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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-1-58778-852-9Richard L. ReveszEnvironmental Law and Policy: Statutory and Regulatory Supplement (2005-2006 Edition)
2006978-1-58778-853-6Peter Hay · Russell J. Weintraub · Patrick J. BorchersConflict of Laws: Cases and Materials: 2006 Supplement (University Casebook)
2005978-1-58778-854-3Hal S. ScottInternational Finance, Transactions, Policy, and Regulation, 12th ed (University Casebook Series)
978-1-58778-855-0International Finance: Transactions, Policy, and Regulation (University Casebook)
2005978-1-58778-856-7William W. Van AlstyneThe American First Amendment in the Twenty-First Century, Cases and Materials, 3rd ed, 2005 Supplement
  ''978-1-58778-857-4Jane C. Ginsburg · Jessica Litman · Mary L. KevlinTrademark And Unfair Competition Law: Cases And Materials
  ''978-1-58778-858-1John C. Jeffries Jr. · Pamela S. Karlan · Peter W. Low · George A. RutherglenCivil Rights Actions: Enforcing the Constitution, 2005 Supplement
  ''978-1-58778-859-8James J. Fishman · Stephen SchwarzNonprofit Organizations Cases and Materials 2nd Ed, 2005 Supplement
  ''978-1-58778-860-4William CohenThe First Amendment: Constitutional Protection of Expression and Conscience, 2005 Supplement (University Casebook Series)
2005978-1-58778-861-1Peter W. Low · John C. Jeffries Jr.Federal Courts and the Law of Federal-State relations 5th ed, 2005 Supplement
2006978-1-58778-862-8Michael J. GraetzGraetz And Schenk's Federal Income Taxation, Principles And Policies 2006: Supplement (University Casebook)
2005978-1-58778-863-5Samuel Issacharoff · Pamela S. Karlan · Richard H. PildesThe Law of Democracy Legal Structure of the Political process revised Second Edition 2005 Supplement
  ''978-1-58778-864-2William J. CarneyMergers and Acquisitions: Cases and Materials, 2005 Supplement (University Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-58778-865-9William W. BrattonBratton's Corporate Finance, 5th, 2005 Supplement
  ''978-1-58778-866-6Andrew E. Taslitz · Margaret L. ParisConstitutional Criminal Procedure: 2005 Supplement
  ''978-1-58778-867-3James B. Hhaddad · Elizabeth P. Marsh · James B. Zagel · William J. BauerCriminal Procedure Cases And Comments 2005 Supplement
2005978-1-58778-868-0Margaret A. Berger · Norman Abrams · John H. Mansfield · Jack B. WeinsteinEvidence: 2005 Rules, Statute And Case Supplement
  ''978-1-58778-869-7Bruce A. WolkPension and Employee Benefit Statutes, Regulations, Selected Sections, 2006 Edition (University Casebook Series)
2006978-1-58778-870-3Thomas D. Morgan · Ronald D. Rotunda2006 Selected Standards on Professional Responsibility (Selected Standards on Professional Responsibility: Including Califor)
2005978-1-58778-871-0Melvin A. EisenbergCorporations and Other Business Organizations, 2005
  ''978-1-58778-872-7Lloyd L. Weinreb · James D. WhaleyField Guide to Law Enforcement 2006 (Miscellaneous)
  ''978-1-58778-873-4David A. Martin · Peter H. SchuckImmigration Stories
  ''978-1-58778-874-1Victor E. Schwartz · Kathryn Kelly · David F. PartlettCases and Materials on Torts (University Casebook Series)
2005978-1-58778-875-8Laura J. CooperLabor Law Stories: An In-Depth Look at Leading Labor Law Cases
2006978-1-58778-877-2Judith C. AreenCases And Materials on Family Law
2005978-1-58778-878-9Melvin Aron EisenbergCorporations and Other Business Organizations Cases and Materials, Ninth Edition (University Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-58778-879-6Melvin Aron EisenbergCorporations and Other Business Organizations, Cases and Materials, Concise 9th Edition (University Casebook)
2010978-1-58778-880-2Michael Stokes Paulsen · Steven G. Calabresi · Michael W. McConnell · Samuel L. BrayThe Constitution of the United States: Text, Structure, History, and Precedent (University Casebook)
2005978-1-58778-881-9William Cohen · Jonathan D. Varat · Vikram AmarConstitutional Law (Cases and Materials) (University Casebooks)
  ''978-1-58778-882-6Kenneth S. AbrahamInsurance Law And Regulation: Cases And Materials (University Casebook) (University Casebooks)
978-1-58778-883-3Insurance Law and Regulation: Cases and Materials
2005978-1-58778-884-0Victor E. Schwartz · David F. Partlett · Kathryn KellyProsser, Wade, and Schwartz's Torts: Cases and Materials (University Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-58778-885-7Peter L. StraussLegal Methods: Understanding And Using Cases And Statutes (University Casebook)
  ''978-1-58778-886-4Ralph S. Brown · Robert C. DenicolaBrown and Denicola's Copyright: Unfair Competition and Other Topics Bearing on the Protection of Works of Authorship
2005978-1-58778-887-1Douglas A. Kahn · Jeffrey H. KahnFederal Income Tax, 5th ed
  ''978-1-58778-888-8Joel FriedmanEmployment Discrimination Stories (Law Stories)
  ''978-1-58778-892-5John O. Honnold · Curtis R. ReitzSales Transactions: Domestic and International Law, Third Edition (University Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-58778-893-2Steven L. Harris · Jr. Charles W. MooneySecurity Interests in Personal Property, Fourth Edition (Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-58778-894-9Marvin A. ChirelsteinFederal Income Taxation: A Law Student's Guide to the Leading Cases and Concepts (Concepts and Insights Series)
2005978-1-58778-895-6David CopeFundamentals of Statistical Analysis (Coursebook)
2004978-1-58778-896-3Stephen H. LegomskyImmigration and Refugee Law and Policy (University Casebook Series)
2005978-1-58778-897-0Michael D. Murray · Christy Hallam DeSanctisLegal Research And Writing
  ''978-1-58778-898-7Michael D. Murray · Christy H. DeSanctisLegal Research, Writing and Analysis (University Casebook Series)
2006978-1-58778-899-4Michael D.Murray · Christy H.DeSanctisAdversarial Legal Writing and Oral Argument (University Casebook Series)
2005978-1-58778-900-7Michael D. Murray · Christy Hallam DeSanctisLegal Research And Writing: Problems and Exercises
  ''978-1-58778-901-4Edward D. Re · Joseph R. ReRemedies Cases and Materials, Sixth Edition (University Casebooks)
2007978-1-58778-902-1Craig Nard · R. WagnerPatent Law (Concepts and Insights)
2005978-1-58778-903-8Stephen J. Choi · A.C. PritchardSecurities Regulation: Cases And Analysis (University Casebook)
  ''978-1-58778-904-5Emma Coleman Jordan · Angela P. HarrisEconomic Justice: Race, Gender, Identity And Economics; Cases and Materials (University Casebook)
978-1-58778-905-2Materials on Legislation: Political Language and the Political Process (University Casebook)
2005978-1-58778-906-9William D. PopkinMaterials on Legislation, Political Language and the Political Process, 4th ed
  ''978-1-58778-907-6Michael J. Graetz · Deborah H. SchenkFederal Income Taxation, Principles and Policies, 5th ed. (University Casebooks)
2005978-1-58778-908-3Jon R. Waltz · Roger C. ParkEvidence: Cases and Materials (University Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-58778-909-0Lawrence Gostin · Peter JacobsonLaw and the Health System (University Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-58778-910-6Lawrence · Areen, Judith · King, Patricia · Goldberg, Steven · and Jacobson, Peter GostinLaw, Science, and Medicine: TEACHER'S MANUAL
  ''978-1-58778-911-3Steven Goldberg · Lawrence GostinLaw and Science (University Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-58778-912-0Patricia King · Judith Areen · Lawrence GostinKing, Areen, and Gostin's Law, Medicine and Ethics (University Casebook Series)
2005978-1-58778-913-7Bernard Wolfman · Diane M. RingFederal Income Taxation of Corporate Enterprise (University Casebook)
  ''978-1-58778-914-4George A. Rutherglen · John J. Donohue IIIEmployment Discrimination 2005: Law and Theory
  ''978-1-58778-915-1Benjamin Kaplan, and Devin M. Clermont Richard H. FieldCivil Procedure: Materials for a Basic Course, 8th Edition (Teacher's Manual - University Casebook Series)
978-1-58778-917-5The Law and Ethics of Lawyering
2005978-1-58778-918-2Margaret Radin · John Rothchild · R. Reese · Gregory SilvermanInternet Commerce: The Emerging Legal Framework, 2d (University Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-58778-920-5William D. Warren · Walt Steven DCommercial Law: Selected Statutes (2006 Edition)
  ''978-1-58778-922-9Eugene VolokhThe First Amendment and Related Statutes, Problems, Cases and Policy Arguments, 2nd ed
978-1-58778-923-6The First Amendment and Related Statutes: Problems, Cases, and Policy Arguments (University Casebook)
2005978-1-58778-924-3Fred Bosselman · Joel B. Eisen · Jim Possi · David B. Spence · Jacqueline WeaverEnergy, Economics and the Environment, Second Edition (University Casebook Series)
2005978-1-58778-926-7David R. Herwitz · Mathew J. BarrettAccounting for Lawyers Materials Third Edition 2005 Supplement
  ''978-1-58778-927-4   ''Accounting for Lawyers Materials Concise Third Edition 2005 Supplement
  ''978-1-58778-928-1Teacher's Manual for Labor Law: Cases and Comment (Second Edition)
  ''978-1-58778-929-8Stanley HendersonLabor Law: Cases and Comment, Supplement (University Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-58778-930-4Marcus D. DubberAmerican Criminal Law: Cases. Statutes, and Comments (Preview Chapters, Preface, and Contents)
2007978-1-58778-931-1Einer R. Elhauge · Damien GeradinGlobal Antitrust Law and Economics
2005978-1-58778-932-8Jerry KangCommunication Law And Policy: Cases and Materials (Universityi Casebook)
2005978-1-58778-934-2Thomas D. Rowe Jr. · Suzanna Sherry · Jay TidmarshCivil Procedure 2005 Supplement
  ''978-1-58778-935-9Deborah Rhode · David LubanLegal Ethics: Law Stories
  ''978-1-58778-936-6Melvin A. EisenbergEisenberg's an Introduction to Agency, Partnerships And Llc's (University Casebook Series)
978-1-58778-937-3Securities Regulation: Cases and Analysis (University Casebook)
2005978-1-58778-938-0Stephen GillersEthics Story: In the Pink Room (Stories Series) (Law Stories)
  ''978-1-58778-939-7Deborah RhodeRhode's Ethics Story: What's Sex Got to Do With It? The Challenge of Diversity in the Legal Profession (Law Stories)
2006978-1-58778-940-3William Cohen · Jonathan D. Varat · Vikram AmarConstitutional Law: Cases and Materials (University Casebook Series)
2005978-1-58778-941-0   ''Constitutional Law: Cases and Materials -- 2005 Statutory Supplement
  ''978-1-58778-943-4Paul R. McDaniel · Martin J. McMahon Jr. · Daniel L. SimmonsFederal Income Taxation of Business Organizations 3rd Ed, 2005 Supplement
2005978-1-58778-944-1Paul R. McDaniel · Martin J. McMahon · Daniel L. SimmonsFederal Income Taxation of Corporations 2005 Supplement
2006978-1-58778-946-5Paul R. McDanielDiscussion Problems to Federal Income Taxation 2005 (Unversity Casebook)
978-1-58778-947-2Federal Income Taxation of Corporate Enterprise (University Casebook)
2005978-1-58778-948-9Dubber · KelmanTeacher's Manual for American Criminal Law (Cases, Statutes, and Comments, University Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-58778-950-2Peter StraussLegislation: Understanding and Using Statutes (University Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-58778-952-6William D. Warren · Daniel J. BusselWarren & Bussel's Bankruptcy 2005
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  ''978-1-58778-954-0Ralph S. Brown · Robert C. Dernicola2005 Statutory and Case Supplement to Cases on Copyright, Unfair Competition, and Related Topics Bearing on the Protection of Works of Authorship
2005978-1-58778-955-7Emma Jordan · Angela HarrisJordan and Harris' When Markets Fail: Race and Economics (University Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-58778-956-4Emma Jordan · Angela HarrisJordan and Harris' A Woman's Place is in the Marketplace: Gender and Economics (University Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-58778-957-1   ''Jordan and Harris' Cultural Economics: Markets and Cultures (University Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-58778-958-8   ''Beyond Rational Choice: Alternative Perspectives on Economics (University Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-58778-959-5Peter StraussAdministrative Law Stories
2005978-1-58778-961-8A.C. Pritchard Stephen J. ChoiSecurities Regulation: Cases and Analysis - Teacher's Manual
  ''978-1-58778-962-5Stephen J. Choi · A.C. PritchardSecurities Regulation: Statutory Supplement (2005 Edition)
  ''978-1-58778-963-2David G. Owen · John E. Montgomery · Mary J. DavisProducts Liability and Safety: Cases and Materials -- 2005 Case and Statutory Supplement
978-1-58778-964-9Fundamentals of Partnership Taxation: Cases and Materials
2005978-1-58778-965-6Stephen Schwarz, Daniel J. Lathrope, and Joshua D. Rosenberg Stephen A. LindTeacher's Manual to Fundamentals of Business Enterprise Taxation, 3rd Edition (Cases and Materials)
978-1-58778-966-3Fundamentals of Corporate Taxation: Cases and Materials
2006978-1-58778-967-0Natural Resources Law and Policy. Teacher's Manual (University Casebook Series)
978-1-58778-968-7Remedies: Cases and Materials
2005978-1-58778-970-0Lloyd WeinrebCriminal Process: Cases, Comment, Questions -- 2005 Supplement
  ''978-1-58778-971-7John T. Noonan Jr. · Edward McGlynn Gaffney Jr.Religious Freedom: History, Cases, and Other Materials on the Interaction of religion and Government 2005 Supplement (University Casebooks)
  ''978-1-58778-972-4Frank W. Miller · Robert O. Dawson · George E. Dix · Raymond I. ParnasCriminal Justice Administration Cases and Materials. 5th ed, 2005 Supplement
2005978-1-58778-974-8Mark A. GeistfeldPrinciples of Products Liability (Concepts And Insights)
978-1-58778-975-5Employment Discrimination: Law and Theory (University Casebook)
2006978-1-58778-976-2Michael D.Murray · Christy H.DeSanctisObjective Legal Writing and Analysis (University Casebook Series)
2006978-1-58778-977-9Michael D.Murray · Christy H.DeSanctisLegal Research Methods (University Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-58778-978-6Michael Murray · Christy DeSanctisAppellate Advocacy and Moot Court (Coursebook)
2005978-1-58778-979-3Jonathan ZittrainInternet Law Series: Jurisdiction (University Casebook Series)
978-1-58778-980-9Legal Research and Writing
2006978-1-58778-981-6William N., Jr. Eskridge · John A. Graver · Nan D. HunterEskridge And Hunter's Supplement to Sexuality, Gender And the Law 2005 (University Casebook)
  ''978-1-58778-983-0Carol SteikerCriminal Procedure Stories: An In-Depth Look at Leading Criminal Procedure Cases (Law Stories)
2005978-1-58778-984-7Jonathan ZittrainZittrain's Internet Law Series: Technological Complements to Copyright (University Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-58778-985-4John Monahan · Laurens WalkerSocial Science in Law (University Casebook Series)
2006978-1-58778-986-1Marion W., Jr. Benfield · Michael M. GreenfieldSales: Cases and Materials (University Casebook Series)
2005978-1-58778-987-8John Monahan · Laurens WalkerSocial Science in Law (University Casebook Series)
2007978-1-58778-988-5Richard C. Maxwell · Patrick H. Martin · Bruce M. KramerThe Law of Oil and Gas - Cases and Materials
2005978-1-58778-989-2Eugene VolokhThe Religion Clauses and Related Statutes: Problems, Cases and Policy Arguments (University Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-58778-990-8CarneyTM for Corporate Finance: Principles & Practices
2005978-1-58778-991-5Larry D. Soderquist · Theresa A. GabaldonSecurities Regulation -- 2005 Supplement
  ''978-1-58778-992-2William Cohen · David J. DanelskiCohen and Danelski's 2005 Supplement to Constitutional Law Civil Liberty and Individual Rights (University Casebook)
  ''978-1-58778-994-6Paul GoldsteinInternational Legal Materials on Intellectual Property, 2006 edition (Supplement)
2006978-1-58778-995-3Howard E. Abrams · Richard L. DoernbergFederal Corporate Taxation (Concepts & Insights)