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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2010978-1-4488-0698-0Lynn GeorgeBeavers: Dam Builders (Animal Architects)
  ''978-1-4488-1211-0Phillip RyanFreight Trains (All Aboard!)
  ''978-1-4488-1213-4   ''Subways (All Aboard!)
  ''978-1-4488-1215-8   ''Passenger Trains (All Aboard!)
  ''978-1-4488-1217-2   ''Monorails (All Aboard!)
2010978-1-4488-1219-6Phillip RyanStreetcars (All Aboard!)
  ''978-1-4488-1221-9   ''Steam-Powered Trains (All Aboard!)
2011978-1-4488-1259-2Dean GalianoThe Fourth Amendment: Unreasonable Search and Seizure (Amendments to the United States Constitution: the Bill of Rights)
2010978-1-4488-1347-6Lynn GeorgeWasps: Nest Builders (Animal Architects)
2010978-1-4488-1357-5Lynn GeorgeBeavers: Dam Builders (Animal Architects)
  ''978-1-4488-1474-9Zella WilliamsSonia Sotomayor: Supreme Court Justice (Hispanic Headliners (Paperback))
  ''978-1-4488-1480-0   ''Shakira: Star Singer (Hispanic Headliners (Paperback))
  ''978-1-4488-1579-1Mark BerginHow to Draw Comic Book Heroes
  ''978-1-4488-1599-9Mark BerginHow to Draw Ships (How to Draw (Powerkids Press) (Paper))
2010978-1-4488-1788-7Joe GasparRyan Howard (Reading Power: Baseball's MVPs)
2011978-1-4488-1861-7Alana LentinRacism and Ethnic Discrimination (Contemporary Issues)
  ''978-1-4488-1863-1Burton Guttman · Anthony Griffiths · University David T Suzuki · Tara CullisGenetics: The Code of Life (Contemporary Issues)
  ''978-1-4488-1864-8Jay SiegelForensic Science at Work (Contemporary Issues)
  ''978-1-4488-1869-3Gregory Fremont-BarnesRescue at the Iranian Embassy: The Most Daring SAS Raid (The Most Daring Raids in History)
  ''978-1-4488-2258-4Tamra OrrThe Jonas Brothers (Megastars (Paperback))
2011978-1-4488-2619-3Henry RandallLynxes (Cats of the Wild)
  ''978-1-4488-2625-4   ''Bobcats (Cats of the Wild)
  ''978-1-4488-2654-4Abigail BealI Love My German Shepherd (Top Dogs (Paper))
  ''978-1-4488-2656-8   ''I Love My Golden Retriever (Top Dogs (Paper))
  ''978-1-4488-2658-2   ''I Love My Dachshund (Top Dogs (Paper))
2011978-1-4488-2662-9Abigail BealI Love My Pug (Top Dogs (Paper))
2011978-1-4488-2664-3Abigail BealI Love My Beagle (Top Dogs (Paper))
  ''978-1-4488-2690-2Ian F. MahaneyThe Math of Football (Sports Math)
  ''978-1-4488-2692-6Ian F MahaneyThe Math of Baseball (Sports Math)
  ''978-1-4488-2694-0   ''The Math of Basketball (Sports Math)
  ''978-1-4488-2698-8   ''The Math of Hockey (Sports Math)
2011978-1-4488-2700-8Ian F MahaneyThe Math of Soccer (Sports Math)
  ''978-1-4488-2711-4Steven M. HoffmanWeathering and Erosion: Wearing Down Rocks (Rock It!)
  ''978-1-4488-2712-1Steven M HoffmanWeathering and Erosion: Wearing Down Rocks (Rock It! (Paperback))
  ''978-1-4488-2739-8Sloan MacRaeThe New England Patriots (America's Greatest Teams)
  ''978-1-4488-3208-8Maddie GibbsSafari Animals / Animales De Safari (English and Spanish Edition)
2012978-1-4488-4780-8Nikki CaseSearching for the Loch Ness Monster
2011978-1-4488-5052-5Emily SebastianArmadillos (Animals Underground)
2011978-1-4488-5058-7Emily SebastianChipmunks (Animals Underground)
2012978-1-4488-5107-2Sara AntillAn Elephant's Life
  ''978-1-4488-5138-6Zelda KingDolphins
  ''978-1-4488-5168-3Lynette RobbinsTree Frogs
  ''978-1-4488-5178-2Gillian GosmanBaboons
2011978-1-4488-5386-1Greg RozaYour Neighbor the Squirrel
  ''978-1-4488-5560-5Corona BrezinaFrequently Asked Questions About Juvenile Detention (FAQ: Teen Life)
2012978-1-4488-5763-0Kate SchimelNew York's Government
2012978-1-4488-5765-4Jeff HumphreyThe Economic Growth of New York
  ''978-1-4488-6153-8Rosie AlbrightMilitary Dolphins (Animal Detectives)
  ''978-1-4488-6258-0   ''Military Dolphins (Animal Detectives)
  ''978-1-4488-6347-1Gillian GosmanChris Colfer (Kid Stars! (Paper))
2011978-1-4488-6423-2Bonnie SpivetPlaying Games Online (Cybersmarts: Staying Safe Online)
2012978-1-4488-6716-5Rosie AlbrightMilitary Dolphins / Delfines del Ejercito (Animal Detectives / Detectives Del Reino Animal) (English and Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-4488-6912-1Susan MeyerJimmy Wales and Wikipedia (Internet Biographies)
2012978-1-4488-7055-4Debbie FoyCivil-Rights Activists
  ''978-1-4488-7065-3Paul MasonMountain Biking
  ''978-1-4488-7071-4Paul MasonSurfing
  ''978-1-4488-7132-2   ''Snowboarding
  ''978-1-4488-7185-8Nicola BarberThe Death Penalty (Both Sides of the Story)
2012978-1-4488-8169-7Alix WoodAmazing Animal Homes
2013978-1-4488-8259-5Carla MooneySmart Savings and Financial Planning
2012978-1-4488-8266-3Lisa Wade McCormickFinancial Aid Smarts: Getting Money for School (Get Smart with Your Money)
2013978-1-4488-8365-3Tracy BrownBlogger or Journalist?: Evaluating What Is the Press in the Digital Age
  ''978-1-4488-8831-3Greg RozaExploring Rocks and Minerals
  ''978-1-4488-8834-4Janice CharlestonOur Country's Holidays
2012978-1-4488-9182-5VariousInfomax Common Core Readers D-i Set 1 Single-copy Set
2013978-1-4488-9426-0Marty GitlinMichigan Football
  ''978-1-4488-9437-6Daniel E. HarmonNotre Dame Football
  ''978-1-4488-9509-0Judy Monroe PetersonTrout Fishing
2013978-1-4488-9564-9Ramona SiddowaySelf-Control
  ''978-1-4488-9593-9Terry Teague MeyerCareers in Computer Forensics (Careers in Computer Technology)
  ''978-1-4488-9705-6Josie KeoghThanksgiving (Powerkids Readers: Happy Holidays!)
  ''978-1-4488-9747-6Sam DrumlinManatees
2013978-1-4488-9749-0Sam DrumlinOrcas
  ''978-1-4488-9761-2Emma Carlson BerneSpeeding!: Mechanical Energy
  ''978-1-4488-9763-6Emma Carlson BerneTransforming!: Chemical Energy
  ''978-1-4488-9815-2Sara AntillGrit
  ''978-1-4488-9817-6   ''Self-Control
2013978-1-4488-9819-0Sara AntillSocial Intelligence
  ''978-1-4488-9821-3   ''Gratitude
2014978-1-4488-9825-1   ''Curiosity
2013978-1-4488-9839-8Susanna KellerThe True Story of Paul Revere's Ride
  ''978-1-4488-9841-1Willow ClarkThe True Story of the Declaration of Independence
  ''978-1-4488-9847-3Susanna KellerThe True Story of Lewis and Clark
  ''978-1-4488-9850-3Gillian Houghton GosmanWhat Do You Know About Rocks? (20 Questions: Earth Science)
2013978-1-4488-9855-8Gillian GosmanWhat Do You Know about Plate Tectonics?
  ''978-1-4488-9857-2   ''What Do You Know about Earth's Atmosphere?
2013978-1-4488-9859-6Gillian GosmanWhat Do You Know about Earth's Oceans?
  ''978-1-4488-9861-9   ''What Do You Know about Weather and Climate?