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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2011978-1-60928-000-0Cooper DavisBound by Nature (Forces of Nature)
  ''978-1-60928-002-4K A MitchellNo Souvenirs
  ''978-1-60928-004-8Erin NicholasJust Right (The Bradfords)
  ''978-1-60928-006-2Lynne ConnollyA Betting Chance (Triple Countess)
  ''978-1-60928-015-4Joely SkyeLynx
2011978-1-60928-016-1Shiloh WalkerNo Longer Mine
  ''978-1-60928-017-8Cathryn FoxPleasure Inn
  ''978-1-60928-019-2Ann SomervilleSomatesthesia
  ''978-1-60928-020-8Shelley MunroThe Bottom Line
2010978-1-60928-023-9Maya BanksColters' Woman (Colters' Legacy)
2011978-1-60928-068-0Jess DeeRisking It All
  ''978-1-60928-069-7Annmarie McKennaMaximum Temptation
2011978-1-60928-073-4Beth WilliamsonLee (Devils on Horseback)
  ''978-1-60928-076-5Charlie CochraneLessons in Trust (Cambridge Fellows Mysteries)
  ''978-1-60928-078-9L. A. WittNine-tenths of the Law
  ''978-1-60928-080-2Cherrie LynnRock Me
  ''978-1-60928-082-6Anah Crow · Dianne FoxTatterdemalion (Foundations of Magic)
2011978-1-60928-084-0Beth KeryVelvet Cataclysm (Princes of the Underground)
  ''978-1-60928-086-4Megan HartPassion Model
  ''978-1-60928-088-8Maya BanksColters' Lady (Colters' Legacy)
  ''978-1-60928-091-8Vaughn R. DemontHouse of Stone
  ''978-1-60928-092-5Erin NicholasJust Like That (The Bradfords)
2011978-1-60928-095-6Lorelei JamesRaising Kane (Rough Riders)
  ''978-1-60928-097-0Shelley MunroSeeking Kokopelli
  ''978-1-60928-098-7Alex BeecroftShining in the Sun
  ''978-1-60928-122-9Dana Marie BellBear Necessities (Halle Shifters)
  ''978-1-60928-125-0L. A. WittThe Distance Between Us
2011978-1-60928-127-4Mandy M Roth · Jaycee Clark · Michelle M PillowGhost Cats
  ''978-1-60928-132-8Lauren DaneRevelation (de La Vega Cats, Book 2)
2010978-1-60928-135-9Deidre KnightParallel Fire (Midnight Warriors)
2011978-1-60928-173-1Harper FoxDriftwood
  ''978-1-60928-175-5NJ WaltersIsaiah's Haven (Legacy)
  ''978-1-60928-176-2K A MitchellLife, Over Easy (Fragments)
  ''978-1-60928-179-3Ally BlueShenandoah (Mother Earth)
2011978-1-60928-181-6Sheryl NantusWild Cards and Iron Horses
  ''978-1-60928-204-2Melissa SchroederA Little Harmless Obsession
  ''978-1-60928-205-9C. C. BridgesAngel: 1089 (Heaven Corp)
  ''978-1-60928-206-6Josh LanyonAll She Wrote (Holmes and Moriarity)
  ''978-1-60928-207-3Emily VeingloryLover of Ghosts (Ballots Keep)
2011978-1-60928-210-3Erin NicholasJust My Type (The Bradfords)
  ''978-1-60928-281-3Joely Sue BurkhartHurt Me So Good (The Connaghers)
  ''978-1-60928-284-4Indigo WrenThe Trap
  ''978-1-60928-285-1Anne Rainey · Karen Erickson · S.L. CarpenterTahoe Nights
  ''978-1-60928-286-8Vivian ArendUnder the Midnight Sun (Granite Lake Wolves)
2011978-1-60928-291-2Lorelei JamesCowgirls Don't Cry (Rough Riders)
  ''978-1-60928-296-7Jayne RylonRazor's Edge (Men In Blue)
  ''978-1-60928-302-5Maya BanksLong Road Home
  ''978-1-60928-309-4Cat JohnsonRide (Studs in Spurs)
  ''978-1-60928-311-7Melissa SchroederA Little Harmless Lie
2011978-1-60928-313-1K A MitchellNot Knowing Jack
  ''978-1-60928-314-8J.L. SaintCollateral Damage (Silent Warrior)
2012978-1-60928-319-3J L LangleyWith Abandon (With or Without)
2011978-1-60928-343-8Cooper DavisTaking You Home
  ''978-1-60928-347-6Z. A. MaxfieldThe Pharaoh's Concubine
  ''978-1-60928-348-3Dana Marie BellNoble Blood (The Gray Court)
2012978-1-60928-394-0Maya BanksColters' Daughter (Colters' Legacy)
  ''978-1-60928-399-5Charlie CochraneAll Lessons Learned (Cambridge Fellows Mysteries)
2012978-1-60928-402-2Finn MarloweA Thread of Deepest Black
  ''978-1-60928-410-7Melissa SchroederThe Spy Who Loved Her (Once upon an Accident)
2011978-1-60928-416-9Lacey AlexanderFrench Quarter (Hot in the City)
  ''978-1-60928-417-6Lacey AlexanderSin City (Hot in the City)
2012978-1-60928-437-4Beth WilliamsonGideon (Devils on Horseback)
  ''978-1-60928-465-7Gwen Hayes · Selah March · Serenity WoodsCome Rain or Come Shine
  ''978-1-60928-468-8NJ WaltersLegacy Found
2012978-1-60928-595-1K A MitchellBad Company
  ''978-1-60928-597-5Lorelei JamesChasin' Eight (Rough Riders)
  ''978-1-60928-598-2Josh LanyonCome Unto These Yellow Sands
  ''978-1-60928-599-9Melissa SchroederA Little Harmless Addiction
  ''978-1-60928-663-7Brian MorelandDead of Winter
2012978-1-60928-664-4Hunter SheaForest of Shadows
  ''978-1-60928-665-1Ramsey CampbellThe Hungry Moon
  ''978-1-60928-668-2W. D. GaglianiWolf's Edge
  ''978-1-60928-669-9Russell JamesDark Inspiration
  ''978-1-60928-670-5Frazer LeeThe Lamplighters
2012978-1-60928-672-9Jonathan JanzThe Sorrows
  ''978-1-60928-706-1Cat JohnsonHooked (Studs in Spurs)
  ''978-1-60928-719-1Joely SkyeWolf Town Mates
  ''978-1-60928-732-0Elle KennedyHot and Bothered (Out of Uniform)
  ''978-1-60928-744-3Peter Mark MayHedge End
2012978-1-60928-783-2Vaughn R. DemontCoyote's Creed (Broken Mirrors)
  ''978-1-60928-785-6Bianca D'ArcHidden Talent (StarLords)
  ''978-1-60928-793-1Mari Carr · Jayne RylonEastern Ambitions (Compass Brothers)
  ''978-1-60928-812-9K A MitchellBad Boyfriend (Bad in Baltimore)
  ''978-1-60928-814-3Lorelei JamesCowboy Casanova (Rough Riders)
2013978-1-60928-900-3Vivian ArendRocky Mountain Desire (Six Pack Ranch)
2013978-1-60928-903-4Vonna HarperStuds
2012978-1-60928-922-5John EversonNight Where
  ''978-1-60928-926-3Kristopher RuftyThe Lurkers