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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2007978-1-59998-658-6Kate JohnsonA is for Apple (Sophie Green Mysteries, No. 3)
  ''978-1-59998-659-3Beth WilliamsonNate (Devils on Horseback, Book 1)
2008978-1-59998-660-9Jorrie SpencerThe Strength of the Wolf
2007978-1-59998-661-6Annmarie McKenna · Maya Banks · MacKenzie McKade · Kate Davies · Stacia WolfThe Perfect Gift
  ''978-1-59998-717-0B Ella DonnaEvery Witch Way But Dead
  ''978-1-59998-718-7Kate JohnsonUgley Business (Sophie Green Mysteries, No. 2)
  ''978-1-59998-719-4Shannon StaceyTaming Eliza Jane
2007978-1-59998-722-4Shiloh WalkerAlways Yours
  ''978-1-59998-723-1Carolan Ivey · Gia Dawn · Sela CarsenLove and Lore
  ''978-1-59998-724-8Lena MatthewsThree Nights (Joker's Wild)
2008978-1-59998-725-5Amelia EliasChosen (Guardians' League, Book 3)
  ''978-1-59998-726-2Margaret WilsonEllie's Dream
  ''978-1-59998-728-6Bonnie DeeEvolving Man
2008978-1-59998-729-3Liz KregerForget about Tomorrow (Part of Tomorrow)
  ''978-1-59998-730-9Kira StoneHeart of a Lion
  ''978-1-59998-731-6Julie HarfordIf You Could Only Choose Your Mother
  ''978-1-59998-732-3Kim ReesPast Lies
  ''978-1-59998-733-0Ceri HebertSweet Forever
2008978-1-59998-734-7Nicole AustinTamara's Spirit (Corralled)
  ''978-1-59998-736-1Elisa AdamsThe Whole Shebang
  ''978-1-59998-737-8Mary EasonThirty Lessons
  ''978-1-59998-738-5Anita M WhitingA Killer's Agenda
  ''978-1-59998-739-2Sami LeeBorn Again Virgin
2008978-1-59998-740-8Becky BarkerCade's Challenge
  ''978-1-59998-741-5Sydney SomersDon't Let Go (Spellbound)
  ''978-1-59998-742-2Bianca D'ArcHara's Legacy (Resonance Mates)
  ''978-1-59998-743-9Lorelei JamesLong Hard Ride (Rough Riders)
  ''978-1-59998-744-6Rebecca JamesNightswimming
2008978-1-59998-745-3Brenda WilliamsonOne Bashful Lady
  ''978-1-59998-747-7Lanette CuringtonStarkissed
  ''978-1-59998-749-1Saje WilliamsTales from the Magitech Lounge (Infinity: Empire)
  ''978-1-59998-751-4Shelley BradleyThe Lady and the Dragon
  ''978-1-59998-752-1Michael Paul AmosThe Rocktastic Corduroy Peach (Corduroy Peach Trilogy)
2008978-1-59998-753-8Rebecca GoingsThe Wolverine and the Jewel (Legends of Mynos)
  ''978-1-59998-754-5Beverly RaeTouch Me
  ''978-1-59998-755-2Pam ChampagneBed of Lies
2009978-1-59998-756-9Ursula BauerImmortal Protector (Eternity Covenant)
2008978-1-59998-757-6D Renee BagbyAdrienne (Bron Universe Novel)
  ''978-1-59998-758-3Nancy LindquistLady Lillian's Guide to Amazing Sex
  ''978-1-59998-759-0Lauren DaneMaking Chase (The Chase Brothers, Book 4)
2008978-1-59998-761-3J. L. LangleyMy Fair Captain
  ''978-1-59998-762-0S J WillingPoseidon VII (Piact Undercover)
  ''978-1-59998-763-7Amanda YoungShameful (MIA)
  ''978-1-59998-764-4Nage ArcherSlave Heart
  ''978-1-59998-766-8T. F. TorreyThe Desert King
2008978-1-59998-767-5Beth WilliamsonThe Legacy (Malloy Family, Book 7)
  ''978-1-59998-768-2Emma Wayne PorterThe Living Legend
  ''978-1-59998-769-9T L SchaeferThe Saints of Midland (Chosen Two)
  ''978-1-59998-770-5Jenna LeighThe Wolf's Heart (Lune Wolf)
  ''978-1-59998-771-2Linda WinfreeTruth and Consequences (Hearts of the South)
2008978-1-59998-773-6Lyn MangoldWarrior Woman
  ''978-1-59998-774-3Lucy MonroeAnnabelle's Courtship
  ''978-1-59998-775-0Annmarie McKenna · MacKenzie McKade · Dawn Halliday · Marie HarteSins of Summer: A Midsummer's Night Steam
  ''978-1-59998-776-7Amanda Young · K A Mitchell · Ally Blue · Jade BuchananTemperature's Rising: A Midsummer's Night Steam (Midsummer's Nights Steam)
  ''978-1-59998-777-4Bonnie Dee · Veronica Wilde · Jamie CraigHeat Wave: A Midsummer's Night Steam (Midsummer's Nights Steam)
2008978-1-59998-778-1Beth Williamson · Jennifer Colgan · Sami LeeSand, Sun and Sex: A Midsummer's Night Steam (Midsummer's Nights Steam)
  ''978-1-59998-779-8Mary Wine · Karen Erickson · Elle KennedyHot Summer Nights: A Midsummer's Night Steam (Midsummer's Nights Steam)
  ''978-1-59998-780-4Maggie Casper · Lila DuBois · Dionne Galace · Nancy LindquestOverheated (Midsummer's Nights Steam)
  ''978-1-59998-783-5Sharon LongBeyond the Night
  ''978-1-59998-784-2Rose Marie WolfBlood Moon
2008978-1-59998-785-9Maggie CasperCalifornia Cowboy
  ''978-1-59998-786-6Ally BlueFireflies
2009978-1-59998-787-3Shelly LaurenstonHere Kitty, Kitty (Magnus Pack)
2008978-1-59998-788-0Lynne ConnollyLast Chance, My Love (Triple Countess)
  ''978-1-59998-789-7Mary WineLet Me Love You
  ''978-1-59998-790-3MacKenzie McKadeLost But Not Forgotten
  ''978-1-59998-791-0L C MonroeMeagan's Chance
2008978-1-59998-792-7Allie BonifaceOne Night in Boston
  ''978-1-59998-793-4Christyne ButlerReilly's Promise
  ''978-1-59998-794-1Jane LoveringReversing Over Liberace
  ''978-1-59998-795-8Denise PatrickThe Importance of Almack's
  ''978-1-59998-796-5Heather Rae ScottThe Last Thing I Wanted
2008978-1-59998-797-2Denise A. AgnewIntimate Alliance (Hot Zone)
  ''978-1-59998-798-9Ceri HebertWhere One Road Leads
  ''978-1-59998-799-6Tilly GreeneZandia
  ''978-1-59998-800-9Sydney SomersNight Spell (Spellbound)
  ''978-1-59998-801-6Brenda WilliamsonA Desperate Longing
2008978-1-59998-802-3Arianna HartDevil's Playground
  ''978-1-59998-803-0Ashleigh RaineDriven to Distraction (Hollywood Heat)
  ''978-1-59998-804-7Emily VeingloryFather of Dragons (Ballots Keep)
  ''978-1-59998-805-4Annmarie McKennaFinding Strength
  ''978-1-59998-806-1Tricia JonesHis Convenient Affair
2008978-1-59998-807-8Bianca D'Arc · Marie Harte · Summer DevonI Dream of Dragons, Volume 1
  ''978-1-59998-808-5Dee TenorioMidnight Legacy (Midnight Trilogy)
  ''978-1-59998-809-2T. J. MichaelsSerati's Flame (Vampire Council of Ethics)
  ''978-1-59998-810-8Eve VaughnStranded
  ''978-1-59998-811-5Robert LeaderThe Sword Lord (Fifth Planet)
2008978-1-59998-812-2Rebecca GoingsThe Wolverine and the Flame (Legends of Mynos)
  ''978-1-59998-813-9Jess DeeAsk Adam
  ''978-1-59998-814-6Maya BanksBrazen
  ''978-1-59998-815-3Scottie BarrettCarnal Deceptions
  ''978-1-59998-816-0Jamie CraigCraving Kismet
2008978-1-59998-817-7Gabriella HewittDark Waters (Ice Files)
  ''978-1-59998-818-4Linda WinfreeHis Ordinary Life (Hearts of the South)
  ''978-1-59998-819-1Kate DaviesLessons Learned
  ''978-1-59998-820-7Mychael Carmichael BlackMagic and the Pagan
  ''978-1-59998-821-4Emery SanborneModus Vivendi (Affairs of Mortons Pointe)
2008978-1-59998-822-1Bonnie DeePerfecting Amanda
  ''978-1-59998-823-8Larissa IoneSnowbound
  ''978-1-59998-824-5Amy MistrettaUndying Passions
  ''978-1-59998-825-2Michelle MilesA Break in Time (Ransom & Fortune Adventure)
  ''978-1-59998-826-9Donica CoveyCallye's Justice (Gateway Guardians)
2009978-1-59998-827-6Kelly McDonoughCrazy for Kate
2008978-1-59998-829-0Lionel LavergneJudgment at John's Hollow
2008978-1-59998-830-6Shiloh WalkerFor the Love of Jazz
2009978-1-59998-831-3Monica BurnsMirage
  ''978-1-59998-833-7Charlene TegliaMiss Lonely Hearts
2008978-1-59998-834-4Lauren DaneReading Between the Lines
  ''978-1-59998-835-1Gloria WiederholdRoan of Ellan Vannin (Hearts of Ellan Vannin)
  ''978-1-59998-836-8Lorelei JamesRode Hard, Put Up Wet (Rough Riders)
  ''978-1-59998-837-5Terry Lee WildeThe My Dreams
2008978-1-59998-838-2Ally BlueTwilight (Bay City Paranormal Investigations)
  ''978-1-59998-839-9Sydney SomersUnbreakable (Shadow Destroyers Book One)
  ''978-1-59998-958-7Denise PatrickThe Marquis (Gypsy Legacy, Book 1)
  ''978-1-59998-959-4Jaci Burton · Lauren DaneHoliday Seduction
  ''978-1-59998-960-0Nicole AustinJesse's Challenge (Corralled)
2008978-1-59998-961-7Beth Williamson · Rebecca Goings · Melissa SchroederLeather & Lace
  ''978-1-59998-962-4Sharon LongLong Road Home
  ''978-1-59998-963-1Marie-Nicole RyanLove on the Run
  ''978-1-59998-964-8Liz KregerPromise for Tomorrow (Part of Tomorrow)
  ''978-1-59998-965-5Dee TenorioTest Me
2008978-1-59998-966-2S L PartingtonThe Assassin Journals: Hunter
  ''978-1-59998-967-9Natasha MooreThe Ride of Her Life
  ''978-1-59998-968-6Mary EasonThe Things You Think You Want
  ''978-1-59998-969-3Scottie BarrettThe Viscount's Addiction
  ''978-1-59998-970-9J L LangleyWith Caution
2008978-1-59998-971-6Rebecca GoingsCursed Hearts
  ''978-1-59998-972-3Patrice MichelleAnticipation and Seduction
  ''978-1-59998-973-0Carolan IveyBeaudry's Ghost
  ''978-1-59998-974-7Ann WarnerDreams for Stones
  ''978-1-59998-975-4Linda WinfreeHold on to Me (Hearts of the South)
2008978-1-59998-976-1Ciar CullenKey West Magic
  ''978-1-59998-977-8Joely SkyeMarked
  ''978-1-59998-978-5Sasha WhiteSecret Thoughts
  ''978-1-59998-979-2Jan Alyce AveryShadowed Knight
  ''978-1-59998-980-8Barbara BaldwinSong of My Heart
2008978-1-59998-981-5Bianca D'ArcSweeter Than Wine
  ''978-1-59998-982-2Robert LeaderSword Empire (Fifth Planet)
  ''978-1-59998-983-9Madeleine Oh · Isabo Kelly · M A DubarryTales from Lachmuirghan
  ''978-1-59998-984-6Keith J BowersThe Wars of Shadow: Attrition (Tales of the Languishing Sphere)
  ''978-1-59998-985-3Jamie CraigTrinity Broken
2008978-1-59998-986-0J C WilderWinter's Daughter (Coven)
  ''978-1-59998-987-7Jody WallaceA Spell for Susannah
  ''978-1-59998-988-4Silvia VioletA Persistent Attraction (Regency Intrigue)
2009978-1-59998-989-1Shiloh WalkerBeautiful Girl
2008978-1-59998-990-7MacKenzie McKadeBlack Widow
  ''978-1-59998-991-4Monica RobinsonBreaking All the Rules
  ''978-1-59998-992-1Shelli StevensDangerous Grounds (Seattle Steam)
2008978-1-59998-993-8Gail MurphyGold Dust
  ''978-1-59998-994-5Rose Marie WolfHunter's Moon
  ''978-1-59998-995-2Ashleigh RaineLover's Talisman (Talisman Bay)
  ''978-1-59998-996-9Gloria WiederholdNoble Hearts of Ellan Vannin
  ''978-1-59998-997-6Gia DawnPrincess of Thieves (Demons of Dunmore)
2008978-1-59998-998-3Annmarie McKenna · Mary Winter · K A MitchellServing Love
  ''978-1-59998-999-0Rhianna SamuelsShaking Off the Dust