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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2007978-1-4241-8125-4Shombay KimoniDating Detroit
  ''978-1-4241-8220-6EphraimMoses Didn't Write About Creation!
  ''978-1-4241-8245-9John W. DeVoreExodus 2020: A Work of Fiction
  ''978-1-4241-8280-0Janet M. Lewis · Yolanda A. N. PedrozaThe Krystal Kracker II: Lapelian Lost
  ''978-1-4241-8337-1William F. DenmanMediation—A Scriptural and Christian Perspective
2007978-1-4241-8375-3Terry R. WaitePlugged In: A Clinicians' and Families' Guide to Online Video Game Addiction
  ''978-1-4241-8431-6D.R. MiddletonThe Truth About Men and Women: A Guide to Help You Navigate the Pitfalls of the Relationship World.
  ''978-1-4241-8587-0Keysha WhitakerHickeys, Hiccups and Homework: A Teenage Girl's Guide: Living and Loving
  ''978-1-4241-8637-2Lisa McClaffertyMatilda Private Eye: The Case of the Missing Socks
2008978-1-4241-8692-1David Cariens Jr.A Question of Accountability: The Murder of Angela Dales
2007978-1-4241-8731-7Leigh NicholsThe Harem's Secret
2008978-1-4241-8771-3James A. TraversKitten and the Barn
2007978-1-4241-9170-3Roberto Carlos MartinezImperfection in a Perfect World
2008978-1-4241-9173-4Melanie Brown WaxmanEat Me Now!: Healthy Macrobiotic Cooking for Students and Busy People
2007978-1-4241-9193-2M. Andrew HolowchakLife of a Jellyfish
  ''978-1-4241-9263-2Cody TedfordPowerful Secrets
2007978-1-4241-9288-5Mary Beth Short-Ray M.S. D.O.Surviving Toxic Black Mold Syndrome
2008978-1-4241-9373-8Moses N. Ikiugu Ph.D. OTR/LOccupational Science in the Service of Gaia: An Essay Describing a Possible Contribution of Occupational Scientists to the Solution of Prevailing Global Problems
2007978-1-4241-9482-7P.F. ForresterThe Price of Vengeance
  ''978-1-4241-9504-6Jon Edward MartinThe Headlong God of War:: A Tale of Ancient Greece and the Battle of Marathon
2008978-1-4241-9696-8Clint AdamsBoarding School
2007978-1-4241-9900-6Andrew VerrocchiGlobal As-salt
2008978-1-4241-9901-3Virginia RobinsonThe Squid Kids
  ''978-1-4241-9902-0Carrie KriseEven Little Ones Are in God's Care
2007978-1-4241-9903-7Kathryn JensenSplash!
2008978-1-4241-9904-4Reverend Dr. Cynthia DuarteYet, I Will Love Thee: The Hard Truth of Alzheimer’s Caregiving
2007978-1-4241-9905-1Charles R. "Chuck" BarrettBy Whose Hand: The Murder of a Nevada Madam
  ''978-1-4241-9906-8Alexis PajakChivalry's Children
  ''978-1-4241-9907-5William Edward DickersonThoughts, Notions and Devotions
2008978-1-4241-9908-2Steve H. MullisA Reason to Die For
2007978-1-4241-9909-9Ida Faye Daniel GibsonMusings of a Wandering Soul
2007978-1-4241-9910-5Gregory Evangelos ZotosThe Very Best of Gregory's Greek Recipes
  ''978-1-4241-9911-2Clyde StewartJohn: A Boy's Musical Fantasy
  ''978-1-4241-9912-9Marisha HamptonMentality
2008978-1-4241-9913-6Kimberley LazoreKim's Poetry
2007978-1-4241-9914-3David ShibenThe Game of Life
  ''978-1-4241-9915-0Elizabeth KentThe Enchanted Adventures of the Caroline Kemps
  ''978-1-4241-9916-7Kyle PhillipsThe Myth of Aria
2007978-1-4241-9917-4Debora Carver-OwensPoems to the LORD Notebook
  ''978-1-4241-9918-1Catherine L. LairIf I Can Eat It, I Can Wear It: (for the most part) Recipes for Safe Personal and Household Care
  ''978-1-4241-9919-8L-M OwensDarius, Prince of Legend
2008978-1-4241-9920-4Woodrow Odom LucasInsane Joy
2007978-1-4241-9921-1Tammy Lynn WhismanSliced Ice Cream
2008978-1-4241-9922-8Jeanne L. NeumannWendell the Weasel
  ''978-1-4241-9923-5Nina NeronA Lonely Little Caterpillar
  ''978-1-4241-9924-2Dawn M. McDonaldKiki Koala Wanders Away
2008978-1-4241-9925-9Linda WeddingThe Blue-Eyed, Tri-Colored American Paint: A Lesson in Trust for Baby
  ''978-1-4241-9926-6Jacqueline Rankine-Van WassenhovenA Frog Named Waldor
2007978-1-4241-9927-3Aileen M. LoobyThe Dawn's Fire
  ''978-1-4241-9928-0Cindy K. MullinaxDestination
  ''978-1-4241-9929-7Dominic Bryan RiceAfflicted
  ''978-1-4241-9930-3J.J. CaldwellDeath Dealer
2008978-1-4241-9931-0St. Clair MillerBig Bend Mystery: The Harris Party
2007978-1-4241-9932-7Pastor Rose BookerTrans Repairer: The Way, the Truth, the Light
2007978-1-4241-9933-4Nick PyattForty-Nine Footprints Dressed in Red
2008978-1-4241-9934-1Carol Riley CainSpooky Stories from the Lone Star State
2007978-1-4241-9935-8Anthony G. CirillaMercy of the Sword Saint: Third Tale of the Dark Kensai
2008978-1-4241-9936-5James HaroldLittle Turds of Wisdom
2007978-1-4241-9937-2Krystal ShannonThe Return of King Arthur
  ''978-1-4241-9938-9J. Floyd KingThe Cycles Building: Five Stories High
  ''978-1-4241-9939-6Kathleen H. DouglasJohnny, the Unaware Angel
2008978-1-4241-9940-2Lainie DulaneyRise of Redemption: Book I of the Veritas Series
2007978-1-4241-9941-9Don DavidsonThe Eternal Perspective: Essays on the Truths of Christianity by a Former Skeptic
  ''978-1-4241-9942-6Rhonda MillerA Warrior to Save Us
2008978-1-4241-9943-3Pura J. Valdez-MooreTippy the Special Star
  ''978-1-4241-9944-0Jeffrey Jay JostandSedrick the Snake
2007978-1-4241-9945-7Zorica JergovicDiscover Me
2007978-1-4241-9946-4Bob WilkersonI Will Not Be Defeated Anymore
  ''978-1-4241-9947-1Bob LuedemanTall Tales & Spoofs
  ''978-1-4241-9948-8Zachary WolffThe Legacy of Power: Book 1: Rebellion
  ''978-1-4241-9949-5David M. BoehmerCrossing the Divide
  ''978-1-4241-9950-1Thomas E. O'BrienCorporate Rough
2007978-1-4241-9951-8Mary Gregory DillardJeepers Creepers!: The Squirrels Are Coming
  ''978-1-4241-9952-5Jen Nee' Water WomanVelma: Fleur de Narcisus
2008978-1-4241-9953-2Yvette Kemp EvansIf I Take a Shower
  ''978-1-4241-9954-9Kwanza A. ZimmermanWhat Day Is It?
  ''978-1-4241-9955-6Susan JoyMy 1st Wacky ABCs
  ''978-1-4241-9957-0Joselyn AshbyGeorge the Peanut
2008978-1-4241-9958-7June CelanoDripsy the Cloud
  ''978-1-4241-9959-4Indigo CarmenTee Hee
  ''978-1-4241-9960-0Cassidy ClarkHerbert's Socks
2007978-1-4241-9961-7Robert M. St. FleurPoetry Kingdom
  ''978-1-4241-9963-1Paul DonovanHappily Godless: A Young Adult's Guide to Atheism
  ''978-1-4241-9964-8Nellie L. BeardsleeThe Old Farm House
2007978-1-4241-9965-5Chandrani WarnasuriyaFavorite Folktales of Sri Lanka
2008978-1-4241-9966-2Susan E. JacksonSearching for Juan's Lover
2007978-1-4241-9967-9Mari LinnThoughts Unspoken
  ''978-1-4241-9968-6Michael LampmanThe Mausoleum
  ''978-1-4241-9969-3Robin ArchambaultAll Done
  ''978-1-4241-9970-9Dan RosenhagenBeyond the Garden of the Soul: Spiritual and Philosophic Words of Light
  ''978-1-4241-9971-6MeshaSecrets of the Heart
2007978-1-4241-9972-3Rosie MooreDaisy Mae
  ''978-1-4241-9974-7Joyce Ann Turner FarmerTrue Romance
  ''978-1-4241-9975-4Sandy JonesThe Pearl Button: Meant to Be: The Button Box Series Book II
2008978-1-4241-9976-1Adriana M. SzulczynskaMary Magdalene and the Conspiracy of Fools
2007978-1-4241-9977-8Mick ParsonsLines from Another Book of Common Prayer
  ''978-1-4241-9978-5Shannon L. AgeeMa Wrote a Poem
  ''978-1-4241-9979-2Gary R. FerrisDark Shadow
2007978-1-4241-9980-8Michael D. Woods · Bobby WoodsThe End of Days: The Warning
  ''978-1-4241-9981-5Lori GreenwoodBeyond Drama
  ''978-1-4241-9982-2Michael BeyerAeroquest
2008978-1-4241-9983-9Rubén ColónPainted Eyes
2007978-1-4241-9984-6DJ SmithStop Hating
  ''978-1-4241-9985-3John DillardOvercoming Life's 9/11's: Job's Journey
  ''978-1-4241-9986-0John Paul GorbyTend the Garden: Stories and testimonies about how inspirational poetry can change people's lives
2008978-1-4241-9987-7J. Eric BookerThe Swords of the Sultan! I: Book I of III
2007978-1-4241-9988-4Bud ElkinThat Girl Thing
2007978-1-4241-9989-1Black LoveBlack Love: Owning My Emotions
  ''978-1-4241-9990-7Kelly LuinstraKidnapped
2008978-1-4241-9992-1Robert P. BroadwaterOn to Atlanta: With the 27th Indiana Infantry Through Georgia
2007978-1-4241-9993-8Tracy McFaddenWith the Faith of a Mustard Seed
  ''978-1-4241-9994-5Bonnie Lee PeltonAnother Day to Live Life
  ''978-1-4241-9995-2Jeanne BergerLike a River
  ''978-1-4241-9996-9Ron BlakemanReasons for Rhyme
2007978-1-4241-9997-6Tyler SealsButcher
2008978-1-4241-9998-3Mary R. MuscuttStorm of Defiance: Book I
2007978-1-4241-9999-0Jacqueline CarrollNets: The Trappings of War