Richard Haines

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CE-5: Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind
Melbourne Episode; Case Study of a Missing Pilot
New Atlantis Continued
978-0-89314-419-71999Francis Bacon
Othello, 1 DVD, englische O.m.U.
978-3-939873-44-02008William Shakespeare · Janet Suzman · John Kani
Proposals for Building, in Every County, a Working-Alms-House or Hospital as the Best Expedient to Perfect the Trade and Manufactory of Linnen
The Education and Training of Personnel Involved in the Handling and Monitoring of Hazardous Wastes 978-92-826-3998-61992Duncan Bardsley
Ufos: Politics, God and Science Philosophy on a Taboo Topic 978-88-8398-007-72001Robert Trundle · George Filer

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Richard Hains