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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2010978-1-60504-820-8Sami LeeSunset Knight
  ''978-1-60504-821-5Jayne RylonNight is Darkest
  ''978-1-60504-822-2Lexxie CouperThe Sun Sword
  ''978-1-60504-823-9Cat JohnsonUnridden (Studs in Spurs)
  ''978-1-60504-857-4Lorelei JamesAll Jacked Up (Rough Riders)
2010978-1-60504-858-1Meg BenjaminBe My Baby (Konigsburg, Texas)
2011978-1-60504-859-8Samantha SommersbyThe Temptation (Forbidden)
2010978-1-60504-860-4Nicole KimberlingHappy Snak
  ''978-1-60504-861-1P. G. ForteIn the Dark (Children of Night)
  ''978-1-60504-862-8Charlie CochraneLessons in Temptation (Cambridge Fellows Mysteries, Book 5)
  ''978-1-60504-863-5MacKenzie McKadeMerry Christmas, Paige
  ''978-1-60504-864-2D McEntireMidnight Savior (The Watchers)
2010978-1-60504-865-9J C WilderReckoning
  ''978-1-60504-908-3M. J. FredrickBreaking Daylight
2011978-1-60504-909-0Bianca D'ArcCat's Cradle (String of Fate)
2010978-1-60504-910-6Lynne ConnollyEyton (Richard and Rose)
  ''978-1-60504-911-3Vivian ArendTurn It On (Turner Twins)
  ''978-1-60504-912-0Julia KnightLove is My Sin (Oathcursed)
  ''978-1-60504-913-7Denise A. AgnewMarshall's Law
2010978-1-60504-914-4C. C. Bridges · Ethan X. Thomas · KallystenMen in Space
  ''978-1-60504-915-1Shiloh WalkerThe First Book of Grimm (Grimm's Circle)
  ''978-1-60504-916-8Karen EricksonPlaying with Fire
  ''978-1-60504-917-5Jane BeckenhamRomeo for Hire
2011978-1-60504-918-2Samantha SommersbyShelter from the Storm
2010978-1-60504-919-9Bonnie DeeShifters' Captive
  ''978-1-60504-920-5R F LongSongs of the Wolf (Tales of the Holtlands)
2010978-1-60504-921-2Frank TuttleThe Markhat Files
  ''978-1-60504-922-9K A Mitchell · Josh LanyonTo All a (Very Sexy) Good Night
  ''978-1-60504-923-6Cat JohnsonBucked
  ''978-1-60504-924-3Ava Rose JohnsonComing Home
  ''978-1-60504-925-0Moira RogersCrossroads (Southern Arcana, Book 2)
2010978-1-60504-926-7Rosemary GoodwinFleeced in Stonington (A Kate Bart Mystery)
  ''978-1-60504-927-4J. C. Hay · Nathalie Gray · Robert AppletonImpulse Power
  ''978-1-60504-928-1Charlie CochraneLessons in Seduction (Cambridge Fellows Mysteries, Book 6)
  ''978-1-60504-929-8Alison PaigeLittle Red and the Wolf
  ''978-1-60504-930-4Mandy M RothThe Valkyrie
2010978-1-60504-931-1Ingela F. HyattA Knight of Passion
  ''978-1-60504-932-8Delilah DevlinCowboy Fever (Lone Star Lovers)
  ''978-1-60504-933-5Mandy M RothProject Exorcism
  ''978-1-60504-934-2Michele de LullyAffairs of the Heart: Les Affaires du Coeur (Corralled)
  ''978-1-60504-941-0Sydney SomersPrimal Seduction (Pendragon Gargoyles)
2011978-1-60504-947-2Erin NicholasJust Right (The Bradfords)
2011978-1-60504-959-5Kaye ChambersBlood and Destiny (Ladies of St. George)
  ''978-1-60504-960-1Roxy HarteHeart of Change
  ''978-1-60504-961-8Lorelie BrownJazz Baby
  ''978-1-60504-962-5Beth CornelisonReyn's Redemption