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2006978-1-55766-737-3Jane Squires · Diane BrickerAn Activity-Based Approach to Developing Young Children's Social Emotional Competence
  ''978-1-55766-738-0Gilbert Foley Ed.D. · Jane Hochman Ed.D. · Chris Erikson · Jeree PawlMental Health in Early Intervention: Achieving Unity in Principles and Practice
2005978-1-55766-742-7Debra Hart · Colleen ThomaGoing To College: Expanding Opportunities For People With Disabilities (v. 1)
2007978-1-55766-743-4Erik W. CarterIncluding People with Disabilities in Faith Communities: A Guide for Service Providers, Families, and Congregations
2004978-1-55766-744-1Eleanor W. Lynch · Marci J. HansonDeveloping Cross-Cultural Competence: A Guide for Working With Children and Their Families (Developing Cross-Cultural Competence (Lynch))
  ''978-1-55766-750-2Barry M. Prizant · Amy M. Wetherby · Emily Rubin · Amy C. Laurent · Patrick RydellThe SCERTS Model: Enhancing Communication and Socioemotional Abilities of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (Autism Spectrum Disorders and the Scerts Model) CD/DVD not included
2006978-1-55766-751-9Marion O'Brien · Julie DaggettBeyond the Autism Diagnosis: A Professional's Guide to Helping Families
  ''978-1-55766-752-6Paul WehmanLife Beyond the Classroom: Transition Strategies for Young People with Disabilities
  ''978-1-55766-753-3Paul Wehman Ph.D. M.S. B.B.A. · Katherine Inge · William Grant Revell Jr. BS MS M.Ed. · Ms. Valerie Brooke M.Ed.Real Work for Real Pay: Inclusive Employment for People with Disabilities
2004978-1-55766-754-0Edward Zigler · Sally Styfco · John Bruer · James Griffin · Jane Knitzer Ed.D. · Mariela Páez Ed.D. M.Ed.The Head Start Debates
2005978-1-55766-755-7June E. DowningTeaching Communication Skills to Students with Severe Disabilities, Second Edition
2004978-1-55766-757-1Edward Z. Tronick · Barry M. LesterNICU Network Neurobehavioral Scale (Nnns) Manual
2006978-1-55766-759-5Margaret Feerick · John Knutson · Penelope Trickett · Sally Flanzer · Kyle Snow · Mary Webb · N. Reppucci Ph.D. · Jill AntonishakChild Abuse and Neglect: Definitions, Classifications, and a Framework for Research
2006978-1-55766-766-3I. Rubin M.D. · Allen Crocker · David Satcher "M.D. Ph.D." · Randall Alexander "M.D. Ph.D." · Deborah Allen Sc.D. · Norberto Alvarez · Jack Arbiser · Linda Barnes "Ph.D. M.A. M."Medical Care for Children and Adults with Developmental Disabilities, Second Edition
2004978-1-55766-774-8Virginia Buysse · Patricia Wesley M.Ed.Consultation in Early Childhood Settings
2007978-1-55766-780-9John Lybolt "Ph.D. CCC-SLP" · Jennifer Armstrong "Ph.D.. CCC-SLP" · Kristin Techmanski "M.A. CCC-SLP" · Catherine Gottfred "Ph.D. CCC-SLP"Building Language Throughout the Year: The Preschool Early Literacy Curriculum
2006978-1-55766-781-6Jean Ispa · Kathy Thornburg · Mark FineKeepin' On: The Everyday Struggles of Young Families in Poverty
2007978-1-55766-782-3Deborah Perry · Roxane Kaufmann M.A. · Jane Knitzer Ed.D. · Elizabeth Stroul M.Ed. · Robert Friedman · Jack ShonkoffSocial and Emotional Health in Early Childhood: Building Bridges Between Services and Systems (SCCMH)
  ''978-1-55766-783-0Donald J. Meyer · Patricia F. VadasySibshops: Workshops for Siblings of Children with Special Needs, Revised Edition
2005978-1-55766-784-7Alan Kamhi · Karen Pollock · Marc E. Fey · Barbara Bernhardt · Barbara Davis · Judith Gierut · Lisa Goffman · Paul HoffmanPhonological Disorders in Children: Clinical Decision Making in Assessment and Intervention
2004978-1-55766-790-8Nicholas Martin M.A.A Guide to Collaboration for IEP Teams
  ''978-1-55766-791-5Jan KristalThe Temperament Perspective: Working With Children's Behavioral Styles
2005978-1-55766-797-7Michael J. GuralnickThe Developmental Systems Approach to Early Intervention (ISEI)
2006978-1-55766-798-4Diane Browder · Fred SpoonerTeaching Language Arts, Math, and Science to Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities
2005978-1-55766-799-1Jennifer Grisham-Brown Ed.D. · Mary Louise Hemmeter M.Ed. · Kristie Pretti-FrontczakBlended Practices for Teaching Young Children in Inclusive Settings
  ''978-1-55766-800-4Helen Ezell "Ph.D. CCC-SLP" · Laura Justice "Ph.D. CCC-SLP"Shared Storybook Reading: Building Young Children's Language and Emergent Literacy Skills
2006978-1-55766-801-1Sharon, Ph.D. Carnahan · Robin KatzASQ Manager: For the Ages & Stages Questionnaires
2007978-1-55766-802-8John Nadworny CFP · Cynthia Haddad CFPThe Special Needs Planning Guide: How to Prepare for Every Stage of Your Child's Life
2006978-1-55766-804-2Margaret M. FeerickChildren Exposed to Violence
2009978-1-55766-805-9Janeen Taylor McCracken · James McGowan · Toni Linder Ed.D.The Program Administrator's Guide to Early Childhood Special Education: Leadership, Development, and Supervision
2008978-1-55766-806-6Gail Ensher Ed.D. · David Clark · Nancy SongerFamilies, Infants, and Young Children at Risk: Pathways to Best Practice
2005978-1-55766-809-7Amy M. Wetherby · Emily Rubin · Barry M Prizant · Amy C. Otr Laurent · Patrick J RydellThe Scerts Model Program Planning And Intervention: A Comprehensive Educational Approach for Young Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders, Volume 2: Program Planning & Intervention
2006978-1-55766-811-0Siegfried Pueschel "M.D. Ph.D." · Angela Amado · Carolyn Bergeron · Chris Burke · Jennifer Cunningham · Sujeet Desai · Robert Dinerstein J.D. · Steven EidelmanAdults with Down Syndrome
2007978-1-55766-812-7Diane Bricker · Betty Capt "Ph.D. OTR" · JoAnn Johnson · Kristie Pretti-Frontczak · Kristine Slentz · Elizabeth Straka "Ph.D. CCC-SLP" · Misti WaddellFormas Assessment, Evaluation, and Programming System for Infants and Children (AEPS®), CD-ROM
2005978-1-55766-813-4Pasquale Accardo · Arnold Capute "M.D. M.P.H." · Anna Bennett M.P.H. · Elena Keshishian "M.D. Ph.D." · Mary O'Connor Leppert · Thomas Montgomery · Michael Msall · Brian RogersThe Capute Scales: Cognitive Adaptive Test and Clinical Linguistic & Auditory Milestone Scale (CAT/CLAMS)
  ''978-1-55766-814-1Pasquale Accardo · Arnold Capute "M.D. M.P.H." · Anna Bennett M.P.H. · Elena Keshishian "M.D. Ph.D." · Mary O'Connor Leppert · Thomas Montgomery · Michael Msall · Brian RogersThe Capute Scales Scoring Sheets
2005978-1-55766-815-8Pasquale Accardo · Arnold Capute "M.D. M.P.H."The Capute Scales Test Kit
2006978-1-55766-817-2Alexander J. TymchukThe Health And Wellness Program: A Parenting Curriculum For Families At Risk
2005978-1-55766-818-9Barry M. Prizant · Amy M. Wetherby · Emily M. S. Rubin · Amy C. Laurent · Patrick J. RydellThe Scerts Model: A Comprehensive Educational Approach for Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders (2 volume set)
2006978-1-55766-819-6Robert L. Koegel · Lynn Kern KoegelPivotal Response Treatments for Autism: Communication, Social, and Academic Development
2005978-1-55766-820-2Helen H. Raikes · Jane McCall WhitmerBeautiful Beginnings: A Developmental Curriculum for Infants and Toddlers
2006978-1-55766-821-9Rachel Janney · Martha E. SnellSocial Relationships and Peer Support (Teachers' Guides)
2005978-1-55766-825-7Martha J. Zaslow · Ivelisse, Ph.D. Martinez-BeckCritical Issues in Early Childhood Professional Development
2007978-1-55766-828-8Diane Haager · Janette Klingner · Sharon VaughnEvidence-Based Reading Practices for Response to Intervention
2008978-1-55766-829-5P.G. Aaron Ph.D. · R. Joshi Ph.D. · Diana QuatrocheBecoming a Professional Reading Teacher
2005978-1-55766-830-1Linda Wollesen "M.A. RN LMFT" · Karen Peifer "Ph.D. M.P.H."Life Skills Progression (LSP): An Outcome and Intervention Planning Instrument for Use with Families at Risk
  ''978-1-55766-832-5Rollanda OÆConnor · Angela Syverson · Patricia VadasyLadders to Literacy: A Kindergarten Activity Book, Second Edition
  ''978-1-55766-834-9Suzi Tortora "Ed.D. ADTR CM"The Dancing Dialogue: Using the Communicative Power of Movement with Young Children
2006978-1-55766-835-6Martin E. BlockA Teacher's Guide to Including Students with Disabilites in General Physical Education
  ''978-1-55766-836-3Elizabeth B. Keefe · Veronica M. Moore · Frances R. DuffListening to the Experts: Students with Disabilities Speak Out
2007978-1-55766-837-0Susan R. Copeland Ph.D. BCBA-D · Elizabeth B. KeefeEffective Literacy Instruction for Students with Moderate or Severe Disabilities
2005978-1-55766-839-4Toni Heineman D.M.H. · Diane Ehrensaft · Susan Bernstein · Christopher Bonovitz Psy.D. · Peter Carnochan · Thetis Cromie "D.Mn. Ph.D." · Martha Harris · Michael LoGuidice L.C.S.W.Building a Home Within: Meeting the Emotional Needs of Children and Youth in Foster Care
2008978-1-55766-843-1Erik W. Carter · Lisa Cushing "Ph.D. BCBA" · Craig KennedyPeer Support Strategies for Improving All Students' Social Lives and Learning
2006978-1-55766-849-3James Luiselli "Ed.D ABPP" · Angela Becker · Wendy K. Berg M.A. · Helen Cannella · James Carr · Robin Codding · Glen Dunlap · Patrick Friman "Ph.D. ABPP"Antecedent Assessment and Intervention: Supporting Children and Adults with Developmental Disabilities in Community Settings
2005978-1-55766-850-9Barry M. PrizantThe SCERTS Model DVD
2006978-1-55766-853-0Steve Holburn · Anne Gordon · Peter VietzePerson-Centered Planning Made Easy: The PICTURE Method
2007978-1-55766-855-4Paula Kluth · Kelly Chandler-Olcott Ed.D.Land We Can Share: Teaching Literacy to Students with Autism
1995978-1-55766-856-1G. Lyon Ph.D. · Norman KrasnegorAttention, Memory, and Executive Function
2007978-1-55766-857-8R. A. McWilliam · Amy M. CaseyEngagement of Every Child in the Preschool Classroom
  ''978-1-55766-858-5Mark L. BatshawChildren with Disabilities
2009978-1-55766-859-2Helen H. Raikes · Carolyn Pope Edwards Ed.D.Extending the Dance in Infant and Toddler Caregiving: Enhancing Attachment and Relationships
2006978-1-55766-861-5Mary Noonan · Linda McCormickYoung Children with Disabilities in Natural Environments: Methods and Procedures
2006978-1-55766-862-2Sarah Landy · Elizabeth ThompsonPathways to Competence for Young Children: A Parenting Program
2007978-1-55766-863-9Cary Griffin M.A. · David Hammis · Tammara GearyThe Job Developer's Handbook: Practical Tactics for Customized Employment
  ''978-1-55766-864-6Daniel B. Berch · Michele M. M. MazzoccoWhy Is Math So Hard For Some Children?: The Nature and Origins of Mathematical Learning Difficulties and Disabilities
2006978-1-55766-865-3Meme Hieneman · Karen Childs M.A. · Jane Sergay M.Ed.Parenting with Positive Behavior Support: A Practical Guide to Resolving Your Child's Difficult Behavior
2007978-1-55766-866-0David Allsopp M.Ed. · Margaret Kyger · LouAnn H. Lovin MSTeaching Mathematics Meaningfully: Solutions for Reaching Struggling Learners
2006978-1-55766-868-4John Borkowski · Chelsea Weaver "M.A. M.Ed." · Carol Akai M.A. · Elizabeth Blodgett M.A. · Shannon Carothers · W. Faircloth Ph.D. · Amber Grundy M.A. · Kimberly HowardPrevention: The Science and Art of Promoting Healthy Child and Adolescent Development
  ''978-1-55766-869-1Tim Oberlandander · Frank J. Symons M.Ed. · James Bodfish · Shauna Bottos B.A. · Lynn Breau · Christine Chambers "Ph.D. R. Psych" · Kenneth Craig · Jennifer Deacon M.A.Pain in Children and Adults with Developmental Disabilities
2007978-1-55766-870-7Christine A. DollaghanThe Handbook for Evidence-Based Practice in Communication Disorders
2008978-1-55766-871-4Toni Linder Ed.D. · Tanni Anthony · Anita Bundy "Sc.D. OTR" · Renee Charlifue-Smith "M.A. CCC-SLP" · Jan Hafer Ed.D. · Forrest Hancock · Cheryl Rooke "M.A. CCC-SLP"Transdisciplinary Play-Based Assessment, (TPBA2)
  ''978-1-55766-872-1Toni Linder Ed.D. · Tanni Anthony · Anita Bundy "Sc.D. OTR" · Renee Charlifue-Smith "M.A. CCC-SLP" · Susan Dwinal OTR · Jan Hafer Ed.D. · Natasha Hall "M.S. CCC-SLP" · Forrest HancockTransdisciplinary Play-Based Intervention, (TPBI2)
  ''978-1-55766-873-8Toni Linder Ed.D.Administration Guide for TPBA2 & TPBI2 (Play-based Tpba, Tpbi, Tpbc)
2007978-1-55766-874-5Joanne Roberts · Robin Chapman · Steven F. Warren · Marc E. Fey · Donald "Bailey Jr." · Jon MillerSpeech and Language Development and Intervention in Down Syndrome and Fragile X Syndrome (CLI)
2007978-1-55766-875-2David R. Beukelman · Kathryn L. Garrett Ph.D. CCC-SLP · Kathryn YorkstonAugmentative Communication Strategies for Adults with Acute or Chronic Medical Conditions
  ''978-1-55766-878-3Daniel Crimmins · Anne Farrell · Philip Smith · Alison Bailey M.S.Ed.Positive Strategies for Students with Behavior Problems
2006978-1-55766-879-0Rhea Paul · Paul CascellaIntroduction to Clinical Methods in Communication Disorders, Second Edition
2007978-1-55766-882-0Alan KamhiClinical Decision Making in Developmental Language Disorders
  ''978-1-55766-883-7J. Nugent Ph.D. · Constance Keefer · Susan Minear · Lise Johnson · Yvette Blanchard "Sc.D. PT"Understanding Newborn Behavior and Early Relationships: The Newborn Behavioral Observations (NBO) System Handbook
2008978-1-55766-885-1Ruth Cook · Shirley Sparks "M.S. CCC-SLP"The Art and Practice of Home Visiting: Early Intervention for Children with Special Needs and Their Families
2006978-1-55766-889-9Larry Fenson · Virginia Marchman · Donna Thal · Philip Dale · J. Reznick Ph.D. · Elizabeth BatesMacArthur-Bates Communicative Development Inventories (CDI) Words and Sentences, NCS Scannable, English
2007978-1-55766-890-5Robert Pianta · Martha Cox · Kyle Snow · Ruby Takanishi · Fasaha TraylorSchool Readiness and the Transition to Kindergarten in the Era of Accountability
2009978-1-55766-891-2Sarah LandyPathways to Competence: Encouraging Healthy Social and Emotional Development in Young Children, Second Edition
2006978-1-55766-892-9Larry Fenson · Virginia Marchman · Donna Thal · Philip Dale · J. Reznick Ph.D. · Elizabeth BatesMacArthur-Bates Communicative Development Inventories (CDI) Words and Gestures,Desktop Scannable - English
2007978-1-55766-897-4Michael Giangreco · Mary Beth DoyleQuick-Guides to Inclusion: Ideas for Educating Students with Disabilities, Second Edition
2009978-1-55766-898-1Richard Luecking Ed.D. Ed.D.The Way to Work: How to Facilitate Work Experiences for Youth in Transition
  ''978-1-55766-899-8Julie Causton-TheoharisThe Paraprofessional's Handbook for Effective Support in Inclusive Classrooms
2008978-1-55766-901-8Christopher KliewerSeeing All Kids as Readers: A New Vision for Literacy in the Inclusive Early Childhood Classroom
  ''978-1-55766-903-2Carol KlassThe Home Visitor's Guidebook: Promoting Optimal Parent and Child Development, Third Edition
2008978-1-55766-904-9Benita Blachman · Darlene TangelRoad to Reading: A Program for Preventing and Remediating Reading Difficulties (Vital Statistics)
  ''978-1-55766-906-3Susan Neuman Ed.D.Educating the Other America: Top Experts Tackle Poverty, Literacy, and Achievement in Our Schools
2007978-1-55766-907-0Nadia Hall "M.ED. Dip. C.S" · Chaya Kulkarni Ed.D. · Shauna Seneca B.S.W.Your Guide to Nurturing Parent-Child Relationships: Positive Parenting Activities for Home Visitors
2008978-1-55766-908-7June E. DowningIncluding Students with Severe and Multiple Disabilities in Typical Classrooms: Practical Strategies for Teachers
2009978-1-55766-910-0Colleen Thoma · Christina Bartholomew · LaRon Scott Ed.D.Universal Design for Transition: A Roadmap for Planning and Instruction
2008978-1-55766-911-7Rachel Janney · Martha E. SnellBehavioral Support, Second Edition (Teachers' Guides)
2007978-1-55766-913-1Angela Notari-Syverson · Rollanda O'Connor · Patricia VadasyLadders to Literacy: A Preschool Curriculum, Second Edition
  ''978-1-55766-915-5Travis ThompsonMaking Sense of Autism
2009978-1-55766-917-9Meg Grigal · Debra HartThink College!: Postsecondary Education Options for Students with Intellectual Disabilities
2008978-1-55766-918-6Timothy Knoster Ed.D.The Teacher's Pocket Guide for Effective Classroom Management
  ''978-1-55766-921-6Patton Tabors Ed.D.One Child, Two Languages: A Guide for Early Childhood Educators of Children Learning English as a Second Language, Second Edition
  ''978-1-55766-922-3Betty Bunce "Ph.D. CCC-SLP"Early Literacy in Action: The Language-Focused Curriculum for Preschool (Vital Statistics)
2007978-1-55766-923-0William Brown · Samuel L. Odom · Scott R. McConnellSocial Competence of Young Children: Risk, Disability, and Intervention
2008978-1-55766-924-7Mary Beth DoyleThe Paraprofessional's Guide to the Inclusive Classroom: Working as a Team, Third Edition
2007978-1-55766-928-5Linda Diamond · Linda GutlohnVocabulary Handbook (Core Literacy Library)
2007978-1-55766-929-2Kenneth Merrell · Danielle M. Parisi Damico · Sara A. WhitcombStrong Start - Grades K-2: A Social and Emotional Learning Curriculum (Strong Kids)
  ''978-1-55766-930-8Kenneth Merrell · Dianna Carrizales-Engelmann · Laura L. Feuerborn · Barbara A. Gueldner · Oanh K. TranStrong Kids - Grades 3-5: A Social and Emotional Learning Curriculum (Strong Kids Curricula)
  ''978-1-55766-931-5Kenneth Merrell · Dianna Carrizales-Engelmann · Laura L. Feuerborn · Barbara A. Gueldner · Oanh K. TranStrong Kids - Grades 6-8: A Social and Emotional Learning Curriculum (Strong Kids Curricula)
  ''978-1-55766-932-2   ''Strong Teens - Grades 9-12: A Social and Emotional Learning Curriculum (Strong Kids Curricula)
2008978-1-55766-933-9Karren Wood Ed.D. · Victoria Youcha Ed.D.The ABCs of the ADA: Your Early Childhood Program's Guide to the Americans with Disabilities ActYour Early Childhood Programs' Guide to the Americans with Disabilities Act
2009978-1-55766-934-6Virginia W. Berninger · Beverly J. Wolf M.Ed.Teaching Students with Dyslexia and Dysgraphia: Lessons from Teaching and Science
2008978-1-55766-935-3Nancy Mather · Sam GoldsteinLearning Disabilites and Challenging Behaviors: A Guide to Intervention & Classroom Management, Second Edition
2007978-1-55766-941-4Robert Pianta · Karen La Paro · Bridget HamreClassroom Assessment Scoring SystemTM (CLASSTM) Manual, Pre-K (Vital Statistics)
  ''978-1-55766-942-1   ''Classroom Assessment Scoring SystemTM (CLASSTM) Manual, K-3 (Vital Statistics)
2007978-1-55766-943-8Robert Pianta · Karen La Paro · Bridget HamreClassroom Assessment Scoring System(TM) (CLASS(TM)) Forms (Vital Statistics), 10 Booklets
2010978-1-55766-944-5Colleen Thoma · Paul Wehman Ph.D. M.S. B.B.A.Getting the Most Out of IEPs: An Educator's Guide to the Student-Directed Approach
2008978-1-55766-945-2Travis ThompsonDr. Thompson's Straight Talk on Autism
  ''978-1-55766-946-9Miriam Smith Ed.D. · Joanne Brady M.Ed. · Louisa Anastasopoulos M.P.P.User's Guide to the Early Language and Literacy Classroom Observation Tool, Pre-K (ELLCO Pre-K)
  ''978-1-55766-947-6   ''Early Language and Literacy Classroom Observation Tool, Pre-K (ELLCO Pre-K) (Pack of 5)
  ''978-1-55766-948-3Miriam Smith Ed.D. · Joanne Brady M.Ed. · Nancy Clark-Chiarelli Ed.D.User's Guide to the Early Language and Literacy Classroom Observation Tool, K-3 (ELLCO K-3), Research Edition
  ''978-1-55766-949-0   ''Early Language and Literacy Classroom Observation Tool, K-3 (ELLCO K-3), Research Edition
2009978-1-55766-951-3Gloria Soto · Carole Zangari "Ph.D. CCC-SLP" · David R. Beukelman · Joe ReichlePractically Speaking: Language, Literacy, and Academic Development for Students with AAC Needs
2008978-1-55766-953-7Pat Mirenda · Teresa Iacono · David R. Beukelman · Joe ReichleAutism Spectrum Disorders and AAC
2009978-1-55766-954-4Christina Whalen "Ph.D. BCBA" · Lee GrossmanReal Life, Real Progress for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Strategies for Successful Generalization in Natural Environments
2009978-1-55766-955-1Isaura Barrera · Lucinda KramerUsing Skilled Dialogue to Transform Challenging Interactions: Honoring Identity, Voice, and Connection
2008978-1-55766-956-8Louise Porter "PhD MA(Hons)"Young Children's Behavior: Practical Approaches for Caregivers and Teachers, 3rd Edition
  ''978-1-55766-957-5Bruce K. Shapiro · Pasquale AccardoAutism Frontiers: Clinical Issues and Innovations
  ''978-1-55766-958-2Paul Wehman Ph.D. M.S. B.B.A. · Marcia Smith · Carol SchallAutism & the Transition to Adulthood: Success Beyond the Classroom
  ''978-1-55766-960-5Paula Kluth · Patrick SchwarzJust Give Him the Whale!: 20 Ways to Use Fascinations, Areas of Expertise, and Strengths to Support Students with Autism
2009978-1-55766-961-2Sheryl Dicker J.D.Reversing the Odds: Improving Outcomes for Babies in the Child Welfare System
2008978-1-55766-962-9Elizabeth Stroul M.Ed. · Gary Blau · Samantha Broderick M.S.W. · Ira Lourie · Sandra SpencerThe System of Care Handbook: Transforming Mental Health Services for Children, Youth, and Families (SCCMH)
2009978-1-55766-963-6Hewitt Clark · Deanne UnruhTransition of Youth and Young Adults with Emotional or Behavioral Difficulties: An Evidence-Supported Handbook
2008978-1-55766-964-3Peggy McCardle · Vinita Chhabra M.Ed. · Barbara Kapinus Ed.D.Reading Research in Action: A Teacher's Guide for Student Success
2011978-1-55766-965-0Laurie Dinnebeil · William McInerneyA Guide to Itinerant Early Childhood Special Education Services
2008978-1-55766-967-4Susan R. Sandall · Ilene S. Schwartz Ph.D. BCBA-D · Hsin-Ying Chou Ed.D. · Eva M. Horn · Gail Joseph · Joan A. Lieber · Samuel L. Odom · Ruth WoleryBuilding Blocks for Teaching Preschoolers with Special Needs
  ''978-1-55766-974-2Susan CraigReaching and Teaching Children Who Hurt: Strategies for Your Classroom
2008978-1-55766-976-6Lori Roggman · Lisa Boyce · Mark InnocentiDevelopmental Parenting: A Guide for Early Childhood Practitioners
2009978-1-55766-977-3Betty Bardige Ed.D.Talk to Me, Baby!: How You Can Support Young Children's Language Development
2008978-1-55766-980-3Carolyn Hughes · Erik W. CarterPeer Buddy Programs for Successful Secondary School Inclusion
2009978-1-55766-982-7Cecily Betz "Ph.D. RN FAAN" · Wendy Nehring "Ph.D. RN FAAN" · Sarah Ailey "Ph.D. RN-BC" · Lee Barks "Ph.D. ARNP" · Sandie Bass-Ringdahl "Ph.D. CCC-A" · Jean Beatson "RN M.S. Ed.D." · Joni Bosch · Pamela DiNapoli "Ph.D. RN"Nursing Care for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: An Integrated Approach
2010978-1-55766-984-1Dawn Denno Ed.D. · Victoria Carr Ed.D. · Susan BellAddressing Challenging Behaviors in Early Childhood Settings: A Teacher's Guide
2008978-1-55766-986-5Travis ThompsonFreedom from Meltdowns: Dr. Thompson's Solutions for Children with Autism
2013978-1-55766-987-2Michael L. WehmeyerThe Story of Intellectual Disability: An Evolution of Meaning, Understanding, and Public Perception
2008978-1-55766-988-9Kenneth Merrell · Sara A. Whitcomb · Danielle M. Parisi DamicoStrong Start-PreK: A Social & Emotional Learning Curriculum (Strong Kids)
2010978-1-55766-997-1David B. McNaughton · David R. BeukelmanTransition Strategies for Adolescents and Young Adults Who Use AAC
  ''978-1-55766-998-8Jack NaglieriHelping Children Learn: Intervention Handouts for Use in School and at Home, Second Edition
  ''978-1-55766-999-5Beth Marks "RN Ph.D." · Jasmina Sisirak M.P.H. · Tamar HellerHealth Matters: The Exercise and Nutrition Health Education Curriculum for People with Developmental Disabilities