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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2007978-1-59921-383-5Anthony Cave BrownBodyguard of Lies: The Extraordinary True Story Behind D-Day
2008978-1-59921-385-9Hollis GillespieTrailer Trashed: My Dubious Efforts Toward Upward Mobility
  ''978-1-59921-386-6A. D. LivingstonThe Freshwater Fish Cookbook: More than 200 Ways to Cook Your Catch
  ''978-1-59921-387-3Emily WilskaKnack Organizing Your Home: Decluttering Solutions And Storage Ideas (Knack: Make It Easy)
  ''978-1-59921-390-3Jessie C. ShiersGrooming Horses: A Complete Illustrated Guide
  ''978-1-59921-393-4Kate HanleyThe Anywhere, Anytime Chill Guide: 77 Simple Strategies for Serenity
2008978-1-59921-394-1Roy TanamiAngling the World: Ten Spectacular Adventures In Fly Fishing
  ''978-1-59921-396-5Micaela MyersKnack Leg and Hoof Care for Horses: A Complete Illustrated Guide (Knack: Make It Easy)
  ''978-1-59921-401-6Kit LaybourneMediapedia: Creative Tools And Techniques For Camera, Computer, And Beyond
2009978-1-59921-406-1Jerry Remy · Corey SandlerJerry Remy's Red Sox Heroes: The RemDawg's All-Time Favorite Red Sox, Great Moments, and Top Teams
2008978-1-59921-407-8Yitta Halberstam · Judith LeventhalSmall Miracles of the Holocaust: Extraordinary Coincidences of Faith, Hope, and Survival
  ''978-1-59921-408-5Nicholas D. SatanThe Devil's Diaries
2009978-1-59921-410-8Steven TraversThe 1969 Miracle Mets: The Improbable Story of the World's Greatest Underdog Team
2008978-1-59921-417-7Kevin DallmierPro Tactics™: Tackle Repair & Maintenance: Use the Secrets of the Pros to Get the Most from Your Tackle
  ''978-1-59921-423-8David DirksPro TacticsTM: Fishing Bass Tournaments: Use The Secrets Of The Pros To Compete Successfully
2009978-1-59921-424-5Libby LangdonLibby Langdon's Small Space Solutions: Secrets For Making Any Room Look Elegant And Feel Spacious On Any Budget
2008978-1-59921-428-3Joseph HeywoodDeath Roe: A Woods Cop Mystery (Woods Cop Mysteries)
2008978-1-59921-430-6Guy JonesTwo Survived: The Timeless Wwii Epic Of Seventy Days At Sea In An Open Boat
  ''978-1-59921-432-0Michael SchackerA Spring without Bees: How Colony Collapse Disorder Has Endangered Our Food Supply
  ''978-1-59921-434-4Bill HufnagleBiker Billy's Roadhouse Cookbook: Adventures In Roadside Cuisine
  ''978-1-59921-437-5Bob CarssThe SAS Guide to Tracking, New and Revised
  ''978-1-59921-440-5Joe LebleuLong Rifle: A Sniper's Story in Iraq and Afghanistan
2008978-1-59921-441-2Nadia GiosiaBitchin' Kitchen Cookbook: Rock Your Kitchen--And Let The Boys Clean Up The Mess
  ''978-1-59921-445-0Mitchell G. Bard48 Hours of Kristallnacht: Night Of Destruction/Dawn Of The Holocaust
2009978-1-59921-447-4Buck Brannaman · A. J. MangumRanch Roping: The Complete Guide To A Classic Cowboy Skill
2008978-1-59921-448-1Philip Haddad · Roger MarshRon Paul Speaks
  ''978-1-59921-449-8ObanRunning with the Devil: The True Story Of The Atf's Infiltration Of The Hells Angels
  ''978-1-59921-451-1Department of the Army · Matt LarsenU.S. Army Survival Handbook, Revised
  ''978-1-59921-453-5Jim HammThe Traditional Bowyer's Bible, Volume 4
2009978-1-59921-454-2Natalie Bovis NelsenPreggatinisTM: Mixology For The Mom-To-Be
2008978-1-59921-459-7Nicole Sexton · Susan JohnstonParty Favors
2008978-1-59921-463-4George Wethern · Vincent ColnettWayward Angel: The Full Story Of The Hells Angels
2009978-1-59921-469-6Peter AllisonDon't Look Behind You!: A Safari Guide's Encounters With Ravenous Lions, Stampeding Elephants, And Lovesick Rhinos
  ''978-1-59921-474-0Angus KonstamThe World Atlas of Pirates: Treasures and Treachery on the Seven Seas--in Maps, Tall Tales, and Pictures
2008978-1-59921-475-7Jay WertzThe Native American Experience
  ''978-1-59921-479-5Charles McshaneClassic American Locomotives: The 1909 Classic On Steam Locomotive Technology
2009978-1-59921-480-1Ethan GilsdorfFantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks: An Epic Quest for Reality Among Role Players, Online Gamers, and Other Dwellers of Imaginary Realms
  ''978-1-59921-486-3Robert McKinnonActions Speak Loudest: Keeping Our Promise for a Better World
  ''978-1-59921-487-0U.S. Army Marine Corps Navy and Air Force · Matt LarsenU.S. Military Pocket Survival Guide: Plus Evasion & Recovery
2009978-1-59921-490-0Doug Peacock · Andrea Dr PeacockIn the Presence of Grizzlies: The Ancient Bond Between Men And Bears
2010978-1-59921-491-7Hemanta MishraBones of the Tiger: Protecting the Man-Eaters of Nepal
2009978-1-59921-492-4Margaret HathawayLiving with Goats: Everything You Need to Know to Raise Your Own Backyard Herd
2008978-1-59921-493-1Edward WagenknechtThe Seven Worlds of Theodore Roosevelt
2009978-1-59921-494-8Susan Ray SchmidtFavorite Wife: Escape from Polygamy
2008978-1-59921-495-5Michael Benson author of The Devil at Genesee JunctionMurder in Connecticut: The Shocking Crime That Destroyed A Family And United A Community
  ''978-1-59921-496-2Allan LevineFugitives of the Forest: The Heroic Story of Jewish Resistance and Survival During the Second World War
2009978-1-59921-497-9RubinOn the Beaten Path: An Appalachian Pilgrimage
  ''978-1-59921-503-7Robin Mcclure · Vincent IannelliKnack Baby's First Year: A Complete Illustrated Guide For Your Child's First Twelve Months (Knack: Make It Easy)
  ''978-1-59921-505-1Bill Burnham · Mary BurnhamKnack Car Camping for Everyone: A Step-By-Step Guide To Planning Your Outdoor Adventure (Knack: Make It Easy)
  ''978-1-59921-506-8Nancy MaarKnack Diabetes Cookbook: A Step-by-Step Guide to Delicious, Healthy Meals (Knack: Make It easy)
2009978-1-59921-507-5Carina MacdonaldKnack Dog Care and Training: A Complete Illustrated Guide To Adopting, House-Breaking, And Raising A Healthy Dog (Knack: Make It Easy)
  ''978-1-59921-516-7Michael A. SmerconishInstinct: The Man Who Stopped the 20th Hijacker
  ''978-1-59921-517-4Michael A. SmerconishMorning Drive: Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Talking
2008978-1-59921-521-1Elizabeth LightfootMichelle Obama: First Lady of Hope
2009978-1-59921-522-8E. Donnall Thomas JrHow Sportsmen Saved the World: The Unsung Conservation Efforts of Hunters and Anglers
  ''978-1-59921-523-5Karen KarboGospel According to Coco Chanel: Life Lessons From The World's Most Elegant Woman
  ''978-1-59921-526-6George CastleSweet Lou and the Cubs: A Year Inside The Dugout
2009978-1-59921-536-5Phil BarberOfficial Vince Lombardi Playbook: * His Classic Plays & Strategies * Personal Photos & Mementos * Recollections From Friends & Former Players
  ''978-1-59921-538-9J. North ConwayKing of Heists: The Sensational Bank Robbery of 1878 That Shocked America
  ''978-1-59921-540-2Alan BoehmerKnack Wine Basics: A Complete Illustrated Guide To Understanding, Selecting & Enjoying Wine (Knack: Make It Easy)
2010978-1-59921-544-0Bill JenkinsonBaseball's Ultimate Power: Ranking The All-Time Greatest Distance Home Run Hitters
2009978-1-59921-546-4Livia Bitton-JacksonSaving What Remains: A Holocaust Survivor's Journey Home to Reclaim Her Ancestry
  ''978-1-59921-554-9From the Members of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation2010 Elk Calendar: The Calendar of Bugle Magazine and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
  ''978-1-59921-555-6Peter LauferThe Dangerous World of Butterflies: The Startling Subculture of Criminals, Collectors, and Conservationists
2009978-1-59921-556-3Tommy Jon CadutoFight or Die: The Vinny Paz Story
  ''978-1-59921-557-0Frank MessinaFull Count: The Book of Mets Poetry
  ''978-1-59921-558-7Maureen Faulkner · Michael A. SmerconishMurdered by Mumia: A Life Sentence of Loss, Pain, and Injustice
  ''978-1-59921-562-4Leah GarciaKnack Weight Training for Women: Step-By-Step Exercises For Weight Loss, Body Shaping, And Good Health (Knack: Make It Easy)
  ''978-1-59921-566-2Walter SzykitkaBig Book of Self-Reliant Living: Advice And Information On Just About Everything You Need To Know To Live On Planet Earth (Big Book of Self-Reliant Living: Advice & Information on Just)
2009978-1-59921-567-9Randy HoweHere We Stand: 600 Inspiring Messages From The World's Best Commencement Addresses
  ''978-1-59921-568-6Nicholas D. SatanHow to Win Fiends and Influence People: 666 Wicked Ways to Guarantee Success in the Workplace
  ''978-1-59921-600-3Michael SchackerSpring without Bees: How Colony Collapse Disorder Has Endangered Our Food Supply
  ''978-1-59921-606-5Jeff Schober · Dennis Del AnoBike Path Rapist: A Cop's Firsthand Account Of Catching The Killer Who Terrorized A Community
  ''978-1-59921-607-2Ellen Brown$3 Meals: Feed Your Family Delicious, Healthy Meals for Less than the Cost of a Gallon of Milk
2008978-1-59921-608-9BatesK2 THE SAVAGE MOUNTAIN: THE CLASSIC TRUE
2009978-1-59921-610-2Jon KrakauerEiger Dreams: Ventures Among Men and Mountains
2009978-1-59921-612-6Carina MacDonaldKnack Dog Tricks: A Step-By-Step Guide To Teaching Your Pet To Sit, Catch, Fetch, & Impress (Knack: Make It Easy)
2010978-1-59921-613-3Barbara Krueger · Nika StewartKnack Universal Design: A Step-By-Step Guide To Modifying Your Home For Comfortable, Accessible Living (Knack: Make It Easy)
  ''978-1-59921-615-7D. CrisfieldKnack Bridge for Everyone: A Step-By-Step Guide To Rules, Bidding, And Play Of The Hand (Knack: Make It Easy)
2009978-1-59921-616-4Belinda Hulin · Kian Lam Kho · Liesa ColeKnack Chinese Cooking: A Step-By-Step Guide To Authentic Dishes Made Easy (Knack: Make It Easy)
2010978-1-59921-618-8Meenakshi AgarwalKnack Indian Cooking: A Step-By-Step Guide To Authentic Dishes Made Easy (Knack: Make It Easy)
2009978-1-59921-621-8Joel HafvensteinOpium Season: A Year on the Afghan Frontier
2010978-1-59921-776-5Casey LewisKnack Dorm Living: Get The Room--And The Experience--You Want At College (Knack: Make It Easy)
  ''978-1-59921-779-6Richard KaufmanKnack Magic Tricks: A Step-By-Step Guide To Illusions, Sleight Of Hand, And Amazing Feats (Knack: Make It Easy)
  ''978-1-59921-781-9Margaret Ann MartinKnack Piano for Everyone: A Step-by-Step Guide to Notes, Chords, and Playing Basics (Knack: Make It easy)
  ''978-1-59921-782-6Darlene Anne SchmidtKnack Thai Cooking: A Step-by-Step Guide to Authentic Dishes Made Easy (Knack: Make It easy)
2010978-1-59921-789-5Bob HumphreyPro TacticsTM: Whitetail Hunting: Expert Strategies And Techniques For A Successful Hunt
2009978-1-59921-793-2Patricia M. SherwoodGreatest Dog Stories Ever Told: Great Writers From Ray Bradbury To Mark Twain Celebrate Man's Best Friend
  ''978-1-59921-794-9Jonathan WatermanIn the Shadow of Denali: Life And Death On Alaska's Mt. Mckinley
  ''978-1-59921-795-6Shay SalomonLittle House on a Small Planet, 2nd: Simple Homes, Cozy Retreats, and Energy Efficient Possibilities
  ''978-1-59921-798-7Margaret Hathaway · Karl SchatzThe Year of the Goat: 40,000 Miles and the Quest for the Perfect Cheese
  ''978-1-59921-800-7Hemanta MishraSoul of the Rhino: A Nepali Adventure With Kings And Elephant Drivers, Billionaires And Bureaucrats, Shamans And Scientists, And The Indian Rhinoceros
2011978-1-59921-801-4Kris CarrCrazy Sexy Diet: Eat Your Veggies, Ignite Your Spark, and Live Like You Mean It!
2009978-1-59921-803-8W. Hamilton GibsonCamp Life in the Woods: And The Tricks Of Trapping And Trap Making (Camp Life in the Woods & the Tricks of Trapping & Trap Making)
2009978-1-59921-804-5Ellsworth JaegerTracks and Trailcraft: A Fully Illustrated Guide To The Identification Of Animal Tracks In Forest And Field, Barnyard And Backyard (Tracks & ... Illustrated Guide to the Identification)
  ''978-1-59921-806-9George PlimptonOpen Net: A Professional Amateur in the World of Big-Time Hockey
2010978-1-59921-807-6George PlimptonThe Bogey Man: A Month on the PGA Tour
  ''978-1-59921-808-3   ''Out of My League: The Classic Hilarious Account of an Amateur's Ordeal in Professional Baseball
2009978-1-59921-809-0   ''Paper Lion: Confessions of a Last-String Quarterback
2010978-1-59921-810-6   ''Shadow Box: An Amateur in the Ring
2009978-1-59921-811-3Peter SanderMadoff: Corruption, Deceit, and the Making of the World's Most Notorious Ponzi Scheme
  ''978-1-59921-813-7Brenda LewisMapping the Trail of a Serial Killer: How The World's Most Infamous Murderers Were Tracked Down
  ''978-1-59921-819-9Department of the ArmyU.S. Army Warrior Ethos and Combat Skills Handbook
2009978-1-59921-821-2Ellen Brown$3 Low-Calorie Meals: Delicious, Low-Cost Dishes That Won't Add to Your Waistline
  ''978-1-59921-824-3Randy HoweFlags of the Fifty States: Their Colorful Histories And Significance
  ''978-1-59921-851-9Charles FaddisBeyond Repair: The Decline And Fall Of The Cia
2010978-1-59921-855-7Gina Cavallaro · Matt LarsenSniper: American Single-Shot Warriors In Iraq And Afghanistan
  ''978-1-59921-856-4Mickey Bradley · Dan GordonField of Screams: Haunted Tales From The Baseball Diamond, The Locker Room, And Beyond
  ''978-1-59921-857-1Don FinkBe Iron Fit, 2nd: Time-Efficient Training Secrets for Ultimate Fitness
2010978-1-59921-860-1Elizabeth DavidOmelette and a Glass of Wine (Cook's Classic Library)
  ''978-1-59921-861-8Terry SterlingIllegal: Life And Death In Arizona's Immigration War Zone
  ''978-1-59921-875-5Robin Mcclure · Vincent IannelliKnack Parenting a Preschooler: A Complete Guide To Preparing Your Child For The Classroom--Ages 3 To 5 (Knack: Make It Easy)
  ''978-1-59921-883-0Patti DighCreative Is a Verb: If You're Alive, You're Creative
  ''978-1-59921-884-7Josh Pahigian101 Baseball Places to See Before You Strike Out
2010978-1-59921-885-4U.S. Department. of AgricultureLiving on an Acre: A Practical Guide To The Self-Reliant Life
  ''978-1-59921-887-8Katie Letcher LyleThe Complete Guide to Edible Wild Plants, Mushrooms, Fruits, and Nuts, 2nd: How to Find, Identify, and Cook Them (Guide to Series)
  ''978-1-59921-888-5Mike Tucker · Charles S. FaddisOperation Hotel California: The Clandestine War Inside Iraq
  ''978-1-59921-893-9Maurice HerzogAnnapurna: The First Conquest Of An 8,000-Meter Peak
  ''978-1-59921-895-3Joe HaberstrohFatal Depth: Deep Sea Diving, China Fever, and the Wreck of the Andrea Doria
2010978-1-59921-896-0Cheryl CharmingJust Shots: A Little Book Of Liquid Fun (Just (Lyons Press))
  ''978-1-59921-897-7Cheryl CharmingJust Martinis: A Little Book of Liquid Elegance (Just (Lyons Press))
  ''978-1-59921-898-4   ''Just Margaritas and Sangrias: A Little Book of Liquid Sunshine (Just (Lyons Press))
2010978-1-59921-899-1Cheryl CharmingJust Tropical Drinks: A Little Book Of Liquid Paradise (Just (Lyons Press))
  ''978-1-59921-900-4Joseph HeywoodShadow of the Wolf Tree: A Woods Cop Mystery
  ''978-1-59921-906-6Charles FaddisWillful Neglect: The Dangerous Illusion Of Homeland Security
  ''978-1-59921-907-3Bob HalloranIrish Thunder: The Hard Life and Times of Micky Ward
  ''978-1-59921-908-0Department of the ArmyU.S. Army Hand-to-Hand Combat Handbook: Training, Ground-Fighting, Takedowns And Throws: Strikes, Handheld Weapons, Standing Defense, Group Tactics
2009978-1-59921-909-7Department of the Army · Cole Louison · David WheelerU.S. Army Zombie Combat Skills
2010978-1-59921-910-3Cynthia CeilanUnlucky Stiffs: New Tales Of The Weirdly Departed
2010978-1-59921-912-7Thomas GallagherAssault in Norway: Sabotaging The Nazi Nuclear Program
  ''978-1-59921-926-4Peter LauferForbidden Creatures: Inside the World of Animal Smuggling and Exotic Pets
  ''978-1-59921-927-1   ''Dangerous World of Butterflies: The Startling Subculture Of Criminals, Collectors, And Conservationists
  ''978-1-59921-930-1John Nores Jr. · James A. SwanWar in the Woods: Combating The Marijuana Cartels On America's Public Lands
  ''978-1-59921-933-2George CastleWhen the Game Changed: An Oral History of Baseball's True Golden Age: 1969--1979
2010978-1-59921-934-9Douglas A. CampbellEight Survived: The Harrowing Story Of The Uss Flier And The Only Downed World War Ii Submariners To Survive And Evade Capture
  ''978-1-59921-935-6Gander2011 Gander Mountain Big Bucks Calendar
  ''978-1-59921-936-3Gander2011 Gander Mountain Fishing Calendar
  ''978-1-59921-937-0Lawrence DorfmanCigar Lover's Compendium
  ''978-1-59921-942-4Roy AronsonTales of an African Vet
2010978-1-59921-945-5Don FinkMastering the Marathon: Time-Efficient Training Secrets For The 40-Plus Athlete
  ''978-1-59921-960-8Jack LarkinWhere We Worked: A Celebration Of America's Workers And The Nation They Built
  ''978-1-59921-962-2Elizabeth RosenthalBirdwatcher: The Life of Roger Tory Peterson
  ''978-1-59921-965-3J. North ConwayThe Big Policeman: The Rise and Fall of America's First, Most Ruthless, and Greatest Detective
  ''978-1-59921-967-7Tommy CadutoFight or Die: The Vinny Paz Story
2010978-1-59921-969-1Jay CowanHunter S. Thompson: An Insider's View Of Deranged, Depraved, Drugged Out Brilliance
  ''978-1-59921-971-4Michael BenanavJoshua and Isadora: A True Tale of Loss and Love in the Holocaust
  ''978-1-59921-972-1Erin ProphetProphet's Daughter: My Life with Elizabeth Clare Prophet Inside the Church Universal and Triumphant
  ''978-1-59921-973-8Yitta Halberstam · Judith LeventhalSmall Miracles of the Holocaust: Extraordinary Coincidences of Faith, Hope, and Survival
  ''978-1-59921-975-2Slavomir RawiczThe Long Walk: The True Story of a Trek to Freedom: Movie Tie-In
2011978-1-59921-976-9Jason RyanJackpot: High Times, High Seas, and the Sting That Launched the War on Drugs
2010978-1-59921-977-6Frank Ahearn · Eileen HoranHow to Disappear: Erase Your Digital Footprint, Leave False Trails, And Vanish Without A Trace
2010978-1-59921-979-0Terry BrevertonBreverton's Nautical Curiosities: A Book Of The Sea
  ''978-1-59921-980-6Patti DighFour-Word Self-Help: Simple Wisdom For Complex Lives
  ''978-1-59921-982-0A. D. LivingstonCold-Smoking & Salt-Curing Meat, Fish, & Game (A. D. Livingston Cookbooks)
  ''978-1-59921-984-4   ''Jerky: Make Your Own Delicious Jerky And Jerky Dishes Using Beef, Venison, Fish, Or Fowl (A. D. Livingston Cookbooks)
  ''978-1-59921-992-9Boy Scouts of AmericaThe Best of Boys' Life: For All Boys- Celebrating the Centenary of the Founding of the Boy Scouts of America
2011978-1-59921-993-6Jane SternConfessions of a Tarot Reader: Practical Advice From This Realm And Beyond
2010978-1-59921-994-3Ethan GilsdorfFantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks: An Epic Quest For Reality Among Role Players, Online Gamers, And Other Dwellers Of Imaginary Realms
2010978-1-59921-995-0J. North ConwayKing of Heists: The Sensational Bank Robbery of 1878 That Shocked America
2011978-1-59921-996-7Steve Springer · Blake ChavezHard Luck: The Triumph And Tragedy Of "Irish" Jerry Quarry
2010978-1-59921-997-4Richard Jay HuttoA Peculiar Tribe of People: Murder and Madness in the Heart of Georgia