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2010978-1-4432-0125-4Frederick DouglassNarrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass
  ''978-1-4432-0298-5William Charles Henry WoodCaptains of the Civil War
2012978-1-4432-0411-8General BooksScientific American Supplement, No. 458, October 11, 1884
2010978-1-4432-0616-7John Stuart MillAuguste Comte and Positivism
  ''978-1-4432-1078-2Pierre LotiEgypt (La Mort de Philae)
  ''978-1-4432-1303-5Algernon BlackwoodThe Empty House and Other Ghost Stories
  ''978-1-4432-1360-8Anthony HopeThe Prisoner of Zenda
2010978-1-4432-1398-1Joseph ConradUnder Western Eyes
  ''978-1-4432-1658-6Jane AddamsDemocracy and Social Ethics
  ''978-1-4432-1702-6Johanna SpyriGritli's Children
  ''978-1-4432-1734-7Joseph Sheridan Le FanuJ. S. Le Fanu's Ghostly Tales, Volume 3 J. S. Le Fanu's Ghostly Tales, Volume 3
  ''978-1-4432-1919-8John JewelThe Apology of the Church of England
2010978-1-4432-1952-5John Stevens Cabot AbbottThe Empire of Russia
  ''978-1-4432-2062-0Bonney YoungbloodCommercial Feeding Stuffs, 1914-15; Texas Feed Law
  ''978-1-4432-2084-2Joshua SlocumVoyage of the Liberdade
  ''978-1-4432-2177-1Wilkie CollinsMy Lady's Money
  ''978-1-4432-2281-5Ethel M. DellThe Lamp in the Desert
2010978-1-4432-2330-0Elizabeth Cleghorn GaskellA Dark Night's Work
  ''978-1-4432-2421-5Robert Hugh BensonBy What Authority?
  ''978-1-4432-2930-2Arthur Conan DoyleThe Exploits of Brigadier Gerard
  ''978-1-4432-3240-1Finley Peter DunneMr. Dooley; In the Hearts of His Countrymen
  ''978-1-4432-3321-7Laura Lee HopeThe Bobbsey Twins Or, Merry Days Indoors and Out
978-1-4432-3478-8A Rogue's Life
2010978-1-4432-3526-6Susan CoolidgeClover
2010978-1-4432-3752-9Richard HainesProposals for Building, in Every County, a Working-Alms-House or Hospital as the Best Expedient to Perfect the Trade and Manufactory of Linnen
  ''978-1-4432-3841-0T. De Witt TalmageThe Abominations of Modern Society
  ''978-1-4432-3850-2Walter ScottThe Bride of Lammermoor
2009978-1-4432-4000-0Lewis CarrollAlice's Adventures in Wonderland (1906): Includes free bonus books.
2010978-1-4432-4074-1Jack LondonThe Road
  ''978-1-4432-4190-8Elinore Pruitt StewartLetters of a Woman Homesteader
  ''978-1-4432-4296-7James Dabney, Jr. McCabeGreat Fortunes, and How They Were Made
2010978-1-4432-4333-9Henry Rider HaggardMontezuma's Daughter
  ''978-1-4432-4403-9Anthony TrollopeThe Claverings
  ''978-1-4432-4462-6Bernard Christian SteinerThe History of University Education in Maryland
  ''978-1-4432-4634-7Gene Stratton-PorterFreckles
  ''978-1-4432-4686-6Robert Smith SurteesJorrocks' Jaunts and Jollities
2010978-1-4432-4735-1Jack LondonMartin Eden
  ''978-1-4432-4755-9Anthony TrollopeMr. Scarborough's Family
  ''978-1-4432-4756-6Robert Smith SurteesMr. Sponge's Sporting Tour
  ''978-1-4432-4881-5Edith WhartonSummer
  ''978-1-4432-4967-6E. Phillips OppenheimThe Great Impersonation
2010978-1-4432-5091-7Henry Rider HaggardThe People of the Mist
  ''978-1-4432-5145-7H. Rider HaggardThe Virgin of the Sun
  ''978-1-4432-5305-5Inazo NitobeBushido, the Soul of Japan
978-1-4432-5335-2Course in General Linguistics
2009978-1-4432-5402-1John Woolf JordanColonial and Revolutionary Families of Pennsylvania; Genealogical and Personal Memoirs
  ''978-1-4432-5502-8Margaret Alice MurrayThe Witch-Cult in Western Europe: a Study in Anthropology: Includes free bonus books.
1962978-1-4432-5544-8T S. KuhnThe Structure of Scientific Revolutions
2009978-1-4432-5610-0Sigmund FreudGroup Psychology and the Analysis of the Ego
2010978-1-4432-5717-6Robert ChambersA Biographical Dictionary of Eminent Scotsmen
2009978-1-4432-5999-6Feliks VolkhovskA China Cup and Other Stories for Children
  ''978-1-4432-6465-5William Parsons AtkinsonA Letter to a Young Man Who Has Just Entered College
2009978-1-4432-6851-6J. Albert CassedyThe Firemen's Record
  ''978-1-4432-7255-1Phoebe Yates PemberA Southern Woman's Story
  ''978-1-4432-7293-3Stephen KayA Succinct Statement of the Kaffer's Case; Comprising Facts, Illustrative of the Causes of the Late War, and of the Influence of Christian
  ''978-1-4432-7709-9Thomas Willing BalchA World Court in the Light of the United States Supreme Court
  ''978-1-4432-8415-8William Graham SumnerA History of American Currency; With Chapters on the English Bank Restriction and Austrian Paper Money; To Which Is Appended "The Bullion Report"
2009978-1-4432-8437-0John Woolf JordanA History of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, and Its People (Volume 2)
2012978-1-4432-8561-2Francis White JohnsonA History of Texas and Texans
2009978-1-4432-9279-5James Roscoe MonganA Practical Introduction to Ancient Geography
  ''978-1-4432-9767-7Henry Melville KingA Summer Visit of Three Rhode Islanders to the Massachusetts Bay in 1651; An Account of the Visit of Dr. John Clarke, Obadiah Holmes and John