Thomas F. Torrance

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A Dynamical Theory of the Electromagnetic FieldPaperback978-1-57910-015-51996James C. Maxwell · James Clerk Maxwell
A Passion for Christ: The Vision that Ignites Ministry   "978-1-60899-637-72010
Atonement: The Person and Work of ChristHardcover978-0-8308-2892-02009
Church Dogmatics: Index Volume with Aids to the Preacher   "978-0-567-09046-11978Karl Barth · Geoffrey William Bromiley
Conflict and Agreement In the ChurchPaperback978-1-57910-006-31996
Divine and Contingent Order   "978-0-567-04321-42005
Divine InterpretationHardcover978-1-4982-8849-12017
God and Rationality   "978-0-19-213948-12000
God and RationalityPaperback978-0-567-08582-51997
Incarnation: The Person and Life of Christ   "978-0-8308-2459-52015
Incarnation: The Person and Life of ChristHardcover978-0-8308-2891-32008
Karl Barth: An Introduction to His Early Theology 1910-1931Paperback978-0-567-08762-12001
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The Apocalypse Today   "978-0-227-67405-51961
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The Ground and Grammar of Theology: Consonance Between Theology and Science   "978-0-567-08778-22001
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Theological Science   "978-0-19-520083-61978
Theological ScienceHardcover978-0-19-213942-91969
Theology in ReconstructionPaperback978-1-57910-024-71996
The School of Faith, Catechisms of the Reformed Church   "978-1-57910-020-91996
Transformation & Convergence in the Frame of Knowledge: Explorations in the Interrelations of Scientific and Theological EnterpriseHardcover978-0-8028-3595-61984
Trinitarian Faith: The Evangelical Theology of the Ancient Catholic Faith: Evangelical Theology of the Ancient Catholic ChurchPaperback978-0-567-29219-32003
When Christ Comes and Comes Again   "978-1-57910-009-41996

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