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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2013978-1-4777-0054-9Louise ParkBlood in the Arena: Gladiators of Ancient Rome (Discovery Education: Ancient Civilizations)
  ''978-1-4777-0104-1Meredith CostainSpies Revealed
  ''978-1-4777-0108-9Louise ParkExtreme Fashions
  ''978-1-4777-0197-3Judith HeneghanLove Your Cat
  ''978-1-4777-0199-7Judith HeneghanLove Your Dog
2013978-1-4777-0201-7Judith HeneghanLove Your Hamster
2014978-1-4777-0203-1   ''Love Your Rabbit
2012978-1-4777-0254-3Ruth OwenScience and Craft Projects with Insects, Spiders, and Other Minibeasts
2013978-1-4777-0274-1Ruth OwenEnergy from Plants and Trash: Biofuels and Biomass Power
  ''978-1-4777-0276-5   ''Energy from Inside Our Planet: Geothermal Power
  ''978-1-4777-0280-2   ''Energy from the Sun: Solar Power
  ''978-1-4777-0331-1Richard SpilsburyDog Packs
  ''978-1-4777-0333-5Richard SpilsburyDolphin and Whale Pods
2013978-1-4777-0335-9Richard SpilsburyLion Prides
  ''978-1-4777-0339-7Janos JantnerDrawing Horror-Movie Monsters
  ''978-1-4777-0343-4Janos JantnerDrawing Science-Fiction Monsters
  ''978-1-4777-0347-2   ''Drawing Unexplained-Mystery Monsters
2013978-1-4777-0349-6Janos JantnerDrawing Monsters from Great Books
  ''978-1-4777-0364-9Jay HawkinsHot Stuff: The Science of Heat and Cold
  ''978-1-4777-0371-7Jay HawkinsSuper Sonic: The Science of Sound
  ''978-1-4777-0805-7Julia J. QuinlanLotus (Speed Machines)
2014978-1-4777-0814-9Joe GasparThe Flag
  ''978-1-4777-0816-3   ''The Bald Eagle
2014978-1-4777-0820-0Joe GasparThe Liberty Bell
  ''978-1-4777-0822-4   ''The National Anthem
  ''978-1-4777-0830-9Ryan P. RandolphHow to Use Credit
  ''978-1-4777-0832-3Ryan P. RandolphHow to Manage Risk
  ''978-1-4777-0834-7   ''How to Spend Smart
2014978-1-4777-0838-5Emma Carlson BerneDung Beetles: Stronger Than Ten Men!
  ''978-1-4777-0840-8Emma Carlson BerneWhale Sharks: Bulletproof!
  ''978-1-4777-0844-6   ''Wood Frogs: Back from the Dead!
  ''978-1-4777-0850-7Maddie GibbsGoldfish
2014978-1-4777-0858-3Maddie GibbsRays
  ''978-1-4777-0860-6Leigh RockwoodAncient Egyptian Culture
  ''978-1-4777-0862-0Leigh RockwoodAncient Egyptian Government
  ''978-1-4777-0864-4   ''The Ancient Egyptian Economy
  ''978-1-4777-0874-3Henry BensingerAncient Greek Government
2014978-1-4777-0876-7Henry BensingerThe Ancient Greek Economy
  ''978-1-4777-0878-1   ''Ancient Greek Daily Life
  ''978-1-4777-0880-4   ''Ancient Greek Geography
  ''978-1-4777-0882-8   ''Ancient Greek Technology
  ''978-1-4777-0884-2Amelie Von ZumbuschAncient Roman Culture
2014978-1-4777-0888-0Amelie Von ZumbuschThe Ancient Roman Economy
2014978-1-4777-0890-3Amelie Von ZumbuschAncient Roman Daily Life
  ''978-1-4777-0894-1   ''Ancient Roman Technology
  ''978-1-4777-0902-3Rachel LynetteThe Gold Rush
  ''978-1-4777-0904-7Rachel LynetteThe Transcontinental Railroad
  ''978-1-4777-0906-1   ''The Oregon Trail
2014978-1-4777-0947-4Meryl MagbyWild Turkeys
  ''978-1-4777-0949-8   ''Mountain Lions
  ''978-1-4777-0951-1   ''Raccoons
2014978-1-4777-0955-9Meryl MagbyBlack Bears
  ''978-1-4777-0959-7Bethany BaxterKing Crabs
  ''978-1-4777-0961-0   ''Indian Rhinoceroses
  ''978-1-4777-0965-8   ''Conches
2013978-1-4777-0984-9Julia J QuinlanLotus (Speed Machines)
2014978-1-4777-0991-7Julia J. QuinlanMercedes
  ''978-1-4777-0993-1   ''Audi
2014978-1-4777-1193-4Julia J. QuinlanJaguar
2013978-1-4777-1316-7Susan K BaumannBlack Civil War Soldiers: The 54th Massachusetts Regiment (Jr. Graphic African American History)
2014978-1-4777-1341-9Gini HollandRagdolls
  ''978-1-4777-1349-5Gini HollandAmerican Shorthairs
  ''978-1-4777-1397-6Alix WoodServing in the Navy
  ''978-1-4777-1399-0Alix WoodServing in the Marine Corps
  ''978-1-4777-1401-0   ''Serving in the Air Force
2014978-1-4777-1403-4Alix WoodServing in the Coast Guard
  ''978-1-4777-1410-2Peter GrayHow to Draw Butterflies and Other Insects
  ''978-1-4777-1412-6Peter GrayHow to Draw Cats and Dogs and Other Pets
978-1-4777-1414-0How to Draw Crocodiles and Other Reptiles
2014978-1-4777-1416-4Peter GrayHow to Draw Dolphins and Other Sea Creatures
978-1-4777-1418-8How to Draw Horses and Ponies
2014978-1-4777-1420-1Peter GrayHow to Draw Tigers and Other Big Cats
  ''978-1-4777-1466-9Mark BolithoFold Your Own Origami Army
  ''978-1-4777-1478-2David StephensCoastal Habitats
2014978-1-4777-1480-5Lesley McFadzeanOcean Habitats
  ''978-1-4777-1482-9Kate McAllanArctic and Antarctic Habitats
  ''978-1-4777-1484-3Andrew EinspruchRain Forest Habitats
  ''978-1-4777-1488-1Lesley McFadzeanForest Habitats
  ''978-1-4777-1499-7Robert CoupeDinosaur Hunters
2014978-1-4777-1503-1Nicolas BraschLeonardo Da Vinci: The Greatest Inventor
  ''978-1-4777-1505-5Nicolas BraschConquering the Sky
  ''978-1-4777-1519-2Rosemary HankinA Chinese Cookbook for Kids
2014978-1-4777-1521-5Rosemary HankinAn Italian Cookbook for Kids
  ''978-1-4777-1525-3   ''An Indian Cookbook for Kids
  ''978-1-4777-1527-7   ''A Mediterranean Cookbook for Kids
  ''978-1-4777-1707-3Linda BickerstaffCareers in Undercover Narcotics Investigation (Extreme Law Enforcement)
  ''978-1-4777-1710-3Corona BrezinaCareers in the Homicide Unit (Extreme Law Enforcement)
2014978-1-4777-1712-7Jason PorterfieldCareers in Undercover Gang Investigation (Extreme Law Enforcement)
  ''978-1-4777-1720-2Jason Porterfield · Laura La Bella · Anastasia Suen · Corona Brezina · Linda BickerstaffExtreme Law Enforcement
  ''978-1-4777-1745-5Marcia Amidon LeustedCareer Building Through Using Multimedia Art and Animation Tools
  ''978-1-4777-1748-6Nicki Peter PetrikowskiGender Identity (Teen Mental Health)
  ''978-1-4777-1852-0Susan MeyerPerforming and Creating Speeches, Demonstrations, and Collaborative Learning Experiences with Cool New Digital Tools
2014978-1-4777-1880-3Robert Z CohenDiscovering the Asante Kingdom (Exploring African Civilizations)
  ''978-1-4777-1885-8Laura La BellaDiscovering the Songhay Empire (Exploring African Civilizations)
  ''978-1-4777-1912-1Mindy MozerA Teen's Guide to the Power of Social Networking: Social Network-Powered Education Opportunities
  ''978-1-4777-1914-5Monique VesciaSocial Network-Powered Employment Opportunities
  ''978-1-4777-1918-3Don RaufSocial Network-Powered Investing & Saving Opportunities
2014978-1-4777-2026-4Ashley JordanGabriella's Butterfly Garden: Understand and Apply Properties of Operations
2013978-1-4777-2441-5Caitlin McAneneyGraphing the Weather (Rosen Common Core Readers)
2014978-1-4777-2783-6Matthew MonteverdeGiants vs. Cowboys
  ''978-1-4777-2787-4Parker HolmesLakers vs. Celtics
  ''978-1-4777-2791-1   ''Packers vs. Bears
  ''978-1-4777-2799-7Karen Kenney · Karen Latchana KenneyThe Hidden Story of Gangs and Crime (Undercover Story)
  ''978-1-4777-2834-5Adam SutherlandQuick Expert's Guide: Start Your Own Business
2014978-1-4777-3036-2Norman D. GraubartMy Cat
  ''978-1-4777-3039-3   ''My Hamster
  ''978-1-4777-3052-2Joanne RandolphOrb-Weaver Spiders
  ''978-1-4777-3055-3Lorijo MetzThe American Revolution
  ''978-1-4777-3058-4Lorijo MetzA Nation of Immigrants
2014978-1-4777-3068-3Sara HowellHow to Gather Information, Take Notes, and Sort Evidence
  ''978-1-4777-3069-0Sara HowellHow to Plan, Revise, and Edit Your Text
  ''978-1-4777-3072-0Ethan EdwardsMeet Chris Paul: Basketball's Cp3
2014978-1-4777-3073-7Ethan EdwardsMeet Blake Griffin: Basketball's Slam Dunk King
  ''978-1-4777-3074-4   ''Meet Josh Hamilton: Baseball's Unbelievable Comeback
  ''978-1-4777-3075-1   ''Meet Buster Posey: Baseball's Superstar Catcher
  ''978-1-4777-3076-8   ''Meet Arian Foster: Football's Ultimate Rusher
  ''978-1-4777-3077-5   ''Meet Calvin Johnson: Football's Megatron
2014978-1-4777-3080-5Emma Carlson BerneRun Your Own Car Wash
2014978-1-4777-3081-2Emma Carlson BerneRun Your Own Yard-Work Business
2015978-1-4777-3087-4   ''Test!: Collect and Document Data
2014978-1-4777-3090-4Eric MintonStay Safe Online: Social Networking and Social Media Safety
  ''978-1-4777-3095-9Eric MintonPasswords and Security
  ''978-1-4777-6032-1Angela RoystonSave the Tiger
  ''978-1-4777-6040-6Louise SpilsburySave the Cheetah
  ''978-1-4777-6045-1Louise SpilsburySave the Humpback Whale
2014978-1-4777-6047-5Angela RoystonSave the Giant Panda
  ''978-1-4777-6052-9   ''Save the Gorilla
  ''978-1-4777-6155-7Claire HenryThe World's Deadliest Wars
  ''978-1-4777-6259-2Ruth OwenAnglerfish
  ''978-1-4777-6263-9   ''Giant Squid and Octopuses
2014978-1-4777-6267-7Ruth OwenStingrays
  ''978-1-4777-6276-9   ''Speed Machines
2015978-1-4777-6928-7David StephensSharks: Predators of the Ocean
  ''978-1-4777-6931-7Lesley McFadzeanBirds: Flying High
2015978-1-4777-6954-6Lesley McFadzeanInsects
2014978-1-4777-7502-8Heather Moore NiverGetting to Know Arduino
  ''978-1-4777-7534-9Sandra K. AthansTips & Tricks for Analyzing Ideas, Events, and Individuals
  ''978-1-4777-7586-8Sandra K. AthansTips & Tricks for Achieving Mastery in Summarizing Text
  ''978-1-4777-7629-2Linda BickerstaffSmart Strategies for Saving and Building Wealth
  ''978-1-4777-7642-1Jason PorterfieldFile Sharing: Rights and Risks
2014978-1-4777-7646-9Mindy MozerBig Data and You
  ''978-1-4777-7671-1Laura La BellaTop Stem Careers in Technology
  ''978-1-4777-7675-9Gina HaglerTop Stem Careers in Engineering
  ''978-1-4777-7679-7Corona BrezinaTop Stem Careers in Math
  ''978-1-4777-7700-8Jeanne NagleGetting to Know Scratch
2014978-1-4777-7704-6Therese SheaGetting to Know Lego Mindstorms
  ''978-1-4777-7708-4Don RaufGetting to Know Hackety Hack
  ''978-1-4777-7712-1Nicki Peter PetrikowskiGetting to Know the Raspberry Pi
  ''978-1-4777-7720-6Simone PaymentGetting to Know Python
  ''978-1-4777-7795-4Therese SheaGetting the Most Out of Makerspaces to Go from Idea to Market
2014978-1-4777-7797-8Therese SheaGetting the Most Out of Makerspaces to Go from Idea to Market
  ''978-1-4777-7818-0Don RaufGetting the Most Out of Makerspaces to Explore Arduino & Electronics
  ''978-1-4777-7826-5Greg RozaGetting the Most Out of Makerspaces to Make Musical Instruments
2015978-1-4777-7921-7Laura La BellaHulu and Jason Kilar (Internet Biographies)
  ''978-1-4777-8009-1Kevin MooreYour Legal Rights Online (Know Your Rights)
  ''978-1-4777-8036-7Terry Teague MeyerJuvenile Detention Centers: Your Legal Rights (Know Your Rights)
2015978-1-4777-8040-4Richard BarringtonThe Juvenile Court System: Your Legal Rights (Know Your Rights)
2014978-1-4777-8580-5Glen F. StanleyAn Insider's Guide to Baseball
  ''978-1-4777-8590-4Jayne BakerAn Insider's Guide to Softball
  ''978-1-4777-8598-0Abigael McIntyreAn Insider's Guide to Volleyball
  ''978-1-4777-8601-7Don Van PeltAn Insider's Guide to Football
  ''978-1-4777-9000-7Colin CrumFerrari vs. Lamborghini (Ultimate Car Battles)
2014978-1-4777-9003-8Colin CrumPorsche Vs. Lotus (Ultimate Car Battles)
  ''978-1-4777-9004-5   ''Porsche vs. Lotus (Ultimate Car Battles)
  ''978-1-4777-9005-2   ''Porsche vs. Lotus
  ''978-1-4777-9007-6   ''Mustang vs. Corvette (Ultimate Car Battles)
  ''978-1-4777-9008-3   ''Mustang Vs. Corvette (Ultimate Car Battles)
2014978-1-4777-9011-3Colin CrumBmw vs. Mercedes (Ultimate Car Battles)
2014978-1-4777-9012-0Colin CrumBMW Vs. Mercedes (Ultimate Car Battles)
  ''978-1-4777-9013-7   ''BMW vs. Mercedes
  ''978-1-4777-9015-1   ''Jaguar vs. Aston Martin (Ultimate Car Battles)
  ''978-1-4777-9016-8   ''Jaguar Vs. Aston Martin (Ultimate Car Battles)
  ''978-1-4777-9017-5   ''Jaguar vs. Aston Martin
2014978-1-4777-9026-7Ruth OwenKoalas
2014978-1-4777-9034-2Ruth OwenPumas
  ''978-1-4777-9042-7   ''Ring-Tailed Lemurs
  ''978-1-4777-9046-5   ''Warthogs
  ''978-1-4777-9051-9Thomas, Jr. CanavanMagical Illusions
  ''978-1-4777-9055-7   ''Table Magic
2014978-1-4777-9059-5Thomas, Jr. CanavanMagical Escapes
  ''978-1-4777-9063-2   ''Comedy Magic
2014978-1-4777-9067-0Thomas, Jr. CanavanMental Magic
  ''978-1-4777-9071-7   ''Number Magic
  ''978-1-4777-9076-2Karen KingReally Horrible Animal Jokes
  ''978-1-4777-9080-9Karen KingReally Horrible Body Jokes
  ''978-1-4777-9084-7   ''Really Horrible History Jokes
2014978-1-4777-9088-5Karen KingReally Horrible Science Jokes
2015978-1-4777-9159-2Lisa ReganAnimal Riddles
  ''978-1-4777-9163-9Lisa ReganFarmyard Riddles
  ''978-1-4777-9208-7Annalees Lim10-Minute Seasonal Crafts for Spring
  ''978-1-4777-9224-7Jack HughesDachy's Deaf
  ''978-1-4777-9228-5Jack HughesRex's Specs
2015978-1-4777-9232-2Jack HughesSteggie's Stutter
  ''978-1-4777-9236-0   ''Emmy's Eczema