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ISBN 978-1-4137-0042-8 to 978-1-4137-4499-6 << ISBN 978-1-4137-7078-0 to 978-1-4137-8538-8 < ISBN 978-1-4137-8541-8 to end of this ISBN range

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-1-4137-8541-8Mary Lee TinneySafety Net
2006978-1-4137-8542-5Professor Emile J. PiscitelliIn Praise of Love: A Conversation with Plato's Symposium
2005978-1-4137-8546-3John Anthony (Tony) WatsonSon of a Rich Man: A Pilot in WWI
  ''978-1-4137-8560-9Robert Milton AnthonyZen Erotica: A Sexual Primer For New Age Adults
2006978-1-4137-8562-3Veronique GullickMystic Wolf
2005978-1-4137-8584-5David Earl HolcombIt's Raining Cats and Doggerel: Comic Verse and Stuff
  ''978-1-4137-8591-3T. Douglas ButtersThe Gospel According to Sidney: Part 2
  ''978-1-4137-8606-4Jessie Louise BestLand of Notion: Book 1
  ''978-1-4137-8616-3Debi BaxterShadows in the Dance
2005978-1-4137-8637-8BrigitteNile Cruise and Beyond
  ''978-1-4137-8638-5Frederick YamusangieBeneath the Blue Sky: A Short Book of Poetry
  ''978-1-4137-8640-8Dan MurphyThe Miracle of Easy Fitness: How to Have an Athletic Body Without the Struggle
  ''978-1-4137-8645-3Danny L. ShanksEclectics
  ''978-1-4137-8656-9Shawn M. HallStacking the Blocks of a Christian Life: Out of Order Is Out of Balance
2005978-1-4137-8665-1Judy Ann Eichstedt · Christina EichstedtWeary Souls, Shattered by Life
  ''978-1-4137-8672-9Karen J. SmithFrom Darkness to Life: A Story of Survival
2006978-1-4137-8679-8Bob WalshMason-Dixon Murders
2005978-1-4137-8683-5Tom GillilandChristian Poetry
  ''978-1-4137-8684-2Marcella Darman-KingThe Aviance of Poetry: Poetry for the Soul
  ''978-1-4137-8695-8James Clark HallNot Too Far From Eminence
  ''978-1-4137-8711-5Barbra E. RossA Mortal Indiscretion: Volume One
2005978-1-4137-8712-2Barbra E. RossA Mortal Indiscretion: Volume Two
  ''978-1-4137-8729-0T.Matthew SteppSowing the Seeds: A Family Devotional in Story Form
  ''978-1-4137-8732-0Katarina BrownA Moment's Inspiration
  ''978-1-4137-8734-4Tammi HaynesThe Boy on the Side of the Road
  ''978-1-4137-8739-9Jeff R. HirataEverything out of Nothingness
2005978-1-4137-8744-3LeAnne BroganInside Amy: A Mother's Eating Disorder
  ''978-1-4137-8752-8Jeffery S. MillerHiggins: An American Story
  ''978-1-4137-8767-2Arthur G. NelsonSearching for Alfred
  ''978-1-4137-8773-3Pamela R. SantiniTao Te Tai~Chi
  ''978-1-4137-8776-4Ellen CollinsA Biography: My Life As a Basset Hound: (By Katie the Blue Heeler)
2005978-1-4137-8792-4Jerry HarrisonFrom Jeremy with Love: Messages From Beyond
  ''978-1-4137-8830-3Robert WaynePartners
  ''978-1-4137-8837-2William LewisThe Seabees and Your Sons
  ''978-1-4137-8840-2Anna M. MathersThe Pain Within
2006978-1-4137-8866-2Niccolous L. ThompsonHypnotherapy for Teens
2005978-1-4137-8872-3Deborah Lynn EllisThe Perfect Guarantee
  ''978-1-4137-8873-0Carl R. BermanReturn of the Daystar
2005978-1-4137-8888-4Jennifer Hendershotbecause you asked
2006978-1-4137-8889-1John J. CarpenterA Well Regulated Militia...
2005978-1-4137-8903-4Wendy L. WamsleyStone Ponies: (The Other Side Of Three)
  ''978-1-4137-8908-9Suzanne L. PopkeSiberian Pearls: A Buryat Journey
  ''978-1-4137-8919-5George Ed Mears · Margie D. MearsA Pail Full of Diamonds!: (A Treasure Hunt for Those Young at Heart)
  ''978-1-4137-8920-1Deborah RoseEllie: A Story of Profound Loss and Abuse
  ''978-1-4137-8944-7Jessie M. Bennett HamelPathway to Heaven
2005978-1-4137-8948-5M.W. AnthonyEscape to Paradise
  ''978-1-4137-8952-2Allen W. LeighOne Mormon's View of the Science ­ Religion Debate
  ''978-1-4137-8960-7David W. RobbinsTaking Back the Streets, One Neighborhood at a Time
  ''978-1-4137-8968-3James KentGuarded Secret
  ''978-1-4137-8976-8Barbara Grace EnglishI Now Pronounce You Man and Wife
2005978-1-4137-9003-0Michaela SeflerThe Sun Is Hot
  ''978-1-4137-9004-7Nancy R. SiemsenThe Girl Who Loved Jupiter
  ''978-1-4137-9013-9Lisa Marie CanfieldOn Dragonfly's Wing
  ''978-1-4137-9016-0Gregory J. GarrettSpilling Out Sideways
  ''978-1-4137-9022-1Brian FrankReal Women, Real Sex: A Layman's View
2005978-1-4137-9029-0Matthew S. McBreartyThe Yolk of the Flower Poems
  ''978-1-4137-9045-0Walter W. BannonDigger Down: The Thrills and Spills of an Antique Bottle Collector
2006978-1-4137-9073-3Richard Neal HuffmanDreams in Blue: "The Real Police"
2005978-1-4137-9083-2Jeff ProvineCelestial Voyages: Mars
  ''978-1-4137-9100-6Jeanne M. BrickmanA Glimpse Inside
  ''978-1-4137-9104-4Sonja GrempelClay and Mariah
  ''978-1-4137-9119-8Sherri K. RomigPledge of Devotion
2005978-1-4137-9136-5Janine M LodatoHigh on the Fight for Hope
  ''978-1-4137-9138-9Sherman MayleSemper Something: A Bootcamp Story
  ''978-1-4137-9144-0Carol E. PackUncertain Grace Poetry
  ''978-1-4137-9150-1Ben SchwalbRelationships for Morons
  ''978-1-4137-9159-4Dolly RoseSarah's Secret Part 2: The Passion Pit
2005978-1-4137-9165-5Stephanie M. HairrMisshapen Chaos
2006978-1-4137-9167-9J.A. Hanson Ph.D.D.Corrections, Corruptions and Counterfeits
2005978-1-4137-9168-6R.J. MarieGravewalker
  ''978-1-4137-9226-3Nisha Harshad SolankiI Am Here
  ''978-1-4137-9239-3Heather M. BrinsonThe Adventure of the Poisoned Drink
  ''978-1-4137-9245-4Gene B. GoodwinOra Mae
  ''978-1-4137-9257-7Dana R. LotzWhat It's Like to Still Be a Kid
2005978-1-4137-9262-1S.R. Patrick Jr.So... That's What It Is: A Guide to Missionary Baptist Belief and Practice
  ''978-1-4137-9269-0H. Lewis SmithBury that Sucka!: A Scandalous Love Affair with the N-word
  ''978-1-4137-9275-1Layne M. BaileyYou're the Reason I'm Here
  ''978-1-4137-9288-1A.L. HarrisMy Mentality
2006978-1-4137-9297-3David MitchellTo Chase the Wind: EsTaPeR
2005978-1-4137-9303-1Mary FrancesLavender Roses: The Legacy
2007978-1-4137-9322-2Kate Ruland-ThorneGold, Greed and Glory: The Territorial History of Prescott and the Verde Valley 1864-1912
2006978-1-4137-9355-0Sgt. Jerry R. GandyBattle Scars Fade: But Never Heal
2005978-1-4137-9363-5Trevor M. HulseGetting a Clue: (The bottom line approach for "At Risk" teens)
2006978-1-4137-9364-2Julia McKinneyThe Absent Sibling: A Destiny Stone Mystery
2005978-1-4137-9368-0Aubrey B. Jones Jr.Picking Cotton In Corporate America: Survival Notes from the Invisible Plantation
  ''978-1-4137-9370-3Kellee KendellLive Cadaver: The True Story of Kellee Kendell and Scandalous Treachery Within the Medical Community
2005978-1-4137-9374-1Wanda Lee AragonThe Emerald Stone
  ''978-1-4137-9382-6Christel MartensPOEMS: Thoroughly from the Heart, Mind, Soul and anything else
  ''978-1-4137-9387-1Phillip M. MessinaThe Spanish Speaking Dog: A Monte Christo Mystery
  ''978-1-4137-9404-5Nancy "Friz" SchreiberLYB: Love You, Baby
  ''978-1-4137-9405-2Harry P. SingletonDeadly Road to Power
2005978-1-4137-9407-6Harry C. SmithArticulated Emotions
  ''978-1-4137-9408-3Cynthia D. StargellMusical Chairs: A Leader's Guide During Music Ministry Transitions
  ''978-1-4137-9435-9G.C. ScottDeath but Once
  ''978-1-4137-9439-7Becky L. MiltonBirth of an ADHD Child
  ''978-1-4137-9442-7John R. AbelThe ABC's of Sales Management
2005978-1-4137-9446-5Tod JohnsonBlueberry Fields Forever: with bonus Marching to Marseille
  ''978-1-4137-9448-9Bradley L. HortonRebuilding Walls: Leading People into a Deeper Commitment to God
2006978-1-4137-9450-2Rosa Behn · Dora GrahamThe Adventures of Jenny Duck
2005978-1-4137-9465-6Kathy L. MartinKathy's Kaleidoscope of Poetry
  ''978-1-4137-9505-9Derren WalkerWhats Art Without The Suicide of Words: Scriptured In Blood: Session Number 1
  ''978-1-4137-9530-1D'Maria ScaglioneA Unique Bunny
  ''978-1-4137-9532-5Robert E. CarterSolutions
2005978-1-4137-9540-0Roderick M. McClainThe Devil's Prey
  ''978-1-4137-9562-2Timothy N. Stelly Sr.The Malice of Cain
  ''978-1-4137-9580-6Traci Phillips50/50 Vision
  ''978-1-4137-9591-2Christopher W. HenningsenDating Tip Basics: For The Newly Single Man
  ''978-1-4137-9598-1Lois E. FelderKaleidoscope of Life
2005978-1-4137-9600-1Colleen M. RappGuilty as Sin
  ''978-1-4137-9613-1Thomas V. CrowleyThe Earth Code ~ At Hand
2006978-1-4137-9665-0G.A. HauserThe Physician And the Actor: A Story of Greed And Ambition
  ''978-1-4137-9675-9Jason Cooney WaltherLeap
2005978-1-4137-9681-0R.T. Talasek Ph.D.Alice in Corporate Wonderland: Down the Long Hallway
  ''978-1-4137-9731-2Bobbie R. SandlinSandman's Pages of Poetry
  ''978-1-4137-9748-0D.T. GilbertHide and Seek: A Mystery Novel for Children
2005978-1-4137-9763-3Jack KeyGideon's Trumpet
  ''978-1-4137-9781-7Sara D. KellySubtracting Fears for the Future: Revelation's Timeless Message
  ''978-1-4137-9808-1Sherry F. ClementsEve'n Adam: A Book of Poetic Ministry
  ''978-1-4137-9830-2L. Anna Marie NemitzFor Winter Has Passed
  ''978-1-4137-9832-6John G. HallJeffrey Takes on the World
2005978-1-4137-9833-3Kathleen Marie O'DonnellWonder in My Soul: Poems of Reflection, Family, Friends, and Feelings
  ''978-1-4137-9837-1Doris "Dusty" SmithDread and the Dead Filled the Dunnam House
  ''978-1-4137-9841-8Scott E. DouglasMoby and Ahab on a Plutonium Sea: The Novel Which Ended the Cold War
  ''978-1-4137-9845-6David W. FosterCan You Afford Ignorance?: The High Price of Ignorance
  ''978-1-4137-9846-3Cher SmithJustified Means
2005978-1-4137-9852-4Penny L. WebsterAllergy Free For All Ages: Milk-Free, Egg-Free, Nut-Free Recipes
  ''978-1-4137-9859-3Mark N. AikinsWarmth in the Brilliant Darkness: Meditational Poems with Suggested Companion Scriptures
  ''978-1-4137-9864-7Sharon E. BrookmanSoap Opera from the Wrong Side of Town
  ''978-1-4137-9874-6James B. ClayPlume, Paper and Panache
  ''978-1-4137-9906-4Charles Paul StephensAbandoned Again & Again: Memories of an Illegitimate Child
2006978-1-4137-9911-8Desmond R. BelleCuriosity
2006978-1-4137-9923-1G. LaVerne CrowellICEX Intelligence: Vietnam's Phoenix Program
2005978-1-4137-9929-3Annette M. HolbaHandbook for the Humanities Doctoral Student
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  ''978-1-4137-9941-5A.J. MunsonIs My Morning Ever Gonna Come?: Weighting on God
2006978-1-4137-9942-2Mika S. NadolskyIt Rises and Will Be Gone
  ''978-1-4137-9951-4Katy RobertsThe Frog Permit
2005978-1-4137-9952-1Heather M. RobertsDaughter of a Blackwidow Brave
  ''978-1-4137-9973-6Janet BellingerTeacher on the Run
2005978-1-4137-9978-1Albert W. JohnstonShadow of Reflection