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2010978-1-4546-0455-6Manuel Landaeta RosalesHombres y mujeres notables en la guerra de la independencia de Venezuela, que nacieron en la antigua provincia de Barcelona. (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-4546-0620-8Alberto SustaitaEl padre Adrian,: drama en tres actos (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-4546-0627-7Federico GamboaLa novela mexicana, (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-4546-1598-9Emanuel SwedenborgOn the intercourse between the soul and the body,: which is supposed to take place either by physical influx, or by spiritual influx, or by pre-established harmony
  ''978-1-4546-1603-0Charles WilsonNew Zealand cities :: Wellington
2010978-1-4546-1651-1Gilbert HavenThe uniter and liberator of America :: a memorial discourse on the character and career of Abraham Lincoln, delivered in the North Russell Street M.E. Church, Boston, Sunday, April 23, 1865
  ''978-1-4546-1652-8George S. (George Sewall) BoutwellEulogy on the death of Abraham Lincoln :: delivered before the City Council and citizens of Lowell, at Huntington Hall, April 19th, 1865
  ''978-1-4546-1655-9Silas DeanA brief history of the town of Stoneham, Mass. :: from its first settlement to the year 1843: with an account of the murder of Jacob Gould, on the evening of Nov. 25, 1819
  ''978-1-4546-1745-7Andrew B. (Andrew Boyd) CrossThe war and the Christian Commission /
  ''978-1-4546-1812-6Elias NasonEulogy on Abraham Lincoln, late president of the United States :: delivered before the New England Historic-Genealogical Society, Boston, May 3, 1865
2010978-1-4546-1907-9Robert SoutheyThe battle of Trafalgar,
  ''978-1-4546-1919-2Claude Pollard"The beginnings of Texas history",: address of Claude Pollard
  ''978-1-4546-2110-2Edward Dunlap SmithOur country, and our country's constitution and laws.: A discourse delivered on Thanksgiving day, December 12th, 1850, in the Chelsea Presbyterian church, New York
  ''978-1-4546-2287-1Bethany VeneyThe narrative of Bethany Veney, a slave woman.
  ''978-1-4546-2294-9John J. (John Joseph) Valentine"Imperial democracy": Dutch colonizers in Malaysia, annexation of the Philippines;
2010978-1-4546-2322-9Edward Raymond TurnerThe first abolition society in the United States /
  ''978-1-4546-2437-0Archibald M. (Archibald Murray) HoweColonel John Brown, of Pittsfield, Massachusetts, the brave accuser of Benedict Arnold :: an address delivered before the Fort Rensselaer Chapter of ... Palatine Bridge, New York, September 29, 1908
  ''978-1-4546-2529-2Charles Edward JeffersonThe world's Christmas tree,
  ''978-1-4546-2711-1John Wilson CrokerA letter from the king to his people.
  ''978-1-4546-3005-0John GylesMemoirs of odd adventures, strange deliverances, etc. in the captivity of John Giles, Esq. :: commander of the garrison on Saint George River, in the district of Maine
2010978-1-4546-3247-4Ioan Jivi-BanatanuThe Banat problem,
  ''978-1-4546-3254-2Ales? Broz?Three years of the Czechoslovak republic,: a survey of its progress and achievements
  ''978-1-4546-3354-9Joseph BreckThe collection of sculptures by Auguste Rodin,
  ''978-1-4546-3412-6William H. FullerClaude Monet and his paintings,
  ''978-1-4546-4344-9A. (Allen) MawerPlace-names and history.
2010978-1-4546-5303-5Jared SparksA reply to the strictures of Lord Mahon and others,: on the mode of editing the writings of Washington
  ''978-1-4546-5395-0James Hosmer PennimanGeorge Washington as man of letters
  ''978-1-4546-5836-8G. K. (Gilbert Keith) ChestertonLord Kitchener /
  ''978-1-4546-5882-5F. M. (Frank Merry) StentonThe early history of the abbey of Abingdon,
  ''978-1-4546-6112-2John Wilson CrokerA letter from the king to his people.
2010978-1-4546-6173-3Orville DeweyOn American morals and manners.
  ''978-1-4546-6245-7John H. B. (John Hazlehurst Boneval) LatrobeColonization and abolition.
  ''978-1-4546-6281-5James NourseViews of colonization.
  ''978-1-4546-6285-3James MilnorPlea for the American Colonization Society:: a sermon, preached in St. George's Church, New-York, on Sunday, July 9, 1826
  ''978-1-4546-6304-1James A. ThomeDebate at the Lane Seminary, Cincinnati :
2010978-1-4546-6314-0Edward EverettAn oration delivered at Concord, April the nineteenth, 1825.
  ''978-1-4546-6371-3Daniel WebsterSpeech delivered by Daniel Webster at Niblo's Saloon, in New-York, on the 15th March, 1837.
  ''978-1-4546-6383-6Daniel WebsterAn address delivered at the laying of the corner stone of the Bunker Hill Monument /
  ''978-1-4546-6451-2Thomas AvesReport of the arguments of counsel, and of the opinion of the court, in the case of Commonwealth vs. Aves :: tried and determined in the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts
  ''978-1-4546-6453-6Hancock. .A letter to the Hon. Samuel A. Eliot, representative in Congress from the city of Boston in reply to his apology for voting for the Fugitive Slave Bill /
2010978-1-4546-6523-6William Lloyd GarrisonThe abolition of slavery the right of the government under the war power.
  ''978-1-4546-6525-0John Belton O'NeallThe negro law of South Carolina,
  ''978-1-4546-6606-6Curtis M. JacobsSpeech of Col. Curtis M. Jacobs, on the free colored population of Maryland,
  ''978-1-4546-6638-7James Norman GridleyLincoln's defense of Duff Armstrong,: the story of the trial and the celebrated almanac
  ''978-1-4546-6744-5Jacob HeffelfingerKecoughtan old and new;: or, Three hundred years of Elizabeth City Parish
2010978-1-4546-6788-9A. G. (Alfred George) GardinerThe Anglo-American future,
  ''978-1-4546-7207-4William Berry LaphamIn memoriam Hon. Joseph R. Bodwell, governor of Maine :: born June 18, 1818, died December 15, 1887
  ''978-1-4546-7215-9Moses M. (Moses Moorhead) GrangerA fair answer to the Confederate appeal at Richmond /
  ''978-1-4546-7323-1R. G. F. (Rufus George Frederick) CandageSettlement and progress of the town of Bluehill, Maine :: an historical address by R.G.F. Candage ... at Bluehill Falls, September 7th, 1886
  ''978-1-4546-7422-1John Collins WarrenThe great tree on Boston Common /
2010978-1-4546-7445-0Charles J. (Charles Jeremy) HoadlyThe hiding of the charter.
  ''978-1-4546-7467-2Jamieson B. (Jamieson Boyd) HurryThe trial by combat of Henry de Essex and Robert de Montfort at Reading abbey.
  ''978-1-4546-7666-9Henry GrattanThe speech (at length) of the Honourable Henry Grattan,: in the Irish House of Commons, against the union with Great Britain
  ''978-1-4546-8040-6Gustaf Fredrik SteffenRussia, Poland and the Ukraine,
  ''978-1-4546-8041-3August ZaleskiLandmarks of Polish history /
2010978-1-4546-8350-6Charles Eben JacksonSome reminscences of Bishop Williams :: fourth bishop of Connecticut, born August 30,1817, died February 7, 1899
  ''978-1-4546-8409-1Sydney SmithThird letter to Archdeacon Singleton /
  ''978-1-4546-8534-0D. OppenheimerVancouver city, its progress and industries, with practical hints for capitalists and intending settlers.
  ''978-1-4546-8552-4Charles Francis AdamsThe address of Charles Francis Adams,: of Massachusetts on the life, character and services of William H. Seward. Delivered by invitation of the ... state of New York, in Albany, April 18, 1873
  ''978-1-4546-8584-5James SpenceOn the recognition of the Southern confederation /
2010978-1-4546-8751-1James KentAn anniversary discourse,: delivered before the New-York Historical Society, December 6, 1828
  ''978-1-4546-8760-3Grigory Yevseyevich ZinovyevNicolai Lenin;: his life and work