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Aftermath: A Snapped NovelPaperback978-0-312-55522-12011
Black:   "978-0-9702472-8-52003
Blogger or Journalist?: Evaluating What Is the Press in the Digital AgeHardcover978-1-4488-8365-32013
Criminal Minded: A Novel   "978-0-312-33646-22005
Dime Piece:   "978-0-9747895-7-62004
Flirt   "978-0-312-53701-22009
Pocket PC   "978-0-321-19727-62004C. P. Collins
Snapped: A Novel   "978-0-312-55521-42010
Twisted   "978-0-312-33650-92008
White Lines   "978-0-312-33648-62007
White Lines III: All Falls Down: A Novel   "978-1-250-04299-62015
White Lines II: Sunny: A Novel   "978-0-312-55523-82012
White Lines II: Sunny: A NovelHardcover978-1-250-00532-82012

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