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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2008978-1-4218-8908-5Anthony HopeHalf a Hero
  ''978-1-4218-8909-2Arnold BennettHelen with the High Hand
  ''978-1-4218-8910-8Arthur B. ReeveGuy Garrick
  ''978-1-4218-8911-5Arthur B. ReeveThe Exploits of Elaine
  ''978-1-4218-8913-9Arthur M. WinfieldThe Rover Boys on the Farm
2008978-1-4218-8914-6Arthur M. WinfieldThe Rover Boys on a Hunt
  ''978-1-4218-8915-3Bret HarteSusy, A Story of the Plains
  ''978-1-4218-8916-0Charles D. StewartThe Wrong Woman
  ''978-1-4218-8917-7Charles MajorThe Touchstone of Fortune
  ''978-1-4218-8918-4Charles ReadeChristie Johnstone
2008978-1-4218-8919-1Clair W. HayesThe Boy Allies in Great Peril
  ''978-1-4218-8920-7   ''The Boy Allies in the Balkan Campaign
  ''978-1-4218-8922-1E.P RoeA Young Girl's Wooing
  ''978-1-4218-8923-8Edith Van DyneMary Louise in the Country
  ''978-1-4218-8924-5Edward BellamyDr. Heidenhoff's Process
2008978-1-4218-8925-2Edward C. TaylorTed Strong in Montana
  ''978-1-4218-8926-9Eleanor H. PorterMiss Billy
  ''978-1-4218-8929-0Ethel M. DellThe Obstacle Race
  ''978-1-4218-8930-6F. Scott FitzgeraldThis Side of Paradise
  ''978-1-4218-8931-3Flora A. SteelThe Adventures of Akbar
2008978-1-4218-8932-0Frederick MarryatThe Little Savage
  ''978-1-4218-8933-7G.H. RalphsonBoy Scouts in a Submarine
  ''978-1-4218-8934-4George A. FischerBeethoven
  ''978-1-4218-8935-1George RathborneChums in Dixie
  ''978-1-4218-8936-8   ''Miss Caprice
2008978-1-4218-8938-2Grace L. HillA Voice in the Wilderness
  ''978-1-4218-8939-9Grace S. RichmondMrs. Red Pepper
  ''978-1-4218-8940-5H.G. WellsThe Food of the Gods and How It Came to Earth
  ''978-1-4218-8942-9H.L. BedfordThe Village by the River
  ''978-1-4218-8943-6Harry CollingwoodThe Congo Rovers
2008978-1-4218-8944-3Harry CollingwoodThe Pirate Island
  ''978-1-4218-8945-0Henry S. MerrimanThe Vultures
  ''978-1-4218-8946-7Homer E. FlintThe Lord of Death and the Queen of Life
  ''978-1-4218-8947-4Jr. Horatio AlgerChester Rand
  ''978-1-4218-8948-1J.J. AstorA Journey in Other Worlds
2008978-1-4218-8949-8J.S. FletcherDead Men's Money
  ''978-1-4218-8950-4Jacob AbbottRollo in Holland
  ''978-1-4218-8951-1Jacob AbbottRollo in Paris
  ''978-1-4218-8952-8   ''Rollo in Rome
  ''978-1-4218-8953-5James B. ConnollySonnie-Boy's People
2008978-1-4218-8954-2James FiskeShelled by an Unseen Foe
  ''978-1-4218-8955-9Jessie G. FlowerGrace Harlowe's First Year at Overton College
  ''978-1-4218-8956-6Juliana H. EwingBrothers of Pity and Other Tales of Beasts and Men
  ''978-1-4218-8957-3   ''Mary's Meadow
2008978-1-4218-8958-0Juliana H. EwingThe Brownies and Other Tales
  ''978-1-4218-8959-7L.T. MeadeA Modern Tomboy
  ''978-1-4218-8960-3Lewis E. TheissThe Secret Wireless
  ''978-1-4218-8961-0Lucy M. MontgomeryRilla of Ingleside
  ''978-1-4218-8962-7Margaret SidneyFive Little Peppers And How They Grew
2008978-1-4218-8963-4Mary R. RinehartWhere There's A Will
  ''978-1-4218-8964-1Maurice MaeterlinckThe Buried Temple
  ''978-1-4218-8965-8P.G. WodehouseNot George Washington
  ''978-1-4218-8966-5Percy K. FitzhughPee-Wee Harris Adrift
  ''978-1-4218-8967-2   ''Pee-Wee Harris on the Trail
2008978-1-4218-8968-9Percy K. FitzhughRoy Blakeley
  ''978-1-4218-8969-6   ''Roy Blakeley's Adventures in Camp
  ''978-1-4218-8971-9   ''Tom Slade Motorcycle Dispatch Bearer
  ''978-1-4218-8972-6   ''Tom Slade on Mystery Trail
  ''978-1-4218-8973-3R.M. BallantyneChasing the Sun
2008978-1-4218-8974-0R.M. BallantyneFast in the Ice
2008978-1-4218-8975-7R.M. BallantyneSunk at Sea
  ''978-1-4218-8977-1   ''The Lively Poll
  ''978-1-4218-8978-8Roger T. FinlayThe Wonder Island Boys: Adventures on Strange Islands
  ''978-1-4218-8980-1Roy RockwoodLost on the Moon
  ''978-1-4218-8981-8Sarah FieldingThe Governess
2008978-1-4218-8983-2St. George RathborneThe House Boat Boys
  ''978-1-4218-8984-9T.E. HarreThe Eternal Maiden
  ''978-1-4218-8985-6T.S. ArthurCast Adrift
  ''978-1-4218-8986-3Talbot B. ReedBoycotted And Other Stories
  ''978-1-4218-8988-7Virginia BrooksLittle Lost Sister
2008978-1-4218-8989-4Wilkie CollinsA Rogue's Life
  ''978-1-4218-8990-0William CantonA Child's Book of Saints
  ''978-1-4218-8991-7William D. HowellsThe Leatherwood God
  ''978-1-4218-8992-4William M. RaineMan Size
  ''978-1-4218-8993-1William M. RaineTangled Trails
2008978-1-4218-8994-8William M. RaineThe Big-Town Round-Up
  ''978-1-4218-8996-2   ''The Vision Splendid
  ''978-1-4218-8997-9Wyn RooseveltFrontier Boys in Frisco
2009978-1-4218-9001-2J. Edwin WarkentinPICTURE FRAMING as a Business
2008978-1-4218-9003-6Brian R. KingI M an Aspie; A Poetic Memoir for Living the Human Experience Through the Eyes of Asperger S
  ''978-1-4218-9004-3Keith DeGreenEmerging Markets: Why and How You Absolutely - Positively - Should Invest NOW!
  ''978-1-4218-9006-7Rachelle MbuangiTWEED
2008978-1-4218-9007-4Rachelle MbuangiTweed
  ''978-1-4218-9010-4Anya Luz LobosMas Tenue Que La Brisa (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-4218-9012-8Ann KronlageGROUNDED; A Journey Beneath The Surface
  ''978-1-4218-9013-5   ''GROUNDED; A Journey Beneath The Surface
  ''978-1-4218-9015-9Richard LinkFrom The Pit To The Pinnacle
2008978-1-4218-9016-6Richard LinkFrom the Pit to the Pinnacle
  ''978-1-4218-9018-0JERRY YELLINThe Blackened Canteen
  ''978-1-4218-9019-7Jerry YellinThe Blackened Canteen
2009978-1-4218-9021-0Rena Cherry BrownWhere Do I Belong?
2008978-1-4218-9025-8Brian R KingThank You Sammy
2009978-1-4218-9027-2Ronald KhareThe Sharp Knife of Forced Simplicity; Volume 1: The Numious Rebellion
  ''978-1-4218-9028-9   ''The Sharp Knife of Forced Simplicity: Volume 1 - The Numinous Rebellion
2008978-1-4218-9030-2Nicole TaylorPCs for Peewees
  ''978-1-4218-9033-3Brian U'RenRoots of Wealth
2008978-1-4218-9035-7Angela Clarke2012 The Symphony
2009978-1-4218-9038-8Gene E VosselerWind of the Spirit
  ''978-1-4218-9039-5E. Gene Vosseler · 1st World Publishing · 1stworld PublishingWind of the Spirit
2008978-1-4218-9042-5Al DiazBeing the Titus Concept
2009978-1-4218-9044-9Jim EvesOmnipotent
2009978-1-4218-9045-6Jim EvesOmnipotent
  ''978-1-4218-9049-4Lorrie BortnerOasis in the Mountains; The Paintings of Lorrie Bortner
  ''978-1-4218-9052-4C. W. NaylorThe Secret of the Singing Heart
  ''978-1-4218-9054-8L. Charmane Pough ChestnutUnfulfilled
  ''978-1-4218-9055-5   ''Unfulfilled
2009978-1-4218-9059-3Gloria Preston OlsonGlobal Culinary Adventures
  ''978-1-4218-9060-9   ''Global Culinary Adventures
  ''978-1-4218-9062-3The Emerging Markets Book
  ''978-1-4218-9064-7Robert E CoxThe Final Event; Dawn of the Age of Truth
  ''978-1-4218-9067-8Keith DegreenThe Emerging Markets Book; What Every Successful Investor Needs to Know
2009978-1-4218-9069-21stWorld Publlishing · Ann Gookin · 1st World Library - Literary Society2008 Poetry and Stories
  ''978-1-4218-9071-5Maryesah KarelonLight in the Darkness; Daily Devotions For Troubled Times
  ''978-1-4218-9072-2   ''Light in the Darkness; Daily Devotions For Troubled Times
  ''978-1-4218-9075-3Jerry YellinOf War & Weddings; A Legacy of Two Fathers
  ''978-1-4218-9077-7Rustin LarsonTHE WINE-DARK HOUSE
2009978-1-4218-9084-5Monte R AndersonARCHIMEDES OF SYRACUSE: THE CHEST OF IDEAS
  ''978-1-4218-9085-2Monte R. AndersonArchimedes of Syracuse: The Chest of Ideas
  ''978-1-4218-9087-6William WheatonSOPHIE
  ''978-1-4218-9090-6Walter DayTwin Galaxies' Official Video Game & Pinball Book Of World Records; Arcade Volume, Third Edition
  ''978-1-4218-9091-3Walter DayTwin Galaxies' Official Video Game & Pinball Book Of World Records; Arcade Volume, Third Edition
2009978-1-4218-9094-41st World Publishing · Sharon Leach · 1st World Library - Literary SocietyWashington Elementary 2009;A Collection of Student Poetry
  ''978-1-4218-9096-8Mike AldridgeAn Ocean Away
  ''978-1-4218-9097-5   ''An Ocean Away
  ''978-1-4218-9099-9Susie NiedermeyerUNDER A PRAIRIE MOON
  ''978-1-4218-9100-2Annette BoelkWings and Wildlife in the Wetlands
2009978-1-4218-9102-6Richard HootonThe Lamb Cart
  ''978-1-4218-9103-3Richard HootonThe Lamb Cart
  ''978-1-4218-9108-8Anthony DugmoreEarth 2 In The Beginning. The End
2009978-1-4218-9109-5Anthony DugmoreEarth 2 - In The Beginning. The End
  ''978-1-4218-9111-8Fred OstranderPETROGLYPHS
  ''978-1-4218-9112-5Will WalkerWEDNESDAY AFTER LUNCH
  ''978-1-4218-9114-9Lou MulliganHey! I Can Do This
  ''978-1-4218-9116-3Serpa JeannieEATING YOUR WAY TO LOW CHOLESTEROL; How I Lowered My Cholesterol Without Drugs
2009978-1-4218-9117-0Jeannie SerpaEATING YOUR WAY TO LOW CHOLESTEROL
  ''978-1-4218-9120-0Ken Norton · John V. Amodeo · Donald Hennessey JrBelieve: Journey from Jacksonville
2010978-1-4218-9122-4Theresa FinchTHE DOUBLE LIFE OF THE BATHING BEAUTY KILLER
2009978-1-4218-9123-1   ''The Double Life of the Bathing Beauty Killer
  ''978-1-4218-9126-2Ann Gookin2009 Poetry and Stories by 6th Grade Students of Fairfield Middle School
2010978-1-4218-9131-6Thomas EgenesMaharishi Patañjali Yoga Sūtra
  ''978-1-4218-9132-3Thomas EgenesMaharishi Patañjali Yoga Sūtra
  ''978-1-4218-9135-4Barry Benson · Steve BensonSchooled Lives: Poems by Two Brothers
2010978-1-4218-9137-8Henry Clay ChildsH: An Urchin's Tale
2010978-1-4218-9139-2Jeff McMillanThirty Years of Mondays; Dare to Care: A Guide for New Teachers
  ''978-1-4218-9140-8Jeff McMillanThirty Years of Mondays
  ''978-1-4218-9142-2Henry Clay ChildsH: An Urchin's Tale
  ''978-1-4218-9143-9   ''The Pyrite Years
  ''978-1-4218-9144-6   ''The Pyrite Years
2010978-1-4218-9153-8VIRGINIA TRANELBENITA: prey for him
  ''978-1-4218-9156-9Elaine Mae Gunderson · Lori ChristiansenThe Village Schoolmaster;two Daughters, Two Cultures
  ''978-1-4218-9158-3Joyce Sandra UhlirMysterious Light; Poems, Colorful and Transparent
  ''978-1-4218-9159-0Freddy Niagara FonsecaThis Enduring Gift
2011978-1-4218-9162-0Stephen J HopsonObstacle Illusions; Transforming Adversity into Success
  ''978-1-4218-9163-7   ''Obstacle Illusions; Transforming Adversity into Success
2010978-1-4218-9165-1Isabelle LeviMelting in Your Oneness
2010978-1-4218-9168-2Jeff McMillanWhat If ?;Learning for the Twenty First Century
2010978-1-4218-9169-9Jeff McMillanWHAT IF ?; Learning For the Twenty First Century
  ''978-1-4218-9171-2Cheyenne TerryThe Amazing Adventure of Rosieleaf !
  ''978-1-4218-9177-4Henry Clay ChildsThe Farce Side of Hell
  ''978-1-4218-9180-4Rayco Saunders · John V. AmodeoBlessed or Cursed
2013978-1-4218-9181-1Rayco SaundersBlessed or Cursed
2010978-1-4218-9183-5Douglas W. WarnerRipples
  ''978-1-4218-9186-6Mary Ellen BrananWeavings
2011978-1-4218-9187-3Elsie Lincoln Benedict · Ralph Paine BenedictHow to Analyze People on Sight
2011978-1-4218-9188-0Elsie Lincoln Benedict · Ralph Paine BenedictHow to Analyze People on Sight
2010978-1-4218-9192-7Henry Clay ChildsSomeday; A lad from the Plains moves to The Village
  ''978-1-4218-9193-4   ''Someday; A lad from the Plains moves to The Village
  ''978-1-4218-9195-8Lynn CohenDreams and Dreamers
  ''978-1-4218-9196-5Sarah McKinstry-BrownCRADLING MONSOONS
2008978-1-4218-9300-6Alexandre Dumas · Alexandre Dumas PereThe Son of Monte-Cristo, Volume II
  ''978-1-4218-9301-3Alice B. EmersonRuth Fielding in Moving Pictures
2008978-1-4218-9302-0Allan PinkertonThe Expressman and the Detective
  ''978-1-4218-9303-7Amelia E. BarrThe Maid of Maiden Lane
  ''978-1-4218-9305-1Amelia E. BarrThe Squire of Sandal-Side
  ''978-1-4218-9306-8Anna Chapin RayHalf a Dozen Girls
  ''978-1-4218-9307-5Arnold BennettThe Grim Smile of the Five Towns
2008978-1-4218-9308-2Arnold BennettThe Pretty Lady
  ''978-1-4218-9309-9Arthur B. ReeveConstance Dunlap
  ''978-1-4218-9310-5   ''The Gold of the Gods
  ''978-1-4218-9311-2Bret HarteMaruja
  ''978-1-4218-9312-9   ''Openings in the Old Trail
2008978-1-4218-9314-3Bret HarteStories in Light and Shadow
  ''978-1-4218-9316-7   ''Tales of Trail and Town
2008978-1-4218-9317-4Bret HarteThe Three Partners
  ''978-1-4218-9318-1   ''Under the Redwoods
  ''978-1-4218-9319-8Booth TarkingtonSeventeen
  ''978-1-4218-9320-4Charles BeadleWitch-Doctors
  ''978-1-4218-9321-1Charles Edmonds WalkThe Paternoster Ruby
2008978-1-4218-9322-8Courtney Ryley CooperThe White Desert
  ''978-1-4218-9323-5Edward Payson Roe · E. P. RoeDriven Back to Eden
  ''978-1-4218-9324-2Edmund LeamyThe Golden Spears
  ''978-1-4218-9326-6Eleanor H. PorterDawn
  ''978-1-4218-9327-3   ''Just David
2008978-1-4218-9328-0Eleanor H. PorterMary Marie
  ''978-1-4218-9329-7   ''Miss Billy Married
  ''978-1-4218-9330-3   ''Miss Billy's Decision
2008978-1-4218-9331-0Eleanor H. PorterOh, Money! Money!
  ''978-1-4218-9332-7   ''Pollyanna Grows Up
  ''978-1-4218-9333-4Elizabeth Cleghorn GaskellThe Moorland Cottage