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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2004978-1-59310-000-1Janice ClarkLove Lives Here: The Heart of a Mother
  ''978-1-59310-003-2Rebecca GermanyOne-Of-A-Kind Mom
  ''978-1-59310-011-7Viola Ruelke GommerCongratulations
2003978-1-59310-014-8Ruth McHaney Danner · Cristine BolleyWhat I Learned from God While Quilting
  ''978-1-59310-017-9Michelle Lee · D. June HetzelBeauty Is Soul Deep
  ''978-1-59310-018-6Barbour PublishingWorld's Greatest Collection of Church Jokes
2004978-1-59310-022-3Frances J. RobertsCome Away My Beloved
2003978-1-59310-024-7Rebecca Barlow JordanDaily in Your Presence: Devotional Journal for Every Day
2003978-1-59310-025-4Hope ClarkeDaily Prayers and Promises Devotional Journal
  ''978-1-59310-033-9Mary TatemThe Quilt of Life: A Patchwork of Devotional Thoughts
  ''978-1-59310-035-3Anita Corrine DonihueWhen I'm Praising God: Devotional Thoughts on Worship for Women
2004978-1-59310-036-0Ellyn Sanna101 Tree Trimming Ideas (Homemade Christmas)
  ''978-1-59310-043-8Amy Jo RobertsonChristmas at Home Festive Finger Foods (Christmas at Home (Barbour))
1999978-1-59310-048-3Barbour PublishingGRADUATION PACKAGE A-2003
  ''978-1-59310-049-0   ''GRADUATION PACKAGE B-2003
2003978-1-59310-051-3Shane JohnsonChayatocha
2004978-1-59310-055-1Wanda E. BrunstetterKelly's Chance (Brides of Lehigh Canal Series #1) (Heartsong Presents #575)
1984978-1-59310-058-2Carol L. FitzpatrickDaily Wisdom for Women
1999978-1-59310-060-5Barbour PublishingDAYMAKER DELUXE PACK-MARC
2004978-1-59310-062-9Linda FordIrene (The Great War Series #4) (Heartsong Presents #604)
2004978-1-59310-065-0Andrea BoeshaarPrecious Things: Two Women, Two Pasts, One Future (Faded Photographs)
  ''978-1-59310-066-7Vernon Armitage · Mark LittletonLiving Life to the Max: Solomon's Wisdom for Christian Living
  ''978-1-59310-068-1Kay CorneliusToni's Vow (Alabama Series #2) (Heartsong Presents #561)
1999978-1-59310-071-1Barbour PublishingDAYMAKER PRE-PACKED CHRIS
2004978-1-59310-079-7Colleen L. Reece · Julie Reece-DemarcoChanging Seasons (Heartsong Presents #589)
  ''978-1-59310-081-0Gail Gaymer Martin · DiAnn Mills · Melanie Panagiotopoulos · Lois M. RicherFrom Italy with Love: Motivated by Letters, Four Women Travel to Italian Cities and Find Love
  ''978-1-59310-082-7Jill Stengl · Tracey V. Bateman · Pamela Griffin · Tamela Hancock MurrayHighland Legacy: Four Generations of Love are Rooted in Scotland
1999978-1-59310-085-8Barbour PublishingINSP LIBRARY GIFT BKS PCK
1999978-1-59310-088-9Barbour PublishingGRAB/BROOM/LATE/LORD PCK
2004978-1-59310-096-4Gail SattlerSecret Admirer (Heartsong Presents #590)
  ''978-1-59310-097-1Carol CoxRefining Fire: Arizona Series #2 (Heartsong Presents #592)
  ''978-1-59310-098-8Tamela Hancock MurrayMore Than Friends (Virginia Hearts Series #3) (Heartsong Presents #598)
  ''978-1-59310-105-3Cathy Marie HakeRedeemed Hearts (Heartsong Presents #563)
  ''978-1-59310-106-0Cathy Marie HakeThe Restoration (Heartsong Presents #600)
1999978-1-59310-110-7Barbour PublishingLAYMANS DICT/CONC SET
2005978-1-59310-111-4Stephen M. MillerWho's Who and Where's Where in the Bible
1999978-1-59310-112-1Barbour PublishingDAYMAKER CTR SPINNER PKG
2004978-1-59310-113-8Debra White SmithTake Two: Texas Romance Strikes Twice in Back-to-Back Novellas (The Key/The Promise: Heartsong Romance 2-in-1)
2004978-1-59310-116-9Mildred ColvinEliza (Heartsong Presents #591)
  ''978-1-59310-117-6Gail Gaymer MartinOut on a Limb (Heartsong Presents #594)
  ''978-1-59310-118-3Jeri OdellSurrendered Heart: The Fairchild Sisters Series #3 (Heartsong Presents #595)
  ''978-1-59310-123-7Kay CorneliusAnita's Fortune (Alabama Series #3) (Heartsong Presents #577)
  ''978-1-59310-124-4Susan Page DavisProtecting Amy (Wyoming Brides Series #1) (Heartsong Presents #607)
2004978-1-59310-125-1Kimberley ComeauxThe Engagement: Regency Series #2 (Heartsong Presents #608)
1999978-1-59310-127-5Barbour PublishingChristmas Romance Set
2004978-1-59310-137-4Karon Phillips GoodmanYou Still Here, Lord? (Inspirational Library)
  ''978-1-59310-138-1Jennifer HahnThe Teacher, Teacher Joke Book
  ''978-1-59310-139-8Kay CorneliusMary's Choice (Alabama Series #4) (Heartsong Presents #606)
  ''978-1-59310-140-4Janet Lee Barton · Diann Hunt · Sandra Petit · Gail SattlerThe Bouquet: Flowers by Felicity/Petals of Promise/Rose in Bloom/Flowers for a Friend (Inspirational Romance Collection)
  ''978-1-59310-141-1Cathy Marie Hake · Kelly Eileen Hake · Joan Croston · Joyce LivingstonBound by Love (Inspirational Romance Collection)
2004978-1-59310-142-8Birdie L. Etchison · Wanda E. Brunstetter · Pamela Griffin · Tamela Hancock MurraySweet Treats: Cupcakes for Two/Blueberry Surprise/Bittersweet Memories & Peppermint Dreams/Cream of the Crop (Inspirational Romance Collection)
  ''978-1-59310-143-5Cathy Marie Hake · Tracey V. Bateman · Vickie McDonough · Carol CoxA Stitch in Time: Basket Stitch/Double Cross/Spider Web Rose/Double Running (Inspirational Romance Collection)
  ''978-1-59310-144-2Scott Dickson · Mark LittletonNever Give Up: 7 Principles for Leading in Tough Times (Barbour Value Paperback)
  ''978-1-59310-147-3Rachel St. John-GilbertWake up Laughing: Offbeat Devotions for the Unconventional Woman
2002978-1-59310-155-8Pamela McQuadeThe Everyday Guide To Success: Your Friendly & Informative Guide to the Workplace
2004978-1-59310-157-2Rebecca Barlow JordanDaily in Your Image: Reflecting the Character of Christ
  ''978-1-59310-161-9Susan May Warren · Susan K. DownsEkaterina (Heirs of Anton Series #1)
2004978-1-59310-162-6Jim KrausThe Silence: The End Is Near
  ''978-1-59310-163-3Susan K. Downs · Susan May WarrenNadia (Heirs of Anton Series #2)
  ''978-1-59310-164-0Andrea BoeshaarWisconsin: The Haven of Rest/Second Time Around/Promise Me Forever/September Sonata (Inspirational Romance Collection)
  ''978-1-59310-165-7Tracie PetersonCastles: Kingdom Divided/Alas My Love/If Only/Five Geese Flying (Heartsong Novella Collection)
  ''978-1-59310-167-1Denise HunterKansas Brides: Stranger's Bride/Never a Bride/Bittersweet Bride/His Brother's Bride (Heartsong Novella Collection)
2004978-1-59310-168-8DiAnn MillsTexas Charm: Country Charm/Equestrian Charm/Cassidy's Charm/Compassion's Charm (Inspirational Romance Collection)
  ''978-1-59310-169-5Colleen L. ReeceFrontier Brides: Silence in the Sage/Whispers in the Wilderness/Music in the Mountains/Captives of the Canyon (Heartsong Novella Collection)
  ''978-1-59310-173-2Michael D. WardenWaymaker (Pearlsong Refounding)
  ''978-1-59310-177-0Cathy Marie Hake · Deborah BooneThe Bible Promise Book for Nurses
  ''978-1-59310-179-4DiAnn MillsFootsteps
2004978-1-59310-181-7Tracey V. BatemanEverlasting Hope (Oregon Brides Series #2) (Heartsong Presents #619)
  ''978-1-59310-184-8George W. KnightThe Layman's Quick Reference Concordance
2003978-1-59310-187-9gail-sattlerHoliday Snacks Appetizers and Other Christmas Fun
2004978-1-59310-192-3Cathy Marie HakeOne Chance in a Million (Heartsong Presents #624)
2005978-1-59310-193-0   ''Last Chance (Kentucky Chances, Book 1) (Heartsong Presents #648)
  ''978-1-59310-195-4Kelly Eileen HakeTaking a Chance (Heartsong Presents #640)
2004978-1-59310-197-8Ron Benrey · Janet BenreyDead as a Scone (The Royal Tunbridge Wells Mystery Series #1)
  ''978-1-59310-203-6Colleen L. ReeceSarah's New World: The Mayflower Adventure (1620) (Sisters in Time #1)
  ''978-1-59310-204-3Susan Martins MillerLydia the Patriot: The Boston Massacre
2004978-1-59310-205-0Norma Jean LutzMeg Follows a Dream: The Fight for Freedom (1844) (Sisters in Time #11)
  ''978-1-59310-206-7JoAnn A. GroteEmily Makes a Difference: A Time of Progress and Problems (1893) (Sisters in Time #16)
  ''978-1-59310-207-4Veda Boyd JonesBetsy's River Adventure: The Journey Westward (1808) (Sisters in Time #7)
  ''978-1-59310-208-1JoAnn A. GroteAnna's Fight for Hope: The Great Depression (1931) (Sisters in Time #20)
  ''978-1-59310-209-8Judie ByrdMoms on the Move: Family Meals in Minutes
2004978-1-59310-210-4Vicki J. KuyperMoms on the Move: Practical Solutions for Busy Lives
1999978-1-59310-219-7Barbour PublishingCHRISTMAS COLLECTIONS 4-C
2002978-1-59310-226-5Ellyn SannaOUR PRAYERS ARE WITH YOU
1999978-1-59310-227-2Barbour Publishing3 FOR 15 FICTION ECAP
2004978-1-59310-234-0Pamela McQuade Toni SortorRoadmap for Life: Selections from Route 365
  ''978-1-59310-240-1Christine LynxwilerThrough the Fire: The McFadden Brothers Series #3 (Heartsong Presents #609)
  ''978-1-59310-241-8Wanda E. BrunstetterGoing Home (Brides of Webster County, Book 1)
  ''978-1-59310-243-2Tamela Hancock MurrayThe Lady and the Cad (Heartsong Presents #616)
2005978-1-59310-244-9Wanda L. DysonIntimidation (A Shefford-Johnson Case Book 3)
2004978-1-59310-245-6Wanda DysonObsession (A Shefford-Johnson Case, Book 2)
  ''978-1-59310-248-7Linda FordForever in My Heart (Heartsong Presents #614)
1999978-1-59310-251-7Barbour PublishingLEVY SIDEKICK DMD8
1999978-1-59310-252-4Barbour PublishingLEVY SIDEKICK DMD6
2004978-1-59310-253-1Lynn A. Coleman · Gail Sattler · Melanie Panagiotopoulos · Kathleen Y'BarboOlympic Memories: Olympic Hopes/Olympic Cheers/Olympic Dreams/Olympic Goals (Inspirational Romance Collection)
  ''978-1-59310-254-8Janet Spaeth · Lena Nelson Dooley · Tracey V. Bateman with Frances Devine · Rhonda GibsonScraps of Love: Marry for Love/Mother's Old Quilt/The Coat/Love of a Lifetime (Inspirational Romance Collection)
  ''978-1-59310-255-5Pamela M. Griffin · Kristy DykesRoom at the Inn: Mustangs and Mistletoe/Orange Blossom Christmas (Heartsong Christmas 2-in-1)
  ''978-1-59310-257-9Carol Cox · Gail Gaymer Martin · DiAnn Mills · Jill StenglHidden Motives: Four Romances Emerge from Mysterious Shadows
  ''978-1-59310-258-6Cathy Marie Hake · Kelly Eileen Hake · Sally Laity · Dianna CrawfordThe Stuff of Love: A Living Doll/Filled with Joy/A Thread of Trust/A Stitch of Faith (Inspirational Romance Collection)
2005978-1-59310-273-9Wanda E. Brunstetter · Tammy Shuttlesworth · Pamela Kaye Tracy · Janet SpaethAttic Treasures: Out of the Dust Came Memories of Yesterday That Initiate Four Romances of Today
2005978-1-59310-274-6Carol Cox · DiAnn Mills · Darlene Mindrup · Kathleen Y'BarboGolden Gate Gazette: Web of Deceit/Missing Pages/Beyond the Flames/Misprint (Heartsong Novella Collection)
1999978-1-59310-277-7Barbour PublishingGRAD SUPER PROFIT PACK
2004978-1-59310-283-8Judie Byrd · Illustrator-Mary Lynn BlasuttaMoms on the move: Practical Solutions for Busy Lives (family meals in minutes)
  ''978-1-59310-290-6Frances J. RobertsMake Haste My Beloved
  ''978-1-59310-291-3   ''Progress of Another Pilgrim: The Original Devotional Classic, Powerful and Enduring (Complete and Unabridged)
  ''978-1-59310-292-0   ''Dialogues with God
1999978-1-59310-310-1Barbour PublishingINSPIRATIONAL JOURNALS PA
1999978-1-59310-326-2Barbour PublishingCRAZY ABOUT SIDEKICK
2003978-1-59310-330-9Christopher D. Hudson · Katie E. Gieser · Christine Collier Erickson · Tim Baker · Carol Smith · MS FNP Camille L. Steiner · Kristin HillingerNeed to Know Basics - Dieting
1999978-1-59310-340-8Barbour PublishingDAYMAKER DELUXE INIT SHIP
2004978-1-59310-342-2Barb HuffThe Secret (On Tour #3)
2005978-1-59310-349-1Susan K. Downs · Susan May WarrenOksana (Heirs of Anton Series #4) (Reissued as The Sovereign's Daughter)
  ''978-1-59310-350-7   ''Marina (Heirs of Anton Series #3)
2004978-1-59310-352-1Colleen L. ReeceRebekah in Danger: Peril at Plymouth Colony (1621) (Sisters in Time #2)
  ''978-1-59310-353-8Norma Jean LutzMandy the Outsider: Prelude to the Second World War (1939) (Sisters in Time #22)
  ''978-1-59310-354-5JoAnn A. GroteKate and the Spies: The American Revolution (1775) (Sisters in Time #6)
  ''978-1-59310-355-2Susan Martins MillerRachel and the Riot: The Labor Movement Divides a Family (1889) (Sisters in Time #15)
2004978-1-59310-356-9Norma Jean LutzDaria Solves a Mystery: The Civil War in Ohio (1862) (Sisters in Time #12)
  ''978-1-59310-357-6   ''Maria Takes a Stand: The Battle for Women's Rights (1914) (Sisters in Time #18)
  ''978-1-59310-358-3Daniel PartnerBible Devotions for Bedtime (Bedtime Bible Stories)
  ''978-1-59310-364-4Bonnie JensenA Lifetime of Girlfriends (Moments of Discovery,,,,)
  ''978-1-59310-370-5Michelle AdamsDaily Wisdom for Mothers
2004978-1-59310-374-3Matthew HenryGrant Me Wisdom
  ''978-1-59310-375-0Andrew MurrayTeach Me to Pray
  ''978-1-59310-377-4Barbour Publishing Inc.Fill Me With Hope (Barbour Value Classics)
  ''978-1-59310-380-4Sam WellmanAmy Carmichael: For the Children of India (Heroes of the Faith (Concordia))
  ''978-1-59310-381-1Edwin BoothMartin Luther: The Courage to Seek (Heroes of the Faith (Concordia))
2004978-1-59310-383-5Ruffin BernardFanny Crosby (Heroes of the Faith (Concordia))
  ''978-1-59310-384-2Sam WellmanCorrie Ten Boom (Heroes of the Faith (Concordia))
  ''978-1-59310-385-9   ''David Livingstone (Heroes of the Faith (Concordia))
  ''978-1-59310-389-7Rachael PhillipsWell with My Soul: Four Dramatic Stories of Great Hymn Writers (Heroes of the Faith (Concordia))
2000978-1-59310-397-2Humble CreekThe Lord Is My Shepherd - Selected Psalms of Encouragement
2004978-1-59310-405-4Rachel QuillinPeace and Goodwill (Daymaker)
  ''978-1-59310-413-9Incorporated Barbour Publishing20 Christmas Party Favorites (Christmas Music CDs)
2004978-1-59310-418-4Pamela Dowd · Christine LynxwilerAll Jingled Out: Done with the Dashing / My True Love Gave to Me (Steeple Hill Christmas)
  ''978-1-59310-420-7Jill Stengl · Tracey V. BatemanA Christmas Sleigh Ride: Colder Than Ice/Take Me Home (Heartsong Christmas 2-in-1)
  ''978-1-59310-423-8Andrea Boeshaar · Debby MayneSnowbound for Christmas: Let It Snow/Christmas in the City (Heartsong Christmas 2-in-1)
  ''978-1-59310-427-6Mark GilroyCrazy about My Friend: ... and I'm Glad You Are Mine
  ''978-1-59310-432-0Joyce LivingstonAlaskan Midnight: Northern Exposure/Hand Quilted with Love/Be My Valentine/The Baby Quilt (Heartsong Novella Collection)
2004978-1-59310-434-4Gail Gaymer MartinMichigan: Out on a Limb/Over Her Head/Seasons/Secrets Within (Heartsong Novella Collection)
  ''978-1-59310-435-1Carol CoxSagebrush Brides: Journey Toward Home/The Measure of a Man/Season of Hope/Cross My Heart (Heartsong Novella Collection)
1999978-1-59310-438-2Barbour PublishingCORE BACKLIST SHIPMENT
  ''978-1-59310-442-9   ''DAYMAKER DLX SPINNER SHIP
2004978-1-59310-445-0Diann HuntBasket of Secrets (Heartsong Presents #620)
2005978-1-59310-446-7Wanda E. BrunstetterThe Storekeeper's Daughter (Daughters of Lancaster County, Book 1)
  ''978-1-59310-476-4Janet Lee BartonA Place Called Home (Heartsong Presents, No. 623)
  ''978-1-59310-477-1Tamela Hancock MurrayForever Friends (Heartsong Presents #621)
2004978-1-59310-478-8Nancy MoserSecond Time Around (Time Lottery Series #2)
1999978-1-59310-480-1Barbour PublishingINSP LIBRARY GIFT BOOKS A
2006978-1-59310-489-4Phil ChalmersCan You Handle the Truth?
2005978-1-59310-492-4Christine LynxwilerLonging for Home (McFadden Brothers, Book 4)
2005978-1-59310-501-3Barbour PublishingI Can Read God's Word 24-Copy Counter Display Package
2005978-1-59310-512-9Barbour Publishing48-Copy Pre-Packed Counter Display
  ''978-1-59310-513-6   ''A Lifetime of Girlfriends: 48-Copy Pre-Packed Counter Display
  ''978-1-59310-522-8Kim O'BrienThe Pastor's Assignment (Heartsong Presents #641)
  ''978-1-59310-527-3Janet Lee BartonMaking Amends (The Roswell Series #3) (Heartsong Presents #644)
2004978-1-59310-537-2Tracey V. Bateman · Pamela Griffin · Maryn Langer · Jill StenglChristmas on the Prairie: Take Me Home/One Wintry Night/The Christmas Necklace/Colder Than Ice (Christmas Anthology)
2005978-1-59310-543-3Tamela Hancock MurrayLove's Denial (Heartsong Presents #639)
  ''978-1-59310-544-0Ginny AikenThe Hunt for Home (Heartsong Presents #645)
2005978-1-59310-545-7Joyce LivingstonThe Fourth of July (Heartsong Presents #649)
  ''978-1-59310-546-4Wanda E. BrunstetterOn Her Own (Brides of Webster County, Book 2)
  ''978-1-59310-547-1Rachel DrutenAgainst the Tide: Pasadena Promises, Book 3 (Heartsong Presents #651)
  ''978-1-59310-558-7Janet Spaeth · Kathleen Y'Barbo · Bev Huston · Rhonda GibsonThe Bachelor Club: Joyful Noise/The Rescue/Right for Each Other/Stealing Home (Heartsong Novella Collection)
  ''978-1-59310-562-4Kay CorneliusAlabama: Politically Correct / Toni's Vow / Anita's Fortune / Mary's Choice (Heartsong Novella Collection)
2005978-1-59310-581-5Rosey DowColorado: Megan's Choice/Em's Only Chance/Lisa's Broken Arrow/Banjo's New Song (Heartsong Novella Collection)
  ''978-1-59310-586-0Kristin BillerbeckSan Francisco: Meet My Sister, Tess/The Landlord Takes a Bride/Grace in Action/An Unbreakable Hope (Heartsong Novella Collection)
  ''978-1-59310-602-7Cathy Marie HakeVirginia: Precious Burdens/Redeemed Hearts/Ramshackle Rose/The Restoration (Heartsong Novella Collection)
  ''978-1-59310-603-4Susan K. Downs · Anita Higman · DiAnn Mills · Kathleen Y'BarboFresh-Brewed Love: An Acquired Taste/The Perfect Blend/Breaking New Ground/Coffee Scoop (Heartsong Novella Collection)
  ''978-1-59310-606-5Karon GoodmanAnother Fine Mess, Lord!: Finding Simplicity, Order, and Insight in a Complicated World (Barbour Value Paperback)
2005978-1-59310-607-2Mary DavisLakeside: Michigan Weddings Series #1 (Heartsong Presents #653)
  ''978-1-59310-608-9Marilou FlinkmanAlaskan Summer (Heartsong Presents #654)
  ''978-1-59310-610-2Joyce LivingstonLove Worth Keeping (Heartsong Presents #658)
  ''978-1-59310-616-4Ellyn SannaHappy Mother's Day (DAYMAKER GREETING BOOKS)
  ''978-1-59310-620-1Bonnie JensenGirlfriend Connections - Moments of Laughter
2005978-1-59310-625-6J. C. CarlileCharles Spurgeon: The Prince of Preachers (Heroes of the Faith)
  ''978-1-59310-626-3Rachael M. PhillipsBilly Sunday: Major League Evangelist (Heroes of the Faith)
  ''978-1-59310-628-7Sam WellmanGladys Aylward: For the Children of China (Heroes of the Faith)
  ''978-1-59310-629-4W. Terry WhalinSojourner Truth: Liberated in Christ (Heroes of the Faith)
  ''978-1-59310-630-0Helen Kooiman HosierWilliam and Catherine Booth: Founders of the Salvation Army (Heroes of the Faith)
2005978-1-59310-631-7Linda Windsor · Vickie McDonough · Pamela Griffin · Tamela Hancock MurrayBrides O' the Emerald Isle: Of Legends and Love/A Legend of Peace/A Legend of Mercy/A Legend of Light (Heartsong Novella Collection)
  ''978-1-59310-632-4Kristy Dykes · Susan K. Downs · Sally Laity · Carrie TuranskyWedded Bliss?: Reunited/When Seasons Change/Love is a Choice/Wherever Love Takes Us (Heartsong Novella Collection)
  ''978-1-59310-636-2Michael Ross · Tiffany RossThe Little Book of Great Dates: Unique, Fun and Meaningful Dating Ideas (Little Book Of... (Barbour))
  ''978-1-59310-637-9Wanda E. BrunstetterDear to Me (Brides of Webster County, Book 3) (Heartsong Presents #662)
  ''978-1-59310-640-9Hope ClarkePass-along Promises - Inspiration for the Workplace
2005978-1-59310-646-1John Hudson TinerPrayers and Promises for Dads (PRAYERS & PROMISES)
  ''978-1-59310-647-8Ellen CaugheyMy Prayer Journal (KEY NOTES)
  ''978-1-59310-648-5Ellen CaugheyMy Personal Journal: Keynotes
  ''978-1-59310-649-2   ''My Small Group Journal (KEY NOTES)
  ''978-1-59310-650-8   ''My Sermon Notes Journal (KEY NOTES)
2005978-1-59310-652-2Roy Lessin · Heather SolumCome Sit Awhile - the Blessings of Family and Home (COME SIT AWHILE - INSPIRATION FROM THE FRONT PORCH)
  ''978-1-59310-656-0Norma Jean LutzCarrie's Courage: Battling the Powers of Bigotry (1923) (Sisters in Time #19)
  ''978-1-59310-657-7   ''Elise the Actress: Climax of the Civil War (1865) (Sisters in Time #13)
  ''978-1-59310-658-4Veda Boyd JonesEmma's Secret: The Cincinnati Epidemic (1832) (Sisters in Time #9)
  ''978-1-59310-659-1Bonnie HinmanJennie's War: The Home Front in World War II (1944) (Sisters in Time #23)
2005978-1-59310-660-7Norma Jean LutzMaggie's Dare: The Great Awakening (1744) (Sisters in Time #3)
  ''978-1-59310-661-4Veda Boyd JonesMaureen the Detective: The Age of Immigration (Sisters in Time)
  ''978-1-59310-665-2Barbour PublishingCome Here Often?: An Indispensable Guide to Dating (Indispensable Guides)
  ''978-1-59310-666-9Wanda DysonAbduction (A Shefford-Johnson Case, Book 1)
  ''978-1-59310-667-6T. L. Higley · Tracy L. HigleyRetrovirus
2005978-1-59310-668-3Hannah AlexanderThe Crystal Cavern
  ''978-1-59310-669-0Nancy MoserTime Lottery
  ''978-1-59310-670-6Alton L. GanskyA Treasure Deep (Perry Sachs Mystery Series #1)
  ''978-1-59310-671-3Linda FordAlberta Brides: Unchained Hearts/The Heart Seeks a Home/Chastity's Angel/Crane's Bride (Heartsong Novella Collection)
  ''978-1-59310-672-0Catherine Runyon · Irene B. Brand · Gina Fields · JoAnn A. GroteAppalachia: Eagles for Anna/Afterglow/The Perfect Wife/Come Home to My Heart (Heartsong Novella Collection)
2005978-1-59310-673-7Birdie L. EtchisonOregon Breeze: Finding Courtney/The Sea Beckons/Ring of Hope/Woodhaven Acres (Heartsong Novella Collection)
  ''978-1-59310-675-1Grace Livingston HillLo, Michael (Grace Livingston Hill)
  ''978-1-59310-678-2Grace Livingston HillMiranda (GRACE LIVINGSTONE HILL)
2005978-1-59310-679-9Grace Livingston HillPhoebe Deane (Grace Livingston Hill)
  ''978-1-59310-680-5   ''The Witness (GRACE LIVINGSTONE HILL)
  ''978-1-59310-681-2George MacDonaldAt the Back of the North Wind (Christian Fiction Classics)
  ''978-1-59310-682-9Charles SheldonIn His Steps (Barbour Christian Classics)
  ''978-1-59310-683-6Sydney WatsonIn the Twinkling of an Eye (Christian Fiction Classics)
2005978-1-59310-684-3John BunyanPilgrim's Progress (BARBOUR CHRISTIAN CLASSICS)
  ''978-1-59310-685-0Allison Gappa BottkeJourneys of Joy: 30 True Stories of Abundant Living
  ''978-1-59310-686-7Allison Gappa BottkeJourneys of Friendship: 30 True Stories of Kindred Connections
  ''978-1-59310-687-4   ''Journeys of Hope: 30 True Stories of Faith in Adversity
  ''978-1-59310-688-1   ''Journeys of Love: 30 True Stories of Undeniable Devotion
2005978-1-59310-690-4Ellen CaugheyMatch'Em: Can You Make the Right Connection? (Jokes and Trivia)
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