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2015 Iowa Agricultural Statistics978-1-5396-9438-02017
Adoption of Bioengineered Crops978-1-4102-2162-92005Jorge Fernandez-Cornejo · William D. McBride
Agricultural Statistics 2017978-1-64143-297-92018
Breeding and Raising Horses978-1-4101-0869-22005M. E. Ensminger
China's Food and Agriculture: Issues for the 21st Century978-1-4102-2444-62005Economic Research Service
Climate Change in Grasslands, Shrublands, and Deserts of the Interior American West: A Review and Needs Assessessment978-1-5076-5003-52015
Collection and Preservation of Insects978-1-4101-0858-62005P. W. Oman · Arthur D. Cushman
Comparing the Structure, Size, and Performance of Local and Mainstream Food Supply Chains978-1-5430-1875-22017
Estimating Riparian Area Extent and Land Use in the Midwest978-1-5078-3011-62015
Field Book for Describing and Sampling Soils978-1-78266-409-32012National Soil Survey Center · Natural Resources Conservation Service
Fire Weather - Guide for Application of Meteorological Information to Forest Fire Control Operations, Winds, Moisture, Temperature, Fronts, Thunderstorms, Climate Regions978-1-9768-9346-92018U.S. Government · Forest Service
Glossary of Wildland Fire Terminology - Complete Guide to Terms and Definitions Used by Wildfire Management including Acronyms978-1-9768-9390-22018U.S. Government · National Wildfire Coordinating Group · U.S. Department of Interior
Guide to Medicinal Plants of Appalachia, A978-1-4102-2117-92005Arnold Krochmal · et al.
Incident Response Pocket Guide and Wildland Urban Interface Wildfire Mitigation Desk Reference Guide - All-Hazard Response, Homeowner Fire Mitigation, Firewise Communities, Living with Fire978-1-5212-4143-12017U.S. Government · National Wildfire Coordinating Group · U.S. Department of Interior
Keys to Soil Taxonomy978-0-926487-22-22007Soil Survey Staff · Natural Resources Conservation Service
Keys to Soil Taxonomy978-1-4102-2474-32005
Kitchen Companion: Your Safe Food Handbook978-1-4895-4637-12013
Legumes for Erosion Control and Wildlife978-1-4102-2217-62005Edward H. Graham · Soil Conservation Service
Living on an Acre: A Practical Guide To The Self-Reliant Life978-1-59921-885-42010
Living on an Acre: A Practical Guide to the Self-Reliant Life978-1-59228-114-52003
Maple Sirup Producers Manual978-1-4102-2409-52005C. O. Willits · Claude H. Hills
Migratory-Bird Treaty-Act Regulations and Text of Federal Laws Relating to Game and Birds, 1929978-0-243-12900-32018
MyPyramid and Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005978-0-8053-7683-82005
Numerical Details and SAS Programs for Parameter Recovery of the Sb Distribution978-1-5058-2885-62015
Ozone Injury Across the Southern United States, 2002-06978-1-5058-2806-12015
Proceedings from the Confrence on the Ecology and Management of High- Elevation Forests in the Central and Southern Appalachian Mountains978-1-5058-1583-22015
Proceedings of the 2008 Northeastern Recreation Research Symposium978-1-5058-1569-62015
Proceedings of the 2009 Northeastern Recreation Research Symposium978-1-5058-2402-52015
Proceedings of the 2010 Northeastern Recreation Research Symposium978-1-5058-2414-82015
Propagation of Trees and Shrubs978-1-4102-2045-52005Guy E. Yerkes
Rules and Regulations of the Secretary of Agriculture Under the Food Products Inspection Law of July 24, 1919978-0-243-13245-42017
Soil Bioengineering An Alternative for Roadside Management: A Practical Guide978-1-5220-8293-42017
Technical Guide to Managing Ground Water Resources978-1-78039-183-02011Steve Glasser · U.S. Forestry Service
The Changing Midwest Assessment: Land Cover, Natural Resources, and People978-1-5078-3045-12015
The Changing Organization and Well-Being of Midsize U.S. Farms, 1992-2014978-1-5424-8298-12017
The Complete Guide to Home Canning: Selecting, Preparing, and Storing Fruits, Vegetables, and Meats978-1-60239-077-52007
The Encyclopedia of Wood978-1-60239-057-72007
U.S. Trends in Food Availability and a Dietary Assessment of Loss-Adjusted Food Availability, 1970-2014978-1-5429-9892-52017
Wildland Fire in Ecosystems: Effects of Fire on Flora - Wildfires and Ecosystems, Fire Regime Classification, Autecological Effects of Fire, Climate Change, Postfire Plant Community978-1-9767-6337-32017U.S. Government · Joint Fire Sciences Program · Forest Service · U.S. Department of the Interior

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