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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2002978-1-59286-000-5Brian Hartford · Peggy McCardleChange of Heart
  ''978-1-59286-005-0Jim D. BrownTim's Big Decision
  ''978-1-59286-009-8Tammy JuolaThe Victims of Venice
2003978-1-59286-010-4Jeff ProvineCelestial Voyages: The Moon
  ''978-1-59286-013-5Jenny BassBriar Rose Mountain
  ''978-1-59286-018-0Ellen M. DuBoisJackie's Heart
2003978-1-59286-022-7Neil F. WarnerCrawl Space
  ''978-1-59286-026-5ChrissyTo Everything There Is A Season
2002978-1-59286-031-9Frank AllenBedtime Tales Your Parents Never Told You
2003978-1-59286-036-4Lori WolfParrot On a Limb
  ''978-1-59286-040-1Frank G. Wilkins Jr.Christianity
2002978-1-59286-044-9Melody RavertShadow of Death
2003978-1-59286-045-6Greg FerencyNARC Ops
2002978-1-59286-049-4Judy BausFaith: Does It Really Move Mountains
2003978-1-59286-053-1Lura M. JackowskiRainbow Dreams
  ''978-1-59286-054-8Paek AlleyneThe Wizard Of Dixon-Banner
  ''978-1-59286-057-9Helen GoodmanJess
2002978-1-59286-061-6Lois Anne WilliamsLegacy of Courage
2002978-1-59286-066-1Rory JohnstonApocalypse 666
  ''978-1-59286-070-8Don TiptonThe Mizpah
2004978-1-59286-074-6Paul Dasilva · Paul D. DasilvaHiatus
2003978-1-59286-079-1Richard JorgensenThe Steps of Sanford
  ''978-1-59286-084-5Henry CusterDirt Floor
  ''978-1-59286-088-3Edward F. TopaThe Ancient Ones
  ''978-1-59286-092-0Janis Anderson YeltonLessons Learned
2003978-1-59286-097-5Shirley DenneyA Shadow of Doubt
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  ''978-1-59286-105-7Matthew D. JohnsonRock of Ages
  ''978-1-59286-106-4Marrianne WhiteLost Child
  ''978-1-59286-109-5Kathryn K. TottenDaley Bread
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2002978-1-59286-123-1Mike E. PurfieldStereo Sanctity
2003978-1-59286-127-9Mike ReynoldsThe New Girl
2002978-1-59286-128-6Reece DanielDesert Sunshine
2003978-1-59286-133-0Alexander J. Stoops Jr.The Good Reverend
2003978-1-59286-137-8Maureen F. AlleyMerlin's Tales
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  ''978-1-59286-147-7Ruth FlanaganRuthie
  ''978-1-59286-148-4Mary EdwardsAngels in the Dust
  ''978-1-59286-151-4Robert AmorosoJourney
2003978-1-59286-155-2Wes HensonInvasion
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2003978-1-59286-178-1Joe BeneventoPlumbing in Harlem
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2002978-1-59286-200-9Robert E. KeatingMedallion of Justice, The
2002978-1-59286-204-7Billy A. MooreSisyphus and the Struggle Within: An Informal Autobiography
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2003978-1-59286-222-1Ed FergusonThe Making of an Assassin
978-1-59286-227-6Monica ForesterAlison
2002978-1-59286-231-3Anna GregorySearching For Charlie
2003978-1-59286-235-1A. BradburyRell
2003978-1-59286-240-5Erick D. BurgessUnder Abnormal Conditions
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2002978-1-59286-249-8Doris Dunn SmithNever Out of My Heart
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2003978-1-59286-275-7Ruth L. FisherBull By The Horns
2003978-1-59286-279-5Gwen WatkinsAngel Food
2002978-1-59286-284-9Faith WolfThe Wedding Invitation (Obey the Vow)
2003978-1-59286-289-4Richard LebherzPilgrims into Light
  ''978-1-59286-294-8Sierra TorrinThe Necromancer's Scroll
2002978-1-59286-298-6Lynn KaziCottonland Songstress
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2003978-1-59286-307-5Frank MegnaThe Long Count
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2002978-1-59286-329-7William PriceShadow Travels
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2003978-1-59286-335-8Suzanne HoosOnce Upon Our Time
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2003978-1-59286-347-1A.A. LanoieAnubis
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2002978-1-59286-356-3Joyce GibbonsHome on the Ranch
2003978-1-59286-360-0Don R. AllowayRotunda
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2003978-1-59286-395-2Tom Walsh(If I Should Die) Before I Wake
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2003978-1-59286-417-1Reynaldo ReyesPortal to Hell
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  ''978-1-59286-423-2Becky Jane DiceReflections of Him
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2003978-1-59286-431-7Stefin BradburyThe Immortality King
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  ''978-1-59286-497-3Margaret Gray TowneHonest to Genesis: A Biblical and Scientific Challenge to Creationism
2003978-1-59286-498-0Robert L. BoyerSlowing Down for Sanity: A Loser's Survival Guide
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2003978-1-59286-532-1Marla WoolseyA Trucker's Wife
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2003978-1-59286-552-9John McIntosh · Jo Ann McIntoshLove's Last Dreaming
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2003978-1-59286-739-4Jim YoungmanSpoor
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