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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2002978-1-58574-752-8Tammi Wark MarcoullierDriving Forces: Inside the First U.S. Women's Olympics Bobsled Team
  ''978-1-58574-753-5Henry Heydenryk Jr.The Right Frame: The Essential Guide to Framing
  ''978-1-58574-754-2Rex HudsonWho Becomes a Terrorist and Why: The 1999 Government Report on Profiling Terrorists
2003978-1-58574-759-7B. P. BarnesAdvanced Chess Problems and How to Solve Them
  ''978-1-58574-761-0E. Donnall Thomas Jr.Dream Fish & Road Trips: Fly-Fishing Tales from Alaska, Montana, and Beyond
  ''978-1-58574-764-1Tom McCarthyClassic Sailing Stories: Fifteen Incredible Tales of the Sea
2003978-1-58574-768-9Bernard DarwinBernard Darwin On Golf
2004978-1-58574-769-6Lisa CallahanThe Fitness Factor: Every Woman's Key to a Lifetime of Health and Well-Being
2003978-1-58574-771-9Robert LindseyThe Flight of the Falcon: The True Story of the Escape and Manhunt for America's Most Wanted Spy
  ''978-1-58574-773-3Eric Peper · Gary LaFontaineFly Fishing the Beaverkill
  ''978-1-58574-774-0Gary LaFontaineFly Fishing the Mountain Lakes
  ''978-1-58574-782-5John BaileyThe Complete Guide to Fishing: The Fish, the Tackle, and the Techniques
  ''978-1-58574-783-2Department of the ArmyU.S. Army Combat Stress Control Handbook
2003978-1-58574-787-0J Michael Migel · Dave Whitlock · Nick LyonsThe Masters On the Dry Fly
  ''978-1-58574-789-4Lefty KrehModern Fly-Casting Methods: Decades of Fly-Casting Wisdom from America's Fly Casting Coach
  ''978-1-58574-791-7Jeff ToghillThe Navigator's Handbook: Essential Methods and Equipment--And How to Use Them to Go Anywhere at Sea
  ''978-1-58574-794-8Stephen SloanOcean Bankruptcy: World Fisheries on the Brink of Disaster
  ''978-1-58574-795-5William G. TapplyThe Orvis Pocket Guide To Fly Fishing for Bass: When, Where, and How to Catch Largemouths and Smallmouths
2003978-1-58574-796-2Tom RosenbauerThe Orvis Pocket Guide to Dry-Fly Fishing: A Detailed Field Guide to Casting, Strategies, Fly Selection, and Presentation
  ''978-1-58574-800-6George MacDonald FraserThe Pyrates: A Swashbuckling Comic Novel by the Creator of Flashman
  ''978-1-58574-804-4Chris LearRunning with the Buffaloes: A Season Inside with Mark Wetmore, Adam Goucher, and the University of Colorado Men's Cross-Country Team
  ''978-1-58574-807-5Dave FranzelSailing: The Basics: The Book That Has Launched Thousands
  ''978-1-58574-808-2Thomas B. AllenThe Shark Almanac: A Fully Illustrated Natural History of Sharks, Skates, and Rays
2003978-1-58574-814-3Harry M. Lamon · Rob R. SlocumThe Mating and Breeding of Poultry
  ''978-1-58574-819-8John GoddardJohn Goddard's Trout-Fishing Techniques: Practical Fly-Fishing Solutions from an International Master
  ''978-1-58574-824-2David C. MartinWilderness of Mirrors: Intrigue, Deception, and the Secrets that Destroyed Two of the Cold War's Most Important Agents
  ''978-1-58574-828-0Michael Connelly26 Miles to Boston: The Boston Marathon Experience from Hopkinton to Copley Square
  ''978-1-58574-829-7Stephen BruntFacing Ali: 15 Fighters / 15 Stories
2003978-1-58574-831-0Christopher McNab · Joanna RabigerThe Personal Security Handbook: The Ultimate Guide to Protecting Your Home and Family
  ''978-1-58574-835-8Ian HoggHandguns & Rifles: The Finest Weapons from Around the World
  ''978-1-58574-836-5Leo MarriottLighthouses: A Pictorial History of Lighthouses Around the World
  ''978-1-58574-848-8Ralph BrammerSoccer Skills and Drills
  ''978-1-58574-850-1Mike KevilStarting Colts: Catching / Sacking Out / Driving / First Ride / First 30 Days / Loading
2005978-1-58574-852-5Peter J. FiducciaWhitetail Strategies, Vol. II: Straightforward Tactics for Tracking, Calling, the Rut, and Much More
2003978-1-58574-853-2Todd TriplettThe Complete Guide to Turkey Taxidermy: How to Prepare Fans, Beards, and Body Mounts
2003978-1-58574-855-6Department of the ArmyU.S. Army Fitness Training Handbook
  ''978-1-58574-857-0Storm DunlopThe Weather Identification Handbook: The Ultimate Guide for Weather Watchers
  ''978-1-58574-859-4Harold WebsterThe Venison Sausage Cookbook: A Complete Guide, from Field to Table
  ''978-1-58574-863-1Buck BrannamanThe Faraway Horses: The Adventures and Wisdom of One of America's Most Renowned Horsemen
  ''978-1-58574-864-8Rob SchultheisFool's Gold: Lives, Loves, and Misadventures in the Four Corners Country
2003978-1-58574-866-2Peter KerrSnowball Oranges: A Winter's Tale on a Spanish Isle
  ''978-1-58574-867-9Angus KonstamHistorical Atlas of the Napoleonic Era
  ''978-1-58574-868-6Edward R RicciutiKiller Animals: Shocking True Stories of Deadly Conflicts Between Humans and Animals
  ''978-1-58574-871-6Terry Mort · Loren GreyZane Grey on Fishing
  ''978-1-58574-874-7Jekka McVicarSeeds: The Ultimate Guide to Growing Successfully from Seed
2003978-1-58574-875-4Ray EyePractical Turkey Hunting Strategies: How to Hunt Effectively Under Any Conditions