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18: Super Babies!Paperback978-1-4169-1485-32006Victoria Miller
Alphabet Power   "978-1-4169-0709-12005
Big Sister Dora!   "978-0-689-87846-62005Dave Aikins
Blue's Clues: Blue's Snowy Day   "978-0-689-83061-72000
Blue's Snowy Day: A Lift-the-flap Story   "978-0-7434-2975-72002
Bob's White ChristmasHardcover978-0-689-84436-22001
Castaways!Paperback978-1-4169-0802-92006Warner McGee
Corduroy Makes a Cake   "978-0-14-250163-42003Don Freeman
Corduroy's Garden   "978-0-14-240131-62004
Corduroy's Hike   "978-0-14-250164-12003
Corduroy Writes a Letter   "978-0-14-240130-92004
Defi des chevaliers -le   "978-2-89543-876-22009
Diego et les abeillesAlbum978-2-226-19154-02009
Diego's Buzzing Bee AdventurePaperback978-1-4169-4776-92008
Dizzy's Bird Watch   "978-0-689-84390-72001
Dora aime Babouche   "978-2-89660-749-52014
Dora dans l'espaceAlbum978-2-226-17627-12007
Dora et le Trésor perdu   "978-2-226-17638-72007Robert Roper · Collectif
Dora, hermana mayor (Big Sister Dora)Paperback978-1-4169-5053-02008Dave Aikins · Argentina Palacios Ziegler
Dora la grande sœur !   "978-2-89660-412-82012Dave Aikins
Dora, la grande soeurAlbum978-2-226-15941-02005   "
Dora l'exploratrice: La Montagne aux Etoiles   "978-2-226-18130-52008
Dora l'exploratrice - N° 1 - Mes histoires préféréesPaperback978-2-89660-413-52012Dave Aikins
Dora l'exploratrice - N° 2 - Mes histoires préférées   "978-2-89660-414-22012   "
Dora Loves BootsLibrary Binding978-1-59961-238-62006Eric Weiner
Dora Loves BootsPaperback978-0-689-86373-82004
Dora na Gwiezdnej GórzeTaschenbuch978-83-237-5079-62011
Dora quiere mucho a Boots (Dora Loves Boots)Paperback978-1-4169-0620-92005
Dora Saves the Prince   "978-0-689-84665-62002
Dora's Big Dig   "978-1-4169-0806-72006
Dora's Outer Space AdventureBoard book978-0-689-86794-12004Tom Mangano
Dora's Ready-to-Read TreasuryHardcover978-1-4169-0991-02004
Dora's Treasure HuntPaperback978-0-689-84664-92002
Dora the Explorer - Big Sister Dora!Hardcover978-965-7141-50-22007
Dora the Explorer: Let's Play Sports! Ean Clip Strip Prepack 8Paperback978-1-4169-3278-92007
Giant Octopus to the Rescue   "978-1-4169-6876-42009Art Mawhinney
Hello, Spring!   "978-0-689-86316-52004
Hooray for Polka Dots!   "978-0-689-87210-52005
Hotel For Dogs: The Guest Book   "978-1-4169-7570-02008
I Can Save the Earth!: One Little Monster Learns to Reduce, Reuse, and RecycleLibrary Binding978-1-4420-0178-72009
I Can Save the Earth!: One Little Monster Learns to Reduce, Reuse, and RecyclePaperback978-1-4169-6789-72008
I Can Save the Earth!: One Little Monster Learns to Reduce, Reuse, and RecycleHardcover978-1-4178-2889-02008
I Can Save the Ocean!: The Little Green Monster Cleans Up the Beach   "978-1-4169-9514-22010
I Love Fall!: A Touch-and-Feel Board BookBoard book978-1-4169-3609-12009
I Love My Papi!Paperback978-0-689-86495-72004
In the Mushroom Meadow   "978-0-375-81479-22002
J'aime mon papa !Album978-2-226-15779-92005
Jim Henson's Designs and Doodles: A Muppet SketchbookPaperback978-0-8109-9184-22004
Jim Henson's Designs and Doodles: A Muppet SketchbookHardcover978-0-8109-8233-82003
Jim Henson's Designs and Doodles: A Muppet Sketchbook   "978-0-8109-3240-12001
Just Like Dora!Paperback978-0-689-87675-22005
Kai-lan's Carnival   "978-1-4424-0177-82010Jason Fruchter
La chasse au trésor de DoraAlbum978-2-226-15482-82005
La PicazónPaperback978-0-545-15950-02009
La quinceañera (The Birthday Dance Party) (Dora la Exploradora/Dora the Explorer )   "978-1-4169-2462-32006
Learn with Dora!/¡A aprender con Dora!: A Bilingual Adventure with Pull-tabs, Wheels, and Flaps!Hardcover978-1-4169-1210-12006
Let's Play Sports!: A Lift-the-Flap StoryPaperback978-1-4169-3350-22007
Lil' Bratz: Dancin' Divas   "978-0-448-43630-22004
My Visit with Periwinkle   "978-0-689-85230-52003
Nick Jr. Sticker Stories   "978-1-4169-0950-72004Brian McGee
Oswald's Treasures   "978-0-689-86502-22004
Picture Perfect   "978-0-375-81607-92002
Piggley Helps Out   "978-0-689-87614-12006Entara Ltd.
Run-Away Roley ( )   "978-0-689-84753-02002
Santa Claus Is Green!: How to Have an Eco-Friendly Christmas   "978-1-4169-7223-52009
Save the Elephants!   "978-1-4169-3821-72007Ron Zalme
SET OF 16 CLIFFORD THE BIG RED DOG® BIG RED READERS   "978-0-545-12573-42008Bob Barkly · Acton Figueroa · Gail Herman · Apple Jordan · Wendy Cheyette Lewison · Teddy Margulies · Lisa Ann Marsoli
SpongeBob to the Rescue!: Little Green Nickelodeon: A Trashy Tale About Recycling   "978-1-4169-9592-02010
Spring Is Here!   "978-1-4169-0920-02006
Super Babies!Hardcover978-0-7569-7493-02006Victoria Miller · Leslie Valdes
Super bébés !Album978-2-226-19476-32009
¡Súper bebés! (Super Babies)Paperback978-1-4169-2461-62006
Super SpyHardcover978-0-375-83194-22005
Super Stylish PetsPaperback978-0-439-88785-42007
The Adventures Of An Aluminum CanLibrary Binding978-0-606-10667-22009
The Adventures of an Aluminum Can: A Story About RecyclingPaperback978-1-4169-7221-12009
The Adventures of an Aluminum Can: A Story About RecyclingLibrary Binding978-1-4420-0177-02009
The Adventures of a Plastic Bottle: A Story About RecyclingPaperback978-1-4169-6788-02009
The Adventures of a Plastic Bottle: A Story About RecyclingLibrary Binding978-1-4420-0053-72009
The Belle of the BallHardcover978-0-375-82727-32004
The Big ItchPaperback978-0-439-44943-42003
The Birthday Dance Party: Daisy's Fiesta de Quinceañera   "978-1-4169-1303-02006Dave Aikins
The Dragons' Book of Make-BelieveBoard book978-0-375-82415-92003Random House
The Lost ShamrockPaperback978-1-4169-4067-82007Entara Ltd.
The Mighty Egg Sitters   "978-1-4169-5039-42008The Artifact Group
The Secret of Snow   "978-1-4169-1510-22006Dave Aikins
The Stuffed Animals Get Ready for BedHardcover978-0-15-216466-92006
The Weather Report: with Sam SparksPaperback978-1-4169-6734-72009
Tout comme Dora !Album978-2-226-17622-62007Dave Aikins
Twelve Days of ChristmasBoard book978-0-689-83245-12000
Wait, Hoho, Wait!Paperback978-1-4169-8519-82009Daniel Mather
Wendy Helps Out   "978-0-689-84391-42001

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