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2010978-1-4545-0386-6Henry Watson WilburA study in doctrine and discipline /
  ''978-1-4545-0724-6Emanuel SwedenborgOn the intercourse between the soul and the body.
  ''978-1-4545-0761-1Emanuel SwedenborgOn the intercourse between the soul and the body :: which is supposed to take place either by physical influx, or by spiritual influx, or by pre-established harmony
  ''978-1-4545-0931-8James MoffattJesus on love to God,: Jesus on love to man
  ''978-1-4545-0943-1Elbert RussellParonomasia and kindred phenomena in the New Testament /
2010978-1-4545-1072-7Edward MillerThe Oxford debate on the textual criticism of the New Testament :: held at New College on May 6, 1897 ; with a preface explanatory of the rival systems
  ''978-1-4545-1314-8Henry GeorgeMoses: [and] The crime of poverty
  ''978-1-4545-1455-8Ray Oakley MillerModernist studies in the life of Jesus,
  ''978-1-4545-1467-1Goldwin SmithThe founder of Christendom,
  ''978-1-4545-1553-1Robert Green IngersollThe gods.
2010978-1-4545-1677-4Hugh BlackThree dreams,
  ''978-1-4545-1744-3William Spence UrquhartThe historical and the eternal Christ.
  ''978-1-4545-1808-2James MoffattJesus on love to God,: Jesus on love to man
  ''978-1-4545-1902-7C. G. (Claude Goldsmid) MontefioreThe place of Judaism among the religions of the world /
  ''978-1-4545-2438-0Alice M. (Alice Morehouse) WalkerThrough Turkey pass to Amherst and beyond /
2010978-1-4545-2678-0Nathan PerkinsA narrative of a tour through the state of Vermont from April 27 to June 12, 1789,
  ''978-1-4545-2773-2Otto SchoenrichFormer Senator Burton's trip to South America, 1915,
  ''978-1-4545-2799-2Jessie M. KingThe grey city of the north;: a book of drawings
  ''978-1-4545-3782-3Frank PresbreyAcadia and thereabouts ...
  ''978-1-4545-4185-1Thomas JennerThe Nanking monument of the beatitudes /
2010978-1-4545-4209-4Charles Rufus BrownThe book of the prophet Jeremiah;: a new and critical translation
  ''978-1-4545-4223-0James Loring CheneyThe sources of Tindale's New Testament ...
  ''978-1-4545-4380-0Fred S. (Fred Smith) PiperLexington, the birthplace of American liberty :: a handbook containing an account of the Battle of Lexington, Paul Revere's narrative of his famous ... directory, map and numerous illustrations
  ''978-1-4545-4446-3Mary Elizabeth Caldwell von ZedtwitzThe double doctrine of the Church of Rome,
  ''978-1-4545-4863-8Frederic N. LindsayKerubim in semitic religion and art /
2010978-1-4545-4873-7Hermann GunkelIsrael and Babylon;: the influence of Babylon on the religion of Israel <a reply to Delitzsch>
  ''978-1-4545-5127-0Edward Potts CheyneyEnglish constitutional documents.
  ''978-1-4545-5205-5Margaret G. (Margaret Georgiana) DampierThe organization of the Orthodox Eastern churches,
  ''978-1-4545-5335-9Dana Carleton MunroThe mediaeval student.
  ''978-1-4545-5631-2Ray Oakley MillerModernist studies in the life of Jesus,
2010978-1-4545-5716-6George L. (George Livingston) RobinsonThe abiding value of the Old Testament,
  ''978-1-4545-6006-7George Dana BoardmanThe problem of Jesus,
  ''978-1-4545-6211-5Carl Delos CaseThe incarnation and modern thought /
  ''978-1-4545-6234-4John CordnerThe foundations of nationality;: a discourse, preached in the Unitarian church, Montreal, on the Sunday after the great railway celebration, November, 1856
  ''978-1-4545-6325-9C. A. (Cyrus Augustus) BartolChrist the way :: a sermon preached at the ordination of the Rev. George M. Bartol, as minister of the First Church of Christ in Lancaster, Mass., Wednesday, August 4, 1847
2010978-1-4545-6572-7William W. (William Williams) KeenThe service of missions to science and society :: the presidential address delivered before the American Baptist Missionary Union at Dayton, Ohio, May 21, 1906
  ''978-1-4545-6718-9Alexander W. (Alexander William) EvansHepaticae:: Yale Peruvian expedition of 1911
  ''978-1-4545-6870-4F. M. (Frank Milton) SheldonThe Bible in our modern world,
  ''978-1-4545-6877-3Charles de. BeneskiA narrative of the last moments of the life of Don Augustin de Iturbide, ex-emperor of Mexico.
  ''978-1-4545-7118-6Newman SmythThe story of the child that Jesus took,
2010978-1-4545-7180-3Frederic William Henry MyersSaint Paul.
  ''978-1-4545-7227-5Jane Anthony EamesLetters from Bermuda,
  ''978-1-4545-7384-5Estanislao Severo ZeballosThe rise and growth of the Argentine constitution;
  ''978-1-4545-7456-9Carl NiebuhrThe Tell el Amarna period.: The relations of Egypt and western Asia in the fifteenth century B.C. according to the Tell el Amarna tablets
  ''978-1-4545-7621-1Ernest Beresford CookeThe sign of the cross in the western liturgies, (v.7)
2010978-1-4545-7652-5Robert Henry AlbachThe application of the teachings of Jesus to "The responsibility of the capitalist to the public" :: an essay submitted in competition for the Hattie Elizabeth Lewis Prize of 1921
  ''978-1-4545-7674-7William Ellery ChanningA sermon delivered at the ordination of the Rev. Jared Sparks, to the pastoral care of the First Independent Church in Baltimore, May 5, 1819. /
  ''978-1-4545-7685-3Walter Howard FrereThe liturgical gospels /
  ''978-1-4545-7720-1Charles Hoyt WatsonThe employer, the wage earner, and the law of love,
  ''978-1-4545-7721-8Ralph Waldo NelsonHow Christ would organize the work,
2010978-1-4545-7773-7Barthinius L. (Barthinius Larson) WickThe Amish Mennonites.: A sketch of their origin, and of their settlement in Iowa, with their creed in an appendix
  ''978-1-4545-7778-2G. G. (George Gordon) CoultonFrench monasticism in 1503 ...
  ''978-1-4545-7893-2H. P. (Helena Petrovna) BlavatskyThe Kabalah and the Kabalists.
  ''978-1-4545-8342-4Mitchell HumphreysDauer und chronologie der Inkaherrschaft. (German Edition)
  ''978-1-4545-8362-2Carl WesselySahidische Papyrusfragmente der paulinischen Briefe / (German Edition)
2010978-1-4545-8672-2Wolf Wilhelm BaudissinZur Geschichte der alttestamentlichen Religion in ihrer universalen Bedeutung :: zwei akademische Reden (German Edition)
  ''978-1-4545-8696-8Hermann GunkelIsrael and Babylonien :: Der Einfluss Babyloniens auf die israelitische Religion (German Edition)
  ''978-1-4545-8770-5Eduard MeyerJulius Wellhausen und meine schrift Der entstehung des Judenthums;: eine erwiderung (German Edition)
  ''978-1-4545-8939-6Traugott SchmidtChristus in uns-wir in Christus.: Ein beitrag zur paulinischen anschauung von der gegenwart Christi (German Edition)
  ''978-1-4545-9043-9Arthur DrewsDie Petruslegende;: ein beitrag zur mythologie des Christentums (German Edition)
2010978-1-4545-9140-5Friedrich KauffmannZur Textgeschichte des Opus imperfectum in Matthaeum / (German Edition)
  ''978-1-4545-9304-1Karl Johannes NeumannProlegomena in Juliani imperatoris libros quibus impugnavit Christianos... (Latin Edition)
  ''978-1-4545-9977-7J. A. de (Jose? Antonio) LavalleJuan de la Torre: (uno de los trece de la isla del Gallo) (Spanish Edition)