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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2013978-0-7524-8964-3Bob PeggThe Little Book of Hogmanay
2014978-0-7524-8965-0John Van Der KistePlymouth: A City at War, 1914-45
2013978-0-7524-8969-8Anthony BurtonThe Rise and Fall of British Shipbuilding
  ''978-0-7524-8984-1Peter OllerheadCrewe Then & Now (Then & Now (History Press))
  ''978-0-7524-8985-8Dan Whiting · Liam KennaCricket Banter
2014978-0-7524-8990-2Tom KeeneHand of Steel: Britain's Band of Brothers
  ''978-0-7524-8991-9ArnoldTheir Name Liveth for Evermore
  ''978-0-7524-8993-3EnglandLancashire Folk Tales (Folk Tales: United Kingdom)
2013978-0-7524-8994-0Giles ChapmanThe Land Rover Story
2013978-0-7524-8995-7Marilyn Yurdan · Nicola LillieLavender Water & Snail Syrup: Mrs Ambler's Household Book of Georgian Cures and Remedies
2014978-0-7524-8997-1BartonNorth Yorkshire Folk Tales (Folk Tales (Folk Tales: United Kingdom)
2015978-0-7524-8998-8Malcolm GreenNorthumberland Folk Tales (Folk Tales: United Kingdom)
2014978-0-7524-9001-4Janet GleesonThe Lifeboat Baronet: Launching the RNLI
  ''978-0-7524-9002-1Tim McLellandView from the Cockpit: Flying Military Aircraft
2013978-0-7524-9005-2Fiona CollinsThe Legend of Pryderi (Ancient Legends Retold)
  ''978-0-7524-9009-0Joe FlanneryStanding in the Wings: The Beatles, Brian Epstein and Me
  ''978-0-7524-9010-6Jonathan TriggDeath on the Don: The Destruction of Germany's Allies on the Eastern Front 1941-44
  ''978-0-7524-9082-3J. BoyneBloody British History: Brighton
2013978-0-7524-9083-0Poulton-SmithBloody British History: Stafford
978-0-7524-9091-5Geoff BodyAlong Different Lines: 70 Real Life Railway Stories
978-0-7524-9097-7The J. R. R. Tolkien Miscellany
2014978-0-7524-9101-1Michael BaileyLoco Motion: The World's Oldest Steam Locomotives
2013978-0-7524-9103-5Luise UrbanEast of the Oder: A German Childhood Under the Nazis and Soviets
  ''978-0-7524-9105-9SurdharBloody British History: York (Bloody History)
  ''978-0-7524-9108-0Natasha SheldonNot a Guide to Leicester
  ''978-0-7524-9109-7Raven-HillThe Wartime Housewife: A No-Nonense Handbook For Modern Families
  ''978-0-7524-9141-7BrownBattle Story: Kohima 1944
2013978-0-7524-9142-4Martin BowmanThe D-Day Story (Story of)
2014978-0-7524-9143-1Elisabeth ShiptonFemale Tommies: The Frontline Women of the First World War
2013978-0-7524-9145-5Eddie BrazilHaunted High Wycombe
  ''978-0-7524-9146-2Gillian BardsleMaking Cars at Cowley: From Morris to MINI
  ''978-0-7524-9148-6McCloskeyMountain of the Dead: The Dyatlov Pass Incident
2015978-0-7524-9151-6ChirnsideRMS Olympic
2013978-0-7524-9154-7CalderSkipping to School
2014978-0-7524-9189-9John SadlerOde to Bully Beef
  ''978-0-7524-9209-4Helen MathersPatron Saint of Prostitutes: Josephine Butler and a Victorian Scandal
  ''978-0-7524-9211-7Glyn DaviesFrom Lysander to Lightning: Teddy Petter, Aircraft Designer
978-0-7524-9212-4Fish Quay
2013978-0-7524-9221-6Nicola SlyIn Hot Blood: A Casebook of Historic British Crimes of Passion
2014978-0-7524-9263-6Rickie BurmanJewish London
2013978-0-7524-9264-3AshberryJohn McDermott: It's Not All Black & White
2014978-0-7524-9265-0Chris WestFading Ads of Gloucester
2013978-0-7524-9267-4Tanya JacksonBritish Rail: The Nation's Railway
2013978-0-7524-9307-7Geoff BrookesSwansea Murders
2014978-0-7524-9308-4Ned WilliamsThe Earl of Dudley's Railway
2013978-0-7524-9318-3Steve R. SalterAshford in the 1960s and 70s in Colour
  ''978-0-7524-9324-4Adrian MeredithConcorde: A Photographic Tribute
2020978-0-7524-9327-5Ted Gosling · June RichardsBrixham in Old Photographs (Britain in Old Photographs)
2013978-0-7524-9330-5OsborneDefending Cambridgeshire
  ''978-0-7524-9331-2Whitechapel Society The Whitechapel SocietyJack the Ripper: The Terrible Legacy
2014978-0-7524-9332-9Geoff HolderThe Little Book of Scotland
978-0-7524-9333-6The Little Book of Sheffield
2019978-0-7524-9337-4Maurice CockerBattleships, Battle Cruisers, Cruisers and Scouts of the Royal Navy 1900 to the Present Day
2014978-0-7524-9339-8HucknallThe Changing Scene of Merchant Shipping
2013978-0-7524-9342-8Ian M MalcolmShipping Company Losses of the Second World War
  ''978-0-7524-9343-5H. Leonard ThorneA Very Unusual Air War: From Dunkirk to AFDU - The Diary and Log Book of Test Pilot
  ''978-0-7524-9344-2McGroryBloody British History: Coventry (Bloody History)
2014978-0-7524-9347-3Bruce DurieThe Forensic Genealogist
2013978-0-7524-9348-0Lucy AdlingtonGreat War Fashion: Tales from the History Wardrobe
2013978-0-7524-9349-7BeardonThe Spellmount Guide to London in the Second World War
2014978-0-7524-9351-0Hugh CostelloPope John Paul II: pocket GIANTS
  ''978-0-7524-9354-1Derek GroutRMS Empress of Ireland: Pride of the Canadian Pacific's Atlantic Fleet
  ''978-0-7524-9356-5Stephen Haddelsey · Alan CarrollOperation Tabarin: Britain's Secret Wartime Expedition to Antarctica 1944-46
  ''978-0-7524-9358-9Douglas BoydThe Other First World War: The Blood-Soaked Russian Fronts 1914-1922
  ''978-0-7524-9359-6Trevor RowleyWilliam the Conqueror: Pocket Giants
2013978-0-7524-9360-2PowellWomen in the War Zone
2013978-0-7524-9429-6Richard EvansFrom the Frontline: The Extraordinary Life of Sir Basil Clarke
  ''978-0-7524-9430-2Derek HuntBeyond the Legend: Bill Speakman, Vc
2014978-0-7524-9431-9Giles ChapmanCars We Loved in the 1960s
2013978-0-7524-9432-6   ''Cars We Loved in the 1970s
978-0-7524-9446-3Elementary: The Life of Basil Rathbone
2013978-0-7524-9449-4SeatonThe River Welland, Shipping & Mariners of Spalding
  ''978-0-7524-9453-1Ben PedrocheWorking the London Underground: From 1863 To 2013
  ''978-0-7524-9698-6Chris Frame · Rachelle CrossQueen Victoria: A Photographic Journey
  ''978-0-7524-9699-3SkinnerBAC One-Eleven
2013978-0-7524-9701-3Mike BrookeFollow Me Through: The Ups And Downs Of An Raf Flying Instructor
  ''978-0-7524-9702-0Ruth A SymesIt Runs in the Family: Understanding More About Your Ancestors
  ''978-0-7524-9703-7Alexander TullochThe Little Book of Lancashire
  ''978-0-7524-9704-4C. B. HanleyThe Bloody City (A Mediaeval Mysteries)
  ''978-0-7524-9710-5Tim ReesIn Sights: The Story of a Welsh Guardsman
2015978-0-7524-9711-2Tad FitchInto the Danger Zone: Sea Crossings of the First World War
978-0-7524-9713-6Bloody British History Canterbury
2013978-0-7524-9714-3David Long · Gavin WhitelawLondon's Big Day: The Coronation 60 Years on
978-0-7524-9749-5Follow Me Through: The Ups and Downs of a RAF Flying Instructor
2014978-0-7524-9757-0Keith Ray0-60 in 120 Years: A Timeline of British Motoring
2013978-0-7524-9759-4Chris BrownBattle Story: Bannockburn 1314
2014978-0-7524-9760-0Stephen BourneBlack Poppies: Britain's Black Community and the Great War
2013978-0-7524-9764-8Phil AscoughNever Mind the Tigers
2015978-0-7524-9765-5Colin BrittainInto the Maelstrom: The Wreck of HMHS Rohilla
2013978-0-7524-9768-6David Slattery-ChristyMildred on the Marne: Mildred Aldrich, Front-line Witness 1914-1918
2014978-0-7524-9769-3TullochShetland Folk Tales (Folk Tales: United Kingdom)
2014978-0-7524-9771-6Simon MillsThe Unseen Britannic: The Ship in Rare Illustrations
2013978-0-7524-9773-0JepsonAround the World in a Napier: The Story of Two Motoring Pioneers
2014978-0-7524-9775-4Adam I.P. SmithAbraham Lincoln: Pocket Giants
2013978-0-7524-9776-1Huw Bennett · David FrenchThe Kenya Papers of General Sir George Erskine, 1953 to 1955
  ''978-0-7524-9778-5Neil ArnoldHaunted Bromley
2014978-0-7524-9779-2HaddelseyIce Captain: The Life of J.R. Stenhouse
2013978-0-7524-9781-5Andrew ClarkNever Mind the Owls: The Ultimate Sheffield Wednesday Quiz Book (Ultimate Quiz Book)
2014978-0-7524-9804-1Dee GordonThe Secret History of Southend-on-Sea
  ''978-0-7524-9867-6NapierThe Pocket A-Z of the Knights Templar
  ''978-0-7524-9870-6Andrew BrittonNew York Harbor
2019978-0-7524-9875-1Graham LargeHi-Ho Wolverhampton - A Season In Gold . . . and Black!: Wolverhampton Wanderers 2012/13
2013978-0-7524-9876-8Vince Milano · Paul BottingThe Lost Landsers - The Unpublished Photographic History of the German Army: Sand, Snow and Mud, 1941-1942
  ''978-0-7524-9878-2Graham ListerNever Mind the Gunners: The Ultimate Arsenal FC Quiz Book (Ultimate Quiz Book)
2015978-0-7524-9879-9John McburnieNever Mind the Jambos (Ultimate Quiz Book)
2013978-0-7524-9880-5Anita ClarkNever Mind the Peacocks: The Ultimate Leeds United Quiz Book (Ultimate Quiz Book)
2014978-0-7524-9883-6Andrew BrittonWaterloo to Weymouth: A Journey in Steam
2014978-0-7524-9886-7Anthony BurtonThe Workers' War: British Industry and the First World War
  ''978-0-7524-9891-1Bobby SinnettNever Mind the Cabbage: The Ultimate Hibernian FC Quiz Book
2013978-0-7524-9899-7E. J. HounslowFighting for the Bucks
2015978-0-7524-9901-7Stuart HadawayFrom Gaza to Jerusalem: The Campaign for Southern Palestine 1917
2014978-0-7524-9902-4EvansA Grim Almanac of Staffordshire (Grim Almanacs)
  ''978-0-7524-9903-1Jason DayHaunted Colchester
  ''978-0-7524-9906-2Stuart HadawayPyramids and Fleshpots: The Egyptian, Senussi and Eastern Mediterranean Campaigns, 1914-16
  ''978-0-7524-9907-9WebsterThe Railways of Glasgow (Post Beeching)
2014978-0-7524-9921-5SheldonLeicester in 100 Dates
2013978-0-7524-9924-6PhillipsThe Story of Billericay
  ''978-0-7524-9936-9GirouardPortobello Voices
2015978-0-7524-9939-0Keith StricklandThe Best of Steam: Railways of the World in Photographs
2014978-0-7524-9940-6Stephen WebsterCharles Darwin (pocket GIANTS)
2015978-0-7524-9941-3Danny RothWhere to, Guv?: The Complete History of British Taxi Service
2013978-0-7524-9942-0BeckmanThe 43 Group
  ''978-0-7524-9944-4Tom AmbroseThe History of Cycling in Fifty Bikes
2014978-0-7524-9945-1LeachSennen Cove Lifeboats
  ''978-0-7524-9948-2ColeyThe Lichfield Book of Days
  ''978-0-7524-9949-9John Ashdown-HillThe Third Plantagenet: George, Duke of Clarence, Richard III's Brother
2014978-0-7524-9950-5MarshA 1940s Childhood: From Bomb Sites to Children's Hour
2013978-0-7524-9953-6Daniel Klistorner · Steve Hall · Bruce Beveridge · Art Braunschweiger · Scott AndrewsTitanic in Photographs
978-0-7524-9958-1Haunted West End
2014978-0-7524-9962-8Nick BosanquetOur Land at War: Britain's Key First World War Sites
  ''978-0-7524-9969-7AldersonCap-Badges of the British Army 1939-1945