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2001978-1-58660-112-6Lauralee Bliss · Pamela Griffin · Dina Leonhardt Koehly · Gail SattlerTails of Love: Ark of Love/Walk, Don't Run/Dog Park/The Neighbor's Fence (Inspirational Romance Collection)
  ''978-1-58660-113-3DiAnn Mills · Carol Cox · Darlene Mindrup · Kathleen Y'BarboYellow Roses: Serena's Strength/A Woman's Place/The Reluctant Fugitive/Saving Grace (Inspirational Romance Collection)
  ''978-1-58660-123-2Tracie PetersonNew Mexico Sunrise: A Place to Belong/Perfect Love/Tender Journeys/The Willing Heart (Inspirational Romance Collection)
  ''978-1-58660-134-8Linda Goodnight · Kimberley Comeaux · JoAnn A. Grote · Diann HuntLove Afloat: Troubled Waters/The Matchmakers/By the Silvery Moon/Healing Voyage (Inspirational Romance Collection)
  ''978-1-58660-135-5Andrea Boeshaar · Cathy Marie Hake · Pamela Kaye Tracy · Sally LaityThe Sewing Circle: Tumbling Blocks/Old Maid's Choice/Jacob's Ladder/Four Hearts (Inspirational Romance Collection)
2001978-1-58660-137-9Rachael M. PhillipsBilly Sunday: Evangelist of the Sawdust Trail (Heroes of the Faith)
  ''978-1-58660-138-6Michael Van DykeHeroes of the Faith: Dietrich Bonhoeffer
  ''978-1-58660-139-3Tracie PetersonNew Mexico Sunset: The Heart's Calling/Forever Yours/Angel's Cause/Come Away, My Love (Inspirational Romance Collection)
  ''978-1-58660-140-9Janet Gortsema · Nancy Rue · Lauralee Bliss · Lynn A. ColemanNew England: Mockingbird's Song/Retreat to Love/Mountaintop/Sea Escape (Inspirational Romance Collection)
  ''978-1-58660-147-8Rebecca Barlow JordanAt Home in My Heart: Preparing a Place for His Presence
2001978-1-58660-164-5Colleen CobleFrom Russia with Love (Heartsong Presents #417)
2000978-1-58660-175-1Phil A. SmouseI Love Ruthie
2002978-1-58660-224-6Julia QuinnThe Everyday Guide to Prayer
2001978-1-58660-242-0Colleen Coble · Carol Cox · Terry Fowler · Gail Gaymer MartinHome For Christmas: Heart Full of Love/Ride the Clouds/Don't Look Back/To Keep Me Warm (Heartsong Novella Collection)
  ''978-1-58660-246-8Grace Livingston HillFor Each New Day
  ''978-1-58660-261-1Kathleen Yapp · Dina Leonhardt Koehly · Sally Laity · Kristin BillerbeckCalifornia: Golden Dreams/A Gift from Above/Better Than Friends/To Truly See (Inspirational Romance Collection)
  ''978-1-58660-262-8Debra White SmithTexas: Texas Honor/Texas Rose/Texas Lady/Texas Angel (Inspirational Romance Collection)
  ''978-1-58660-277-2Veda Boyd Jones · Mary Louise Colln · Helen Spears · Hannah AlexanderOzarks: A Sign of Love/A Place for Love/The Hasty Heart/The Healing Promise (Inspirational Romance Collection)
2001978-1-58660-278-9Tracie Peterson · Judith McCoy MillerKansas: Beyond Today/Threads of Love/Woven Threads/The House on Windridge (Inspirational Romance Collection)
  ''978-1-58660-287-1Mary Lou FlinkmanWith Deepest Sympathy
  ''978-1-58660-295-6Tamela Hancock Murray · Linda Lyle · Christine Lynxwiler · Kathleen PaulCity Dreams: Beneath Heaven's Curtain/A World of Difference/In the Heart of the Storm/The Arrow of God (Inspirational Romance Collection)
  ''978-1-58660-296-3Wanda E. Brunstetter · Birdie L. Etchison · Jane Lamunyon · Terri ReedRomance on the Rails: Daddy's Girl/A Heart's Dream/The Tender Branch/Perfect Love (Inspirational Romance Collection)
  ''978-1-58660-297-0Ellen CaugheyJohn Wycliffe (Heroes of the Faith)
2001978-1-58660-298-7Sam WellmanJohn Calvin (Heroes of the Faith)
  ''978-1-58660-299-4Cal Thomas · Wayne StayskalThe Wit and Wisdom of Cal Thomas
  ''978-1-58660-300-7Allison Gappa Bottke · Cheryll Hutchings · Ellen ReganGod Allows U-Turns: True Stories of Hope and Healing
  ''978-1-58660-301-4Allison Gappa Bottke · Cheryll Hutchings · Ellen ReganMore God Allows U-Turns: True Stories of Hope and Healing
  ''978-1-58660-302-1Judie ByrdHelp!: My Family's Hungry: Includes Many 20-Minutes-From-Grocery-Bag-To-Dinner-Table Recipes
1999978-1-58660-336-6Barbour PublishingBIBLE ANSWERS LIBRARY ASS
1999978-1-58660-346-5Barbour PublishingKINGDOM KIDZ BIBLE PACK
  ''978-1-58660-357-1   ''VARIOUS JOURNAL PREPACKED
2001978-1-58660-382-3Colleen CobleThe Cattle Baron's Bride (Heartsong Presents #456)
  ''978-1-58660-389-2Jill Stengl · Gail Gaymer Martin · DiAnn Mills · Kathleen Y'BarboThe English Garden: Woman of Valor/Apple of His Eye/A Flower Amidst the Ashes/Robyn's Garden (Inspirational Romance Collection)
2002978-1-58660-396-0Pamela Griffin · Dianne Christner · Irene B. Brand · Gail Gaymer MartinGerman Enchantment: Dearest Enemy/Where Angels Camp/The Nuremberg Angel/Once a Stranger (Inspirational Romance Collection)
  ''978-1-58660-398-4Yvonne LehmanSouth Carolina: Southern Gentleman/After the Storm/Somewhere a Rainbow/Catch of a Lifetime (Heartsong Novella Collection)
  ''978-1-58660-399-1Jacquelyn CookMagnolias: A Romantic Family Saga from the Deep South in Four Complete Novels- The River Between / The Wind Along the River / River of Fire / Beyond the Searching River
2002978-1-58660-410-3Karon Phillips GoodmanYou're Late Again, Lord! The Impatient Woman's Guide to God's Timing
  ''978-1-58660-479-0Carol SmithThe Everyday Guide to the Bible: a Friendly and Informative Guide to the Old and New Testaments
2004978-1-58660-489-9Bruce Bickel · Stan JantzGod Is in the Small Stuff and It All Matters: Stop Worrying and Invite God into the Details of Your Life
2003978-1-58660-491-2Deborah RaneyPlaying by Heart: A Story of Love
2002978-1-58660-496-7Rebecca Barlow JordanDaily in Your Presence: Intimate Conversations with a Loving Father (Inspirational Library)
  ''978-1-58660-503-2Kay CorneliusPennsylvania: Love's Gentle Journey/Sign of the Bow/Sign of the Eagle/Sign of the Dove (Heartsong Novella Collection)
  ''978-1-58660-505-6Kristin Billerbeck · Andrea Boeshaar · Joyce Livingston · Gail SattlerAs American as Apple Pie
  ''978-1-58660-508-7Ann BellMontana Skies: Healing Love/Compassionate Love/Love Remembered/Love Abounds (Inspirational Romance Collection)
2002978-1-58660-510-0Cathy Marie Hake · Susan K. Downs · Kelly Eileen Hake · Kathleen PaulWoven Hearts: Ribbon of Gold/Run of the Mill/The Caretaker/A Second Glance (Inspirational Romance Collection)
  ''978-1-58660-522-3Jeri Odell · Sally Laity · Susan K. Downs · Taylor JamesTriumphant Hearts: Remnant of Victory/Remnant of Forgiveness/Remnant of Grace/Remnant of Light (Inspirational Romance Collection)
1999978-1-58660-533-9Barbour PublishingREAL TRIVIA PROMOTIONAL P
  ''978-1-58660-535-3   ''REAL TRIVIA PROMO PACK (H
2002978-1-58660-537-7Cathy Marie HakeUnexpected Delivery (Heartsong Presents #481)
  ''978-1-58660-550-6Colleen CobleWyoming: Where Leads the Heart/Plains of Promise/The Heart Answers/To Love a Stranger (Inspirational Romance Collection)
  ''978-1-58660-551-3Colleen L. ReeceSeattle: Lamp in Darkness/Flickering Flames/A Kindled Spark/Hearth of Fire (Inspirational Romance Collection)
2002978-1-58660-552-0DiAnn Mills · Lynn A. Coleman · JoAnn A. Grote · Deborah RaneyCurrier & Ives Christmas: Dreams and Secrets/Snow Storm/Image of Love/Circle of Blessings (Inspirational Christmas Romance Collection)
  ''978-1-58660-553-7Colleen L. Reece · Janelle Burnham Schneider · Birdie L. Etchison · Renee DemarcoHomespun Christmas: Hope for the Holidays/More Than Tinsel/The Last Christmas/Winter Sabbatical (Inspirational Christmas Romance Collection)
  ''978-1-58660-554-4Christine Lynxwiler · Lynn A. Coleman · Freda Chrisman · Tamela Hancock MurrayPrairie County Fair: A Change of Heart/After the Harvest/A Test of Faith/Goodie, Goodie (Inspirational Romance Collection)
  ''978-1-58660-555-1Dianne ChristnerOhio: Proper Intentions/Lofty Ambitions/Ample Portions/Castor Oil and Lavendar (Inspirational Romance Collection)
  ''978-1-58660-569-8Mary TatemA Scrapbook of Life: A Montage of Devotional Thoughts
2002978-1-58660-573-5Ellen CaugheySome Gave All: Four Stories of Missionary Martyrs (Heroes of the Faith)
  ''978-1-58660-574-2Rachael PhillipsSaint Augustine: Early Church Father (Heroes of the Faith)
  ''978-1-58660-576-6Frances J. RobertsCome Away My Beloved Updated
  ''978-1-58660-578-0Allison Gappa Bottke · Cheryll HutchinsGod Allows U-Turns a Woman's Journey: True Stories of Hope and Healing
  ''978-1-58660-584-1Tracie PetersonJulotta: A Story of Faith and Love
2002978-1-58660-585-8Lauraine SnellingThe Gift: A Horse, a Boy, and a Miracle of Love
  ''978-1-58660-587-2Nancy MoserTime Lottery (Time Lottery Series #1)
  ''978-1-58660-588-9Clay JacobsenInterview with the Devil
  ''978-1-58660-596-4Colleen CobleMaggie's Mistake (Heartsong Presents #487)
  ''978-1-58660-603-9Gail Gaymer MartinOver Her Head (Heartsong Presents #489)
2002978-1-58660-604-6Rosey DowAn Unexpected Surprise (Heartsong Presents #491)
  ''978-1-58660-620-6Lynn A. ColemanCords of Love (Florida Weddings Series #1) (Heartsong Presents #506)
  ''978-1-58660-626-8Cathy Marie HakePrecious Burdens (Heartsong Presents #512)
  ''978-1-58660-633-6Colleen Coble · Carol Cox · Denise Hunter · Gail SattlerAloha: Love, Suite Love/Fixed by Love/Game of Love/It All Adds Up to Love (Inspirational Romance Collection)
2003978-1-58660-634-3Cathy Marie Hake · Sally Laity · Pamela Kaye Tracy · Andrea BoeshaarWildflower Brides: The Wedding Wagon/A Bride for the Preacher/Murder or Matrimony/Bride in the Valley (Inspirational Romance Collection)
1999978-1-58660-635-0Barbour PublishingCHRISTMAS AT HOME:FOUR B
  ''978-1-58660-636-7   ''HOLIDAY ACTIVITY PADS:FO
1999978-1-58660-637-4Barbour PublishingBIBLE ANSWERS LIBRARY:8
2003978-1-58660-673-2Alton GanskyA Treasure Deep (Perry Sachs Mystery Series #1)
2004978-1-58660-674-9Alton GanskyBeneath the Ice (Perry Sachs Mystery Series #2)
2005978-1-58660-675-6   ''Submerged (Perry Sachs Mystery Series #3)
2003978-1-58660-681-7Colleen CobleRed River Bride (Heartsong Presents, No. 519)
2002978-1-58660-697-8T. L. HigleyRetrovirus: What If They Really Are Out to Get You?
2003978-1-58660-701-2Barbour Books · Henry DrummondLove: The Greatest Thing in the World
1999978-1-58660-712-8Barbour PublishingDHP BIBLE STUDY PACK
2003978-1-58660-714-2Kjersti Hoff Baez · Claire M. Coughlin & Hope Irvin Marston · Ginger O'Neil · Ellyn SannaNew York: Wait for the Morning/Santanoni Sunrise/A Touching Performance/The Quiet Heart (Inspirational Romance Collection)
  ''978-1-58660-715-9Callie Smith GrantFree Indeed: African-American Christians and the Sturggle for Equality (Heroes of the Faith (Barbour Paperback))
  ''978-1-58660-726-5David ClarkeMen Are Clams, Women Are Crowbars: Understand Your Differences and Make Them Work
  ''978-1-58660-727-2David ClarkeParenting Isn't for Superheroes: Everyday Strategies for Raising Good Kids
2004978-1-58660-730-2Frances J. RobertsOn the Highroad of Surrender
2003978-1-58660-735-7Russell H. ConwellAcres of Diamonds: Your Wealth and Your Duty
  ''978-1-58660-757-9Kristin Billerbeck · Denise Hunter · Bev Huston · Colleen CobleBlind Dates: The Perfect Match/Mattie Meets Her Match/A Match Made in Heaven/Mix and Match (Inspirational Romance Collection)
1999978-1-58660-759-3Barbour PublishingLUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN
1999978-1-58660-760-9Barbour PublishingFREDERIC CHOPIN CD
1999978-1-58660-761-6Barbour PublishingJOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH CD
  ''978-1-58660-762-3   ''CLASSICAL MUSIC 4 CD PACK
2004978-1-58660-763-0Daniel PartnerThe Wonder of Christmas: Fifty Meditations on the Birth of Christ
2003978-1-58660-768-5T. L. Higley · Tracy L. HigleyMarduk's Tablet: What If the Legend Is True?
  ''978-1-58660-772-2Tamela Hancock MurrayA Light Among Shadows (Heartsong Presents #544)
  ''978-1-58660-773-9Tracey V. BatemanBut for Grace (Oregon Brides, Book 1) (Heartsong Presents #555)
  ''978-1-58660-777-7Colleen Coble · Rebecca Germany · Cathy Marie Hake · Joyce LivingstonGold Rush Christmas: Love's Far Country/A Token of Promise/Band of Angels/With This Ring (Inspirational Christmas Romance Collection)
2003978-1-58660-798-2JoAnn A. Grote · Cathy Marie Hake · Pamela Kaye Tracy · Janelle Burnham SchneiderA Bride For A Bit (Inspirational Romance Collection)
  ''978-1-58660-801-9Kimberley ComeauxTexas Belles: One More Chance/Courtin' Patience/Susannah's Secret/The Sheriff and the Outlaw (Heartsong Novella Collection)
  ''978-1-58660-802-6Wanda E. BrunstetterLancaster Brides: A Merry Heart/Looking for a Miracle/Plain and Fancy/The Hope Chest (Inspirational Romance Collection)
  ''978-1-58660-806-4Cathy Marie HakeLove is Patient (Heartsong Presents #545)
  ''978-1-58660-812-5Wanda L. DysonAbduction (A Shefford-Johnson Case, Book 1)
2002978-1-58660-827-9Anita DonihueWhen I'm on My Knees
2006978-1-58660-829-3Oswald ChambersMy Utmost for his Highest (Updated Edition)
2003978-1-58660-830-9Oswald ChambersMy Utmost for His Highest
2003978-1-58660-837-8John RiddleFor God and Country: Four Stories of Courageous Military Chaplains (Heroes of the Faith (Barbour Paperback))
  ''978-1-58660-841-5Oswald ChambersJesus Wants All of Me (MY UTMOST FOR HIS HIGHEST)
  ''978-1-58660-846-0Jill Stengl · Tammy Shuttlesworth · Paige Winship Dooly · Janelle Burnham SchneiderChristmas Duty: About-Face/Outranked by Love/Seeking Shade/A Distant Love (Inspirational Christmas Romance Collection)
  ''978-1-58660-859-0Jim Kraus · Terri KrausThe Unfolding (Stories from McKenzie Street #1)
  ''978-1-58660-916-0Rachael PhillipsWell with My Soul: Four Dramatic Stories of Great Hymn Writers
2003978-1-58660-918-4Karen Phillips GoodmanGrab a Broom, Lord. . . There's Dust Everywhere!: The Imperfect Woman's Guide to God's Grace
  ''978-1-58660-919-1Lance MooreOutdoors with God: Devotional Thoughts on the Great Outdoors
2004978-1-58660-924-5Cathy Marie HakeRamshackle Rose (Virginia Series #3) (Heartsong Presents #583)
  ''978-1-58660-927-6Kristin Billerbeck · Nancy TobackLove Online (Heartsong Presents #581)
  ''978-1-58660-936-8Daymaker Gift Book Mixed Display
2003978-1-58660-947-4Kjersti Hoff BaezSamuel Morris: The African Prince (Young Reader's Christian Library)
  ''978-1-58660-950-4Ellen CaugheyEric Liddell: Gold Medal Missionary (Young Reader's Christian Library)
2003978-1-58660-962-7Lynn A. ColemanKey West: A Time to Embrace/Lizzy's Hope/Southern Treasures/One Man's Honor (Inspirational Romance Collection)
  ''978-1-58660-963-4Gail SattlerVancouver: Gone Camping/At Arm's Length/On the Road Again/My Name is Mike (Inspirational Romance Collection)
  ''978-1-58660-964-1Nancy J. FarrierTucson: Sonoran Sunrise/Sonoran Star/Sonoran Sweetheart/Sonoran Secret (Inspirational Romance Collection)
  ''978-1-58660-965-8Aisha FordMissouri Gateways: Whole in One/Pride and Pumpernickel/The Wife Degree/Stacy's Wedding (Inspirational Romance Collection)
  ''978-1-58660-966-5Pamela Griffin · Kristy Dykes · Debby Mayne · Paige Winship DoolyChurch in the Wildwood: Leap of Faith/Shirley, Goodness & Mercy/Only a Name/Cornerstone (Inspirational Romance Collection)
2003978-1-58660-967-2Ginny Aiken · Lynn A. Coleman · Bev Huston · Yvonne LehmanStrings of the Heart: The Great Expectation/Harmonized Hearts/Syncopation/Name That Tune (Inspirational Romance Collection)
  ''978-1-58660-968-9Mary HawkinsAustralian Outback: Faith in the Great Southland/Hope in the Great Southland/Love in the Great Southland/Great Southland Gold (Inspirational Romance Collection)
  ''978-1-58660-969-6Sara Mitchell · Kathleen Yapp · Brenda Knight Graham · Gina FieldsGeorgia: Restore the Joy/Match Made in Heaven/On Wings of Song/Heaven's Child (Inspirational Romance Collection)
  ''978-1-58660-970-2Andrea BoeshaarHidden Things: Where the Past Meets the Present--Head On
  ''978-1-58660-971-9Susan K. Downs · Pamela Griffin · Susan May Warren · Diann HuntNovel Crimes: Love's Pros and Cons/Suspect of My Heart/Love's Greatest Peril/'Til Death Do Us Part (Inspirational Romance Collection)
2003978-1-58660-972-6Lisa Harris · Carol Cox · Kathleen Y'Barbo · DiAnn MillsTo Catch a Thief: Rescuing Sydney/Tangled Threads/Victorious/Skirted Clues (Inspirational Romance Collection)
  ''978-1-58660-973-3Barbour PublishingSanta Biblia--Versión Reina-Valera: Holy Bible--Reina-Valera Version (Reina Valera Bible) (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-58660-974-0Ken SaveUltimate Bible Scramble Book
2002978-1-58660-975-7Phillips GoodmanYou're Late Again, Lord!
2003978-1-58660-976-4Reach for Your Utmost Mixed Display
2004978-1-58660-977-1Vance ChristieInto All the World: Four Stories of Pioneer Missionaries (Heroes of the Faith (Barbour Paperback))
2003978-1-58660-979-5Cynthia SumnerMommy's Locked in the Bathroom: Surviving Your Child's Early Years with Your Sanity and Salvation Intact!
  ''978-1-58660-980-1Barb HuffOn Tour: The Perfect Girl-What Happens When You Get Everything You Want-And It Isn't Enough
  ''978-1-58660-981-8   ''On Tour: The Backup Singer-What is the Color of Friendship
2003978-1-58660-982-5Gert McIntoshA Heart for Prayer: Encouragement for Your Prayer Life
  ''978-1-58660-983-2Nathan BusenitzLiving A Life of Hope
2001978-1-58660-984-9Barbour Publishing Inc.Kit-prayers & Promises
2003978-1-58660-987-0T. H. DarlowThe Bible Brain Workout: 1,001 Questions to Exercise Your Mind
  ''978-1-58660-988-7Christopher D. HudsonNeed to Know Basics--College
  ''978-1-58660-989-4Incorporated Barbour PublishingOne Nation under God
  ''978-1-58660-990-0BarbourNeed to Know Basics Dating
2003978-1-58660-991-7Christopher D. HudsonNeed to Know Basics--Money
  ''978-1-58660-992-4Pamela McQuadeMeditations for the Satisfied Soul
  ''978-1-58660-993-1Rachel QuillinHoliday Celebrations Cookbook: Recipes for Your Merry Occasions
  ''978-1-58660-994-8Christopher D. HudsonNeed to Know Basics--Dieting
  ''978-1-58660-995-5Jennifer HahnNoah's Favorite Animal Jokes
2004978-1-58660-996-2Tracey V. BatemanTiming Is Everything (Heartsong Presents #601)
2004978-1-58660-997-9Tish DavisIf You Please (New York Weddings Series #1) (Heartsong Presents #557)
  ''978-1-58660-998-6Carol CoxLand of Promise: Arizona Series #1 (Heartsong Presents #580)
  ''978-1-58660-999-3DiAnn MillsCompassion's Charm: The Texas Charm Series #4 (Heartsong Presents #585)