Bart NooteboomUprooting Economics: A Manifesto for Change
2020978-1-78990-858-9Andrea Lanza · Giuseppina SimoneStrategic Human Capital: Creating a Sustainable Competitive Advantage (New Horizons in Management Series)
  ''978-1-78990-860-2Jean-Christophe Dissart · Natacha SeigneuretLocal Resources, Territorial Development and Well-Being
  ''978-1-78990-920-3Hulya KayaThe EU-Turkey Statement on Refugees: Assessing Its Impact on Fundamental Rights
2019978-1-78990-926-5Joshua C. Teitelbaum · Kathryn ZeilerResearch Handbook on Behavioral Law and Economics (Research Handbooks in Law and Economics Series)
  ''978-1-78990-927-2Sabri Boubaker · Douglas Cumming · Duc K. NguyenResearch Handbook of Finance and Sustainability
2019978-1-78990-928-9James K. Beggan · Scott T. AllisonLeadership and Sexuality: Power, Principles and Processes (Jepson Studies in Leadership Series)
  ''978-1-78990-929-6Bjorn BjerkeAlternative Marketing Approaches for Entrepreneurs
  ''978-1-78990-930-2Ray KielyThe Neoliberal Paradox
  ''978-1-78990-931-9Vito TanziThe Ecology of Tax Systems: Factors That Shape the Demand and Supply of Taxes
2020978-1-78990-936-4Frauke RenzState Responsibility and New Trends in the Privatization of Warfare
  ''978-1-78990-949-4Christian LahusenCitizens' Solidarity in Europe: Civic Engagement and Public Discourse in Times of Crises
2020978-1-78990-963-0Randall G. HolcombeAdvanced Introduction to the Austrian School of Economics (Elgar Advanced Introductions series)
  ''978-1-78990-965-4Randall G. HolcombeAdvanced Introduction to the Austrian School of Economics (Elgar Advanced Introductions series)
  ''978-1-78990-980-7Vida Skudiene · Jason Li-Ying · Fabian BernhardInnovation Management: Perspectives from Strategy, Product, Process and Human Resources Research (New Horizons in Innovation Management Series)
  ''978-1-78990-986-9Monika KosteraThe Imagined Organisation: Spaces, Dreams and Places
  ''978-1-78990-998-2Doron GoldbarshtGlobal Counter-Terrorist Financing and Soft Law: Multi-layered Approaches