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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2015978-0-7509-6033-5StoneChasing Black Gold: the Incredible True Story of a Fuel Smuggler in Africa
2014978-0-7509-6049-6Chris McNabThe Book of the Poppy
  ''978-0-7509-6061-8L T C RoltNarrow Boat
  ''978-0-7509-6062-5McNabBattle Story: Passchendaele 1917
2015978-0-7509-6063-2SharpA Grim Almanac of York (Grim Almanacs)
2019978-0-7509-6066-3Roger FossTill the Boys Come Home: How British Theatre Fought the Great War
2014978-0-7509-6071-7Matthew SeligmannMilitary Intelligence from Germany, 1906-1914
2015978-0-7509-6072-4BrownThe Secrets of Q Central: How Leighton Buzzard Shortened the Second World War
  ''978-0-7509-6078-6HigginbothamThe Woodvilles
2016978-0-7509-6086-1Margaret SimonsGreat War Britain Reading: Remembering 1914-18
2014978-0-7509-6089-2MatusiakHenry VIII
2015978-0-7509-6097-7Keith RayThe Strangest Aircraft of All Time
  ''978-0-7509-6100-4Giles ChapmanCars We Loved in the 1950s
2015978-0-7509-6104-2Cap Reginald Levy DFCFrom Night Flak to Hijack: It's a Small World
2016978-0-7509-6105-9Peter BramleyNelson's England: A Guide to the Historic Sites of the Napoleonic Wars
2015978-0-7509-6110-3EdwardsTruly Criminal (Crime Writers Association)
  ''978-0-7509-6117-2Astrid Franse · Michelle MorganBefore Marilyn: The Blue Book Modelling Years
2016978-0-7509-6124-0Ed KesslerJesus (pocket GIANTS)
2015978-0-7509-6125-7Sue ElliottI Heard My Country Calling: Elaine Madden, the Unsung Heroine of SOE
2014978-0-7509-6139-4Douglas BoydThe Kremlin Conspiracy: 1,000 Years of Russian Expansionism
2015978-0-7509-6144-8CarverBritish Leyland Motor Corporation 1968-2005
2016978-0-7509-6146-2Mark A. ChambersBuilding the Supermarine Spitfire: Speed in the Skies
2015978-0-7509-6150-9HulmeA Grim Almanac of Manchester (Grim Almanacs)
  ''978-0-7509-6155-4Miles Russell · David RudlingBignor Roman Villa
  ''978-0-7509-6160-8BrookeTrials and Errors
2016978-0-7509-6162-2StarnsSisters of the Somme
2015978-0-7509-6178-3Anne StrathieFrom Ice Floes to Battlefields: Scott's 'Antarctics' in the First World War (Hist02 120319)
  ''978-0-7509-6209-4Tania SzabóYoung, Brave and Beautiful: The Missions of Special Operations Executive Agent Lieutenant Violette Szabó, George Cross, Croix de Guerre avec Étoile de ... Cross, Croix de Guerre avec Etoile de Bronze
2015978-0-7509-6217-9ReddingWar in the Wilderness
  ''978-0-7509-6222-3K. SheltonFrom Nighthawk to Spitfire
2017978-0-7509-6236-0GunnAviation Landmarks - Norfolk and Suffolk
2015978-0-7509-6287-2Alan Moss · Keith SkinnerScotland Yard's History of Crime in 100 Objects
  ''978-0-7509-6288-9Christopher OthenKatanga 1960-63: Mercenaries, Spies and the African Nation that Waged War on the World
  ''978-0-7509-6289-6Gareth Glover · Foreword by Andrew RobertsWaterloo in 100 Objects
2017978-0-7509-6292-6Sam Warwick · Mike RousselShipwrecks of the P&O Line
2015978-0-7509-6304-6Vicky UnwinLove and War in the WRNS
  ''978-0-7509-6331-2Bryan Kesselman'Paddington' Pollaky, Private Detective: The Mysterious Life and Times of the Real Sherlock Holmes
2016978-0-7509-6338-1Gary SheffieldWellington: pocket GIANTS
2026978-0-7509-6339-8Malcolm ValeJoan of Arc: pocket GIANTS
2016978-0-7509-6365-7K.L. ClarkThe Nevills of Middleham: England's Most Powerful Family in the Wars of the Roses
2016978-0-7509-6382-4Andrew MayAlbert Einstein: pocket GIANTS
2015978-0-7509-6392-3Ian FrielHenry V's Navy: The Sea-Road to Agincourt and Conquest 1413-1422
2016978-0-7509-6401-2Peter MatthewsHouse of Spies: St Ermin's Hotel, the London Base of British Espionage
2017978-0-7509-6405-0Douglas BoydThe Other First World War
2016978-0-7509-6413-5KirbyThe Wrong Man
2015978-0-7509-6414-2HardyA 1950s Housewife
  ''978-0-7509-6421-0Matthew Field · Ajay ChowdhurySome Kind of Hero: The Remarkable Story of the James Bond Films
2016978-0-7509-6425-8Jan BondesonRivals of the Ripper: Unsolved Murders of Women in Late Victorian London
2015978-0-7509-6435-7Peter Hore · Andrew LambertHMS Pickle: The Swiftest Ship in Nelson's Trafalgar Fleet
  ''978-0-7509-6461-6RobertChasing Black Gold: The Incredible True Story of a Fuel Smuggler in Africa
2016978-0-7509-6487-6Sven Felix Kellerhoff · Translated by Karina BergerThe Reichstag Fire: The Case Against the Nazi Conspiracy
2015978-0-7509-6491-3BladonNo Speed Limit
2017978-0-7509-6493-7CallowJames II
2016978-0-7509-6495-1Peter Doyle · Chris FosterKitchener's Mob: The New Army to the Somme
2015978-0-7509-6500-2John NeedhamBournemouth Then & Now (Then & Now (History Press))
2016978-0-7509-6506-4Edwin RuisSpynest: British and German Espionage from Neutral Holland 1914-1918
2015978-0-7509-6507-1Barry RenfrewWings of Empire: The Forgotten Wars of the Royal Air Force, 1919-1939
2016978-0-7509-6515-6Ralph PegramBeyond the Spitfire: The Unseen Designs of R.J. Mitchell
  ''978-0-7509-6527-9Russell HayesEarls Court Motor Show: An Illustrated History
  ''978-0-7509-6529-3Colin BardsleyMaking Cars at Longbridge
2016978-0-7509-6532-3Alexandra ChurchillSomme
2017978-0-7509-6536-1Peter JacobsThe RAF in 100 Objects
2016978-0-7509-6589-7Simon FarquharA Dangerous Place
  ''978-0-7509-6594-1Giles ChapmanBritain's Toy Car Wars: Dinky vs Corgi vs Matchbox
  ''978-0-7509-6597-2Mark ChirnsideThe 'Big Four' of the White Star Fleet: Celtic, Cedric, Baltic & Adriatic
2019978-0-7509-6607-8Robert MaloubierSOE Hero: Bob Maloubier and the French Resistance
2016978-0-7509-6621-4Peter HoreLindell's List: Saving British and American Women at Ravensbrück
  ''978-0-7509-6623-8Philip Hamlyn WilliamsWar on Wheels: The Mechanisation of the British Army in the Second World War
  ''978-0-7509-6629-0Linda StratmannThe Royal Ghost (A Mina Scarletti Mystery)
2017978-0-7509-6633-7GeroAviation Disasters
2016978-0-7509-6635-1Charles Abel SmithFrom Eton To Ypres: The Letters And Diaries Of Lt Col Wilfrid Abel Smith, Grenadier Guards, 1914-15
2016978-0-7509-6640-5Graham SatchwellAn Inspector Recalls: Memoirs of a Railway Detective
  ''978-0-7509-6695-5WellerInjured Parties
  ''978-0-7509-6696-2Richard Goldsbrough · Foreword by HRH The Prince of WalesThe Cavalry that Broke Napoleon: The King's Dragoon Guards at Waterloo
  ''978-0-7509-6716-7John WalterThe Iron Horse: The History and Development of the Steam Locomotive
2017978-0-7509-6730-3PeersRorke's Drift & Isandlwana 1879 (Battlefield Guides)
2016978-0-7509-6742-6Adrian M. BalchHeathrow in Photographs: Celebrating 70 Years of London's Airport
2017978-0-7509-6743-3Mark A ChambersHawker Siddeley Harrier: The World's First Jump Jet
2016978-0-7509-6745-7CumminsThe Illustrated Guide to Viking Martial Arts
  ''978-0-7509-6746-4HaddelseyOperation Tabarin
2016978-0-7509-6754-9David J. WilliamsMade on the Isle of Wight: From Torpedo Boat to Spacecraft
  ''978-0-7509-6759-4Giles ChapmanThe Reliant Robin: Britain's Most Bizarre Car
2017978-0-7509-6770-9Anthony Tucker-JonesSlaughter on the Eastern Front: Hitler and Stalin's War 1941-1945
  ''978-0-7509-6779-2Jan BondesonThe Ripper of Waterloo Road: The Murder of Eliza Grimwood in 1838
2016978-0-7509-6790-7Martin W. BowmanBoeing in Photographs: A Century of Flight
2017978-0-7509-6793-8MarcusHave a Butcher's
2016978-0-7509-6798-3David Mitchelhill-GreenTobruk 1942: Rommel and the Defeat of the Allies
  ''978-0-7509-6799-0HalpernReport into the Loss of the SS Titanic
  ''978-0-7509-6806-5History PressThe Liverpool Colouring Book: Past & Present (Past & Present Colouring Books)
2016978-0-7509-6817-1GardenThe Third Reich's Celluloid War
2017978-0-7509-6825-6GregoryGreat War Britain Lancaster: Remembering 1914-18
2016978-0-7509-6831-7Bruce Beveridge · Scott Andrews · Steve Hall · Daniel Klistorner · Art BraunschweigerTitanic the Ship Magnificent - Volume One: Design & Construction: 1
  ''978-0-7509-6832-4Bruce Beveridge · Scott Andrews · Steve Hall · Daniel Klistorner · Art BraunschweigerTitanic the Ship Magnificent - Volume Two: Interior Design & Fitting Out: 2
  ''978-0-7509-6833-1   ''Titanic the Ship Magnificent - Slipcase: Volumes One and Two
2017978-0-7509-6835-5RogersChurchill's Folly
  ''978-0-7509-6836-2Dorian BondFamous Regiments of the British Army: A Pictorial Guide and Celebration, Volume Three: 3
  ''978-0-7509-6839-3Cora HarrisonThe Cardinal's Court: A Hugh Mac Egan Mystery (Hugh Mac Egan Mysteries)
2018978-0-7509-6842-3Mark A. ChambersMesserschmitt Fighters: The Aircraft that Revolutionised Warfare
2017978-0-7509-6949-9Margaret SimonsGreat War Britain Reading: Remembering 1914-18
2017978-0-7509-6975-8Philip J. HaythornthwaiteNapoleon's Military Machine
2018978-0-7509-6977-2Matthew Field · Ajay ChowdhurySome Kind of Hero: The Remarkable Story of the James Bond Films
2017978-0-7509-6978-9Douglas BoydThe Solitary Spy: A Political Prisoner in Cold War Berlin
2016978-0-7509-6981-9HulmeBloody British History: Manchester
2017978-0-7509-6995-6Dan Grossman · Cheryl Ganz · Patrick RussellZeppelin Hindenburg: An Illustrated History of LZ-129
  ''978-0-7509-7004-4Mark A. ChambersThe SR-71 Blackbird Story
  ''978-0-7509-7023-5Chris Orchard · Steve MaddenBritish Forces Motorcycles 1925-1945
  ''978-0-7509-7028-0Chris Frame · Rachelle CrossQE2: A 50th Anniversary Celebration
  ''978-0-7509-7033-4Harry HolmesAvro: The History of an Aircraft Company in Photographs
2016978-0-7509-7053-2Kobal Collection99 Ways to Die in the Movies (Kobal Collection)
2017978-0-7509-7056-3Matthew LewisThe Survival of the Princes in the Tower: Murder, Mystery and Myth
2016978-0-7509-7855-2HaynesThe Gunpowder Plot (Classic Histories Series)
2017978-0-7509-7885-9Captain Jerry RobertsLorenz: Breaking Hitler's Top Secret Code at Bletchley Park
2017978-0-7509-7886-6Gabriel HershmanStrolling Player: The Life and Career of Albert Finney
  ''978-0-7509-7946-7TriggDeath on the Don
  ''978-0-7509-7972-6George CullingTales of Lancasters and Other Aircraft: Dangerous Skies in the Second World War
  ''978-0-7509-7973-3Air Commodore Graham PitchforkThe Royal Air Force Day by Day: 1918-2018
  ''978-0-7509-7994-8Paul HeineyPlaying with Fire: The Art of Chopping and Burning Wood
2017978-0-7509-8244-3Douglas BoydRed October: The Revolution that Changed the World
  ''978-0-7509-8250-4MirrorpixThe RAF at 100: A Century in Photographs
2018978-0-7509-8266-5Lt Cdr L. PhillipsThe Royal Navy Day by Day
2017978-0-7509-8273-3Tim Lynch · MirrorpixDunkirk: The Real Story in Photographs
2018978-0-7509-8279-5Mark A. ChambersMcDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II: Air Superiority Legend
2017978-0-7509-8358-7McGreevyWherever the Firing Line Extends
2018978-0-7509-8359-4Cora HarrisonThe Cardinal's Court: A Hugh Mac Egan Mystery (Hugh Mac Egan Mysteries)
2017978-0-7509-8376-1WallaceThe Fallen: Gardai Killed in Service 1922-49
2018978-0-7509-8380-8Robert DaviesCustom Rides: The Coolest Motorcycle Builds Around the World
  ''978-0-7509-8438-6Peter A. McCueParanormal Encounters on Britain's Roads
  ''978-0-7509-8442-3Antony CumminsOld Japan: Secrets from the Shores of the Samurai
2017978-0-7509-8446-1Sarah HermanWho Knew? Questions That Will Make You Think Again
2018978-0-7509-8538-3Sam Warwick · Mike RousselShipwrecks of the Cunard Line
  ''978-0-7509-8544-4Brian PendreighThe Times on Cinema
2018978-0-7509-8548-2Eugene NesmeyanovThe Titanic Expeditions: Diving to the Queen of the Deep: 1985-2010
  ''978-0-7509-8557-4Arthur ParkinsonThe Pottery Gardener: Flowers and Hens at the Emma Bridgewater Factory
  ''978-0-7509-8559-8Siobhan Fergusonprettycitylondon: Discovering London's Beautiful Places
  ''978-0-7509-8564-2Conor ReidyMutiny or Murder?: The Bloodsoaked Voyage of the Chapman Convict Ship
  ''978-0-7509-8577-2Douglas BoydLockerbie: The Truth
2019978-0-7509-8584-0David HutchingsRMS Mauretania (1907): Queen of the Ocean
2018978-0-7509-8586-4Dorian BondMe and Mr Welles: Travelling Europe with a Hollywood Legend
2018978-0-7509-8597-0MirrorpixTube Life: London's Underground in Photographs
  ''978-0-7509-8759-2Roger Moore KBEThe 007 Diaries: Filming Live and Let Die
  ''978-0-7509-8772-1Steve GibsonBRIXMIS (Espionage)
  ''978-0-7509-8782-0Dermot TuringX, Y & Z: The Real Story of How Enigma Was Broken
2019978-0-7509-8795-0John MatusiakMartyrs of Henry VIII: Repression, Defiance, Sacrifice
2020978-0-7509-8811-7Patrick MylonWhite Star Liners at War: A History Through Illustrations
2019978-0-7509-8815-5Ken WhartonTorn Apart: Fifty Years of the Troubles, 1969-2019
  ''978-0-7509-8816-2Keith RayFirst Gear: Myth Busting Motoring Milestones
2019978-0-7509-8888-9Robert Kershaw24 Hours at Balaclava: Voices from the Battlefield
2018978-0-7509-8890-2Mark FeltonToday is a Good Day to Fight: The Indian Wars and the Conquest of the West
2019978-0-7509-8904-6Andrew JenkinsonThe Static Caravan Story: Britain's Favourite Holiday Home
  ''978-0-7509-8910-7MirrorpixConcorde: An Icon in the News
2018978-0-7509-8916-9Christopher OthenKatanga 1960-63: Mercenaries, Spies and the African Nation that Waged War on the World
  ''978-0-7509-8919-0Mary CraigA Tangled Web
2019978-0-7509-8922-0Tom SingfieldClassic Gatwick Propliners
  ''978-0-7509-8923-7Giles ChapmanThe Range Rover Story
  ''978-0-7509-8924-4   ''The Jaguar Story
2018978-0-7509-8936-7Douglas BoydMoscow Rules: Secret Police, Spies, Sleepers, Assassins (Espionage)
2019978-0-7509-8938-1Barry RenfrewWings of Empire
2018978-0-7509-8980-0Roger Moore KBEThe 007 Diaries
2019978-0-7509-8991-6Dan Grossman · Cheryl Ganz · Patrick RussellZeppelin Hindenburg: An Illustrated History of LZ-129
2018978-0-7509-9002-8Chris Frame · Rachelle CrossThe Cunard Colouring Book
2019978-0-7509-9012-7Siobhan Fergusonprettycitylondon: The Colouring Book
2019978-0-7509-9041-7David MorrisCorsair KD431: Preserving The Time Capsule Fighter Revisited
  ''978-0-7509-9044-8Major Frank Baldwin · Lieutenant Colonel Will TownendGunners in Normandy: The History of the Royal Artillery in North-west Europe, Part 1: 1 June to August 1944
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  ''978-0-7509-9064-6James ParrisThe Man in the Brown Suit: MI5, Edward VIII and an Irish Assassin
  ''978-0-7509-9070-7Siobhan Fergusonprettycitynewyork: Discovering New York's Beautiful Places
2019978-0-7509-9072-1MirrorpixProtest: Britain on the March
  ''978-0-7509-9075-2   ''Bond: Behind the Scenes
  ''978-0-7509-9081-3Miles Russell · Stuart LaycockUnRoman Britain: Exposing the Great Myth of Britannia
  ''978-0-7509-9084-4Graham FaiellaCannibals and Carnage: Thrilling Tales of the Sea (vol.1)
  ''978-0-7509-9085-1Graham FaiellaMisery, Mutiny and Menace: Thrilling Tales of the Sea (vol.2)
2020978-0-7509-9087-5   ''Mysteries and Sea Monsters: Thrilling Tales of the Sea (vol.4)
2019978-0-7509-9088-2Julian HuntA History of Amersham
2019978-0-7509-9090-5Joanna FoatLumberjills
2020978-0-7509-9126-1Susan McGowanThe A-Z of Curious Kent: Strange Stories of Mysteries, Crimes and Eccentrics
2019978-0-7509-9132-2Benjamin LevyMurray's Cabaret Club: Discovering Soho's Secret
  ''978-0-7509-9133-9Peter A. McCueBritain's Paranormal Forests: Encounters in the Woods
  ''978-0-7509-9149-0Nick EvansFuelling the Motoring Age: 100 Years of British Petrol Stations
  ''978-0-7509-9151-3Don HaleMallard: How the 'Blue Streak' Broke the World Speed Record
  ''978-0-7509-9152-0Chris Frame · Rachelle Cross · Rob Henderson · Doug CremerThe P&O Cruises Colouring Book (Colouring Books)
2019978-0-7509-9167-4Gregory Fremont-BarnesNapoleon's Greatest Triumph: The Battle of Austerlitz
  ''978-0-7509-9197-1Keith WiddowsonConfessions of A Steam-Age Ferroequinologist: Journeys on BR's London Midland Region
  ''978-0-7509-9210-7Richard GoldsbroughThe Cavalry that Broke Napoleon: The King's Dragoon Guards at Waterloo
  ''978-0-7509-9211-4Amy LicenceThe Lost Kings: Lancaster, York and Tudor
  ''978-0-7509-9220-6Chris BrownArnhem: Nine Days of Battle
2019978-0-7509-9233-6Günter BäblerGuide to the Crew of Titanic: The Structure of Working Aboard the Legendary Liner
  ''978-0-7509-9236-7R E S Tanner · D A TannerBurma 1942: Memoirs of a Retreat: The Diary of Ralph Tanner, KOYLI
  ''978-0-7509-9240-4James WatersonDracula's Wars: Vlad the Impaler and his Rivals
  ''978-0-7509-9243-5Darren BakerHenry III: The Great King England Never Knew It Had
  ''978-0-7509-9259-6Helen CoxFading London: The City's Vanishing Ghost Signs
2020978-0-7509-9265-7Brian J. DicksonEarly and First Generation Green Diesels in Photographs
2020978-0-7509-9333-3Julia Abel SmithForbidden Wife: The Life and Trials of Lady Augusta Murray
  ''978-0-7509-9389-0Gordon NapierThe A-Z of the Knights Templar: A Guide to Their History and Legacy
2001978-0-7509-9402-6Malcolm BobbittPolice Cars
2020978-0-7509-9430-9Christopher HiltonMayflower: The Voyage that Changed the World
  ''978-0-7509-9471-2Scott LomaxJeremy Bamber: Evil, Almost Beyond Belief?