Frederick Dale Bruner

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A Theology of the Holy Spirit978-1-57910-094-01997Frederick D. Bruner
A Theology of the Holy Spirit; The Pentecostal Experience and the New Testament Witness978-0-8028-1547-71973
Matthew, a Commentary, Vol. 2: The Churchbook, Matthew 13-28978-0-8028-2670-12004
Matthew: A Commentary. Volume 1: The Christbook, Matthew 1-12978-0-8028-4506-12007
Matthew: A Commentary, Volume 1: The Christbook, Matthew 1-12978-0-8028-1118-92004
Matthew: A Commentary - Volume 2: The Churchbook, Matthew 13-28978-0-8028-4507-82007
The Gospel of John: A Commentary978-0-8028-6635-62012
The Holy Spirit - Shy Member of the Trinity:978-1-57910-822-92001


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