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2010978-1-4544-0763-8Hugh Ridgely RileyRoster of the soldiers and sailors who served in organizations from Maryland during the Spanish-American War,
  ''978-1-4544-0796-6John H. Van EvrieNegroes and Negro "Slavery" :: the first, an inferior race -- the latter, it's normal condition
  ''978-1-4544-1089-8Martin HardieThe British school of etching,: being a lecture delivered to the Print collectors' club
  ''978-1-4544-1103-1Louis A. (Louis Arthur) HolmanSears Gallagher's etchings of Boston;: with notes on the man and a complete list of his etched work
  ''978-1-4544-1213-7   ''Hornby's etchings of the great war;: with a complete authoritative list of all his plates (1906-1920) and with two of the artist's letters from the front
2010978-1-4544-1256-4James Howard GoreDutch art as seen by a layman,
  ''978-1-4544-1513-8Addison F. (Addison Foard) WorthingtonTwelve old houses west of Chesapeake Bay;
  ''978-1-4544-1592-3Albert J. MacDonaldOld colonial brick houses of New England,
  ''978-1-4544-1671-5John Mason ClarkeA recently found portrait medallion of Jacques Cartier.
  ''978-1-4544-1685-2G. M. (George Morris) PhilipsHistoric letters from the collection of the West Chester State Normal School /
2010978-1-4544-1687-6Ida M. (Ida May) WightmanThe Mayhew Manor of Tisbury :: address prepared for the New York Branch of the Order of Colonial Lords of Manors in America
  ''978-1-4544-1701-9Wilbur Henry SiebertThe exodus of the loyalists from Penobscot to Passamaquoddy :: (with map)
  ''978-1-4544-1743-9James Grant WilsonWashington--Lincoln and Grant.: An address
  ''978-1-4544-1795-8J. Castell (John Castell) HopkinsHistorical sketch of the Canadian club movement,
  ''978-1-4544-1796-5J. Castell (John Castell) HopkinsChronology of Canadian history from confederation in 1867 up to the end of 1900,
2010978-1-4544-1904-4Winchester FitchThe founders of America /
  ''978-1-4544-2029-3Frederic Henry HedgeAn oration, pronounced before the citizens of Bangor,
  ''978-1-4544-2040-8Jonathan BoucherLetters of Jonathan Boucher to George Washington.
  ''978-1-4544-2047-7James MelvinJournal of the expedition to Quebec,: in the year 1775, under the command of Colonel Benedict Arnold
  ''978-1-4544-2073-6Francis BayliesAddress before the members of the Taunton Lyceum, delivered July 4, 1831.
2010978-1-4544-2107-8Samuel Eliot MorisonA prologue to American history :: an inaugural lecture delivered before the University of Oxford on 1 June, 1922
  ''978-1-4544-2113-9James B. (James Breckenridge) WallerReminiscences of Benjamin Franklin as a diplomatist /
  ''978-1-4544-2173-3William SladeAn oration, pronounced at Bridport, July 4, 1829. ...
  ''978-1-4544-2178-8Charles Howland RussellThe Declaration of Independence :: address delivered before the Rhode Island State Society of the Cincinnati, at the State House at Newport, Rhode Island, on July 4, 1916
  ''978-1-4544-2205-1Daniel P. (Daniel Putnam) KingEulogy, at the funeral of General Gideon Foster :
2010978-1-4544-2212-9William MoultrieThe correspondence of Lord Montague with General Moultrie, 1781.
  ''978-1-4544-2305-8Jared SparksRemarks on a "Reprint of the original letters from Washington to Joseph Reed :: during the American revolution, referred to in the pamphlets of Lord Mahon and Mr. Sparks"
  ''978-1-4544-2328-7Thomas Loraine McKenneyReply to Kosciusko Armstrong's assault upon Col. McKenney's Narrative of the causes that led to General Armstrong's resignation of the office of secretary of war in 1814.
  ''978-1-4544-2344-7Henry Champion DemingAn oration upon the life and services of Gen. David Wooster :: delivered at Danbury, April 27th, 1854, when a monument was erected to his memory
  ''978-1-4544-2359-1Hiram KetchumAn oration delivered on the public square at New Haven :
2010978-1-4544-2642-4J. C. (James Chamberlayne) PickettLetters and dissertations upon sundry subjects.
  ''978-1-4544-2679-0J. Hammond (James Hammond) TrumbullThe defence of Stonington (Connecticut) against a British squadron :
  ''978-1-4544-2715-5William Peter Van NessA concise narrative of General Jackson's first invasion of Florida, and of his immortal defence of New-Orleans:: with remarks
  ''978-1-4544-2819-0Madison Clinton PetersHaym Salomon, the financier of the revolution;: an unwritten chapter in American history
  ''978-1-4544-2907-4John CadwaladerA reply to General Joseph Reed's Remarks on a late publication in the Independent gazeteer:: with some observations on his address to the people of Pennsylvania
2010978-1-4544-2979-1Daniel AgnewOur national Constitution: its adaptation to a state of war or insurrection :: a treatise
  ''978-1-4544-2990-6Samuel B. (Samuel Brazer) BabcockA discourse on the death of President Lincoln :: preached in the Orthodox Congregational church, in Dedham
  ''978-1-4544-3004-9Andrew M. BeveridgeA discourse on the assassination of President Lincoln,: delivered in the First Presbyterian Church, Lansingburgh, N.Y., on Sabbath evening, April 16, 1865
  ''978-1-4544-3011-7Montgomery BlairComments on the policy inaugurated by the President :: in a letter and two speeches
  ''978-1-4544-3012-4Lewis F. (Lewis Falley) AllenMemorial of the late Gen. James S. Wadsworth,
2010978-1-4544-3108-4Henry Norman HudsonA chaplain's campaign with Gen. Butler.
  ''978-1-4544-3136-7Thomas LowryPersonal reminiscences of Abraham Lincoln ...
  ''978-1-4544-3156-5Mason NobleSermon delivered in the United States Naval Academy :: on the day of the funeral of the late President, Abraham Lincoln
  ''978-1-4544-3168-8James W. (James Willis) PattersonMemorial address on the life and character of Abraham Lincoln :: delivered at Concord, New Hampshire, June 1, 1865, at the request of the state authorities
  ''978-1-4544-3172-5Alonzo Hall QuintThree sermons preached in the North Congregational Church, New Bedford, Mass., Fast Day, April 13, and Sunday, April 16, 1865 /
2010978-1-4544-3185-5Isaac Smithson HartleyHon. Horatio Seymour, LL.D., ex-Governor of the State of New York, late president of the Oneida Historical Society,
  ''978-1-4544-3216-6Charles P. (Charles Porterfield) KrauthThe two pageants :: a discourse delivered in the First Eng. Evan. Lutheran Church, Pittsburgh, Pa. Thursday, June 1st, 1865
  ''978-1-4544-3220-3Rufus Spaulding CushmanResolutions and discourse occasioned by the death of Abraham Lincoln :
  ''978-1-4544-3223-4Daniel ClarkEulogy on the life and character of Abraham Lincoln :: before the city government of Manchester, N.H. June 1st, 1865
  ''978-1-4544-3229-6P. Orman (Perley Orman) RayThe convention that nominated Lincoln;: an address delivered before the Chicago Historical Society on May 18, 1916, the fifty-sixth anniversary of Lincoln's nomination for the presidency
2010978-1-4544-3239-5Matthew SimpsonFuneral address delivered at the burial of President Lincoln, at Springfield, Illinois, May 4, 1865 /
  ''978-1-4544-3260-9Ida M. (Ida Minerva) TarbellIn Lincoln's chair,
  ''978-1-4544-3347-7Charles LanmanPersonal memorials of Daniel Webster ...
  ''978-1-4544-3348-4Amasa McCoyFuneral oration on the death of Hon. Daniel Webster,: delivered at a commemoration in the Presbyterian church, Ballston Spa, N.Y., Monday evening, November 8, 1852
  ''978-1-4544-3394-1Peter RussellOur great national reproach, and, The counsel of Ahithophel turned into foolishness :: two sermons preached in St. James' Church, Eckley, Penna
2010978-1-4544-3400-9Morris C. (Morris Crater) SutphenDiscourse on the occasion of the death of Abraham Lincoln :: ... preached in the Spring Garden Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia
  ''978-1-4544-3464-1David RootThe abolition cause eventually triumphant :: a sermon, delivered before the Anti-slavery society of Haverhill, Mass., Aug. 1836
  ''978-1-4544-3547-1J. Fairfax (James Fairfax) McLaughlinThe American Cyclops,: the hero of New Orleans, and spoiler of silver spoons
  ''978-1-4544-3625-6William SladeSpeech of Mr. Slade, of Vermont, on the right of petition :
  ''978-1-4544-3709-3Thomas W. MiznerPresident Cleveland, light of commercial freedom,: When Cleveland was governor,
2010978-1-4544-3792-5Phebe A. (Phebe Ann) HanafordOur martyred President.
  ''978-1-4544-3812-0Wheelock CraigTwo sermons of April, 1865 /
  ''978-1-4544-3847-2James Henry HammondTwo letters on slavery in the United States :: addressed to Thomas Clarkson, Esq
  ''978-1-4544-3848-9New York City Anti-Slavery Society. .Address of the New York City Anti-Slavery Society to the people of the city of New York.
  ''978-1-4544-3852-6John L. Love... The disfranchisement of the negro
2010978-1-4544-3906-6Alvan StewartA legal argument before the Supreme Court of the state of New Jersey, at the May term, 1845, at Trenton, for the deliverance of four thousand persons from bondage.
  ''978-1-4544-3911-0Willard C. (Willard Carey) MacNaulThe Jefferson-Lemen compact;: the relations of Thomas Jefferson and James Lemen in the exclusion of slavery from Illinois and the Northwest Territory, with related documents, 1781-1818
  ''978-1-4544-3917-2N. H. (Nathan Henry) ChamberlainAssassination of President Lincoln: a sermon preached in St. James Church, Birmingham, Ct., April 19th, 1865 /
  ''978-1-4544-3947-9Justin WinsorThe Mayflower town.: An address delivered at the two hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the incorporation of the town of Duxbury, Mass., June 17, 1887
  ''978-1-4544-4000-0Charles Francis AdamsSome phases of sexual morality and church discipline in colonial New England.
2010978-1-4544-4016-1Harold Phelps StokesDispatches, 1919-1921.
  ''978-1-4544-4018-5James BarrettMemorial address on the life and character of the Hon. Charles Marsh, LL.D. :: read before the Vermont Historical Society, in the Representatives' Hall, October 11, 1870
  ''978-1-4544-4078-9Charles Downer HazenOld Northampton,
  ''978-1-4544-4171-7John AldenHistory of Westfield :: a sermon
  ''978-1-4544-4177-9Lewis Wilder HicksMr. Ralph Wheelock, Puritan;: a paper read before the Connecticut historical society, November 7, 1899
2010978-1-4544-4244-8William BradfordGovernor William Bradford's letter book.
  ''978-1-4544-4351-3Emerson DavisA historical sketch of Westfield /
  ''978-1-4544-4353-7Albert EekhofThree unknown documents concerning the Pilgrim fathers in Holland,
  ''978-1-4544-4420-6John L. (John Lord) HayesA reminiscence of the Free-soil movement in New Hampshire, 1845.
  ''978-1-4544-4423-7Harriet Elizabeth Prescott SpoffordNew-England legends.
2010978-1-4544-4464-0Ithamar B. (Ithamar Bard) SawtelleOration delivered at the centennial celebration, in Brookline, N.H., September 8, 1869 /
  ''978-1-4544-4503-6James Davie ButlerDeficiencies in our history.: An address delivered before the Vermont Historical and Antiquarian Society, at Montpelier, October 16, 1846
  ''978-1-4544-4635-4Franklin H. (Franklin Henry) ChaseOnondaga's soldiers of the revolution.: Official records
  ''978-1-4544-4645-3Mariam Hyde OlmsteadWilton parish 1726-1800.: A Historical sketch
  ''978-1-4544-4697-2Daniel E. (Daniel Elbridge) WagerMen, events, lawyers, politics and politicians of early Rome /
2010978-1-4544-4711-5John C. (John Chase) LordThe valiant man :: a discourse on the death of the Hon. Samuel Wilkeson of Buffalo
  ''978-1-4544-4849-5Charles Fenno HoffmanThe pioneers of New-York.: An anniversary discourse delivered before the St. Nicholas Society of Manhattan, December 6, 1847
  ''978-1-4544-4873-0Brantz MayerCalvert and Penn;: or the growth of civil and religious liberty in America, as disclosed in the planting of Maryland and Pennsylvania
  ''978-1-4544-4949-2Thomas Willing BalchThe cradle of Pennsylvania,
  ''978-1-4544-5088-7J. A. BlairReminiscences of Randolph County /
2010978-1-4544-5132-7John Wilson TownsendLore of the meadowland,
  ''978-1-4544-5187-7Rufus B. (Rufus Brown) BullockAddress of Rufus B. Bullock to the people of Georgia :
  ''978-1-4544-5550-9Benjamin Perley PooreThe life and public services of John Sherman /
  ''978-1-4544-5628-5Josiah F. (Josiah Francis) GibbsThe Mountain Meadows Massacre,
  ''978-1-4544-5670-4Michigan Historical Commission.Prize essays written by pupils of Michigan schools in the local history contest for 1920-21 ...
2010978-1-4544-6005-3William Elsey ConnelleyFifty years in Kansas :: a brief sketch of the life of George W. Martin, Secretary of the Kansas State Historical Society
  ''978-1-4544-6026-8Joseph SchaferThe Draper collection of manuscripts,
  ''978-1-4544-6070-1Isaac Hughes SturgeonSketch of the incidents in the life of Isaac H. Sturgeon :: written by himself in January, 1900; born September 10th, 1821, died August 22d, 1908
  ''978-1-4544-6225-5Fiske KimballThomas Jefferson and the first monument of the classical revival in America ...
  ''978-1-4544-6569-0George TicknorGeorge Ticknor's Travels in Spain /
2010978-1-4544-6764-9Frederick StarrThe old geographer, Matsuura Takeshiro ...
  ''978-1-4544-7081-6Lodisa FrizzellAcross the plains to California in 1852;: journal of Mrs. Lodisa Frizzell
  ''978-1-4544-7186-8John Martin WoolseyThe discovery of Noah's ark, final and decisive,
  ''978-1-4544-7374-9Allan McLane HamiltonA doctor's pilgrimage.
  ''978-1-4544-7511-8G. G. (George Gordon) CoultonInfant perdition in the middle ages.
2010978-1-4544-8512-4William George WardA few words in support of no. 90 of the Tracts for the times :: partly with reference to Mr. Wilson's letter
  ''978-1-4544-8536-0Nicholas Patrick WisemanA letter respectfully addressed to the Rev. J.H. Newman :: upon some passages in his letter to the Rev. Dr. Jelf
  ''978-1-4544-8537-7Nicholas Patrick WisemanA letter respectfully addressed to the Rev. J.H. Newman, upon some passages in his letter to the Rev. Dr. Jelf /
  ''978-1-4544-8612-1E. B. (Edward Bouverie) PuseyUn-science, not science, adverse to faith.: A sermon preached before the University of Oxford on the twentieth Sunday after Trinity, 1878
  ''978-1-4544-8734-0   ''Christ, the source and rule of Christian love :
2010978-1-4544-8821-7E. B. (Edward Bouverie) PuseyThe holy Eucharist, a comfort to the penitent :: a sermon preached before the university, in the Cathedral Church of Christ, in Oxford, on the fourth Sunday after Easter
  ''978-1-4544-9231-3Samuel M. (Samuel Mcpherson) JanneyAn American view of the causes which have led to the decline of the Society of Friends in Great Britain and Ireland.
  ''978-1-4544-9390-7Sydney SmithA fragment on the Irish Roman Catholic church /
  ''978-1-4544-9500-0Sydney SmithSecond letter to Archdeacon Singleton :: being the third of the cathedral letters
  ''978-1-4544-9511-6   ''A letter to Archdeacon Singleton on the Ecclesiastical Commission /
2010978-1-4544-9545-1Thomas Graves LawA calendar of the English martyrs of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries;: with an introduction
  ''978-1-4544-9711-0J. Armitage (Joseph Armitage) RobinsonThoughts for teachers of the Bible.
  ''978-1-4544-9901-5S. SeklesEssays on the book of Proverbs.