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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1982978-0-88277-066-6William Lloyd ProsserCases and materials on torts (University casebook series)
  ''978-0-88277-067-3Rollin Perkins · Ronald BoyceCases and Materials on Criminal Law and Procedure (University Treatise Series)
1983978-0-88277-102-1Julius G. GetmanLabor Relations: Law, Practice, and Policy
1984978-0-88277-184-7Thomas Bergin · Paul HaskellBergin and Haskell's Preface to Estates in Land and Future Interests (University Treatise Series)
  ''978-0-88277-189-2John HonnoldCases and Materials on the Law of Sales and Sales Financing (University Casebook Series)
1985978-0-88277-229-5Jack H. Friedenthal · Michael SingerThe Law of Evidence (University Casebook Series)
1979978-0-88277-499-2Robert M. Cover · Owen M. FissThe Structure of Procedure (Coursebook)
1987978-0-88277-598-2Alfred Conard · Robert Knauss · Stanley SiegelConard, Knauss and Siegel's Agency, Associations, Employment and Partnerships, Cases, Statutes and Analysis, 4th (University Casebook Series)
1988978-0-88277-641-5William L. Prosser · John W. Wade · Victor E. SchwartzCases and Materials on Torts (University Casebook Series)
  ''978-0-88277-652-1Julius G. Getman · Bertrand B. PogrebinLabor Relations: The Basic Processes, Law and Practice (University Textbook Series)
1989978-0-88277-706-1Ronald N. Boyce · Rollin M. PerkinsCriminal Law and Procedure Cases and Materials (University Case Book Series)
  ''978-0-88277-718-4John Cribbet · Corwin JohnsonCribbet and Johnson's Principles of the Law of Property (University Treatise Series)
1990978-0-88277-787-0Frederica LombardReadings in Family Law, Divorce and Its Consequences (Coursebook)
1990978-0-88277-797-9Maurice Rosenberg · Hans Smit · Rochelle DreyfussElements of Civil Procedure, Cases and Materials (University Casebook Series)
  ''978-0-88277-800-6Howard E. Abrams · Richard L. DoernbergFederal Corporate Taxation (University textbook series)