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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2016978-1-60930-299-3Andrew LeipoldCriminal Procedure-Adjudication (Concepts and Insights)
2015978-1-60930-301-3Mary O'Connell · Richard Scott · Naomi Roht-Arriaza · Daniel BradlowThe International Legal System: Cases and Materials, 7th (University Casebook Series)
2013978-1-60930-302-0Lloyd WeinrebLeading Constitutional Cases on Criminal Justice, 2013 (University Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-60930-305-1James Salzman · Barton Thompson Jr.Environmental Law and Policy (Concepts and Insights)
2015978-1-60930-307-5Joel Eisen · Emily Hammond · Jim Rossi · David Spence · Jacqueline Weaver · Hannah WisemanEnergy, Economics and the Environment, 4th (University Casebook Series)
2013978-1-60930-308-2Board of Student Advisors, Harvard SchoolIntroduction to Advocacy: Research, Writing and Argument, 8th (Coursebook)
  ''978-1-60930-309-9Richard J. Pierce Jr. · Sidney A. Shapiro · Paul R. VerkuilAdministrative Law and Process (University Treatise Series)
  ''978-1-60930-310-5Kevin M ClermontClermont's The Judicial Code and Rules of Procedure in the Federal Courts, 2013 (Selected Statutes)
  ''978-1-60930-311-2Kevin ClermontFederal Rules of Civil Procedure and Selected Other Procedural Provisions, 2013 (Selected Statutes)
2015978-1-60930-313-6Jeffrey L. KwallThe Federal Income Taxation of Corporations, Partnerships, LLCs, and Their Owners, 5th (University Casebook Series)
2014978-1-60930-316-7Hal Scott · Anna GelpernInternational Finance, Transactions, Policy, and Regulation (University Casebook Series)
2014978-1-60930-318-1Lynn Baker · Clayton Gillette · David SchleicherLocal Government Law, Cases and Materials, 5th Edition (University Casebook Series)
2013978-1-60930-320-4Richard Fallon Jr · John Manning · Daniel Meltzer · David ShapiroThe Federal Courts and the Federal System 6th, 2013 Supplement (University Casebook Series)
2015978-1-60930-321-1David Hunter · James SalzmanInternational Environmental Law and Policy, 5th (University Casebook Series)
2014978-1-60930-324-2Thomas D. Morgan · Ronald D. Rotunda · John S. DzienkowskiProfessional Responsibility, Concise 12th (University Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-60930-325-9Thomas D Morgan · Ronald D. Rotunda · John S. DzienkowskiProfessional Responsibility, 12th (University Casebook Series)
2017978-1-60930-326-6Edward Rabin · Roberta Kwall · Jeffrey Kwall · Craig ArnoldFundamentals of Modern Property Law (University Casebook Series)
2015978-1-60930-328-0Stewart Sterk · Melanie LeslieEstates and Trusts, 5th (University Casebook Series)
2013978-1-60930-330-3Marvin ChirelsteinConcepts and Case Analysis in the Law of Contracts, 7th (Concepts and Insights)
2012978-1-60930-331-0George FisherFederal Rules of Evidence Statutory Supplement, 2013 (University Casebook: Supplement)
2013978-1-60930-332-7John Coffee Jr · Hillary SaleFederal Securities Laws: Selected Statutes, Rules and Forms, 2013
2014978-1-60930-333-4George Coggins · Charles Wilkinson · John Leshy · Robert FischmanFederal Public Land and Resources Law, 7th (University Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-60930-334-1Jane GinsburgLegal Methods, 4th (University Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-60930-336-5Robert Glicksman · Richard LevyAdministrative Law: Agency Action in Legal Context, 2d (University Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-60930-337-2Kristin Hickman · Richard Pierce Jr.Federal Administrative Law, Cases and Materials, 2nd (University Casebook Series)
2013978-1-60930-339-6William Warren · Steven WaltCommercial Law (University Casebook Series)
2013978-1-60930-341-9William D. Warren · Steven D. WaltPayments and Credits, 9th (University Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-60930-342-6William Warren · Steven WaltSecured Transactions in Personal Property (University Casebook Series)
2017978-1-60930-343-3Jack Weinstein · Norman Abrams · Scott Brewer · Daniel MedwedEvidence, Cases and Materials (University Casebook Series)
2014978-1-60930-346-4George Coggins · Charles Wilkinson · John Leshy · Robert FischmanFederal Public Land and Resources Law Statutory Supplement
2015978-1-60930-349-5William A. Klein · J. Mark Ramseyer · Stephen M. BainbridgeBusiness Associations, Cases and Materials on Agency, Partnerships, and Corporations (University Casebook Series)
2013978-1-60930-353-2Samuel BagenstosDisability Rights Law, 2d (University Casebook Series)
2014978-1-60930-354-9Douglas BairdElements of Bankruptcy, 6th (Concepts and Insights)
2016978-1-60930-355-6R. DessemCivil Procedure: Representing Clients in Civil Litigation (University Casebook Series)
2013978-1-60930-357-0James Freeland · Daniel Lathrope · Stephen Lind · Richard StephensFundamentals of Federal Income Taxation (University Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-60930-361-7E. Farnsworth · Carol Sanger · Neil Cohen · Richard Brooks · Larry GarvinSelections for Contracts (Selected Statutes)
  ''978-1-60930-362-4F. S. Kieff · Pauline Newman · Herbert F. Schwartz · Henry E. SmithPrinciples of Patent Law, 6th (University Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-60930-364-8Steven Bank · Kirk StarkSelected Sections Corporate and Partnership Income Tax Code and Regulations 2013-2014 (Selected Statutes)
2013978-1-60930-365-5Steven Bank · Kirk StarkSelected Sections Federal Income Tax Code and Regulations, 2013-2014 (Selected Statutes)
  ''978-1-60930-366-2Thomas GallanisGallanis' Uniform Trust and Estate Statutes, 2013-2014 (Selected Statutes)
  ''978-1-60930-367-9Ralph Brown · Robert DenicolaCopyright, Unfair Competition, and Related Topics Bearing on the Protection of Works of Authorship 2013 Statutory Supplement (University Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-60930-368-6William Klein · J. Ramseyer · Stephen BainbridgeBusiness Associations: Agency, Partnerships, LLCs, and Corporations- 2013 Statutes and Rules
2015978-1-60930-369-3Michael Paulsen · Steven Calabresi · Michael McConnell · Samuel BrayThe Constitution of the United States: 2015 Supplement (University Casebook)
2013978-1-60930-370-9Peter Low · John Jeffries Jr · Curtis BradleyFederal Courts and the Law of Federal-State Relations: 2013 Supplement (University Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-60930-371-6Jonathan Varat · Vikram Amar · William CohenConstitutional Law: Cases and Materials, 14th, 2013 Supplement (University Casebook Series)
2013978-1-60930-372-3Charles Whitebread II · Christopher SloboginCriminal Procedure, An Analysis of Cases and Concepts: 2013 Supplement (University Textbook Series)
  ''978-1-60930-373-0Stephen Choi · Adam PritchardSecurities Regulation Statutory Supplement: 2013 (Selected Statutes)
  ''978-1-60930-374-7Robert Gorman · Jane Ginsburg · R ReeseCopyright: 2013 Case Supplement and Statutory Appendix (University Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-60930-375-4Melvin Aron EisenbergCorporations and Other Business Organizations: Statutes, Rules, Materials and Forms, 2013 Edition
  ''978-1-60930-376-1Kathleen Sullivan · Noah FeldmanConstitutional Law: 2013 Supplement (University Casebook Series)
2013978-1-60930-377-8Daniel LathropeSelected Sections on United States International Taxation, 2013 (Selected Statutes)
  ''978-1-60930-378-5Thomas Rowe Jr · Suzanna Sherry · Jay TidmarshCivil Procedure: 2013 Supplement (University Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-60930-381-5Douglas Baird · Theodore Eisenberg · Thomas JacksonCommercial and Debtor-Creditor Law Selected Statutes 2013
2014978-1-60930-382-2John McNulty · Karen BurkeFederal Income Taxation of S Corporations, 2d (University Treatise Series)
2013978-1-60930-383-9William Warren · Steven WaltCommercial Law: Selected Statutes, 2013-2014
2015978-1-60930-384-6Charles J RussoThe Law of Public Education, 9th (University Casebook Series)
2013978-1-60930-386-0Jack Weinstein · Norman Abrams · Peter Tillers · Scott Brewer · Daniel MedwedEvidence, 2013 Rules and Statute Supplement (University Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-60930-388-4Kevin YamamotoFederal Transfer Taxes Code and Regulations, with Klein Estate and Gift Tax Map, 2013 (Selected Statutes)
2015978-1-60930-391-4Richard Bonnie · Anne Coughlin · John Jeffries Jr. · Peter LowCriminal Law, 4th Edition (University Casebook Series)
2013978-1-60930-394-5Alexandra KleinThe Estate and Gift Tax Map: The Estate and Gift Tax Map, 2013
2014978-1-60930-395-2Thomas GallanisFamily Property Law, Cases and Materials on Wills, Trusts, and Estates (University Casebook Series)
2016978-1-60930-397-6David Hunter · James SalzmanInternational Environmental Law and Policy Treaty Supplement, 2016 (University Casebook Series)
2013978-1-60930-398-3J. Ruhl · John Nagle · James Salzman · Alexandra KlassThe Practice and Policy of Environmental Law: Cases and Materials (University Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-60930-400-3Paul Goldstein · R Reeseelected Statutes and International Agreements on Unfair Competition, Trademark, Copyright and Patent (Selected Statutes)
2015978-1-60930-401-0Kenneth Abraham · Daniel SchwarczInsurance Law and Regulation, 6th (University Casebook Series)
2013978-1-60930-402-7Melvin Eisenberg · James CoxCorporations and Other Business Organizations, Cases and Materials: 2013 Supplement (University Casebook Series)
2013978-1-60930-403-4Geoffrey Hazard Jr · Colin Tait · William Fletcher · Stephen BundyHazard, Tait, Fletcher, and Bundy's Cases and Materials on Pleading and Procedure, State and Federal Cases and Materials, 10th, 2013 Supplement (University Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-60930-405-8Mark Rothstein · Lance Liebman · Kimberly YurackoEmployment Law, Cases and Materials, 7th, 2013 Supplement (University Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-60930-406-5David Owen · John Montgomery · Mary DavisProducts Liability and Safety, Cases and Materials, 6th, 2013 Case and Statutory Supplement (University Casebook Series)
2015978-1-60930-407-2Victor Schwartz · Kathryn Kelly · David PartlettProsser, Wade and Schwartz's Torts, Cases and Materials, 13th (University Casebook Series)
2013978-1-60930-409-6Areen, Spindelman, and Tsoukala's Family Law, Unabridged and Concise 6th, 2013 Supplement
  ''978-1-60930-413-3Theresa GabaldonSecurities Regulation, 8th (University Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-60930-415-7John Coffee Jr · Hillary SaleSecurities Regulation: 2013 Supplement (University Casebook Series)
2013978-1-60930-416-4Andrew Taslitz · Margaret Paris · Lenese HerbertConstitutional Criminal Procedure: 2013 Supplement (University Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-60930-417-1Robert Gorman · Matthew FinkinLabor Law, Cases and Materials, 15th Ed: 2013 Statutory Appendix and Case Supplement (University Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-60930-418-8David Herwitz · Matthew BarrettAccounting for Lawyers, 4th, 2013 Supplement (University Casebook Series)
2015978-1-60930-419-5Stephen Choi · Adam PritchardSecurities Regulation, Cases and Analysis (University Casebook Series)
2013978-1-60930-421-8Henkin, Cleveland, Helfer, Neuman, and Orentlicher's Human Rights, 2D, 2013 Supplement
2018978-1-60930-422-5John Jeffries Jr. · Pamela Karlan · Peter Low · George RutherglenCivil Rights Actions: Enforcing the Constitution (University Casebook Series)
2014978-1-60930-423-2Peter W. Low · John C. Jeffries Jr. · Curtis A. BradleyFederal Courts and the Law of Federal-State Relations, 8th (University Casebook Series)
2015978-1-60930-424-9Stephen H. Legomsky · Cristina M. RodriguezImmigration and Refugee Law and Policy (University Casebook Series)
2016978-1-60930-426-3Mark Roe · Frederick TungBankruptcy and Corporate Reorganization, Legal and Financial Materials (University Casebook Series)
2015978-1-60930-427-0Richard H. Fallon Jr. · John F. Manning · Daniel J. Meltzer · David L. ShapiroThe Federal Courts and The Federal System (University Casebook Series)
2013978-1-60930-428-7Barry Adler · Douglas Baird · Thomas JacksonBankruptcy, Cases, Problems, and Materials, 2013 Supplement (University Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-60930-429-4George FisherFederal Rules of Evidence Statutory and Case Supplement: Summer 2013-2014 (University Casebook Series)
2014978-1-60930-430-0Stephen BainbridgeInsider Trading Law and Policy (Concepts and Insights)
2013978-1-60930-431-7David Benjamin OppenheimerPatt v. Donner: A Simulated Casefile for Learning Civil Procedure (Coursebook)
2014978-1-60930-432-4Richard Levy · Robert GlicksmanStatutory Analysis in the Regulatory State (Coursebook)
2013978-1-60930-433-1William Eskridge Jr · Nan HunterSexuality, Gender, and the Law: 2013 Supplement (University Casebook Series)
2014978-1-60930-434-8Melissa Murray · Kristin LukerCases on Reproductive Rights and Justice (University Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-60930-435-5James Cox · Melvin EisenbergBusiness Organizations: Cases and Materials (University Casebook)
2014978-1-60930-436-2Melvin Eisenberg · James CoxBusiness Organizations Cases and Materials (University Casebook) Concise Edition
  ''978-1-60930-437-9William Van Alstyne · Kurt LashThe American First Amendment in the Twenty-First Century, Cases and Materials, 5th (University Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-60930-438-6Katherine Stone · Richard Bales · Alexander ColvinArbitration Law (University Casebook Series)
2015978-1-60930-440-9Daniel Bussel · David Skeel Jr.Bankruptcy, 10th Ed (University Casebook Series)
2016978-1-60930-442-3James Rasband · James Salzman · Mark Squillace · Sam KalenNatural Resources Law and Policy (University Casebook Series)
2013978-1-60930-443-0Eugene VolokhThe First Amendment and Related Statutes, Problems, Cases and Policy Arguments (University Casebook Series)
2015978-1-60930-444-7Elizabeth Fajans · Mary Falk · Helene ShapoWriting for Law Practice: Advanced Legal Writing, 3d (Coursebook)
2013978-1-60930-447-8Paul McDaniel · Martin McMahon Jr · Daniel Simmons · Gregg PolskyFederal Income Taxation, Cases and Materials, 6th, 2013 Supplement (University Casebook Series)
2015978-1-60930-449-2Mark A. Rothstein · Lance M. Liebman · Kimberly A. YurackoEmployment Law Cases and Materials, 8th (University Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-60930-450-8Mark A. Rothstein · Lance M. Liebman · Kimberly A. YurackoEmployment Law Cases and Materials, Concise 8th (University Casebook Series)
2014978-1-60930-453-9Franklin GevurtzBusiness Planning, 5th (University Casebook Series)
2016978-1-60930-456-0Catharine MacKinnonSex Equality, 3d (University Casebook Series)
2015978-1-60930-457-7Douglas A. Kahn · Jeffrey H. KahnFederal Income Tax: Students Guide to The Internal Revenue Code, 7th (University Treatise Series)
2014978-1-60930-458-4William CarneyCorporate Finance: Principles and Practice, 3d (University Casebook Series)
2018978-1-60930-461-4Stewart Sterk · Melanie LeslieEstates and Trusts, Cases and Materials, 5th - CasebookPlus (University Casebook Series)
2014978-1-60930-462-1Beth Schaack · Ronald SlyeInternational Criminal Law and Its Enforcement, Cases and Materials, 3d (University Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-60930-465-2Kermit RooseveltConflict of Laws, 2d (Concepts and Insights)
2014978-1-60930-466-9Stephen M. BainbridgeAgency, Partnerships and LLCs, 2d (Concepts and Insights)
2016978-1-60930-467-6Marc Franklin · David Anderson · Lyrissa Barnett Lidsky · Amy GajdaMedia Law: Cases and Materials (University Casebook Series)
2014978-1-60930-469-0Larry D Soderquist · Theresa A. GabaldonSecurities Law, 5th (Concepts and Insights)
2015978-1-60930-471-3Stephen BainbridgeCorporate Law (Concepts and Insights)
2014978-1-60930-472-0Kevin ClermontThe Judicial Code and Rules of Procedure in the Federal Courts: 2014 Revision (Selected Statutes)
  ''978-1-60930-473-7   ''Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (Selected Statutes)
  ''978-1-60930-474-4Gail Levin RichmondFederal Tax Research: Guide to Materials and Techniques, 9th (University Treatise Series)