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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1996978-1-57748-007-5Kay CorneliusPolitically Correct (Heartsong Presents #206)
1998978-1-57748-059-4Colleen L. ReeceThe Mayflower Adventure (The American Adventure Series #1)
2002978-1-57748-081-5Watty PiperThe Little Engine That Could
1997978-1-57748-083-9Sally Laity · Loree Lough · Colleen L. Reece · Tracie PetersonAn Old-Fashioned Christmas: For the Love of a Child/Miracle on Kismet Hill/Christmas Flower/God Jul (Heartsong Novella Collection)
  ''978-1-57748-105-8Sam WellmanMother Teresa: Missionary of Charity (Heroes of the Faith)
  ''978-1-57748-106-5Sam WellmanWilliam Carey: Father of Missions (Heroes of the Faith)
1998978-1-57748-124-9ChristmasSoulful Keyboard Christmas
1997978-1-57748-125-6JaysongClassical Guitar (The Heart of Christmas)
  ''978-1-57748-143-0Rob SuggsThe Comic Book Bible
1998978-1-57748-174-4Sally Laity · Loree Lough · Debra White Smith · Kathleen YappOnly You: Interrupted Melody/Reluctant Valentine/Castaways/Masquerade (Inspirational Valentine Romance Collection)
  ''978-1-57748-175-1Richard HaslerDavid Brainerd (Young Readers Christian Library)
1998978-1-57748-176-8James R. ShottMoses (Young Readers Christian Library)
  ''978-1-57748-177-5Bonnie HarveyGeorge Muller: Man of Faith (Heroes of the Faith)
  ''978-1-57748-178-2Sam WellmanMary Slessor: Queen of Calabar (Heroes of the Faith)
1997978-1-57748-195-9Darlene MindrupThe Rising Son (United We Stand, Book 2) (Heartsong Presents #243)
1998978-1-57748-206-2Barbour Books StaffJumbo Bible Crossword Collection Volume 2
  ''978-1-57748-222-2Sam WellmanGladys Aylward: Missionary to China (Heroes of the Faith)
  ''978-1-57748-223-9Bob LaurentWatchman Nee: Man of Suffering (Heroes of the Faith)
1998978-1-57748-228-4Susan Martins-MillerJim Elliot (Young Reader's Christian Library)
  ''978-1-57748-229-1Louisa May AlcottLittle Women (Young Reader's Christian Library)
1999978-1-57748-242-0Barbour PublishingKID STUFF TP 3 PACK
1998978-1-57748-244-4Rusty Wright · Linda R. Wright500 Clean Jokes and Humorous Stories: And How to Tell Them
  ''978-1-57748-254-3Veda Boyd Jones · Sally Laity · Loree Lough · Yvonne LehmanI Do: Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace/Once Upon a Dream/Wrong Church, Wrong Wedding/Something Old, Something New (Inspirational Romance Collection)
1997978-1-57748-312-0Colleen CobleWhere Leads the Heart (Dakota Historical Series, Book 1) (Heartsong Presents #271)
1999978-1-57748-318-2Barbour PublishingGRADUATION PACKAGE 1998
1998978-1-57748-342-7Elizabeth PrentissStepping Heavenward: One Woman's Journey to Godliness (Inspirational Library Series)
  ''978-1-57748-348-9Elizabeth SherrillThe Hiding Place (The Essential Christian Library)
  ''978-1-57748-349-6Kay Cornelius · Rebecca Germany · Darlene Mindrup · Colleen L. ReeceA Nostalgic Noel: Cane Creek/Bittersweet/A Christmas Gift of Love/Honor of the Big Snows (Inspirational Christmas Romance Collection)
1998978-1-57748-350-2Yvonne Lehman · Loree Lough · Tracie Peterson · Debra White SmithSeason of Love: The Gold Star/Whispers from the Past/Silent Nights/Hearts United (Inspirational Christmas Romance Collection)
  ''978-1-57748-354-0Tracie PetersonAlaska: Four Inspirational Love Stories from America's Final Frontier
  ''978-1-57748-355-7Lauraine SnellingDakota: Dakota Dawn/Dakota Dream/Dakota Dusk/Dakota Destiny (Inspirational Romance Collection)
  ''978-1-57748-364-9Sam WellmanAmy Carmichael: Abandoned to God (Heroes of the Faith)
  ''978-1-57748-365-6   ''George Washington Carver: Inventor and Naturalist (Heroes of the Faith)
1999978-1-57748-400-4Barbour PublishingCLASSICAL OCCASIONS PACK
1999978-1-57748-408-0Barbour PublishingCLASSICAL OCCASIONS HALF
1998978-1-57748-411-0Norma Jean LutzThe Great War (The American Adventure)
1999978-1-57748-443-1Isabella Alden · Grace Livingston HillGrace Livingston Hill Collection No.1
  ''978-1-57748-444-8Grace Livingston Hill · Isabella AldenGrace Livingston Hill Collection No. 2: Because of Stephen / Lone Point / The Story of a Whim / An Interrupted Night
1998978-1-57748-448-6Bruce Bickel · Stan JantzGod Is in the Small Stuff
  ''978-1-57748-457-8Rosey DowEm's Only Chance (Colorado, Book 2) (Heartsong Presents #299)
  ''978-1-57748-477-6Gail Gaymer MartinSeasons (Heartsongs Presents #302)
1999978-1-57748-501-8Gloria Brandt · Rebecca Germany · Tracie Peterson · Debra White SmithSpring's Promise: E-Love/The Garden Plot/Stormy Weather/Bride to Be (Inspirational Romance Collection)
  ''978-1-57748-502-5Darlene Mindrup · Colleen Coble · Carol Cox · Judith McCoy MillerSpring's Memory: A Valentine for Prudence/Set Sail My Heart/The Wonder of Spring/The Blessings Basket (Inspirational Romance Collection)
1999978-1-57748-505-6Helen K. HosierWilliam and Catherine Booth: Founders of the Salvation Army (Heroes of the Faith)
  ''978-1-57748-506-3Bonnie HarveyCharles Finney: The Great Revivalist (Heroes of the Faith)
  ''978-1-57748-507-0Grace Livingston Hill · Isabella AldenGrace Livingston Hill Collection No. 3: Four Complete Novels
  ''978-1-57748-515-5W. Terry Whalin · Terry WhalinSojourner Truth (Young Christian Library Reader's)
  ''978-1-57748-555-1Gail Gaymer MartinDreaming of Castles (Heartsong Presents #330)
1999978-1-57748-556-8Colleen CoblePlains of Promise (Dakota Series, # 2) (Heartsong Presents #327)
  ''978-1-57748-559-9Helen K. HosierJonathan Edwards: The Great Awakener (Heroes of the Faith)
  ''978-1-57748-560-5Charles M. SheldonJesus Is Here
  ''978-1-57748-567-4Bruce Bickel · Stan JantzGod Is in the Small Stuff for Your Family
  ''978-1-57748-583-4Barbour Books Staff · Randy KryszewskiThe KJV Bible for Toddlers
1999978-1-57748-596-4Yvonne Lehman · Loree Lough · Colleen L. Reece · Debra White SmithWinter Wishes: Dear Jane/Language of Love/Candlelight of Christmas/Love Renewed (Inspirational Romance Collection)
  ''978-1-57748-603-9Alan MillwrightBrother Andrew: God's Undercover Agent (Heroes of the Faith)
  ''978-1-57748-604-6Vance ChristieHudson Taylor: Founder, China Inland Mission (Heroes of the Faith)
  ''978-1-57748-610-7Incorporated Barbour PublishingJumbo Puzzle Book Crossword Collection (Jumbo Bible Puzzle Book)
  ''978-1-57748-611-4Incorporated Barbour PublishingJumbo Bible Word Search Collection Vol. 2 (Jumbo Bible Puzzle Book)
2000978-1-57748-638-1Bruce Bickel · Stan JantzGod Is in the Small Stuff for Your Marriage: Renew Your Commitment and Invite God into the Details of Your Marriage
1999978-1-57748-640-4Sally Laity · DiAnn Mills · Andrea Boeshaar · Yvonne LehmanThe Painting: Where the Heart Is/New Beginnings/Turbulent Times/Going Home Again (Inspirational Romance Collection)
2000978-1-57748-641-1Mary HawkinsAustralia: Search for Tomorrow/Search for Yesterday/Search for Today/Search for the Star (Inspirational Romance Collection)
2000978-1-57748-642-8Melanie PanagiotopoulosGreece: Odyssey of Love/Race of Love/Fortress of Love/Christmas Baby (Inspirational Romance Collection)
  ''978-1-57748-643-5Colleen L. ReeceFrontiers: Flower of Seattle/Flower of the West/Flower of the North/Flower of Alaska (Inspirational Romance Collection)
  ''978-1-57748-644-2VeraLee WigginsNorthwest: Heartbreak Trail/Martha My Own/Abram My Love/A New Love (Inspirational Romance Collection)
  ''978-1-57748-645-9Gail Sattler · Kristin Billerbeck · Colleen CobleForever Friends: Amanda/Collette/Danielle/Belinda (Inspirational Romance Collection)
  ''978-1-57748-655-8Tamela Hancock MurrayGreat Bible Trivia for Kids (Christian Library)
2000978-1-57748-667-1Ellen CaugheyEric Liddell (Heroes of the Faith)
  ''978-1-57748-690-9Ken AbrahamArmed and Dangerous: Facing Today's Battles with the Word of God
1999978-1-57748-704-3Colleen CobleThe Heart Answers (Dakota Historical Series, Book 3) (Heartsong Presents #360)
2000978-1-57748-712-8Linda Ford · Linda Goodnight · JoAnn A. Grote · Amy RognliePrairie Brides: The Bride's Song/The Barefoot Bride/A Homesteader, A Bride and a Baby/A Vow Unbroken (Inspirational Romance Collection)
  ''978-1-57748-722-7Sam WellmanJohn Wesley: The Horseback Preacher (Young Reader's Christian Library)
  ''978-1-57748-725-8Grace Livingston Hill · Isabella AldenGrace Livingston Hill Collection No. 5
  ''978-1-57748-726-5Isabella Alden · Grace Livingston HillGrace Livingston Hill, Collection No.6 (4 Complete Novels including a novel by Isabella Alden, aunt to Grace Livingston Hill)
2000978-1-57748-727-2Kristy Dykes · Nancy J. Farrier · Sally Laity · Judith McCoy MillerAmerican Dream: I Take Thee, A Stranger/Blessed Land/Promises Kept/Freedom's Ring (Inspirational Romance Collection)
  ''978-1-57748-728-9Denise Hunter · Colleen Coble · Janice Pohl · Eileen M. BergerReunions: Truth or Dare/Storm Warning/Too Good to be True/That Special Something (Inspirational Romance Collection)
  ''978-1-57748-735-7Bruce Fish · Becky Durost FishGeorge Whitefield: Pioneering Evangelist (Heroes of the Faith)
  ''978-1-57748-737-1Mary TatemThe Quilt of Life: A Patchwork of Devotional Thoughts
  ''978-1-57748-738-8Bruce Fish · Becky Durost FishWilliam Tyndale (Heroes of the Faith)
2000978-1-57748-756-2Cathy Marie HakeTwin Victories (Heartsong Presents #370)
  ''978-1-57748-792-0Kristin Billerbeck · Linda Goodnight · Yvonne Lehman · Pamela Kaye Tracy · Pamela k TracyLessons of the Heart: Love Lessons/Beauty for Ashes/Scrambled Eggs/Test of Time (Inspirational Romance Collection)
  ''978-1-57748-793-7Janet Spaeth · Janet Lee Barton · Ellen Edwards Kennedy · Debby MayneHarvest Home: Only Believe/Harvest of Love/The Applesauce War/Sunshine Harvest (Inspirational Romance Novella Collection)
  ''978-1-57748-795-1Janelle Burnham SchneiderBritish Columbia: The Romatic History of Dawson Creek in Four Complete Novels- River of Peace / Beckoning Streams / Winding Highway / Hidden Trails (Inspirational Romance Collection)
  ''978-1-57748-803-3Ellen BascutiLuis Palau: Evangelist to the World (Heroes of the Faith)
2000978-1-57748-804-0Sam WellmanFrancis and Edith Schaeffer: Defenders of the Faith (Heroes of the Faith)
  ''978-1-57748-811-8Gail Gaymer Martin · Colleen L. Reece · Janet Spaeth · Andrea BoeshaarChristmas Threads: Everlasting Light/Yuletide Treasure/Angels in the Snow/Christmas Cake (Inspirational Christmas Romance Collection)
  ''978-1-57748-822-4Eldyn SimonsThe Dawn of Hope: Encouragement for Those Who Grieve
  ''978-1-57748-826-2Isabella Alden · Grace Livingston HillGrace Livingston Hill Collection No. 8: The Chance of a Lifetime; Under the Window; A Voice in the Wilderness; The Randolphs
  ''978-1-57748-827-9Norene MorrisTumbleweeds: Cottonwood Dreams/Rainbow Harvest/Pioneer Legacy/Heart for Home (Inspirational Romance Collection)
2000978-1-57748-828-6Tracie PetersonColorado Wings: A Wing and a Prayer/Wings Like Eagles/Wings of the Dawn/A Gift of Wings (Inspirational Romance Collection)
2001978-1-57748-834-7Vance ChristieJohn and Betty Stam: Missionary Martyrs
2000978-1-57748-837-8Rayburn RayBible IQ: 1,000 Questions to Rate Your Scriptural Savvy
  ''978-1-57748-850-7Bruce Bickel · Stan JantzKeeping God In The Small Stuff (God is in the Small Stuff)
  ''978-1-57748-852-1Ruth McHaney-Danner · Cristine BolleyWhat I Learned from God While Quilting
  ''978-1-57748-853-8Niki Anderson · Cristine BolleyWhat I Learned from God While Gardening
  ''978-1-57748-914-6Oswald ChambersMy Utmost for His Highest - Deluxe (DELUXE CHRISTIAN CLASSICS)
2000978-1-57748-916-0John BunyanThe Pilgrim's Progress (Deluxe Christian Classics)
  ''978-1-57748-917-7A. J. RussellGod Calling (DELUXE CHRISTIAN CLASSICS)
  ''978-1-57748-918-4Hannah HurnardHinds' Feet On High Places (Deluxe Christian Classics)
  ''978-1-57748-919-1Corrie Ten BoomThe Hiding Place (Deluxe Christian Classics)
2001978-1-57748-947-4C. I. ScofieldKJV Study Bible: Red Letter Reference (Leatherette)
1999978-1-57748-948-1Barbour PublishingGOD/SMALL STUFF SPECIAL E
  ''978-1-57748-949-8   ''HARVEST SERIES PACK
2000978-1-57748-957-3Rosey DowLisa's Broken Arrow (Heartsong Presents #383)
1999978-1-57748-960-3Barbour PublishingBIBLE ANSWERS LIBRARY PAC
1999978-1-57748-962-7Barbour PublishingKING JAMES BIBLE-BELIEVER
  ''978-1-57748-963-4   ''KING JAMES BIBLE-BELIEVER
  ''978-1-57748-968-9   ''CLASSICAL OCCASIONS 4PACK
2001978-1-57748-970-2Yvonne LehmanCarolina: Mountain Man, Smoky Mountain Sunrise, Call of the Mountain, Whiter Than Snow (Inspirational Romance Collections)
  ''978-1-57748-971-9Birdie L. EtchisonOregon: The Heart Has Its Reasons/Love Shall Come Again/Love's Tender Path/Anna's Hope (Inspirational Romance Collection)
  ''978-1-57748-973-3Wanda E. Brunstetter · Lauralee Bliss · Pamela Griffin · Tamela Hancock MurrayRescue: Matchmaker 911/Island Sunrise/Wellspring of Love/Man of Distinction (Inspirational Romance Collection)
2001978-1-57748-974-0Cathy Marie Hake · Colleen Coble · Kristin Billerbeck · Gina FieldsHeirloom Brides: Button String Bride/Wedding Quilt Bride/Bayside Bride/Persistent Bride (Inspirational Romance Collection)
2000978-1-57748-975-7Irene B. Brand · Lynn A. Coleman · Gail Gaymer Martin · Yvonne LehmanOnce Upon a Time: A Rose for Beauty/The Shoemaker's Daughter/Better to See You/Lily's Plight (Inspirational Romance Collection)
  ''978-1-57748-976-4DiAnn Mills · Andrea Boeshaar · Lynn A. Coleman · Sally LaityKeepers of the Light: Whispers Across the Blue/A Beacon in the Storm/When Love Awaits/A Time to Love (Inspirational Romance Collection)
  ''978-1-57748-979-5Chuck ColsonChuck Colson Speaks: Twelve Key Speeches by America's Foremost Christian Thinker
2001978-1-57748-985-6Johnnie Godwin · Phyllis Godwin · Karen DockreyThe Student Bible Dictionary